Pyramid Head has a minion!

Maria the Princess

Pyramid Head
Legacy Name: Pyramid Head Valtiel

The Cream Telenine
Owner: Jacket

Age: 11 years, 11 months, 1 week

Born: December 11th, 2008

Adopted: 11 years, 11 months, 1 week ago (Legacy)

Adopted: December 11th, 2008 (Legacy)


  • Level: 9
  • Strength: 20
  • Defense: 18
  • Speed: 18
  • Health: 16
  • HP: 16/16
  • Intelligence: 8
  • Books Read: 0
  • Food Eaten: 0
  • Job: Unemployed

#pet_image {background-image: url(;}[center]UNder construction.[/center]

-Name: Unknown

-Age: Unknown

-Bonded to James Sunderland

-Appeared during the [DATA MISSING] Incident, in which [url=""]James[/url], [url=""]Mary Sweeney[/url], [url=""]Brookhaven[/url], and [url=""]Loyalty[/url] were all involved.

-Has a telepathic link with Loyalty and Brookhaven, and a strong mental link with James.

-Doesn't understand why Mary hates him.

-Mary doesn't have a good reason.

-He'd be a shameless flirt, if he could speak.

-Can't read body language or vocal tone, or most other cues.

-Socially inept, as would be expected from a nonverbal.

-He's a Lawful Neutral.

-He likes fangirls... And fanboys... And probably genderless fan-things.

-It doesn't matter if he likes you, if you are to be punished, you are to be punished. And he isn't going to apologize.

-If this was a different game, he'd be doing this for the good of all of us... Except the ones who are dead.

-He followed James here.

Pet Treasure

Wooden Doll Model

Plas-Tek Morostide Boney Poleaxe

Broken Arid Light Bulb

Pet Friends

James Sunderland_723
Prey of choice

Walter Sullivan

Alchemilla Brookhaven
I don't care that you're a nurse, you're MY mannequin.



James Sunderland

... I'll try not to get noticed...*drags rusty metal sword behind him, which causes a loud screeching soun*

My, my, aren't you lovely...

Everyone loves the helmet, really does bring in the ladies.

Who's the next victim?

I took care of that annoying Anna girl, you owe me.

Pyramid Head
... So we finally meet, brother...

Mira Aroyo
...:unheart:... *wanders away sadly*

... *Headtilt* Guard you? I suppose you are a mother of gods...

*Stares*... *headtilt*

??? *Confused*