Yestredei has a minion!

Shotgun the Rhett

Legacy Name: Yestredei

The Graveyard Feli
Owner: antagonize

Age: 10 years, 7 months, 5 days

Born: April 25th, 2010

Adopted: 10 years, 7 months, 5 days ago

Adopted: April 25th, 2010


  • Level: 115
  • Strength: 288
  • Defense: 288
  • Speed: 287
  • Health: 287
  • HP: 267/287
  • Intelligence: 174
  • Books Read: 173
  • Food Eaten: 17
  • Job: Captain Jacques First Mate

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i lost my wings

Birth Name: Yestredei Matthew Evans
Alias: Captain Yestredei
Age: 34
Height: 183cm / 6ft.
Birthday: 12th October
Birthplace: n/a
Weapon of Choice: Handguns


i lost my sky

blah blah blah

build me artificial wings of flight

blah blah blah

and let me touch the stars again

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mug shots

stuff stuff stuff

Pet Treasure

Flying Ship

Brass Gyroscope

Elegant Brass Pocket Watch

Turquoise Goggles

Brass Goggles

Brass Steam-Wing Kit

Curved Brass Bar

Delicate Gold Feather Trinket

Snow Storm Feather

White Long Feather

Gray and Black Discarded Feathers

Black and White Discarded Feathers

Oracle Wing

Bird Wings


Maleria Wings

Folded Wings

Folded Crane Wings

Folded Sun Conure Wings

Folded Peregrine Wings

Folded Raven Wings


Wheel Lock Harquebus

Gallant Enforcer

Winsome Rogue Gun Holsters

Survivors Handgun with Holster


Brass Raygun


Freshly-Pressed Overcoat

Pirate Treasure Map

Star Chart

Atebus Map

Stolen Aztec Coin

Bairin Pence

Silver Foil Gelt Coins

Gold Foil Gelt Coins

Golden Foil Pirate Coin

Old Coins

Nori Bracelet

Simple Gold Wedding Band

Sand Dollar Charm

Gold Sun Relic

Gold Crescent Moon Relic

Gold Medallion Trinket

Yunium Ore

Gold Trinket Box

Kora Gem of Power

Devonti Crystal

Hikei Floating Orbs

Rainbow Gems

Cats Eye

Purple Marble

Kora Orb of Foresight

Leafeather Orb of the Night

Sun Lord Orb of the Dawn

Arid Pearl

Cream Pearl

Lilac Pearl

Sun Pearl

Dusk Pearl

Field Pearl

Twilight Pearl

Bloodred Pearl

Raw Opal

Raw Diamond

Raw Sapphire

Raw Spinel

Raw Obsidian

Mother of Pearl

Dream Coda Caves Crystal


Pearl of Wisdom

Colorful Gemstone






Stolen Cabin Key

Cogwork Key

Key of Secrets

Frozen Rose Key

Stolen Bedroom Key

Silver Skeleton Key

Golden Skeleton Key

Magical Keepsake Box

Shabby Chest

Pirate Treasure Chest

Bottled Star

Fallen Stars

Celestium Ore

Galaxy Orb

Nugget of Night Sky

Shot of Whiskey

Whiskey Decanter Set

Distilled Rum



Pirate Rum

Pet Friends

For you, I'll do my very best.

...... >:| /cocks gun, glaring threateningly.

Is this better?

Cid Highwind_637
Your ship should be the least of your worries.

Being king of a planet will only clip my wings.