Blubow has a minion!

Drip-Drop the Prismatic Slime

Legacy Name: Blubow

The Custom Spectrum Blob
Owner: Hannah66665

Age: 3 years, 1 month, 4 weeks

Born: October 7th, 2018

Adopted: 3 years, 1 month, 4 weeks ago

Adopted: October 7th, 2018


  • Level: 1
  • Strength: 10
  • Defense: 10
  • Speed: 10
  • Health: 10
  • HP: 10/10
  • Intelligence: 0
  • Books Read: 0
  • Food Eaten: 0
  • Job: Unemployed

~ Bright N Colorful ~

Pet Treasure

Spectral Fruit Plushie



Rainbow Daydream

Dream Dragon

I-Love-You Rainbow

Hyperactive Loveheart Sticker

Lovable Rainbow Beanbag

Super Happy Rainbow Cake

Pickled Pie

Rainbow Journal

Spectrum Pinwheel

Rainbie Plushie

Rainbow Pie of Everything Wondrous

Rainbow Kitty Beanbag

Rainbow Puppy Beanbag

Rainbowlicious Yarn

Spectrum Love-Me-Lots Chai Plushie

Spectrum Vesnali Egg

Spectrum Potion Plushie

Over the Rainbow

Spectrum Fables

Rainbow Print Bookmark

Rainbow Talky Sticker

Rainbow Candy Heart

Colorful Gemstone

The Misleading Tale

Ooh La Layers

Book of Happy Rainbows

Book of Kite Flying

Spectral Fruit

Rainbow Balloon

Experimental Palindromes

Rainbow Cake


Pride Sash

Candle of Unity

Pride Love Sticker

Lovey Pride Sticker

Rainbow Blob Doll

Rainbow Attack Chair

Rainbow Spork-O-Poking!

Rainbow Pencil

Rainbow Glowing Pen

Spectrum Spade

Spectrum Rake

Rainbow Quill

Rainbow Leaf

Fake Rainbow Star Rod

Rainbow Star Rod

Bitten Apple

Rainbow Slushie

Rainbow Licorice

Rainbow Hot Dog

Spectrumified Pretzel

Coconut Fruit Salad

Citrus Tang Cocktail

Fruit Tart

Third Anniversary Flavor Extreme Cake

Spectrum Berry Pie

Spectral Fruit Summer Drink

Peach Summer Drink

Rainbow Octombre Cake

Sunset Octombre Cake

Rainbow Box of Macarons

Rainbow Shaved Ice

Rainbow Daiquiri

Triple Layer Smoothie

Five Taste Smoothie

Priberry Fruit Smoothie

Cherry Taffy Rainbow

Orange Taffy Rainbow

Banana Taffy Rainbow

Lime Taffy Rainbow

Sour Apple Taffy Rainbow

Blueberry Taffy Rainbow

Grape Taffy Rainbow

Strawberry Taffy Rainbow

Vanilla Taffy Rainbow

Watermelon Taffy Rainbow

Assorted Gummy Dire Worms

Bunny Gumballs

Sour Gumballs

Keith Shaped Candy

Speckled Jelly Beans

Jelly Beans

Gate Keeper Gem Candy

Token Hard Candy


Gummy Harvester and Ghostlies

Box of Crayons

Bouncy Balls

Block Dragon

Double Dragon

Rainbow Voodoo Doll Plushie

Happy Clown Beanbag

Super Festive Gingerbread Man Sticker

Rainbow Powder

2006 Rainbow Socks

Multi-Colored Festive Luminaire Lights

Xylophone Plushie

Spectrum Bucket

Spectrum Umbrella

Spectrum Beach Bag

Rainbow Deluxe Boa Feather

Paint Splotch Beanbag

Rainbow Egg Plushie

Spectrum Small Feline Bed

Spectrum Luminaire Stocking

Spectrum Deodorant

Colorful Fruit Kebab

Oversized Soft Vinyl Experiment 4423 Toy

Experiment 4423 Plushie

Elemental Candles

Golden Mahar Beanbag

Golden Yaherra Beanbag

Golden Mahar Earring

Power Flower

Dual Colored Smashed Egg

Jack of the Box

Knitting Basket

Basket of Yarn Ball Bombs

Double Pointed Knitting Needles

Crochet Hooks

Bold Floral Scrap of Fabric

Cheerful Rag Doll Plushie

Stitch Markers

Spare Buttons

Flower Pincushion

Patchwork Aardvark Plushie

Golden Palette Set

Paint the World Sticker

Mister Paintbrush


Rose Incense

Cinnamon Incense

Cedar Incense

Lavender Incense

Spectrum Glass Wind Chime

Seashell Wind Chime

Basket of Fake Fruit

Spectrum Sand Castle

Kora Magic Powder

Chocolate Doughnut with Sprinkles

Artikat Colorswirl Chocolates

Nest Egg Cookies

Candy Bird Nest

Dipped Dark Chocolate Neela

Dipped Milk Chocolate Neela


Candy Matter

Mint Swirl Fruit

Sour Lollipops

Spectrum Demipop

Rainbow Lollipop

Lolly on a String

Rainbow Lolly

Rainbow Soup

Ikumoradeekanox Fruit Kebab

Multicolored Popcorn

Dew Drop Ant




Shard Yce

Rainbow Seahorse Plushie

Spectrum Flash Figurine

Fruit Crazy Lasirus Beanbag

2005 New Years Plushie

Confetti Bird

Sparkly Rainbow Pie

Rabbit Following

Jar of Paper Stars

Smiley Soup

Rainbow Wrapping Paper

Raw Opal

Jewel Encrusted Quill

Rainbow Vortex Blob Doll

Neon Blub

Rainbow Pie Plushie

Stranded Berries

Tangled Lights Beanbag

Festive Cactus

Glade Legeica Plushie

The Skeleton Vase

Rose Potted Cactus

Violet Potted Cactus

Plain Potted Cactus

Multicolor Hibiscus

Shimmery Nature Journal

Pot of Gold

Overflowing Toy Chest

Rainbow Magic Wand

Rainbow Bodyboard

Rainbow Gems

Fourth Anniversary Kumos Celebration Sticker

Old Fashioned Gumball Machine

Fairy Tale Pram

Love and Peace

Crafty Rreign Vesnali Egg

Baking Starter Kit

Taffy Snail Paperweight Beanbag

Rainbow Egg Cake Slice

Candy Lamb Cupcake

Candy Bunny Cupcake

Vesnali Egg Cake Pop Stand

Candy Chick Cupcake

Scattered Wildflowers

Dawn Dew Pinwheel Punch

Dinkle Berries

A Sea Full of Merfolk Tales


Floral Ice Cubes

Squishy Tushy Beanbag

Rainbow Confetti Heart Balloon

Artist Brushes

Chaotic Goop

Rainbow Koi

Spectrum Fan

Forgotten Eggs

You Make the World Brighter Sticker

Special Coin



Sunrise Spirit

Rainbow Aurora Necklace

Sunrise Stole

Sugar Octosquish Beanbag

Elegant Flower Cage

Paper Flowers: A How-To

Fourth Anniversary Candle Sticker

Crushed Candy Beads

Rainbow Pie Minion

Duality Sun Mask Beanbag

Egg Puzzle

Vesnali Egg Bomb


Rainbow 2009 New Years Cupcake


Jelly Bean Bark

Festival Feli Plushie

Peka-Boo Kumos Plushie


Partying Hat

Carnival Tigrean Plushie

Carnival Manchu Plushie

Carnival Hikei Plushie


Party Pup

Colorful Vesnali Egg Beanbag

Vibrant Blob Plushie

Jewelwing Dragonfly Plushie

Jewelwing Dragonfly

Treasure of Jewelwing Dragonflies

Stack of Party Hats

Berry Pie Berries

Bea Berry Sorbet

Priberry Jelly Shots

The Everything Book

Celebratory Bubbly

Multi-Colored Mini Lights

Beat Feeder

Peka-Boo Escalade Plushie

Summer Patchwork Rhino Plushie

Summer Patchwork Elephant Plushie

Summer Patchwork Hippo Plushie

Peka-Boo Ghostly Plushie

Peka-Boo Tossable Beanbags

Peka-Boo Beanbag

Tangled Multi-Colored Mini Lights

The Friendly Clown Adventures

Scribbly Xotl Sticker

2006 Plushie

Candy Candles

Hovering Board

Nine Colors Scarf

Bell Pepper Slices

Thriving Pocket Full of Flowers

Charitable Bunch of Flowers

Fruit Bunch Beanbag

Overgrown Stained Glass

Fresh Flower Cake

Secret Garden Key


Minder Beanbag

Rainbow Giant Malicious Slippers

Cinnamon Vodka Jelly Shot

Pink Champagne Jelly Shot

Blue Curocao Jelly Shot

Muskmelon Vodka Jelly Shot

The ABCs of Plants

Flowers Forever Issue 3

Flowers Forever Issue 2


Poker Chip Erasers

Bundle of Peka-Boo Bracelets

Peka-Boo Plastic Choker

Festival Bunting Necklace

Peka-Boo Chunky Plastic Earrings

Rainbow Crystal Ornament

Telenine Cookie Cutter

I Like Your Face Sticker

Happy Balloon Sticker

Silly Carnivorous Fruit Sticker

Carnival Dice Sticker

Rave Sticker

Friendly Clown Sticker

Ferris Wheel Sticker

Get In Formation Sticker

Special Blue Lumineve Tree Sticker

Slice of Rainbow Pie Sticker

Talk To Me Sticker

Glade Scribble Popoko Sticker

Glade Scribble Lain Sticker

Glade Scribble Fester Sticker

Glade Scribble Illumis Sticker

Glade Scribble Bumbus Sticker

Butterfly Friends Sticker

Bee Buddies Sticker

Birthday Hats Sticker

Vesnali Egg Sticker

Neon Eggs Sticker

Pale Eggs Sticker

Pastel Eggs Sticker

U Grow Girls Sticker

Striped Fancy Egg Sticker

Spotted Fancy Egg Sticker

Firework Fancy Egg Sticker

Squiggly Fancy Egg Sticker

Corkscrew Fancy Egg Sticker

Friendly Clown Plushie

Fancy Chocolate Dipped Pink Mallow Bunny

Fancy Chocolate Dipped Purple Mallow Chick

Fancy Chocolate Dipped Green Mallow Bunny

Fancy Chocolate Dipped Yellow Mallow Chick

Fancy Chocolate Dipped Yellow Mallow Bunny

Fancy Chocolate Dipped Green Mallow Chick

Fancy Chocolate Dipped Purple Mallow Bunny

Fancy Chocolate Dipped Pink Mallow Chick

Floppy and Friendly Clown Doll

Green and Yellow Egg Drop Wings

Pink and Yellow Egg Drop Wings

Purple and Pink Egg Drop Wings

Pink and Blue Egg Drop Wings

Yellow and Blue Egg Drop Wings

Red Eyed Purple Dragonfly Plushie

Pink Eyed Orange Dragonfly Plushie

Blue Eyed Green Dragonfly Plushie

Purple Eyed Blue Dragonfly Plushie

Rainbow Vortex Trading Card

Decorated Rosy-Faced Lovebird Plushie

Decorated Lutino Masked Lovebird Plushie

Decorated Yellow-Collared Lovebird Plushie

Decorated Blue Masked Lovebird Plushie

Decorated Violet Masked Lovebird Plushie

Nostalgic Kerubi Toy

Rainbow Wedding Cake

Spring Bunny Plushie

Spring Fox Plushie

Spring Calf Plushie

Beach Ball

Clown Flopit Figurine

Lucky Sable

Rainbow Stripe Trim2Fit Decal Sheet

Rainbow Snow Cone

Spectrum Rubber Duck

Spectrum Subeta Shampoo

Spectrum Subeta Conditioner

Fourth Anniversary Goodie Bag

Second Anniversary Goodie Bag

Subeta Art Shop

Rainbow Octopus Kneehighs

Happy Birthday Card 4

Spectrum Deck Box

Primary Oil Crayons

Pastel Oil Crayons

Glass Prism

How to Make Spectrum Auras

Spectrum Booster Pack

Box of Childhood Memories



Spectrum Blob Kitty


Spectrum Feli Beanbag

Spectrum Feli Hot Water Bottle



Unicorn Pinata Plushie

Bento Sweet Rice

Spectrum Ontra Plushie

Spectrum Hikei Plushie


Spectrum Kumos Plushie



Rainbow Serpenth Fountain



New Year Guide Fish of Imagination

Spectrum Torrent Plushie

Spectrum Torrent Beanbag

Spectrum Chai Plushie

Sterling Plushie

Spectrum Keeto Plushie

Spectrum Warador Plushie

Spectrum Wyllop Plushie

Angry Chai Toy

Iris Bobblehead

Spectrum Feli Balloon



Rainbow Chocolate Chip Cookie Lolly

Celebratory Cup-Cake

Rainbow Ladybug Beanbag

Unsettling Beanbag

Light-Filled Bauble

Spinning Spectrum Illumis Cocktail

Third Anniversary Goodie Bag

Bag of Spectrum Chocolates

Fortune Cookie with Sprinkles

Big Slice of Sprinkle Cake

Milk Chocolate Jazzies

Dark Chocolate Jazzies

Sour Gummy Strips

Sour Hard Candies


Bubbleye Berries

Eye Candy

Epic Marbles

Really Awesome Cool Fun Person Sticker

Soaring Smiley Snake Sticker


Blue Yarn Octopus Plushie

Rainbie Pillow

Fourth Anniversary Four-Layer Cake

Birthday Card Sticker


Spectrum Beach Chair

Dreams of a Spectrum Telenine

Too Much Salt

Spectrum Puffy Hat

Spectrum Bib

Spectrum Terracoontail Hat

Spectrum Billiard Ball

Spectrum VCR

Spectrum Microwave

Snow Covered Presents Knickknack

Colorful Fruit Print Beanbag

Sugar-High Chai Pie

Comedic Muse


Skwir Plushie



Minibehr Plushie

Fifth Anniversary Spectrum Montre Trophy


Miniature Rainbow Essence

Rainbow Essence

Arrow Quilt Scrap

Rainbow Mirrorball Sparkle Hat

Fun Shirt

Carnival Beanbag Toss

Teal Plushie

Roll of Rainbow LED Rope

Spaltag Pilsner

Rainbow Elemental Staff

Candy-Filled Bowl

Pint of Spectrum Sherbet Ice Cream

Stylin Spectrum Guitar

Spectrum Wheelieblades

Spectrum Six-Shooter

Spectrabeam Laser

Bot-Blaster V013

Illumis Spectrum Shield

Eight Pieced Eight Puzzle

Trove of Golden Mahar Gems

Watercolor Set

The Rainbow Vortex

Pink Neon Jelly Beanbag

Yellow Neon Jelly Beanbag

Blue Neon Jelly Beanbag

Green Neon Jelly Beanbag

Violet Neon Jelly Beanbag

Fireworks Sticker

Happy New Year Sticker

Lightshow Night Sky Fragment

Rainbow Love LED Mask


Rave Matter

Rainbow Gaming Beanbag

Rainbow Saheric Small Star Lantern

Blacklights and Glow Paint and You

Blacklight Spotted Cat Plushie

Blacklight Ringed Cat Plushie

Blacklight Paint Splatter Cat Plushie

Blacklight Striped Cat Plushie

Blacklight Maned Cat Plushie

Glowy Mood Ring

Iridescent Blue Jewel Beetle

Coda Caves Sticker

Rad Blue Building Sticker


Rave Garret Plushie

Ultra Bright Multi-Colored Mini Lights

Happy Luminaire Lights

Promo Holographic Spectrum Kora Trading Card

Chocolate Eggs

Centropolis Essence

Vibrant Qrykee Plushie

Vibrant Yaherra Plushie

Vibrant Yaherra Beanbag

Fruit Fluff

Rich Little Chibi Sticker

Oddtu Sticker

Rainbow Zebra Knee Highs

Nine-Color Vest

Rainbow Deluxe Lip Shine

Multicolored Torrent Light


Sound of Color

Magical Rainbow Jelly Bean

Blacklight Octopus Ale

Lights Holiday Palm

Blacklight Terracoontail Hat

Blacklight Torrent Plushie

Blacklight Torrent Beanbag

Blacklight Warador Plushie

Blacklight Archan Plushie

Blacklight Celinox Plushie

Blacklight Kumos Plushie


Rainbow Crow

Rainbow Digital Doughnut Beanbag

Rainbow Bread with Cloud Butter

Spectrum Blob Beanbag

Spectrum Blob Plushie

Spectrum Malticorn Beanbag

Spectrum Scribble Blob Sticker

Spectrum Scribble Charlie Sticker

Spectrum Scribble Ghostly Sticker

Ai no Torrey Koibito

Retro Handbag

Painting Vesnali Eggs

I Heart Blob Kitties T-shirt

Chocolate Pumpkins

Ghostly Hard Candies

Candy Necklace

Mixed Candy in a Bag

Spectrum Potion

Sprinkles Mallarchy Cookie

Festive Mardi Gras Drink

Floral Pie

Gummy Rings

Spectrum Plastic Beads

Candy Buttons

Old Box of Ornaments

Iced Spectrafruit Tea

Mystical Pie Amulet

Striped Bandage

Gingerbread House Beanbag

Glade Torrent Beanbag

Glade Magnus Plushie

Glade Donadak Beanbag

Glade Antlephore Plushie

Candied Glade Donadak Pop

Candied Glade Kumos Pop

Candied Glade Sheeta Pop

Rainbow Galaxy Tights

Jellied Candy-Bar

Regurgitated Candy

Striped Rainbow Caramel

Drink of Nogg

Candy Filled Sleigh

Rainbow Leg Warmers

Rainbow Mothers Day Cupcake

Vesnali Keeto Plushie

Eyeball Candy Bark

Seven Whole Doughnuts

Neon Slug Beanbag

Gingerbread House Sticker

Luminaire in Centropolis

Festive Cactus Beanbag


Artistic Blob Kitty

Luffle Ruffle Goo Fruit

Vibrant Cadogre Beanbag

Glade Kerubi Beanbag

Glade Malticorn Beanbag

Spectrum Nylon Leash

Vibrant Scootle Beanbag

Vibrant Telenine Beanbag

Candy Rings

Golden Scootle Plushie

Vibrant Scootle Plushie


Lets Get Lit Sticker

Floral Wrist Pincushion

Striped Wrist Pincushion

Argyle Wrist Pincushion

Blacklight Ontra Plushie

Blacklight Malticorn Plushie

Blacklight Antlephore Plushie

Blacklight Demi Plushie

Summer Crochet Shopping Bag

Midnight Neon Crochet Shopping Bag

Berry Aqua Chalice

Sunrise Bell Berries

Reusable Stainless Steel Straws

Paper Straws

Rainbow Rag Rug

Colorful Hummingbird Feeder

Chubby Holiday Mortiking Sticker

Gummy Candy Recipes

Hard Candy Recipes

Bratty Candy Goblin

Colorful Mystery Cake

Vibrant Cake Slice

Blacklight Antlephore Beanbag

Spectrum Antlephore Beanbag

Blacklight Ontra Beanbag

Spectrum Ontra Beanbag

Blacklight Malticorn Beanbag

Ombre SGreat Bottle

Rainbow SGreat Bottle

Pistachio Moon Milk

Rainbow Buddah Bowl

Confetti Cake Nondairy Ice Cream

Rainbow Veggie Roll

Assorted Roach Stickers

Saheric Gull

Pinkie Patch Heart Sticker


365 Project Ideas

Yarn Cupcakes

Spectrum Banded Shirt

Spectrum Miniskirt

100k Users Plump Star Plushie

Bumbus Explosion Sticker


Colorful Star Balloons

Comfy Bright Striped Pants

Confused Sky Sticker

Cotton Crafts

Eddie Bell Sure Bet Vintage Sherbet Swimsuit

Raspberry Grape Ice Cream

Spring Kitty

Colorful Simnel Cake

Diamond Wrist Pincushion

Little Joker

Rainbow Hearts Layering Mid-Calf Socks

Vibrant Montre Beanbag

Vibrant Blob Beanbag

Polka Dot Wrist Pincushion

Jelly Eyes

Bag of Celebratory Confetti

Eddie Bell Sure Bet Double Popsicle Tights

Delphi Carnival Cotton Candy

Delphi Carnival Ruffie Show Tickets

Delphi Carnival Bunting

Grounded Rainbow

Rainbow Suncatcher

Crafting with Damaged Books

Amazing Annuals

Spectrum Zombie Book

Stained Glasswing Butterfly

Stained Glasswing Chrysalis

Stained Glasswing Butterfly Care

Lucky Shamrock







Spectrum Birdy

Pet Friends