Headley has a minion!

Beans the Cerberusphug


The Graveyard Kumos
Owner: Haiku

Age: 1 year, 1 day

Born: September 21st, 2020

Adopted: 1 year, 1 day ago

Adopted: September 21st, 2020

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  • Level: 100
  • Strength: 100
  • Defense: 100
  • Speed: 100
  • Health: 100
  • HP: 100/100
  • Intelligence: 100
  • Books Read: 100
  • Food Eaten: 100
  • Job: Veterinary Technician

"I'm a stitch away from making it
And a scar away from falling apart;
Blood cells pixelate and eyes dilate
And the full moon pills got me out on the street at night..."

Headley the sympathetic, the gullible, the sweet. Said girl was a nurse in training, so dedicated and naive, she believed she could save the entire world just by cleaning wounds, stitching pieces back together and wrapping it all up in nice tight bandages. She was very dedicated and, cross her heart, she believed helping others was her destiny. She may not be clever enough to become a medical doctor, or maybe it was her insecurity that was enough, but Headley just adored to be in touch with her patients the same way, the sweet girl.
The pandemic arrived. All hospitals were such a chaos, there was no Louis L'Amour back then. Everyone was supposed to protect non-infected and the way for it was erradicating the problem by its roots, and that meant killing the infected. Oh sweet stupid girl, she would have flunked nursing school for the primary mistake she made.
How come a trained (or in training if that matters) health agent be so carefree to let a patient bite them?

She ran away, our poor girl, for she believed she could still be good to the planet, save a life, oh please let her save at least one life before she's gone! But by doing that, she was putting life at risk too. She was a threat to non-infecteds, and she was hunted down and payed her disobedience with a cruel death. Her limbs were ripped so to be an example to other fugitives. Then, as the means of execution of that time, her head was chopped.

But see, lady Death is a bit soft-hearted and wouldn't keep someone from their true vocation, specially being someone so passionate about it. That's how Headley awoke, a couple nights after her dying, from her grave — her nails were never the same since she had to dig her way up from the ground.
Headley's got a new chance to do good, after hiding in Shadowglen for so long. But it was finally safe to get back, and keep on her nurse training — I mean, at least now she had her own body to practice stitching.

"Blood cells pixelate and eyes dilate,
Kiss away young kills and thrills on the mouths of all my friends."

— — —

Story and art by me (Haiku);
Profile coding: FallenSamurai;
Background image from Wallpaper Vortex;
Lyrics: The (After) Life of the Party by Fall Out Boy.

Pet Treasure

Head Bandage Scraps

Top Tier Safety Helmet

Siren Cardinale Breath Mints

Bag of Blood

Zombie Chew Toy

Banshee Thread of Fate

Black Stethoscope

Orange Liquid Filled Giant Syringe

Plague-Doqtors Mask

Repurposed Calipers

Suture Kit

Bloody Rag

Dapper Doctor Vizier Mask

Discarded Rusty Forceps

Surgically Clean Bandage

Romero Post Mortem Razor Blade

Moxie Mints

Pile of Dead Eyeballs

Miniature HLPR Bot Clipboard

Chin Piercing Jewelry

Calavera Bride Mended Heart


Healing Steak

Head Bandage Scraps

Professor New Heartbreaker Nose Plaster

Professor New Heartbreaker Discarded Patches

Mummy Mask

Stained White Nitrile Gloves

Bloody Fabric Scraps

Discarded Rusty Bone Saw

Discarded Rusty Trocar


Stolen Rotten Arm

Skitters Favorite Needle

Zombie Can Opener

White Bloodstained Flannel

Steel-Handled Scalpel

Stay Awake Eye Drops

Useless Rusty Knife

Acetaminophen Travel Pack


Rusted Black Garden Shears

Sougara Wasteland Cowboy Dirty Bandage Tin

Moldy Disposable Fork

Mori Bandage


Hydrocortisone Cream

Rotten Lens

RoQ Candy Xtra Bandage Tin

I Love Your Blood Type

First Aid Kit

Torn Blood Stained Fabric Patch

Lingering Haunt Severed Tongue

Suspicious Plastic Bag

Pet Friends

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