Jowday has a minion!

Phillip Jeffries the Coffee Percolator of Dooom


The Custom Chibi Experiment #886
Owner: Balloon

Age: 2 years, 3 weeks, 2 days

Born: July 31st, 2017

Adopted: 2 years, 3 weeks, 2 days ago

Adopted: July 31st, 2017

Pet Spotlight Winner
August 13th, 2018


  • Level: 50
  • Strength: 125
  • Defense: 125
  • Speed: 125
  • Health: 125
  • HP: 125/125
  • Intelligence: 83
  • Books Read: 75
  • Food Eaten: 0
  • Job: Head Harvester

profile, overlay, and story by Balloon • background and photos from 'Twin Peaks'
fan pet for Jowday/Judy from Twin Peaks

Head Harvester for Half Baked

She is flame of life, power of darkness, she destroys with a glance, she may take thy soul. She feeds upon the death of men. . . . Display thyself to Our Lady; dedicate thy organs to Her, dedicate thy heart to Her, dedicate thy mind to Her, dedicate thy soul to Her, for She shall absorb thee, and thou shalt become living flame before She incarnates.
-Jack Parsons, Liber 49, The Book of Babalon

Through the darkness of future past,
The magician longs to see.
One chants out between two worlds,
"Fire walk with me."
-Twin Peaks

It was neither the splitting of the atom nor the casting of the ritual which drew Her into that world, but the occurrence of both together.  The Trinity test weakened a boundary between two worlds, and the Babalon Working pulled Her up against it, and the two of them together dragged Her into a place where She did not belong and She never wanted to be.

She came from beyond the material omniverse, but when She ripped through the thin spot between the worlds, the nature of her destination’s reality demanded that She take a form.  Until then, She had been a negative, a less-than-nothing in that place beyond the beyond, and now as She knew physical sensation for the first time, She gave a wordless, soundless scream.  Being, existing hurt.

She had no words because She had never needed them before.  She had thought within Her depths but had no cause to express her thoughts.  Likewise, She knew Herself but had no need to name Herself.  Yet this hateful, binding new world also demanded of Her a name, and She thought, everything must be named—conscribed—labeled and classified and known because they cannot stand not to know it, not to place a name upon it so they can control it

Someone had tried to name Her, and that was partly how he had bound Her and drawn Her there.  All those names.  When She kept still and listened, She could hear his names for Her, although most of them were concepts for which She had no reference and could not understand: Scarlet Woman.  Lady of the Night.  Mother of Abominations.  Babalon.

She rejected them all because they revolted Her.  They all were wrong, as wrong as the means by which he had used them to call Her.  So instead, Her name became Jowday.  Because time could have no meaning for an eternal negative, as soon as She entered the omniverse, She had always existed there and always would.  She had always been Jowday, and She always would.

Her body, at once newly-formed and ancient, had taken the shape of that world’s dominant species yet lacked most of its sense organs: no eyes, no ears, no nose, only a huge and gaping mouth through which to give Her anguished cry.  Yet She saw and heard and smelt with the delicate antennae upon Her ponderous and faceless head; She tasted the poison of the Gadget whose detonation a few milliseconds before had shattered the reality of the world forever.  It sickened Her.

Floating in the void of dark space above the world, She shuddered, and nausea racked Her hateful new body.  She was a negative, yet She could feel something new being formed inside Her.

how? She wondered.  The conception sickened Her further.  The caster of the Babalon Working had called Her Mother, and now Life was growing inside Her. Even with the distraction of nausea and the gorge rising in Her narrow, delicate throat, She was able to concentrate Her thoughts into language and swear an oath to he who had summoned Her:

Jowday will approach you as the Mother of Abominations, and you will embrace Her

and you will burn

and Her children will catch your world in their death bag

Then Her slender body was overwhelmed with the sickness, and She retched.  Her bony shoulders heaved as She vomited a miasma of cloudy fluid, silent save for a slight gasp.  She felt no relief, only the urge to vomit again.  Arms outstretched, legs drifting behind Her, antennae quivering against Her skull, She threw up the abominations of men’s evil in four spasms.  Then, finally, the feeling of sickness passed, and She was left weak and quivering with relief.

With Her antennae, She sensed Her children. . . Her abominable children, mothered by Jowday, fathered by the man who fancied himself a magician and by the evil of his world.  Most of them were embryonic, sleeping within eggs which floated in the fluid She had expelled.  But one of them had emerged fully formed, swathed in a darkness that was more than Her own negative force, more even than the ritual caster’s obsession.  She did not know what else had shaped that child of Hers, nor did She care to know.  She cast it away from Her with all the others and turned them loose upon the world that had sired them.

She was vaguely aware of something—some things—scurrying between the worlds, flickering in and out, always arranging and gathering and preparing.  They were aware of Her too, and they were already moving to use Her children for their own purposes.  She let them have their way and then put them out of Her mind.

Until She found the one who had cast the Babalon Working and used it to trap Her in this world, Her only concern lay with Her revenge.  She drifted and waited, knowing that he would summon Her again, for he could not be satisfied yet.  Having brought Her to his world would not be enough for him.  She had only to wait until his impatience overwhelmed him, and he revealed himself.

He would call out for Babalon.

And Jowday would answer.

Pet Treasure

Papercraft Figure

Pale Rag Doll

Torn Missing Eyes First Aid Page

Ace of Spades Sticker

Ace of Spades Eraser

Delish Decked Out Playing Cards

Wild Ace Card

Wild Aces Beanbag

Dystopian Scavenged Deck of Cards

Mismatched Playing Card Deck

Wooden Playing Cards Case

Gilded Playing Card Deck

Wild Aces Vintage Aviator Jacket

76 Card Games

Guardian of Spades

True Mother Hen

Mothers Day Child Hand Plaster

Mother Tattoo

Mothers Day Black Rose

Parent Sticker

Black Hole Sticker

Bottled Vacuum

Endless Blackness of Space Sandwich

Inverted Galaxy Orb

Dream Journal

Nightmare Journal

Book of Tempusmancy

Ancient Haunt


Book of Extremely Vague Prophecy

Demon Summoning Kit

Book of Ancient Black Magic

Unholy Pages

Summoning Spooky Spirits

Diabolical Pages of Wizardry

Blasphemous Shards

Spilled Ritual Ink

Bleeding Pumpkin Essence Summoning Candle

Bird Pumpkin Essence Summoning Candle

Bird Skull Pumpkin Essence Summoning Candle

Bleeding Skull Pumpkin Essence Summoning Candle

Warlock Candle and Ash Circle

Opposing Summoning Stones

Sorcerous Summoning Circle

Mystic Summoning Circle

Arcane Summoning Circle

Rift Matter

Time Matter

Nuclear Matter

Science is a BLAST! Sticker

White Sand

Devastation and Destruction

Geiger Counter

Fuego Diminuto

Bad Egg

Frog Legged Beetle


Macabre Phonograph

Curious Bottle of Black Smoke

Black Smoke Wisp

Curl of Nightmarish Smoke

Gold Vibrant Marble

Yellow Glass Beads

Mime Glass Box

On Matters of Possession

Possessed Television

Bloody Mary


Eco-Friendly Beef Jerky

Faceless Makeup Kit

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Smiling Bomb

Smiling Evil

Screeching Noise Trading Card

Banshee Screeching Wail

Broken Bottle

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Smoldering Orb

Faded Blue Rose

Cyan Vesnali Rose

Indigo Vesnali Rose

Blue Survival Note Rose

Blue Rose Watering Can

Faded Blue Rose and Pink Moth Orchid Bouquet

Radiant Silk Bloom Crown

Midnight Silk Bloom Crown

Blue Roseband


A Dozen Ice Roses

Ice Rose

Frozen Rose Key

Seaside Crystal Rose

Midnight Crystal Rose

Blue Rose Sticker

Forgotten Brides Flower Crown

Blue Rose Sprout Dress

Sapphire Flower Ring

Navy Rose Corset

Blue Rosey Chapeau

Midnight Rosea Band

Midnight Rosea Drape

Mystery Rose Icing Cake

Blue Lovely Lady Hat

Silver Floral Sash

Silver Rose Garland Tank

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Cornflower Rose Garland Tank

DIY Crypt Sweet Crown Kit

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El Wood

Log Snowball

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Hot Pecan Pie Plaid

Anthology of Horror

They Watched from the Trees

Tribal Art Cave Piece

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Journal of Glyphs

Dusty Old Map



Enchanted Owl

Natural Pond Leaves



Owl Fire Rock Totem

Brown Tourmaline Owl Claw

Painted Owl Rock

Vial of Dark Water

Dark Water Potion

Red Satin Fabric Bolt

Black Comfortable Chair

Black Comfortable Chair

Black Comfortable Chair

Fancy Ringed Planet Ornament

Fanged Fruit

The One

Black Lace-Accented Nightdress

Box of Untold Secrets

Blank Possessed Contact

Black Lipstick

Mourning Sentinel

Lonely Angel Sticker

Doppelganger Bock

Hand of Flame


Bust of a White Horse

Canned Corn


Red Balloon

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