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This story contains violence and suffering.
This story is based mostly on the third book of Mistborn series, which contains sensible spoilers of the ending, but does not reveal everything since it is only Vin POV.

Vin looked to the dead and blue skinned Koloss at her side with a mix of desperation and satisfaction before she flung to the air with a push. The weakened red sun were about to disappear in the horizon, letting only the dark starless sky to be seen along side the Mists. She grabbed the edge of a roof and with a pull she helped herself to stabilize her body on the uneven roof tiles to rest a little after that hard wave of monsters, there was an entire army of that gigantic humanoid creatures to kill before the end of the world. Vin burned Bronze. In a half second she heard the bump bump from anywhere, making her Pewter burn more intensively in anger. She wished for only one second to have TenSoon at her side, besides his stoic and neutral nature he never failed to hear what she needed to say.

She pondered for a moment that all that suffering could be not happening if she didn't make a huge mistake. And in fact she was right, even now after releasing her people from its immoral and immortal dictator she felt leading the entire world to disgrace due her decisions, wrong and very ignorant decisions. For one second she felt a bit like Rashek, stumbling and falling for thinking that they both were doing the right thing on their own times. Everything was done to serve the purposes of Ruin. Flesh puppets on Scadrial's stage.
The mountains that were now spitting magma are devouring the outer villages and killing every lasting digestible plants, flooding the rivers and covering the houses with piles and piles of endless ashes.

The last day of Scadrial.

A loud BANG took her out from that brief moment of rationalization. The last gate of Luthadel was down. The Koloss crowd advanced in direction of the group of Skaa armed with swords, brooms and other improvised weapons and smashed everyone in seconds. Vin came just in time to save the last survivor holding an inflamed torch against the smallest Koloss. Vin killed the monster with an Koloss stole sword and flung in the air with the man, landing him in the another street to give him a chance to die later.

Vin heard Ruin's voice once again. ''You didn't stopped me when you were born, you won't stop me now, it doesn't matter what you meant for Preservation''. Ignoring his provocations for the fourth time she found herself near Rashek's palace when she noticed another Bronze allomantic bump not so far - and coming. Thirteen Ravens, enhanced Inquisitors, came to fight Vin. ''They are my eyes, my weapons and my tools, I made the man create them and even let him play the Ruler role, but they are MINE, the Inquisitors were ALL mine since the beginning.''.
Vin clenched the teeth facing the new problem. Thousands of Koloss were not so hard for a skilled Mistborn because they are strong but dumb and slow. Thirteen high tier Inquisitors are not only intelligent but also stronger than even the most skilled Mistborn, and Vin was tired.

She opened another flask of metal and swallowed the liquid to recharge and then burned the Steel, Iron, Tin, Pewter and with a dash she attacked the first Raven with the Kolloss' blade. The strike almost didn't affected the Inquisitor what made her feel fear, with a pull she jumped back to prevent his next attack that found her sword with a counterattack that Kelsier taught. The first Inquisitor laid dead. With a single movement Vin deflected and killed the second Inquisitor that tried to strike her from behind, which made Ruin grow in fury against Vin. Controlling all Ravens at the same time Ruin sent all the creatures against Vin who leap to the ir in direction of the pinnacles of Kredik Shaw. Few months before she almost died there running from two ordinary Inquisitors, now she was attracting eleven to the same scenario.

Using the pointy and tall spikes from the building covered by pieces of metal Vin managed to deflect and move more freely in the air to fight the beasts, pulling and pushing with Iron and Steel. One, two, three. Then more two corpses could be found impaled in smaller spikes. Preservation knows how she was grateful for that bizarre architecture.
Everything seemed decided. After the blood rush between men full of metal spikes on their bodies and a single mistborn only Ruin roared from the skies of anger and hatred. Only six Ravens were left, but Vin was tired and running out of metal supply. She landed on the sidewalk outside the castle to catch some breath and recharge a last time when something hit her hard on back. The attacker lift her from the ground before she could put herself on knees and punched her face till her vision got blurred. When the world stopped spinning she felt the taste of blood and focused on the Inquisitor's face but just to find a very familiar face: it was Marsh, her friend. When the crew set roles for each member years ago, everyone knew that the work as spy on the Steel Ministry would be very sensitive and dangerous. Marsh turned into an Inquisitor to give informations to the crew during his job, and since Ruin had plans to sacrifice almost all inquisitors to create the ravens Marsh could do anything but bend to Ruin's power.

This time God were about to talk seriously, but now using Marsh's voice. ''What do you think you still can do against me? Far from here your friends and your love are dying trying to hold an entire army of Koloss and Inquisitors. You have no chance, I will recover my Atium whatever it takes, I planned this day since Rashek took the power to himself one thousand of years ago. I will be the only one in this world after I recover what is mine. You lost the game since your birth, just let the death come.''
Vin was shocked. She couldn't help but think on Elend and his small army and then in Marsh right on her front holding her by the mistcloak. Elend would be helpless and heartbroken if she dies, and Kelsier would be disappointed with her to know she let his brother fall in corruption of the evillest creature of Scadrial. But something awakened a buried memory from her mind, when she was a little girl her mother gave her a single earring, a earring she used everyday. And as if the horizons expanded she finally noticed that just like the spikes the Inquisitors used, the earring she was wearing was also a spike - a very subtle and shy one - she urged to remove it but Marsh grabbed her hand and broke the hand, the fingers and the arm. Vin screamed as tried to use the other arm to reach the earing but once more Marsh broke her arm. In pain Vin said ''Marsh, please tell me you're not doing this by your own...''

Marsh died inside, Vin didn't know they were all controlled by Ruin, but he was not completely suppressed. He couldn't do anything Ruin wouldn't allow, none of them could do nothing anyway, Ruin was so strong that no one needed to even try to break the chains, but Marsh had inside him in the most hidden corner of his thoughts that he could break a control from one and single crucial time, he just needed to use it wisely.
Marsh - Ruin - raised his hand one more time to punch her, but Marsh took this only moment to took off the earring from Vin's ear by himself to set her free from the control too. Now Ruin could not hear her thoughts and predict movements. But much more than that, the Mists, the mysterious fog that appeared when night fell started to be attracted on her direction.

From somewhere Ruin roared so loud of anger and frustration that the barriers between physical and cognitive realms wavered, the moutains seemed to spit more ashes. Vin was free and the Mists were filling her empty metal supplies directly, the mists were a part of Preservation himself, the last gift to his chosen one he left before die. The pain and the broken bones turned into nothing. Vin became the vessel of Preservation for the enough time to wipe out the Ravens but Marsh and expand her own being to see what was happening in the Elend's battle field.

For an undefined time, she understood the world and the universe while her mind expanded, she was ''standing'' on the Cognitive Realm even she didn't have any defined body. Vin saw Ruin's vessel finally die when the humanity consumed all the Atium to kill the Koloss and Inquisitors. She looked behind and saw all of them reaching the Cognitive Realm and departing to The Beyond. She observed the Koloss's souls being released from their monstrous body as normal humans with amazement until The Beyond called her too.

In time the green of plants and the color of the flowers will cover the landscapes again. Kelsier is certainly proud.
The last day of Scadrial is postponed and Vin died as a hero.

Background by wallhaven
Characters, names and universe by Brandon Sanderson.
Premade profile by FallenSamurai

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