Sater has a minion!

Missy the Dreadphul

Legacy Name: Sater

The Riftborn Lasirus
Owner: Henry

Age: 9 years, 9 months, 2 weeks

Born: January 2nd, 2011

Adopted: 8 years, 7 months, 2 weeks ago

Adopted: February 29th, 2012

Pet Spotlight Winner
May 20th, 2015


  • Level: 94
  • Strength: 215
  • Defense: 176
  • Speed: 179
  • Health: 181
  • HP: 181/181
  • Intelligence: 94
  • Books Read: 71
  • Food Eaten: 0
  • Job: Enthusiastic Tour Guide

- i tear a hole inside my head to let the demons go -

"We're the ones who decide
if we can live with what we've done."

He is drunk again. The only way to forget what he had done. He? No, he didn't do it, that's a lie. He would never hurt anyone. He shakes his head and takes another pill, swallows it down with cheap beer. Sighing he closes his eyes, shaking the empty pill bottle in his left hand before he throws it against the wall where it crashes into thousands of small shards covering the stained flooring.

A few months ago, shortly after that tragic accident in the mines happened, everyone claimed that is was his fault that the tour train derailed, that he was drunk and shouldn't have operated it. Those goddamn liars! He wasn't drunk. The people always hated him, needed a scapegoat for this tragic accident that still was a complete mystery to him, that's why they wrote these things in the newspapers.

JOHN P. SATER THE MURDERER ACQUITTED OF A CHARGE - the latest article, but for sure not the last. For a brief moment he thinks What if they are right? What if...? but then he pushes these thoughts aside. He takes the newspaper, reads the article once again before he carelessly throws it back on the table.

ACQUITTED. As if this would ever change anything. He lost his damn job already, people stare at him as if he's a monster - no one would ever think about forgiveness even if there would be 100% proof that he isn't the one to blame for this accident.

Murder! - Murder is a mortal sin, sinners go to hell! - and he doesn't want to end there. In fact he's already caught in his own personal hell since his childhood, but no one will ever know. As if anyone would care anyways, in fact no one ever did.

In his head he hears kids laughing, the rattling of the train wheels on the rail. Smiling he lets himself fall back onto the sofa where he now lies, head on armrest. Suddenly the laughter turns into screams of fear and agony, he hears a crashing sound, crying and screaming in pain and then... silence. Cruel silence.

His head hurts, tears start to run down his face as he closes his eyes, sobbing. He takes another huge slug of alcohol, his whole body feels so numb already, but that's okay. Another bottle of small white pills is opened, he swallows another one, then another...

Maybe today he will jump down the 1,419 feet right into the black deep of the Devil's Pit. He is done with everyone.


Bust by ShilohFenix

* Profile and story by me

*Character, picture and quotes
from Silent Hill: Downpour

*Top Lyrics (c) KoRn
Silent Hill: Downpour Theme

Pet Treasure

Plumes of Dark Train Smoke

Frilled Dark Train Smoke

Billowy Dark Train Smoke

Fallen Stalactite

Ticket Sticker

Diggers Hat


Grave Reminder

Eight Sticker

Battered Camera


Screeching Bat Figurine

Flapping Bat Figurine

Cave Bat


Spiked Bat

Stardust Bat


Docile Rictus


Patch of Webbing

Stack of Coins

Old Coins

Non-Candy Coins

Arcade Tokens

Wretched Coin of the Street

Silver Flipper Coin

New Year Token

Worn Iron Coin

Pewter Special Coin

Copper Special Coin

Green Special Coin

Iron Special Coin

Silver Special Coin

Blue Special Coin

Gold Special Coin

Red Special Coin

Maroon Track Jacket

Impoverished Poltergeist

Wildman Photo Album

Oddly Ornate Revolver

Shattered Mirror Shards

Possessed Television

Hustler Money Clip

Festival Litter

Precious Plastic Bags

Recycling Garbage Bag

Cinched Garbage Bags

Romero Post Mortem Trash Bag

Torn Garbage Bags

Strewn Garbage

Soda Jerk Old Fashioned Six Pack

Low-Quality Beer Box

Assorted Bottle Caps

Suspicious Pre-Packaged Chicken Sandwich

Romero Post Mortem Razor Blade

Large First Aid Kit

Ziaran Pill Box

Daily Pills

Ibuprofen Travel Pack

Acetaminophen Travel Pack

Set of Safe Keys

Large Steel Pan

Mystical Grungy Roach

Pet Friends

I love you, my little girl. ♥️