Virgon has a minion!

Minion the Devren

Legacy Name: Virgon

The Storm Harvester
Owner: Brinny

Age: 10 years, 2 months, 1 week

Born: March 9th, 2012

Adopted: 10 years, 2 months, 1 week ago

Adopted: March 9th, 2012


  • Level: 2,435
  • Strength: 3,723
  • Defense: 3,433
  • Speed: 2,881
  • Health: 5,747
  • HP: 5,734/5,747
  • Intelligence: 3,991
  • Books Read: 2097
  • Food Eaten: 396
  • Job: Agent

Virgon watches over my CW Hoard :D

Hair & Head Accessories
Amethyst Floral Clip
Apple Orchard Ornate Bow
Autumn Floral Clip
Baby Blue Floral Clip
Basket of Tumbling Evergreen Moons
Basket of Tumbling Pastel Rainbow Moons
Basket of Tumbling Royal Moons
Berry Red Ornament
Blackout Witches Brew
Blushing Starlight Hair Deco
Calming Deep Sea Treasures
Candied Corn Ornate Bow
Caring Peony Floral Crown
Celestial Ornate Bow
Charmed Ornate Bow
Chilling Ornate Bow
Chocolate Ornate Bow
Chocolate Fawntastic Flowers
Clear Memories of the Hedgehog
Cosmical Ornate Bow
Cute Little Baby Navy Bow
Cute Little Galactic Bow
Cute Little Purple Studded Bow
Dark Guardian Moon Clip
Dead of Night Ornate Bow
Dreamy Floral Clip
Dryads Charm of Affection
Eggplant Starlight Hair Deco
Elegant Guardian Moon Clip
Emerald Clover Crown
Enchanting Pearled Flower Garland
Etched Key of Mercury
Fairy Tale Floral Ornament
Falling White Stars Headband
Fancy Frog Lavender Floral Wreath
Festive Adornment
Festive Floral Clip
Festive Lolita Bow
Flower Blossom Crown of Renewal
Flowers of the Blessed Whalien
Fluttering Sakura Petals
Fragrant Rose Lunar Memento
Fresh Halo of the Wind
Frost Touched Ornate Bow
Glitchy Starlight Hair Deco
Glowing Starlight Hair Deco
Golden Starlight Hair Deco
Greatest Fawntastic Flowers
Harvest Ornate Bow
Haughty Halo of the Princess
Healthy Witches Brew
Holiday Candy Ornate Bow
Innocent Floral Nest
Ivory Starlight Hair Deco
Jar of Fallen Cobalt Stars
Jar of Fallen Pine Stars
Jar of Fallen Pure Stars
Jar of Fallen Purple Stars
Jar of Fallen Sparkling Midnight Stars
Juicy Starlight Hair Deco
Kitty Willow Ornate Bow
Lapis Lazuli Clover Crown
Lavish Tiara of the Pudgy Moon Doe
Lavender Crown of the Crown Hareess
Lil Spoopy Ghost Friend
Lively Ornate Bow
Loose Forget-Me-Not and Sapphire Headpiece
Lucky Ornate Bow
Luscious Petals and Pearls
Luscious Starlight Hair Deco
Magical Guardian Moon Clip
Magical Hat of Loyalty
Mandarin Starlight Hair Deco
Melancholy Ice Pop Hair Deco
Merry Lolita Bow
Minty Starlight Hair Deco
Mischievous Santa Hat
Monochrome Sky Coronet Cupcake
Moonlit Sparkle Wand of the Amethyst Hummingbird
Moonlit Sparkle Wand of the Diamond Hummingbird
Moonlit Sparkle Wand of the Golden Hummingbird
Moonlit Sparkle Wand of the Opal Hummingbird
Mossy Petals and Pearls
Nebula Floral Clip
Neon Halo of the Raver
Nuclear Guardian Star Clip
Opal Floral Nest
Opal Clover Crown
Opal Rose Hair Twist
Opaline Ornate Bow
Orchid Cute Little Bow
Orchid Petals and Pearls
Orchidlicious Floral Ornament
Pastel Floral Clip
Poison Laced Floral Lantern
Prodigious Pearled Aster Adornment
Promising Little Flower Crown
Preserved Magical Petals
Pretty Guardian Star Clip
Prism Guardian Moon Clip
Rainbow Dream Catching Halo of a Sleepy Bear Cub
Rainbow Pinwheel Petal Crown
Rainbow Starlight Hair Deco
Radiant Ornate Bow
Regal Adoring Headband of Poopiness
Regal Berry Smoothie Headband of Poopiness
Regal Cunning Headband of Poopiness
Regal Faithful Headband of Poopiness
Regal Frozen Headband of Poopiness
Regal Galactic Headband of Poopiness
Regal Gallant Headband of Poopiness
Regal Heliotrope Headband of Poopiness
Regal Kaleidoscopic Headband of Poopiness
Regal Lucky Headband of Poopiness
Regal Marshmallow Headband of Poopiness
Regal Minty Headband of Poopiness
Regal Opaline Headband of Poopiness
Regal Perceptive Headband of Poopiness
Regal Pineapple Headband of Poopiness
Rift Adjacent Ornate Bow
Sapphire Circlet of the Adventurer
Sapphire Cockatiel Toy Pearls
Sapphire Night Sky Coronet Cupcake
Sapphire Rose Charm
Satin Starlight Hair Deco
Seeing Stars Lavender Headpiece
Serene Starlight Hair Deco
Serenity Guardian Moon Clip
Silent Guardian Star Clip
Sky Starlight Hair Deco
Smoldering Ornate Bow
Spell Bound Ornate Bow
Spookylicious Ornate Bow
Springtime Humming Trumpet Vine Twist
Steel Nation Starlight Hair Deco
Strong Guardian Star Clip
Succulent Lovely Floral Crown
Sugar Plum Ornate Bow
Summer Warmth Ornate Bow
Sweet Floral Nest
Tropical Sapphire Pearls
Vial of Astronomical Cosmic Infused Crystals
Vial of Blue Raspberry Cosmic Infused Crystals
Vial of Meringue Cosmic Infused Crystals
Vial of Opaline Cosmic Infused Crystals
Vial of Smoldering Cosmic Infused Crystals
Vial of Sugar Plum Cosmic Infused Crystals
Whimsical Flower Petite Cuppie
Wintry Floral Nest
Wise Guardian Moon Clip
Wise Guardian Star Clip
Yule Season Ornate Bow
Jewelry & Accessories
Amethyst Moonkissed Necklace
Angelic Charm Bracelet
Aqua Rose Ring
Aurora Kitten Scarf
Black Widow Stringed Bloodstones
Blue Lagoon Starlight Bracelet
Blue Star in a Jar
Cascading Sky Walking Stars
Celestial Aura of the Fae
Celestial Gem of the Fae
Celestial Ornament of the Fae
Cerulean Present Earrings
Charmed Aura of the Fae
Charmed Gem of the Fae
Charmed Ornament of the Fae
Cunning Aura of the Fae
Cunning Gem of the Fae
Cunning Ornament of the Fae
Dangling Sapphire Single Star
Dark Charm Bracelet
Deep Blue Starlight Bracelet
Delicately Strung Pearl Choker
Devilish Starlight Bracelet
Dreamy Glowing Garland Necklace
Eggplant Starlight Bracelet
Enchanted Charm Bracelet
Extra Starlight Bracelet
Faithful Aura of the Fae
Faithful Gem of the Fae
Faithful Ornament of the Fae
Festive Candy Cane
Flying Budderfly Kisses
Gallant Aura of the Fae
Gallant Gem of the Fae
Gallant Ornament of the Fae
Glitchy Starlight Bracelet
Goddess Budderfly Kisses
Golden Starlight Bracelet
Hollydaze Earbobs
Hollydaze Wintery Bright Earbobs
Ivory Starlight Bracelet
Jeweled Orbweaver Stringed Bloodstones
Lavender Dancing Stars
Lilac Fields Cupcake Feather Earring
Lovable Bag of Candy Hearts
Lullaby Starlight Bracelet
Lumi Bow Bracelet
Luscious Starlight Bracelet
Magestic Unicorn Purse
Magical Magenta Starlight Bracelet
Mandarin Starlight Bracelet
Minty Starlight Bracelet
Moon Raven Charm
Mustache Of Seduction
Mysterious Aura of the Fae
Mysterious Gem of the Fae
Mysterious Ornament of the Fae
Naive Starlight Bracelet
Owl Own the Proud Night Ear Chain
Perceptive Aura of the Fae
Perceptive Gem of the Fae
Perceptive Ornament of the Fae
Periwinkle Aura of the Fae
Periwinkle Gem of the Fae
Periwinkle Ornament of the Fae
Pink Lemonade Aura of the Fae
Pink Lemonade Gem of the Fae
Pink Lemonade Ornament of the Fae
Pink Star In A Jar
Plum Ring Around the Daisy
Promising Snowman Bundle
Queen Budderfly Kisses
Questionable Jewels
Rainbow Bead Anklet
Rainbow Starlight Bracelet
Rocky Horror Dingle Dangle Kitten Tangle
Pendant of Protection
Rose Stencil Kit
Rosy Glowing Garland Necklace
Sapphire Heart of the Empire
Sapphire Imperial Earrings
Sapphire Imperial Bracelet
Sassy Starlight Bracelet
Savage Starlight Bracelet
Scintillating Crow Necklace
September Birthstone Choker
Shimmering Crow Necklace
Silver Flower Snowflake Necklace
Silver Studded Star Dangle
Single Cross Necklace
Sky Starlight Bracelet
Sparkly Crow Necklace
Spool of Wicked Thread
Stellar Star Glasses
Star In A Jar
Studded Star Dangle
Supernatural 3-Strand Bracelet
Supernatural 3-Strand Necklace
Tangled Kitten Sapphire Necklace
Tangled Luminaire Lights
Tombstone of Salvation
Topsy Turvy Dingle Dangle Kitten Tangle
True Love Dingle Dangle Kitten Tangle
Uniquely Chained and Crossed Necklace
Uniquely Chained and Studded Earrings
Weeping Angel Statue
White Star in a Jar
Wings of Healing
Wings of Recovery
Yule Jewel Dingle Dangle Kitten Tangle
Abyssal Mermaid Powder Brush
Batty Black Speckle Blush
Blacker Than My Soul Mascara
Bohemian Dream Shimmer
Charmed Glamour of the Fae
Charmed Shimmer of the Fae
Celestial Glamour of the Fae
Celestial Kitty Cone Sparkles
Celestial Shimmer of the Fae
Crisp Toadstool Blush
Cunning Glamour of the Fae
Cunning Shimmer of the Fae
Cutesy Bunny Lipstick
Deer Me Gold Lashes
Demure Lunar Princess Doll Gaze
Dreamy Cherubic Body Blush
Drops of Teal Extract
Essence of Fruity Dreams
Essence of Hazelnut Dreams
Essence of Lychee Dreams
Faithful Glamour of the Fae
Faithful Shimmer of the Fae
Festive Sparkles of the Farting Unicorn
Fractured Eye Glamour
Frosted Sakura Compact
Glacial Sakura Compact
Gallant Glamour of the Fae
Gallant Shimmer of the Fae
Gourd-Geous Eye Glamour
Harvested Makeup Kit
Heartfelt Liquid Liner
Holly Jolly Eye Glamour
Innocent Blushing Kitty Squint
Lucky Eye Glamour
Lush Eye Glamour
Malevolent Mermaid Powder Brush
Mysterious Glamour of the Fae
Mysterious Shimmer of the Fae
Natural Cutesy Bunny Lipstick
Neutral Cherubic Body Blush
NIghtshade Cutesy Bunny Lipstick
Nocturnal Eye Glamour
Onyx Raven Quill Eyeliner
Peach Panda Blush Compact
Perceptive Glamour of the Fae
Perceptive Shimmer of the Fae
Periwinkle Glamour of the Fae
Periwinkle Shimmer of the Fae
Pink Cutesy Bunny Lipstick
Pink Lemonade Glamour of the Fae
Pink Lemonade Shimmer of the Fae
Playful Kitty Cone Sparkles
Plum Cutesy Bunny Lipstick
Pumpkin-Brewed Enchanted Essence
Radiant Eye Glamour
Ravishing Eye Glamour
Rift Mermaid Powder Brush
Sapphirine Eye Glamour
Subtle Rainbow Body Blush
Sugar Plum Eye Glamour
Sultry Sapphire Eyeshadow Palette
Supernatural Blush of the Docile Cherubim
Supernatural Blush of the Impartial Reaper
Supernatural Blush of the Soul Reading Seraphim
Summer Blush Eye Glamour
Teeny Prismatic Concealer
Teeny Starfruit Concealer
Teeny Sun Kissed Concealer
Twinkle Twinkle Little Blush
Vial of Astronomical Gloss Infused Crystals
Vial of Astronomical Orb Infused Crystals
Vial of Astronomical Powder Infused Crystals
Vial of Blue Raspberry Gloss Infused Crystals
Vial of Blue Raspberry Orb Infused Crystals
Vial of Blue Raspberry Powder Infused Crystals
Vial of Meringue Gloss Infused Crystals
Vial of Meringue Orb Infused Crystals
Vial of Meringue Powder Infused Crystals
Vial of Opaline Gloss Infused Crystals
Vial of Opaline Orb Infused Crystals
Vial of Opaline Powder Infused Crystals
Vial of Smoldering Gloss Infused Crystals
Vial of Smoldering Orb Infused Crystals
Vial of Smoldering Powder Infused Crystals
Vial of Sugar Plum Gloss Infused Crystals
Vial of Sugar Plum Orb Infused Crystals
Vial of Sugar Plum Powder Infused Crystals
Vial of Sugar Plum Scented Infused Crystals
Violet Dragon Tail Makeup
Vivid Mermaid Powder Brush
Wafting Lantern of Beholden Gaze
Wafting Lantern of Beholden Pucker
Wafting Lantern of Dignified Gaze
Wafting Lantern of Dignified Pucker
Wafting Lantern of Hopeful Gaze
Wafting Lantern of Hopeful Pucker
Wafting Lantern of Peaceful Gaze
Wafting Lantern of Peaceful Pucker
Wafting Lantern of Redeeming Gaze
Wafting Lantern of Redeeming Pucker
Wee Strawberry Lashes
Wine Cutesy Bunny Lipstick
Wishful Eyes in a Bottle
Wistful Eye Glamour
Alien Snaily Strands
Angelic Creme Cupcake Strands
Aurora Tinted Explosive Locks
Autumn Kat Hair
Autumnal Magic Hat Locks
Barrel-aged Skeletal Locks
Berry Candyroll Waves
Bismuth Sweeping Updo of the Crystal Dragon
Boo Black Licorice Hair
Boo Candy Cane Hair
Boo Candy Floss Hair
Boo Cho-coal-ate Hair
Boo Coconut Milk Hair
Boo Galaxy Rock Candy Hair
Boo Grape Jelly Hair
Boo Icy Blue Hair
Boo Lemon Drop Hair
Boo Mallow Hair
Boo Pumpkin Spice Hair
Boo Red Licorice Hair
Boo Spookylicious Hair
Boo Sour Raspberry Hair
Boo Starlit Hair
Boo Strawberry Jelly Hair
Boo Wint-O-Mint Hair
Boo Winter Icing Hair
Booming Pumpkin Patch Strands
Brown Beggin Strands
Brown Sugar Strudelicious Braid
Bubble Tea Braided Rosy Strands
Burgundy Flowered Pumpkin Strands
Capricornus Supernova Girl Space Buns
Captivating Berry Curly Bob
Candy Cane Messy Bee Bouquet
Celestial Cotton Candy Floss
Celestial Strands of the Fae
Charmed Strands of the Fae
Chocolate Love Note Pigtails
Chocolate Mochi Buns
Chopped Dicentra Petal Salad
Cinnamon Sunflower Pumpkin Strands
Coastal Love Note Pigtails
Corpse Rose Pinned Bride Curls
Courageous Pumpkin Patch Strands
Crystallized Prismatic Flower Strands
Cunning Pumpkin Patch Strands
Cunning Strands of the Fae
Darkness of the Queen Elixir
Delicate Constellation Floral Tresses
Delicate Lavender Floral Tresses
Delicious Magic Hat Locks
Devious Kitten Bun
Distressed Pumpkin Patch Strands
Donut Eat Me Locks
Eventide Pumpkin Patch Strands
Electric Flowered Pumpkin Strands
Faithful Strands of the Fae
Fine Wine Strudelicious Braid
Foam Curled Sapphire Locks
Frozen Magic Hat Locks
Galactic Draconis Wisps
Galactic Floral Swan Fluff
Galactic Magic Hat Locks
Gallant Strands of the Fae
Gay Pumpkin Patch Strands
Grape Pumpkin Patch Strands
Harvest Bunnamon Locks
Humming Medallion Lavender Locks
Icy Magic Hat Locks
Icy Rabbit Curls
Icy Rose Pinned Wedding Curls
Innocent Kitten Bun
Lavender Soapy Magical Hairbrush
Lilac Bow Lock
Lilac Fields Cupcake Bow Strands
Lily Tied Locks
Loyal Pumpkin Patch Strands
Lumi Magic Hat Locks
Lumi Mint Strudelicious Braid
Magical Key Strands
Magical Love Note Pigtails
Magical Rabbit Curls
Mercury Pumpkin Patch Strands
Mermaid Pumpkin Patch Strands
Midnight Floral Bunnamon Locks
Mulberry Pumpkin Patch Strands
Mercury Pour Decisions Tuft
Moonlit Magic Hat Locks
Murderous Kitten Bun
Mysterious Strands of the Fae
Mystical Love Note Pigtails
Navy Terrarium Twists
Neapolitan Gemini Buns
Night Sky Music Strand Box
Ocean Magic Hat Locks
Ocean Pumpkin Patch Strands
Ornate Pika Tendrils
Passionate Rose Twist
Peach Pumpkin Patch Strands
Peachy Kitten Bun
Perceptive Strands of the Fae
Periwinkle Strands of the Fae
Pink Lemonade Strands of the Fae
Peppermint Bow Lock
Pleasant Gemini Buns
Plum Melting Milkshake Braid
Plumish Flutterby Pumpkin Strands
Plumeria Ombre Bunnamon Locks
Powder Pumpkin Patch Strands
Radiant Locks of the Mysterious Pearl
Raspberry Mochi Buns
Rebel Pumpkin Patch Strands
Refreshing Succulent Wisps
Regal Love Note Pigtails
Retro Flowered Pumpkin Strands
Retro Pumpkin Patch Strands
Rift Magic Hat Locks
Rift Snaily Strands
Rose Gold Aquamarine Sweeping Updo of the Crystal Dragon
Rose Magic Hat Locks
Royal Messy Bee Bouquet
Royal Starlit Locks
Sapphire Far Surpassed Beauty Waves
Sinful Grape Strudelicious Braid
Scorpio Supernova Girl Space Buns
Silky Sapphire Locks
Smore Flowered Pumpkin Strands
Snowflake Magic Hat Locks
Soda Pop Pumpkin Patch Strands
Sour Pumpkin Patch Strands
Sparkling Floral Bunnamon Locks
Spearmint Pumpkin Strands
Spellbinding Pika Tendrils
Spooky Magic Hat Locks
Spooky Pumpkin Patch Strands
Starstruck Bunnamon Locks
Steel Pumpkin Patch Strands
Sunrise Pika Tendrils
Sweetheart Flutterby Pumpkin Strands
Tangled Pile of Baubles
Tart Cotton Candy Floss
Toothpaste Seashell Waves
Twisted Grape Strudelicious Braid
Twilight Bow Lock
Vanilla Terrarium Twists
Vial of Astronomical Lock Infused Crystals
Vial of Blue Raspberry Lock Infused Crystals
Vial of Meringue Lock Infused Crystals
Vial of Opaline Lock Infused Crystals
Vial of Smoldering Lock Infused Crystals
Vial of Sugar Plum Lock Infused Crystals
Vivacious Kitten Bun
Wafting Lantern of Beholden Fringe
Wafting Lantern of Dignified Fringe
Wafting Lantern of Hopeful Fringe
Wafting Lantern of Peaceful Fringe
Wafting Lantern of Redeeming Fringe
Wave Supernova Girl Space Buns
Wine and Dine Messy Bee Bouquet
Wild Honey Strudelicious Braid
Winterberry Creme Cupcake Strands
Wise Pumpkin Patch Strands
Witchy Magic Hat Locks
Witchy Pumpkin Patch Strands
Tops, Sweaters, & Cloaks
Adventurous Cosmic Kitty Fluff
Amethyst Berry Frappe Sweater
Beartiful Festive Chocolate Romper
Best Spuddies Wild Child Sweater
Birthday Cake Mochi Sweater
Bearly Knit Galactic Sweater
BeYOUtiful Comfy Tee
Boo Bee Graphic Dress Bundle
Colorful Luxury Kitty Sweater
Comforting Abominable Cuddly Fox Sweater
Cosmic Snake Sweater
Cozy Festive Doxie-Mas Sweater
Cozy Cheerful Doxie-Mas Sweater
Cozy Lively Doxie-Mas Sweater
Cozy Regal Doxie-Mas Sweater
Dangling Calico Cat Scarf
Delicate Constellation Floral Tank Top
Delicate Lavender Floral Tank Top
Devious Kitten Shredded Shirt
Dusty Blush Cutesy Cat Material
Enchanted Sorcerer Cloak
Fanciful Joyous Blanket Scarf
Flourishing Morostide Wrapped Ice Cream Pop
Frosted Cuppa Sweater
Galaxy Star Snow Globe Bodysuit
Glittering Gold Star Snow Globe Bodysuit
Icy Star Snow Globe Bodysuit
Innocent Kitten Shredded Shirt
Keep Calm Off Shoulder Tee
Kuddle Kitten Kream Sweater
Lamb Cloth of Twilight
Lavender Cutesy Cat Material
Lilac Floral Lantern
Magical Cosmic Kitty Fluff
Maple Moose Animal Cracker Box
Merry Slouchy Sweater
Night Star Snow Globe Bodysuit
Panda Cold Shoulder Tee
Phosphorous Sleeve Bookmarked Notebook
Pink Star Snow Globe Bodysuit
Playful Cosmic Kitty Fluff
Protected Lit Candle
Purple Catpuff Sweater
Raspberry Mochi Sweater
Sea Breeze Floral Lantern
Snowflake Pugly Pullover
Spooky Doxie-Mas Sweater
Spooked Luxury Kitty Sweater
Stunning Fiery Corset
Sweetheart Floral Lantern
Udderly Moovelous Batibat Sweater
Udderly Moovelous Galaxy Sweater
Vivacious Kitten Shredded Shirt
Wafting Lantern of Beholden Kimono
Wafting Lantern of Dignified Kimono
Wafting Lantern of Hopeful Kimono
Wafting Lantern of Peaceful Kimono
Wafting Lantern of Redeeming Kimono
Warm Blue Flannel
Whipped Sundae Crop Top
Adoring Faerie Godmother Dress
Adoring Ring Bearer Pillow
Amethyst Princess Dress
Antique Sapphire Beaded Brooch
Arabian Nights Fabric of the Sleeping Bunny Princess
Aurora Borealis Fabric of the Sleeping Bunny Princess
Aurora Rock Tower Fabric
Batty Faerie Godmother Dress
Bejewelled Galactic Dress
Bewitching Faerie Godmother Dress
Berry Sorbet Ice Cream Trolley Dress
Blue Lagoon Faerie Godmother Dress
Blue Bird Faerie Godmother Dress
Blue Morpho Butterfly Fabric of the Sleeping Bunny Princess
Blue Raspberry Sakura Ruffles
Blushing Monarch Faerie Godmother Dress
Bonfire Touched Faerie Godmother Dress
Candied Corn Faerie Godmother Dress
Candy floss Faerie Godmother Dress
Captivating Ring Bearer Pillow
Celestial Cloth of the Fae
Celtic Faerie Godmother Dress
Charmed Cloth of the Fae
Charmed Faerie Godmother Dress
Champagne Faerie Godmother Dress
Chilled Fancy Cream Cloth
Color Etched Blooming Faerie Godmother Dress
Compact Inky Kitten Fabric
Cooled Monarch Faerie Godmother Dress
Cosmical Faerie Godmother Dress
Crimson Birb Faerie Godmother Dress
Crimson Blooming Faerie Godmother Dress
Cunning Cloth of the Fae
Dancing Moon Bug Faerie Godmother Dress
Dark Elegance Fabric of the Sleeping Bunny Princess
Dark Elemental Wisps
Dark Silk Wrapped Heart Wand
Dark Skies Fabric of the Sleeping Bunny Princess
Dearly Departed Fabric of the Sleeping Bunny Bride
Delicate Constellation Floral Dress
Delicate Lavender Floral Dress
Delicious Faerie Godmother Dress
Devoted Ring Bearer Pillow
Distinguished Ring Bearer Pillow
Dramatic Faerie Godmother Dress
Dreamy Star Fabric of the Sleeping Bunny Princess
DST Faerie Godmother Dress
Earth Elemental Spring
Earthen Blooming Faerie Godmother Dress
Elegant Magnolia Fabric of the Sleeping Bunny Princess
Elegant Ring Bearer Pillow
Emerald Celtic Wedding Dress Fabric
Enchanting Faerie Godmother Dress
Entangled Faerie Godmother Dress
Eventide Faerie Godmother Dress
Everlasting Ring Bearer Pillow
Ever After Blooming Tea
Exhilarating Faerie Godmother Dress
Exquisite Chiffon Gown
Fa-boo-lous Teachers Pet Tee
Faithful Cloth of the Fae
Festivus Faerie Godmother Dress
Figurine of the Sensual Fairy
Fire Shaded Faerie Godmother Dress
Flimsy Astral Kitten Fabric
Flimsy Auroral Kitten Fabric
Flimsy Blooming Kitten Fabric
Flimsy Blueberry Kitten Fabric
Flimsy Celestial Kitten Fabric
Flimsy Creamsicle Kitten Fabric
Flimsy Flowering Kitten Fabric
Flimsy Holographic Kitten Fabric
Flimsy Illuminated Kitten Fabric
Flimsy Lavender Kitten Fabric
Flimsy Lovesick Kitten Fabric
Flimsy Neapolitan Kitten Fabric
Flimsy Rose Dust Kitten Fabric
Flimsy Septic Kitten Fabric
Flimsy Space Kitten Fabric
Flimsy Vino Kitten Fabric
Florist Cloth
Fluttering Fabric
Fractured Faerie Godmother Dress
Frosty Faerie Godmother Dress
Friendly Faerie Godmother Dress
Frozen Fabric of the Sleeping Bunny Princess
Funfetti Faerie Godmother Dress
Glass Elemental Shard
Galactic Ruffles
Galaxy Fabric Wrapped Cake Pop
Gallant Cloth of the Fae
Genuine Ring Bearer Pillow
Graceful Snowbird Faerie Godmother Dress
Glittery Faerie Godmother Dress
Golden Blooming Faerie Godmother Dress
Harmonious Blooming Faerie Godmother Dress
Harvest Fabric of the Sleeping Bunny Princess
Heartfelt Fabric of the Sleeping Bunny Princess
Hidden Daruma of Heist
Homemade Fruity Dress of the Seamstress
Ice Faerie Godmother Dress
Illustrious Peacock Faerie Godmother Dress
Intergalactic Fabric of the Sleeping Bunny Princess
Item not found: jks feeshie faerie godmother dress
Kaleidoscopic Faerie Godmother Dress
Ladybug Faerie Godmother Dress
Lamb Cloth of the Empress
Lavender Basket of Petals
Lavender Blooming Faerie Godmother Dress
Light Elemental Crystal
Lively Faerie Godmother Dress
Lucky Faerie Godmother Dress
Lumi Swirl Ice Cream Trolley Dress
Luminaire Fabric of the Benevolent Fairy
Magical Glowing Lantern
Magical Twilight Lantern
Majestic Macaw Faerie Godmother Dress
Magic Glass Slipper Fabric of the Sleeping Bunny Princess
Magnetic Ring Bearer Pillow
Monarch Faerie Godmother Dress
Moony Fabric of the Sleeping Bunny Princess
Mourning Dove Sapphire Gown
Mulberry Fabric of the Sleeping Bunny Princess
Mysterious Cloth of the Fae
Nebulous Faerie Godmother Dress
Neon Blooming Faerie Godmother Dress
Odd Fabric of the Sleeping Bunny Princess
Opaline Faerie Godmother Dress
Otterly Bird Qipao Dress
Otterly Funfetti Qipao Dress
Otterly Spooky Qipao Dress
Otterly Strawberry Qipao Dress
Pastel Purple Beach Dress
Paradise Faerie Godmother Dress
Perceptive Cloth of the Fae
Periwinkle Cloth of the Fae
Phenomenal Faerie Godmother Dress
Plum Beach Dress
Plum Faded Fabric
Pink Blooming Faerie Godmother Dress
Pink Lemonade Cloth of the Fae
Poison Rock Tower Fabric
Pretty Magnolia Fabric of the Sleeping Bunny Princess
Prima Ballerina Faerie Godmother Dress
Prom Faerie Godmother Dress
Purrfectly Alluring Cat Compact
Purrfectly Amorous Cat Compact
Purrfectly Calico Cat Compact
Purrfectly Constellation Cat Compact
Purrfectly Frozen Cat Compact
Purrfectly Galactic Cat Compact
Purrfectly Lavender Cat Compact
Purrfectly Opalescent Cat Compact
Purrfectly Oceanic Cat Compact
Purrfectly Metallic Cat Compact
Rave Fabric of the Sleeping Bunny Princess
Raving Monarch Faerie Godmother Dress
Red Morpho Butterfly Fabric of the Sleeping Bunny Princess
Ribboned Holly Dress
Royal Fabric of the Sleeping Bunny Princess
Sapphires of the Universe Jewels
Sapphire Encrusted Evening Gown
Sapphire Ruffle no Bustle
Satin of the Sleeping Bunny Princess
Scaretastic Blooming Faerie Godmother Dress
Scrap of Amethyst Rose Fabric
Secrets of the Calla Lily
Seductive Plum Silk Ensemble
Seductive Silver Silk Ensemble
Sophisticated Ring Bearer Pillow
Spunky Ruffled Party Dress
Star Light Faerie Godmother Dress
Stellar Faerie Godmother Dress
Stunning Faerie Godmother Dress
Stunning Ring Bearer Pillow
Sunflower Faerie Godmother Dress
Sunset Fabric of the Sleeping Bunny Princess
Supernova Fabric of the Sleeping Bunneh Queen
Sugar Plum Faerie Godmother Dress
Smoldering Faerie Godmother Dress
Studtastic Fabric of the Sleeping Bunny Princess
Swimming Koi Faerie Godmother Dress
Tangled Fabric of the Sleeping Bunny Princess
Tanzanite Fabric of the Sleeping Bunny Princess
Tempest Fabric of the Sleeping Bunny Princess
Twilight Faerie Godmother Dress
Treasured Ring Bearer Pillow
Twilight Fabric of the Sleeping Bunny Princess
Under the Sea Fabric of the Sleeping Bunny Princess
Unforgettable Lacy Violet Dress
Violet Entangled Chameleon Gown
Virtuous Faerie Godmother Dress
Vivacious Ring Bearer Pillow
Wafting Lantern of Beholden Silk
Wafting Lantern of Dignified Silk
Wafting Lantern of Hopeful Silk
Wafting Lantern of Peaceful Silk
Wafting Lantern of Redeeming Silk
Warm Sapphire Fade Kitty Fabric
Water Elemental Drop
Water Shaded Faerie Godmother Dress
Reindeer Onesie Kitten
Amaranthine Shake It Up Skirt
Aquamarine Flourishing Hedgehog Frock
Autumnal Flourishing Hedgehog Frock
Charmed Flourishing Hedgehog Frock
Devious Kitten Skirt
Coral Flourishing Hedgehog Frock
Forest Flourishing Hedgehog Frock
Fractured Flourishing Hedgehog Frock
Galactic Kitten Skirt
Galaxy Star Snow Globe Skirt
Glittering Gold Star Snow Globe Skirt
Icy Star Snow Globe Skirt
Innocent Kitten Skirt
Lavender Velveteen Heart Skirt
Lively Flourishing Hedgehog Frock
Lucky Flourishing Hedgehog Frock
Night Star Snow Globe Skirt
Ombre Kitten Skirt
Peculiar Dotted Hedgehog Frock
Phosphorescent Flourishing Hedgehog Frock
Pink Star Snow Globe Skirt
Sapphire Fabric of the Benevolent Pixie
Spooky Shake It Up Skirt
Violet Flourishing Hedgehog Frock
Vivacious Kitten Skirt
Body Mods
Blanc Demure Keekee
Fluffy Booty of the Calico Kitty
Godmother Wand III
Aged Milky Way Carton
Berry Tinted Tights
Blues Clues Constellation Tights
Calico Constellation Tights
Charmed Silk of the Fae
Chocolate Chibi Moon and Star Tattoo
Celestial Charm Bottle
Celestial Silk of the Fae
Confetti Tinted Tights
Cunning Silk of the Fae
Faithful Silk of the Fae
Gallant Silk of the Fae
Glitter Tights
Jar of Champagne Diamonds
Jar of Ringleader Diamonds
Jar of Starchild Diamonds
Lil Pinky Constellation Tights
Lil Leaf Constellation Tights
Merry Luminaire Dancing Shoes
Mysterious Silk of the Fae
Navy Leggy Tights
Night Time Constellation Tights
Package of Heart Print Tights
Pearlescent Glittery Package
Perceptive Silk of the Fae
Periwinkle Silk of the Fae
Pink Lemonade Silk of the Fae
Plum Glittery Package
Purple Tights
Purple Tinted Tights
Sheer Snowflake Boxed Pantyhose
Snowflake Cut-Out Boxed Pantyhose
Sunshine Chibi Moon and Star Tattoo
Celestial Slippers of the Fae
Charmed Slippers of the Fae
Chocolate Delicate Pumps
Cream Stitched Flower Patch
Cunning Slippers of the Fae
Faithful Slippers of the Fae
Gallant Slippers of the Fae
Glass Pumps
Interstellar Helium Heels
Midnight Masquerade Helium Heels
Midnight Delicate Pumps
Morostide Hawkward Heels
My Cool Heels
My Pomegranate Heels
Mysterious Slippers of the Fae
Perceptive Slippers of the Fae
Periwinkle Slippers of the Fae
Pink Lemonade Slippers of the Fae
Posh Sleepy Kitten Heel
Prismatic Helium Heels
Reef Helium Heels
Sapphire Ribbon Laced Heels
Snow Delicate Pumps
Snowflake Bowed High Heels
Sheer Studded Helium Heels
Spooked Kitty High Heels
Stylish Amethyst Flats
Suave Amethyst Heels
Suave Cinnamon Heels
Suave Crime Lord Heels
Suave Lullaby Heels
Suave Sapphire Heels
Suave Super Nova Heels
Almighty Fallen Star
Ambitious Blade of the Snake
Angel Blessed Shotgun Buttstock
Ancient Sword of Overgrown Magical Roses
Blades of the Servant
Blazing Gem of War
Brave Blade of the Snake
Burning Fallen Star
Celestial Gem of War
Charmed Gem of War
Clever Blade of the Snake
Colorful Glowing Bloom
Cosmical Gem of War
Crystal Glowing Bloom
Crystalline Floral Blade of the Snake
Curious Glowing Bloom
Cunning Gem of War
Dark Infused Crystal
Deadly Blade of the Snake
Dragon Eye Mage Staff
Dusty Rose Gem of War
Eventide Blade of the Snake
Faithful Gem of War
Festivus Gem of War
Flammable Gem of War
Flourishing Floral Blade of the Snake
Fractured Gem of War
Fragrant Gem of War
Frostbitten Fallen Star
Frosty Gem of War
Frozen Floral Blade of the Snake
Gallant Gem of War
Glacial Blade of the Snake
Haunted Gem of War
Haughty Blade of the Snake
Heavenly Blade
Hellbound Claymore
Hunter Whiskey
Inferno Blade
Kwan Dao of the Glitchy General
Lilac Cosmic Compact Purse
Lilac Magic Handbag
Lochaber Slaying Scythe
Loyal Blade of the Snake
Lucky Springtime Horseshoe
Luminous Fountain Blade
Magic Four Leaf Clover
Majestic Fallen Star
Mischief Maker Map
Mirthful Fallen Star
Mystical Blade of the Snake
Mystic Batty Gem
Mystic Fighting Butterfly
Mystic Forest Gem
Nebulous Fallen Star
Opalescent Butterfly Kissed Roses
Opaline Gem of War
Opalite Blade of the Rogue
Panglossian Blade of the Snake
Pearlescent Winged Staff
Perceptive Gem of War
Pineapple Tropical Party Drink Mask
Precious Gem of War
Purple Bottle of Starry Ink
Purrfect Perplexing Purse
Quiver of the Mystical Dryad
Researcher Whiskey
Riding Crop
Serpentine Staff of Tartarus
Rift-Touched Blade of the Snake
Sanguine Floral Blade of the Snake
Sealed Sparkling Swords of the Samurai
Serpentine Staff of the Heavens
Seventh Sea Gem of War
Shining Ninja Scroll
Smoldering Gem of War
Stellar Blade of the Snake
Sugar Plum Gem of War
Sunken Whip Hook
Wafting Lantern of Beholden Scythe
Wafting Lantern of Dignified Scythe
Wafting Lantern of Hopeful Scythe
Wafting Lantern of Peaceful Scythe
Wafting Lantern of Redeeming Scythe
Wand of Reliability
Wand of Thought
Wand of Wizarding
Wind Touched Gem of War
Yuletide Blade of the Snake
Booties, Wings & Other Animal Mods
Black Widow Venomous Butt
Bond Feathered Amulet
Demonic Wing Scroll
Galactic Crystal Feather
Ignited Fairy Wing
Industrious Bladed Wings
Markings of a Lost Angel
Ore of the Cosmos
Painted Fae Wings
Sapphire Pierced Angel Feather
Sugarplum Fairy Decanter
Translucent Fairy Wing Cookie
Amaranthine Lapin Lights
Amoosed Supernatural Companion
Baby Bao Boy
Box of Ornaments
Blues Star Crying Moon
Blush Lavender and Darkened Peony Bouquet
Boo Bees
Butterfly Corner Punch
Captured Regal Moon Rays
Catnip Seeds For Potted Kittens
Chic Fashionable Twinkle Glasses
Chubby Tabby Cuddly Kitty
Constellation Heart Cupcake
Cosmic Lapin Lights
Cotton Candy Angelic Koi Fish
Courageous Little Weenie Guardian
Cuppa Hibiscus Tea
Cute Tabby Chonk
Damaged Cassette Tape
Designer Sewing Machine
Devil Summoning Kit
Dragon Spirit Companion
Drowsy Sugilite Dragon Guardian
Elixir of the Aurora Skies
Elixir of the Milky Way
Enchanted Lilac Sakura Keychain
Enchanting Trinket Box of the Lunar Bunny
Escaped Cinnabar Sparkles
Fairy Friend
Fairy Flying Unicorn Companion
Faraway Flowered Crescent Moon
Fashionable Twinkle Glasses
Festive Gingerbread Candy Cane
Festive Lapin Lights
Floral Parchment Filter
Fragrant Rose of the Masked Magician
Galactic Hued Lavender and Peony Bouquet
Galaxy Bunny of the Space Moon
Galaxy Marble Trinket
Galaxy Swirl Taiyaki Treat
Gauze of the Mystified Creature
Girly Neon Heart Light
Glacial Lapin Lights
Glitched Angelic Koi Fish
Glowing Opal Star Ink Brush Painting
Glowing Orbs of the Blushing Sweetheart
Glowing Orbs of Future Birthday Surprises
Glowing Orbs of the Raver
Glowing Orbs of the Snowy Skies
Golden Handmade Wreath Of Friendship
Golden Lavender and Royal Blue Peony Bouquet
Hearts Parchment Filter
Heiwa Sakana Goldfish
Himalayan Chomk
Ikigai Sakana Goldfish
Kingyo Sakana Goldfish
Karai Sakana Goldfish
Lambent Angelic Koi Fish
Lapis Angelic Koi Fish
Lavender and Alabaster Peony Bouquet
Lavender and Precious Opal Peony Bouquet
Lemon Lime Simply Sublime Decadent Heart Cupcake
Little Fluffy Kitty Companion
Lilac Shiba Inu Sakura Wreath
Little Chicken Princess Pal
Luminaire Cranberry Taiyaki Treat
Lumi Magic Cherry Heart Cupcake
Lumi Parcel Service
Magenta Lavender and Azure Peony Bouquet
Magical Twinkle Friendship Charms
Magically Frosty Spring Branch
Magically Incandescent Stone
Mason Memory Jar Of Fairytales
Mint Plum Sweet Heart Cupcake
Milky Gauze of the Light Creature
Mistletoe Candy Cane Arch
More Crystalized Snowflakes
Moro Starry Glow Ink Brush Painting
Once In A Blue Moon Dance
Opalescent Angelic Koi Fish
Pastel Rainbow Lavender and Peony Bouquet
Pistachio Plumberry Ice Cream Kitty Surprise
Perfectly Placed Ice Luminaire Lights
Perfectly Placed White Luminaire Lights
Plum Frosted Ornamental Frame
Predictions of Nostalgia
Predictions of Spring
Predictions of Summer
Prismatic Lapin Lights
Prismatic Stained Glass Sea Angel
Rainbow Prism Moon of the Leaping Odango Bunny
Rainbow Sakura Edging
Royal Lemon Sorbet Kitty Surprise
Sapphire Flowering Frame
Sapphire Wolf Totem
Scented Newspaper
Shamrock Scrapbook Kit
Shiba Inu Corrupt Sakura Wreath
Shiba Inu Ethereal Sakura Wreath
Shiba Inu Frozen Sakura Wreath
Shiba Inu Gloomy Sakura Wreath
Shiba Inu Mint Sakura Wreath
Shiba Inu Pastel Rainbow Sakura Wreath
Shiba Inu Pure Sakura Wreath
Shiba Inu Regal Sakura Wreath
Silver Butterfly Frame
Item not found: smokey companion
Snapped Pine Bough
Snowflakes Snow Globe
Snowman Snowflake Snowglobe Filter
Snuggly Husky Companion
Somber Gauze of the Light Creature
Sparkling Pixie Dust
Sparkling Snow Ornament
Spectral Gauze of the Light Creature
Spoopy Catpuff Friend
Soft Bunny of the Cait Moon
Spectrum Starshine Spill
Spoopy Fashionable Twinkle Glasses
Star Rift Ink Brush Painting
Starry Silver Ink Brush Painting
Strawberry Fluffy Heart Cupcake
Stylish Fashionable Twinkle Glasses
Summer Memory Of A Lost Friend
Summoning Skull of Death
Sunset Stained Glass Sea Angel
Sunshine Rose of the Masked Magician
Sweet Flower of Life Shell Pattern
Tabbico Terror Companion
The Claw Birthday Hammy
The Claw Brave Hammy
The Claw Bunny Hammy
The Claw Colorful Hammy
The Claw Colorful Pastel Hammy
The Claw Dual Hammy
The Claw First Mate Hammy
The Claw Galaxy Starry Hammy
The Claw Gingerbread Hammy
The Claw Loyal Hammy
The Claw Midnight Starry Hammy
The Claw Pot Of Gold Hammy
The Claw Pumpkin Hammy
The Claw Sakura Hammy
The Claw Survival Hammy
The Claw Time For Tea Hammy
The Claw Witch Hammy
Totally Galactic Dense Heart Cupcake
Tranquil Dragon Bubble
Trailing Cyan Supernova
Twinkling Star Log
Wibbly Wobbly Golden Cuddly Kitty
Unearthed Chonk Companion
Antique Microphone
Alabaster Starscape Projection
Aurora Stag Totem
Autumn Stone of the Dwarven City
Bejeweled Merry Solar Stone
Bottled Paradise
Bottled Sapphire Cherry Blossom of Remembrance
Blood-Stained Wheelchair
Bloodied Angel Hand Print
Burnt Photo of a Foggy Day
Calm of the Lunar Crystal
Captured Warm Luminaire Dreams
Charmed Starscape Projection
Cherished Moonlit Crystal Bowl
Chrome True Love Inspired Snow Globe
Clover of Rainbows
Cosmic Starscape Projection
Cracked Crystal
Crossroads Summoning Kit
Cunning Hearts Halo
Dandelion Hole Punch Stencil
Dark Festive Arrangement
Devoted Florist Halo
Door to Room of Common Magic
Dreamy Laurel Halo
Enchanted Cosmic Tree
Enchanted Snow Globe
Enchanted Fawn Orb Sprig
Enchanting Woodland Hydrangea
Ethereal Laurel Halo
Evening Glow Starscape Projection
Faded Flowered Crescent Moon
Fairytale Essence of the Lightlit Forest
Festive Blow-Up Snowman
Festive Front Entrance Mirror
Field of Remembrance Poppies
Fractured Starscape Projection
Frosted Over Branch
Frozen Snowflake
Frozen Snow Globe
Gateway Room to Multiple Worlds
Galactic True Love Inspired Snow Globe
Gift from the Pizza Man
Glowing Lamp of Brilliance
Glowing Sakura Lantern
Highway To Hell
Homemade Icicle Snow Globe
Homemade Luminaire Wreath
Inky Starscape Projection
Key of Possibilities
Light Elemental Halo
Little Moon Tarot Card
Lost Dragon Spirit
Loyal Hearts Halo
Magic Celestial Halo
Magic Fog Charm Key Ring
Magical Glass Slipper
Magic Obsidian Moon Box
Melancholic Marble
Mercury Planetary Charm
Mercury Temperance Tarot Card
Midnight Moonlit Crystal Bowl
Miniature Fireplace Memento
Mistletoe Ornate Window
Modified Saturn Planetary Charm
Monochrome Festive Arrangement
Monochrome Moonlit Crystal Bowl
Moonlit Crystal Bowl
Mysterious Spellbound Lights
Mystic Snow Globe
Mystical Snow Globe Full of Luminaire Magic
Opulent Starscape Projection
Paradise Crescent Moon
Peaceful Village Inn
Perfectly Placed Multicolored Luminaire Lights
Proud Laurel Halo
Rainbow Moon Heartache of the Leaping Odango Bunny
Rainbow Starburst Halo
Rainbow Unicorn Enchanted Diffuser
Red Light Special Sign
Relic From a Lost City
Rich Festive Arrangement
Rift Moonlit Crystal Bowl
Rusted License Plate
Sapphirine Starscape Projection
Sapphire True Love Inspired Snow Globe
Scenic Snow Globe
Slithering Sign of the Dark Lord
Souvenir of Skating Pond
Stepping Stones to the Sapphire Moon
SubetaLodge Snow Globe
Sugarplum Seasonal Wreath
Sunrise Glowing Pumpkin
Tree of Everlasting Love
Twinkle Snow Globe
Twinkling Twilight Lantern
Unnatural Wall Chalk
Valentine Hearts Halo
Winter Trees Snow Globe
Yuletide Starscape Projection

Private CW's: Cannot Lend or Sell
Anchor of Friendship
Arabic Pumpkin Patch Strands
Cushioned Purple Star Ring
Blade of Tartarus
Bee-u-tiful Faerie Godmother Dress
Dragon Heart Mage Staff
Champion Blade of the Snake
Chilled Festive Cream Cloth
Elegant Unique Peacock Curls
Festive Present Earrings
Forever Flame of the Dragon
Forever Friends Bracelet
Furever Kingly Crown of Butts
Illustrious Fountain Blade
Imperial Blossom Claymore
Lavender Kitten Bun
Mini Beacon of Light
Nocturnal Arctic Trail Prints
Odd Fabric of the Sleeping Bunny Princess
Patronus Ready Wand
Plummy Faerie Godmother Dress
Pot of Adulterous Souls
Prestigious Godmother Wand
Purple Bottle of Starry Ink
Raindrop Necklace
Regal Galactic Headband of Poopiness
Regal Rose Drape
Satin of the Sleeping Bunny Princess
Sealed Sleeping Swords of the Samurai
Seductive Knotty Love Locks
Silver Butterfly Ring
Watery Sakura Ruffles
Gifted CW Design from Caitlin
Lavender Kitten Bun
Supernatural Gallery CW's

Pet Treasure

Pet Friends