Whatever has a minion!

Asif the Baby 0507

Legacy Name: Whatever

The Common Experiment #0507
Owner: curbdirt

Age: 12 years, 1 month, 2 weeks

Born: May 11th, 2009

Adopted: 7 years, 7 months, 3 weeks ago

Adopted: November 3rd, 2013


  • Level: 38
  • Strength: 92
  • Defense: 93
  • Speed: 92
  • Health: 92
  • HP: 92/92
  • Intelligence: 1
  • Books Read: 0
  • Food Eaten: 0
  • Job: Unemployed

Pet Treasure

Painted Nuniu

Rave Experiment 0507 Plushie

Pass of Many Uses

Party Giraffe Plushie

Blubby Lava Lamp

Downward Facing Dog Pose Experiment Plushie

Herbal Magic Accessory

Spirit Panther

Spinning Snowman

Zen Stones

Slow Dog

Black Licorice Gummy Sharks

Tarry Blobby Lamp

Beer Battleship



Stainless Steel Souvenir Peka-Boo Bottle

The Dillema Replica Sculpture




Beer Pong

EMF Reader

2015: Out of Time

Metal Incense Burner

Bubble Spirit

Battered Instant Camera

Giant Ocean Sunfish

Snowflaik In A Bag Plushie

Cola Blingpop

Dappled Unicorn

All Marshmallow Smore

Hazels Secret Design Journal

Giselle Thrift Rat Lamp

Pixelated Mushroom


Half-Eaten Sandwich

Lovely Box of Cupcakes

Field of Daisies

Amazing Teacup Plushie

Geeky Cupcakes

The Everything Book

Neon Blub

Colorful Gemstone

Magical Blobby Lamp

Enchanted Rose

Springtime Alpaca Sticker


Inexplicable Lightning Bolt

Soggy Field Notes

Fruit Punch Bongo Drum

Irradiated Paper Gift

Living Paint Splotch

Glow Paint

Paint Splotch Beanbag

Watermelon Fruit Bowl

Granny Apple


Spring Acoustic Guitar

Gin and Tonic

Natural Hippie Eyeshadow

Experimental Dew

Radioactive Blobby Lamp

Riveting Reptiles

Sushi of the Evening Moon and Stars

Peka-Boo Pop-Up Book



Sun Fruit and Basil Juice

Lemonade Blingpop

Happy Subeta

Living Dirt Devil

Vote Button

Blue Raspberry Blingpop

Mister Sugar Skull

Missus Sugar Skull

Mushroom Pinata Plushie

Bloodthirsty Mary

Red Balloon

Romero Post Mortem Warhead

Be Cool About Fire Safety


Fiery Blobby Lamp

Partying Hat

I-Love-You Pizza Slice

Sailors Warning

Smoking Charge Card


Lucky Cherries Plushie

Third Anniversary Kitty Beanbag


Flying Beer Pong

Spacetime Snacks


Toy Pizza Van

Ventura Trinket Box


Mister Googly Eyes Cardboard Poisson Davril

Purrito Burrito

Sunset Cloud Nine Beanbag

Drooling Monster

Lucky Feli Figurine

Llama Cookie

Sweet Pumpkin Cupcake

Coffee Run

Ancient Boo Cooler Juice Box

Single Paper Crane


Pet Matryoshka Dolls

Dancing Star Seeds

Vesnali Egg Phone

Twister Balloons

Broken Record Player

Beautiful Fireworks Photo Collection

Bottled Harvest Moon

Junko Entropy Blacklight Ink

Weathered Scrapbook


Techno Baseball Bat

Blushing Monster

Extremely Cutesy Beanie

Exploding Encyclopedia of Sparklies

Crystal Cavesnail

Apple Blingpop

Dee Layla Brew It Lipstick

Alien Matter

Bloody Alien Brain Shot

Liquid Aurora

Whoa What Book


Look For The Helpers

Plum Blossom Tea Set

Hanazaki Poetry and Lore

Lost Poetry Page


Blob Kitty Fangirl Cell Phone

Extreme Scenester ABC Gum

Lovable Aljex Sticker

Love Victim Taco

Bubble Bubba Blobby Lamp

Potion of Life

Love Filled Teapot

What is Love?

8 Ball Puff

Pink Round Shades

Silly Red Hat

Mountain Laurel

Tea Party Treat Tray

Shiny Variety Book

Tropical Swirly

Bowling Piggy Ball


I-Love-You Doughnut

Encyclopedia of Squishyness



Succulent Garden

Book of Kite Flying

Bubble Gum Blingpop

Rainbow Lolly Lip Gloss

Rainbow Octombre Cake

Strawberry Gin Cocktail

Bubble Gum Manual

Ballerina Music Box

Ice Cream

Unicorn Pinata Plushie

Stack of Party Hats

RoQ Candy Palette Shades

Prismatic Lunar Marble

Art Brings Hope

Color Reversal Concoction

Raver Glow Sticks


Rainbow Lollipop

Iced Spectrafruit Tea

Unicorn Highlighter

Mindreader Cookies

Likes Unicorns Statement Tee

Three Piece Sushi Plushie Set

Storm Honey

Priberry Fruit Smoothie

Aljex Trucker Hat

An Idiots Guide to Constructive Criticism

Bubble Gum

Infected Aljex

Rose Succulent

Blueberry and Cream Tartlet

Pile of Experiment Plushies

Professor New Dusty Thistle Feathers

Moon Cell Phone

Leftover Hair Dye

Drage Sew-On Patch

Blacklight Octopus Ale

Blacklights and Glow Paint and You

Plasma Ball


Decorative Egg Light

Promotional Dark Matter Pizza Gift Basket

A Guide to Gelatins

Dirty BellKitty Phone Charm

Sweet Spirit Offering


Special Snowflake


Cloud Nine Anniversary Cupcake

Cloud Watching

Amazing Weirdo Goggles

Squishy Grotesque Mister Grimsly Plushie

Special Coin

Bright Eyes

Chibi Pet Rock

Snooburb Cake

Boxed Set of Lessons Learned

IOU Slip

Wood-Fired Pizza Sample Box

Edited Script


Cozy Fashion Bundle

Banana Phone


Bottled Happiness

Caffeeii Plushie

Musical Carousel

Summer Dandelions

Directors Latte

Captured Pineapple

Little Balls of Sunshine in a Bag

Rainyday Sunflower Sandals


Ohno! Road Sign

Scent B Gone

Keepsake Box


Eye Spy: Lost and Found

Riverside Beaver

Maple Leaf Cookies

Mocha Cooler

Gilded Turtle Trinket Box

Little Joker

Old Fashioned Gumball Machine

Tai Dye

Brewski Brand Brewski

Toadstool Overgrowth Novel

Giant Mushroom Beanbag

Mushroom Pop-Up Book

Lava Lamp

Shapely Ruby Hookah

Ladybug Pixel Glasses

Forgotten Resolutions

Melonbeer Slush

Flip Cup

Autumn Leaf Bouquet


Potted Weed

Box of Baby Sloth Plushies

Mustard Check Box

Amazin Oatmeal Raisin Cookie

Mulled Apple Cider

Wood-Fired Pizza Slice

Worry Dolls

Seven Whole Doughnuts

Delphi Carnival Playset


Aljex-Berry Pie

Scalshal Sweets

Peka-Boo Beanbag

Bottled Rainbow

I-Love-You Rainbow

Spectrum Love-Me-Lots Chai Plushie

Turquoise Melon

Void Lord Reality-Altering Pills

Lovely Experiment 0507 Sticker

Unclutter Your Mind

Rift Fairy Dust

Vehnam Shrug

Bottled School Girl Shriek

Bedbug Cleanup Kit



Mad-Science Multitool

Epic Games Issue 2

Blue Nazar

Nostalgic Keeto Toy

UFO Sightings!

SP Scented Candle

Gluteus Fruit

Dad Jokes

Celebratory Pylot Cupcake

Peekaboo Bunny Pop

Bok Choy Kneehighs

Sour Grapes

Book of Cupcakes

Dunderfluf Savory Cupcake

Kitty Fruit Keychain

Aljex Plushie

Book of Really Really Happy Rainbows

Fruit Tart

Over the Rainbow

Miniature Ferris Wheel

Pixelated Candy Bar

Epic Games Issue 3

Love Poems by an Aljex

Bottled Rainbow Ruckus

Prank Caller Helmet

Grape Blingpop

Star Cell Phone

I-Love-You UFO Keychain


Rainbow Journal

Rainbow Bodyboard

Bitten Apple

Peka-Boo Yoga Set

Pensive Muse

Ikumoradeekanox Fruit Kebab

Candle of Unity


Bottled Dreams

Twisted Flower Balloon

Dionaea Audricus Plushie

Charity Picnic Basket

CD Player

Underground Fashion 101


Limited Edition Dark Matter Pizza

Empty Hourglass

Scaredy-Cat Glasses

Grinning Cat Loaf Beanbag

Study Charm


Twist-N-Turn Shot

Purple Succulent

Scientific Notebook

What is Out There?


Periwinkle Lava Lamp

Extraterrestrial Plushie

Experiment 0507 Plushie


Aljex Gardening Gnome


Five Taste Smoothie

Tripping Thrifted Longsleeve

Artikat Colorswirl Chocolates

Dearly Beloved Electric Guitar


Cake Forever

Book of Poetry

Teeny Sleepy Taco Minion

Autumn Nesting Dolls

Phungis Beanbag

Wood Bourbon

A Knights Tail

Wood-Fired Pizza Menu

Striped Cell Phone

Puzzled Taco Beanbag

Hot Dawg

Blast Cola

A Day at the Carnival

Happy Nuggets

Magical Mushroom

Hand Roll Sushi Kit

Kitty Anniversary Cupcake

Do Not Cross Belt

I Farted Conversation Heart Beanbag

Wafflecone Mountain

Adorable Scarecrow



Overly Complicated Latte

Space Oddity Sticker

Iconic Comic Book

Original Gamer Control

Partied Out Blob Kitty

Tinfoil Hat

Winged Music Player

Shapely Pearl Hookah



Box of Childhood Memories

Bento Sushi

Guide To Pop Culture Reference

Magic 8 Ball

Checked Slip-Ons

Possessed Television

Little Black Book

Frozen Swirl Shake


Special Brownies

I-Love-You Sausage Ham and Mayo Sammich

Book of Very Interesting People

Symbol of Logic

Pe-Nut the Disturbingly Happy Minion

Gin Fizz


Succulent Variety

Creamy Iced Coffee

Bursting with Inspiration Binder

Beaten-Up Backpack

Pet Friends