Soul Shiru has a minion!

Phoenixflash the Firefox

Soul Shiru

The Reborn Celinox
Owner: Starscream

Age: 8 years, 7 months, 3 weeks

Born: June 22nd, 2011

Adopted: 8 years, 3 months, 1 week ago

Adopted: November 8th, 2011

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  • Level: 81
  • Strength: 159
  • Defense: 158
  • Speed: 159
  • Health: 172
  • HP: 172/172
  • Intelligence: 461
  • Books Read: 441
  • Food Eaten: 0
  • Job: Jeweler

My story...

"Young Shiru. You have been bold" a strange voice crept into the thoughts of the young warrior. His head ached, and a hammering sensation pulsed between his ears. He hobbled to his feet and felt weary, so he just lay back where he was and opened his eyes to take in his surroundings. There was a blinding light, and Shiru squinted against it, attempting to adjust to the glare, but to no avail.

"You fought Man, noble warrior, in a valiant effort to protect your clan. For this, you are granted another chance..."

Shiru lay in silence, his memory slowly forming coherent pictures in his head. He pieced together what he could from the snippets: the battle, the large man in black, his last breath...and he howled with a mournful cry. Though he had fought relentlessly, he had also suffered defeat. A sudden sharp pain bolted its way through Shiru's side, as if to remind him just how he had died, and that he was just that---dead...

"My young one, do not fret, for I sense the anguish that has beset itself within your body."

"I...I go back..." stammered Shiru through heavy breaths, a lump formed in his throat as he thought of his brethren, fighting, undismayed by the haunt of death lingering around them...

"You will return to your friends, young Shiru." the voice answered.

" I not dead? Did I not suffer a defeat?"

"You are where all warriors go, in wait for judgement. You may return, Shiru, but under one condition."


There was a blast of light and Shiru opened his eyes slowly, the smell of cedar and fresh bread swirled its way into his nostrils.

"Here you go sleepy head" a sweet voice said, "some nice warm bread to help with that hunger of yours. It sounded as if you were having a bad dream, however. Is your side giving you any trouble? You looked quite beat up when I found you, but don't worry, I'll fix you up in no time. *DING* Oh dear, dinner is ready. You rest up, I will be back to check up on you later". The sweet voice belonged to a young female, and Shiru blinked in confusion. A distant voice rang in his head, and he could vaguely catch it, and it pulled at his memory, as if it were a familiar one: "Protect them, Young Shiru, for you are the only one who can..."

Pet Treasure

Hook of Flames

Red Sky at Night

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