Mistmantle has a minion!

Seathrift the Sacred Lands Tree Blub

Legacy Name: Mistmantle

The Glade Popoko
Owner: Saturnine

Age: 13 years, 2 months

Born: September 27th, 2008

Adopted: 13 years, 2 months ago (Legacy)

Adopted: September 27th, 2008 (Legacy)

Pet Spotlight Winner
October 11th


  • Level: 8
  • Strength: 10
  • Defense: 14
  • Speed: 22
  • Health: 10
  • HP: 0/10
  • Intelligence: 2
  • Books Read: 2
  • Food Eaten: 1
  • Job: Unemployed


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Whisper took a sip of the mug in front of her. It was minty, apple-y, and vinegar-y, but not strong enough. "Oh, it's still not right!"

Her mother, Sepia of the Songs and Companion to Queen Catkin, sniffed her own filled mug in front of her. "But Whisper, this smells delicious!" She took a sip herself. "It's wonderful!"

"Yes, but it's not like how Gramma Apple used to make." Whisper's tail drooped. "I wish she had written it down before she died."

The door opened to their family's chambers, and in entered Captain Urchin of The Riding Stars, Sepia's husband and Whisper's father. "Tea time?" He said exaggeratedly, "Without me? I'm hurt!" He tossed his cloak onto a chair and kissed Sepia on the cheek. "What are you conjuring up now, Whisper?"

"Gramma's Apple and Mint Cordial, part 12." As she turned toward the pot, Sepia and Urchin shared a look, a slightly hidden smirk. It was true, Apple's cordial was famous on the island of Mistmantle - for it's propensity to keep away flies with its sharp, nearly undigestible scent and taste. Only Apple, her husband Filbert, and her granddaughter, Whisper, enjoyed it.

Urchin sat beside Sepia on the short sofa, wrapped an arm around her shoulders, and took a sip of her cup. "That really is wonderful, dear, just how it is. And I'm not just saying that!"

Their daughter smiled sadly, "Thanks. I know people enjoy it, and it's not bad - I just remember me and Gramma and Grandpa sitting in the burrow while you two were off heroing and helping Queen Catkin doing who knows what. We'd drink the cordial, and Gramma would tell story after story to keep my mind off of you, and then you'd be home. That drink always tells me that you two are coming home."

They sat in silence for awhile, Urchin still sipping from Sepia's cup until she rapped his paw playfully and told him to get his own. Laughing, he obliged, and as he refilled hers and poured his own cup - He remembered.

"Tartwing. Tartwing, yes! How could we forget?" Truthfully, Urchin too had not been able to stomach his foster mother's brew, so he had blocked out the memory of drinking it.

When Whisper looked at him blankly, he continued. "The little leaves - Apple would strain them out of your drink so you wouldn't choke on them, but they were in there. You must never have seen them."

"It's not a very rare herb, I'm sure Cedar might know where they grow," Sepia took to her feet. "I'll ask her as we check upon the storage for winter nuts later today."

Urchin too was standing, drinking his cordial, and pulling on his cloak. "It's nearly time for me and Corr to meet some animals from Whitewings with the Queen. Go with your mother. We'll get you your cordial, Little Whisper, don't you worry."

The boat from Whitewings was still too far out for the Mistmantle otters to pull in yet. Urchin stood, sword sheathed, beside Queen Catkin. While her fur was as flame-red as her mother Cedar, she was not quite as tall as either of her parents, and her heart-shaped face was calm. Urchin's cloak was heavy and a little stifling under the summer sun. He shifted a bit.

"Is everything okay, Urchin?" Catkin asked, noticing his fidgeting.

He stopped, straightening up. "I'm fine, Your Majesty. Summer hits harder and earlier every year, and cotton-headed me, I forgot to get my summer cloak mended in time. You know Needle, she gave me a right telling off when I asked her to measure me." Needle, the head seamstress of Mistmantle and his oldest friend, a rather sharp-spined hedgehog.

"I know she doesn't like to be told at the last minute," Catkin said, a smile on her face. "Feel free to take it off. The Whitewings animals are friends, they'll understand. They know you're a Captain, you'll still have your sword and circlet. Corr, you know what to do - And check upon refreshment in the Gathering Hall, please."

Corr the otter gave a knowing smile and bowed slightly, lifting the heavy cloak, folding it neatly, and taking it to the Captain's dressing rooms the Tower. "I could use some of Whisper's cordial now." Urchin mumbled.

"Is she still trying to imitate your foster mother's Apple and Mint cordial?" Catkin had had some as well, way back when she was a small child. "Still trying to make it...well..."

"Nearly undrinkable?" Urchin laughed. "Yes, though we may have found the missing ingredient - Tartwing."

"Mum may know about it -"

Swanfeather, the otter Captain, approached the pair, throwing up a messy salute. "Permission t'pull her in, Majesty?" The boat was closer.

"You may, thank you, Swanfeather," The two squirrels straightened up as she roared instructions to the other otters waiting nearby, all of them slipping into the water, swimming rapidly to the boat.

"Tartwing? I had no idea that's what Apple used." Cedar said. The three had finished taking stock of the stores for winter, helped by industrious moles, and Sepia had gone to choir practice, giving Whisper a rare day off. It was only her and the former Queen-Healer. Beakers and vials of various herbs and liquids surrounded them, illuminated by the sunlight filtering in. "It's not a very popular herb. Until you reminded me, Whisper, I had forgotten about it." She opened a small drawer and took out a pawful of small, pointily-oval shaped leaves.

"Thank you, Your Majesty!" Whisper said, curtsying.

Cedar laughed. "Oh, you don't want these, they're old and dried. I imagine Apple used them picked fresh. Let's check along the north side of the island, where the soil is drier and rockier. It shouldn't be too hard to find."

The Whitewings animals were mostly old friends, with a new face among them. "Prince Linden, in person." Catkin said.

She smiled as a hedgehog with a circlet of silver leaves bowed, kissing her paw. "Queen Catkin. The honor is - finally - mine." He straightened, seeing Urchin and Corr. "And Captain Urchin! Corr has told me so much about you, about all of you." He gestured to the other Mistmantle animals.

"No need to remain on ceremony - Let's take in some refreshment." With a nod to a standing guard at the door, Catkin sat at the head of the table, and the others followed, with Linden on her right, Urchin on her left, and Corr behind her. A few minutes passed, and small talk was made as the Whitewings animals ate the delicious snacks. The doors opened.

Whisper proudly strolled in, pushing a cart with something hidden beneath a large tablecloth. Cedar followed her, smiling slightly, adorned in her crown and robes. Every animal, once again, stood and bowed to Cedar, even Catkin, who approached her mother and spoke quietly - "This is just a light snack for our arrivals. I know, it was poor protocol to not invite you -"

"But you didn't wish for them to be hungry until dinner, I understand. That was the right thing to do, Catkin." She beamed. "Me and Whisper have something we would very much like the party to sample."

Urchin stood and approached Whisper. "What's this, darling?"

With a neat sweep, the tablecloth was removed to display a lovely serving bowl of mintish liquid, and a ladle within. Goblets were placed upright, enough for everyone. "Apple and Mint cordial for our esteemed guests." She said, ladling some into a goblet. When all were served, Urchin called a toast - "To Queen Catkin and Prince Linden!" - and they all drank.

"My stars - This is delicious!" Linden took another long drink. "Yes, absolutely delicious. It's light and refreshing, just what one needed after days at sea. Washes that salty taste right away." The visitors nodded their agreement.

"It's a modified recipe," Whisper gave a sly smile. "However, if you'd like it the way my grandmother made it, you'll need some Tartwing." Grabbing a tiny bowl, she placed it on the table. "Let it steep for a minute or two. I warn you though - It's strong!" She looked at her own goblet, which had the leaves already, before taking a swallow.

Tears nearly sprang to her eyes. There it was, at long last. Gramma Apple's cordial. She smiled as Urchin gave her a hug. "Queen Cedar knew where it was - We must have passed it a hundred times, on our treks up there. I can make it all the time now."

"I'm happy for you," Urchin said, taking a deep breath - And sputtering. He remembered that scent well, and it wasn't any more palatable with age. "Just don't do so in our chambers!"

Story + background by Saturnine, based upon the world of Mistmantle by M.I McAllister.

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