Clarette has a minion!

Favale the Wintachilla


The Glacier Antlephore
Owner: Kaylene

Age: 6 years, 11 months, 2 weeks

Born: June 5th, 2011

Adopted: 6 years, 11 months, 2 weeks ago

Adopted: June 5th, 2011

Pet Spotlight Winner
August 16th, 2013


  • Level: 1
  • Strength: 11
  • Defense: 13
  • Speed: 10
  • Health: 14
  • HP: 14/14
  • Intelligence: 0
  • Books Read: 0
  • Food Eaten: 3
  • Job: Unemployed

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The Glacier Antlephore
Owner - Kaylene

one day, you'll look

to see I've gone
but tomorrow may rain, so
i'll follow the sun

Clarette is an Antlephore born with a rather strange power. As a young fawn, almost everything she touched or breathed upon would become covered in frost. This was all very well when you live somewhere cold, but Clarette lived with her herd in the grassy fields close to Veta Lake. Her herd tried to be understanding. After all, they reasoned, as she grew older Clarette would surely learn to control this power and it could one day be very useful, could it not? But unfortunately, though her powers grew ever stronger, Clarette's control over them did not. It was one thing to accidentally freeze the stream, or to turn the spring flowers into ice crystals but when the herd woke one morning to a field completely covered in snow in the middle of summer, Clarette thought that it was perhaps time for her to move on.

One clear, chilly morning Clarette left her herd and sadly made her way to the Arctic Frost, where she figured a little extra snow and ice would not be a bother to anybody. As she traveled, every area she passed through became cold and snowy shortly after she appeared. Clarette had no idea how it was she could affect the weather or how to make it stop. In addition to this, she had trouble visiting rivers for water because they had the unfortunate tendency to freeze over the moment her breath hit them. This was rather inconvenient for any people living nearby, not to mention the fish living in the water. By the time she reached the cold, snowy North she had almost completely given up on ever fitting in with a community. She found herself a cave not too far from a little town nestled in a snowy valley and tried to make it into a home.

Despite the isolation, Clarette felt at home in the North. She could test her powers without the fear of inadvertently freezing somebody's nest or tree. She began to visit the town a few times a week for food and the kindly villagers began leaving her blankets and other homely things. As the months passed by Clarette began to feel quite comfortable, though she often missed the warmth of the sun and the feeling of grass. She also grew quite lonely, for while the townspeople were friendly enough when she visited, she still lived alone. After a while, Clarette began thinking of ways her now mostly-tamed powers could be useful.

During one trip to the town, a blizzard blew down over the entire valley and Clarette found herself stuck inside the Icy Goods store with the pretty, blue haired shop owner who had given her blankets and scarves several times before. Clarette offered to help the kind lady make ice cream to sell to the tourists the next day when the blizzard passed. Clarette had never even tried ice cream before, so the pair spent several long hours making and trying all different varieties. Clarette had never had a better time! The ice cream was delicious, and they both quickly realised that she was very skilled at making it. Clarette discovered how to freeze the mixture just so to make it as creamy and smooth as possible, and she also had quite a gift with choosing flavours. The blue haired lady offered Clarette a job at the store making the ice cream, which Clarette happily accepted.

Clarette dove into her work, enjoying every second of it. She loved ice cream! And even more then that, she loved watching how peoples faces lit up when they first tried one of her creations. However, speaking with the tourists who came to the Arctic Frost town from across Subeta made Clarette become even more home sick for the sun and the flowers. There was really no reason for her to stay exiled in the Arctic Frost now that she had control over her powers. (Aside from the odd accidental sneeze freezing the tail on a minion, she was more or less free of the disasters that had plagued her early life.) But Clarette didn't want to leave the friends she'd made in the town. And she wasn't exactly sure she wanted to go back to Veta Lake either. The life of a wild Antlephore was too dull for her now. Clarette wanted to keep living among other people and she wasn't exactly sure how to go about it.

one day, you'll know

i was the one
but tomorrow may rain, so
i'll follow the sun

"I want a chocolate-sprinkle-rainbow-apple-caramel-cone with banana topping!"
"Eeewww... Dotti, that sounds terrible."
"No it's not! It's all my favourite flavours all together! How could it possibly be terrible?"
"Come on guys, behave. Dotti, two flavours, no more. I can't afford to feed all of you a hundred scoops."

Clarette turned around to face a small gaggle of pets with a young Unliving woman she guessed was their owner. Clarette smiled and greeted them."Welcome to Icy Goods Ice Cream Corner. My name is Clarette. What can I get you?"
Before the woman could speak, a bright spectrum Jollin sprung up on the counter.
"I waaaaant... Peach cupcake flavoured icecream!"
"Dotti, they don't even have peach cupcake flavoured ice cream."

The second voice came from a haughty looking Kora seated at the nearest table with a frazzled looking black Feli and a shy looking blue Legeica. Clarette smiled. Clearly this was an odd collection of pets.
"It's ok," Clarette giggled. "I think I could make you some peach cupcake flavoured ice cream."
Clarette smiled at the Jollin and winked at her owner. She then set to work, mixing vanilla and peach syrup with sweetened milk and adding a generous helping of cupcake crumbs to the bowl. Then she stirred it all while carefully blowing the sides of the bowl to freeze it creamy smooth. Scooping up two generous helpings she plopped them on a cone and placed it in front of the amazed Jollin.
"Well, give it a try!"
With her owners' encouragement, the Jollin grinned and took a huge bite out of the top scoop.
"WOOOOOOOW! THIS IS AMAZING! You're like an ice cream magician! Can you make ice cream out of anything? What about jelly beans? Can you make ice cream out of jelly beans? You should come live with us and make ice cream ALL THE TIME!"
"That will do, Dotti." The young woman flashed a grateful smile at Clarette as she picked up the chatty Jollin and the ice cream, placing them on the table with the other pets.

"That really was amazing!"
Clarette looked up from her mixing bowls to see the Unliving woman standing at the counter.
"What a useful power to have! I guess I can see why you like living this far North, it's perfect for making ice cream."
The group had finished their ice cream and the young woman stood waiting to pay. Clarette smiled and shook her head.
"Thank you. But to be honest, I really don't like living in all this cold! I came up here because I couldn't control my powers and if I stayed where I was born much longer, I may have frozen all of Veta Lake by accident."
The young woman laughed and Clarette grinned. She could joke about her near disasters now that she was unlikely to ever lose control of her skills again.
"Well, if you miss living somewhere warm, you can always take Dotti up on her offer. We like in the mountains in the East of the Sacred Lands. It's quite nice there and we have plenty of room! You can stay however long you like."
"Really..?" Clarette couldn't believe her ears. The young woman nodded.
"Really. I'm Kay, by the way. You're Clarette, right? If you want to tag along, just let us know! We're staying here until tomorrow morning."

Clarette left with Kay and her family on Kay's somewhat rickety airship the very next morning, with the townspeople wishing her well and a solemn promise she would stop by Icy Goods once in a while to make batches of ice cream for everyone to enjoy. Dotti was over the moon with her luck and pestered Clarette for ice cream flavours which grew more and more ridiculous as the flight went on. Clarette enjoyed the company of the other pets, chatting with them as they approached their destination. The airship, guided by a great big reborn Reign, landed on a jutting mountain ledge and Clarette stepped out into golden sunshine and warm air for the first time in over a year. The Reign, who introduced himself as Solareix, helped her pick a room in the great big hollow mountain spire the family lived in. Clarette thought at first that she would just be staying a little while, but as the months went on she came to feel she was a member of the family herself.

And besides, she knows that Dotti would never let her or her ice cream making skills leave.


by myself and other wonderful artists...

By Kaylene

By Choco

By Rhydriel

Header lyrics are from I'll Follow The Sun by The Beatles

Art, layout, and story by Kaylene, unless credited otherwise.

Pet Treasure

Pile of Snow

Strawberry Gelato

Mint Gelato

Lemon Gelato

Vanilla Gelato

Honey Gelato

Deliciously Cold Vanilla Ice Cream

Deliciously Cold Mint Ice Cream

Deliciously Cold Blueberry Ice Cream

Deliciously Cold Grape Ice Cream

Deliciously Cold Raspberry Ice Cream

Deliciously Cold Cherry Ice Cream

Deliciously Cold Orange Ice Cream

Ice Cream with Chocolate Sauce

Ice Cream with Strawberry Sauce

Ice Cream with Orange Sauce

Ice Cream with Pear Sauce

Ice Cream with Blueberry Sauce

Ice Cream with Licorice Sauce

Lemon Orange Ice Cream

Mint Vanilla Ice Cream

Blueberry Kiwi Ice Cream

Pear Lime Ice Cream

Ice Cream

Chocolate Ice Cream Cone

Strawberry Ice Cream Cone

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Seasonal Bottle of Ash Syrup

Seasonal Bottle of Snow Syrup

Seasonal Bottle of Eggnog Syrup

Seasonal Bottle of Gingerbread Syrup

Seasonal Bottle of Pumpkin Spice Syrup

Seasonal Bottle of Copper Syrup

Seasonal Bottle of Grass Syrup

Seasonal Bottle of Cranberry Syrup

Common Knit Scarf

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