Jadora has a minion!

Taiyo the Sundog

Legacy Name: Jadora

The Custom Chibi Jollin
Owner: Demoness

Age: 9 years, 5 months, 1 day

Born: August 24th, 2011

Adopted: 9 years, 5 months, 1 day ago

Adopted: August 24th, 2011


  • Level: 219
  • Strength: 565
  • Defense: 500
  • Speed: 261
  • Health: 501
  • HP: 45/501
  • Intelligence: 1,020
  • Books Read: 873
  • Food Eaten: 144
  • Job: Editor


Jadora heaved a large sighed as she placed the ink stained brush down on the table. Before her lay many ancient scrolls, some neatly stacked and rolled, others sprawling over the gilded edges of the low lacquered table she preferred to work over. Many scrolls both empty and full were embellished with gold, and even the finished ones still needed further work before they could be deemed complete in Inari Okami's eyes. She looked towards the entrance to the tatami room she sat in, watching the evening sun catch on the bells hung at the entrance as she day dreamed of tricking humans unworthy of walking on these ancient and sacred grounds. A moment later she had swiftly packed her tools away, scrolls all neatly arranged and away in their cases, before picking up her sakura shaped parasol beside the sliding doors and slipping outside.

As she stepped outside, a courtyard garden with fenced paths twisting to other temples and shrines stood before her. The breeze carrying the delicate blooms of sakura through the small garden in the centre. She took a moment to indulge in the smells of the outdoors. The strong scent of agarwood invaded her nose first, used in the daily shrine rituals, its smell lingered for many hours after being used. Closing the doors behind her, she strolled along the engawa veranda towards an exit that led out of the small courtyard, the distinct smell of Takigawa-Sans home brewed Sakura Sake filling the air. Delicate and sweet, with hints of fruity notes that most would consider a woman's drink - however it was a firm favourite among many of the Inari that called Takigawa Inari Taisha their home.

She rounded the corner as she reached the end of one side of the veranda, taking the exit away from the small garden and her home to the main part of the shrine. It didn't take long for her to cross the bridge that connected the cliff her home was nestled on, to the cliff that the main shrine sat upon. Takigawa Inari Taisha was made up of many cliffs, with waterfalls that would normally be deafening, but here they were quiet like a babbling brook. Sakura of many kinds filled the space that wasn't occupied by bamboo thickets or the numerous shrines, statues, gates and homes that were nestled among the cliffs. Here, away from mortals, the Inari knew peace, and were able to fulfill their duties without interference. Only their fellow divine entities and the Kami themselves were allowed to walk among these sacred grounds. Much to Jadora's dismay, who relished every opportunity to meddle with mortal affairs - writing history and events did get tiresome after all.

You awaken to a flurry of colors blurring your vision. As you manage to pull yourself to a stand, and rub the sleep from your eyes, you see the scene before you. Scattered red temples and shrines, accented the large, yet quiet waterfalls that fell down many cliff faces towering in the distance. Path's and bridges led through a maze of rice paddies, and a tangle of Sakura and bamboo grew among what space was left. In front of you, a short tunnel of large vermilion torii gates are flanked by two large inari, one holding a key and the other a jewel. They seem to call to you to cross over from there to here. You walk through the endless stretch of gates, admiring each one with its perfect glossy paint gleaming in the sunlight, shadows casting over your face a thousand times before you finally reach the end.

At first you notice the parasol, sakura shaped, twirling effortlessly in the breeze over a shoulder. Your eyes wander down to the green eyes that stare back at you, a sly smile strewn across a pointed face. Seven tails frame the sleek body of the Inari in front of you.
"Welcome to Takigawa Inari Taisha honoured guest. I am your host, Jadora. Come - let me show you the wonders of the Great Inari Waterfalls."

Art & Overlay by CORE
Some profile code from templates by helix ; other coding by Demoness
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Jadora, her story and the ideas within belong to Demoness

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