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Chernobyl the Plutonium Dragon


The Nuclear Tigrean
Owner: Foxtrot

Age: 7 years, 9 months, 3 weeks

Born: November 25th, 2011

Adopted: 2 years, 8 months, 2 weeks ago

Adopted: December 30th, 2016


  • Level: 108
  • Strength: 270
  • Defense: 270
  • Speed: 267
  • Health: 270
  • HP: 270/270
  • Intelligence: 427
  • Books Read: 419
  • Food Eaten: 17
  • Job: Certified Mad Scientist

Ah, my beautiful home: Chernobyl.

I remember the meltdown. "Catastrophic" seems ill-befitting; bereft of the rawness I am looking for to describe such a tragic event.

I was a young lad, new to Russia and excited for my future. Humans were naive to our existence and wrote us off as one of their "animals". Our intelligence was lost upon them.

Regardless, we convened and congregated en masse across the world to learn and make lives for ourselves. We played stupid when in "the upper". Humans were ghastly creatures and we wanted little to do with their insanity.

Our lab was clean and self-sustained, but the idiots upstairs were still hell-bent on using nuclear reactors .. And they called us animals.

My team was experimenting with crystal compounds that could leech and store energy, nuclear or otherwise. Interesting stuff. I was a prodigy of sorts, so naturally I lead the project.

Our first batch yielded the yadernoy khrustal. It was a ruddy orange, but once charged, it could power a small city for 10 years. We began celebrating our successful achievement until our joyous banter was interrupted by a cacophonous rumbling. It was followed closely by a large explosion.

The Chernobyl reactor perched right on top of our lab, constructed well after we had established ourselves. There were safe fails in place, but the superfluous amount of molten material would prove itself the victor.

I grabbed the yadernoy khrustal and ran towards the bunker, but "hot" debris fell directly in my path. I knew all too well that although the debris hadn't killed me, the radiation surely would. I hunkered down as more deadly material rained from the ceiling.

I didn't die, obviously.

The yadernoy khrustal seared my flesh as I held it. I remember little else beyond the bunker with all of my colleagues inside being destroyed, but I remember how white-hot that khrustal burned.

I waited for the nausea and fever to start, suddenly able to recall my thesis on radiation poisoning word-for-word. The sickness came briefly and I heaved the contents of my stomach onto the hardened mass of molten uranium. I felt better.

The khrustal no longer burned my paw. It's dull orange color had become so vivid I could barely stand to look at it. I grabbed a nearby geiger device and swept it through the air, receiving no response. I touched it to the yadernoy khrustal and the device set itself ablaze.

If I moved the khrustal too far from myself, I again felt the effects of radiation poisoning. The Khrustal was not able to extract energy from my biomass, instead using me as a sort of "reactor core". I could control its output; handy for rearranging things.

This lab has been my home for thirty years. I do not age and I do not eat. My fur has taken on new colors, and matching bone appendages now sprout from my brow. I have fabricated and implanted many new yadernoy khrustals into my body. A quick venture through the hole in the ceiling charges each new khrustal and I feel more powerful after each and every one.

With this power comes a complex clarity that rings my mind like the pealing Bolshoi bell. It is beautiful and baritone, enrapturing my senses and plunging my heart ever deeper into darkness.

I venture rarely into "the upper", as it is now a ghastly place. The demented and cancerous foxes meander about eating each other and sometimes themselves. Most of the young rabbits are stillborn. The fish are terrifying.

My implantation of a yadernoy khrustal into a skink was successful, but my paranoia got the best of me and I killed it.

I still had hope in my heart when I befriended a three-legged raven.
I watched in horror as it ever so slowly, over the course of five days, rotted into the branch on which it perched.

Chernobyl's only redeeming quality now is its lack of human presence. In the beginning I had plans to teach humans the ways of the khrustal, but I know better.

I know better than to teach the selfish beings who abandoned this place how to harness their power. I know better than to ask why.

It matters little because I know the answer and with that answer comes a renewed sense purpose. A new goal.

I will be the most catastrophic meltdown in Earth's history and nothing will survive.

Sitting by Aychemex on DA
Fullbody by me, leg lines from Aywas miokit base
Snarling headshot by me
Fullbody by me using Aros shading ref from Aywas, body/tail lines from Aywas melo base
Happy chibi by me

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