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Seth Rollins
Legacy Name: Seth Rollins

The Nightmare Montre
Owner: Ava

Age: 15 years, 2 months, 1 day

Born: August 16th, 2006

Adopted: 15 years, 2 months, 1 day ago (Legacy)

Adopted: August 16th, 2006 (Legacy)

Pet Spotlight Winner
November 23rd, 2017


  • Level: 366
  • Strength: 867
  • Defense: 871
  • Speed: 872
  • Health: 871
  • HP: 581/871
  • Intelligence: 575
  • Books Read: 498
  • Food Eaten: 1
  • Job: Certified Mad Scientist

The Aerialist.

The Architect.

Mr. Money in the Bank.

The Undisputed Future of the WWE.

WWE World Heavyweight Champion.


Few would even know about the fateful day when, as a child, the future champion attended Wrestlemania, and it would set in motion a chain of events that would lead to wrestling history. On that day, he knew deep down that this would be the only Wrestlemania he would attend as a fan. Next time, he'd be inside that squared circle, with the audience cheering for him.

He started his career just a few short years later, first putting on shows in backyards in a purchased ring, before blasting his way through the independent circuit, collecting championship gold several times along the way in several different independent promotions, including Ring of Honor, and it was here he first showed his talent for forming dark, violent factions with The Age of the Fall. Those watching had just witnessed the birth of The Architect.

He moved on to FCW, a developmental territory for WWE, collecting more gold along the way and becoming FCW's first Grand Slam winner. When it was rebranded as NXT, Seth made history again as the inaugural NXT Champion. This was also where he would meet up with Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose. Despite a long, bitter feud with Ambrose, each of them recognized an opportunity to capitalize on their combined strengths, and the Shield was forged.

Seth's skills were put to the test once he moved to WWE, and he rose to the occasion each time, collecting tag team gold with teammate Roman. He took part in several 6 man tag matches with the Shield, and fans were always awed by their impressive teamwork. But tensions were brewing, and Rollins was the first to see it, and the first to capitalize on what he saw as yet another opportunity.

On June 2nd, 2014, the Shield fell apart to the sound of a steel chair being smashed across the backs of Roman and Dean by none other than Seth Rollins. The Architect, the man responsible for creating the Shield, became the very man to destroy it. He joined the Authority, later winning Slammy awards for best double-cross and having best crowd reaction for the ever-present chant of "You sold out". To which he's always replied; "I didn't sell out, I bought in to the 'Evolution' of Seth Rollins."

Yet another violent feud ensued with Ambrose, during which Seth managed to win the Money in the Bank contract. Despite all of Dean Ambrose's attempts to foil him at every turn, Seth still seemed to be moving rapidly up the WWE ladder. Seth at one point curb-stomped his former friend's head into cinder blocks, then later delivered a mock eulogy for his fallen former teammate, thus ending their feud, for now.

At Wrestlemania 31, Rollins made WWE history, becoming the first man to successfully cash in Money in the Bank at Wrestlemania, and the first man to cash in during a match in progress. He also is the first man to have held the NXT Championship, and won the World Heavyweight Championship. He also became one of just four men, including Daniel Bryan, Kevin Owens and CM Punk, to have been ROH world champions, and gone on to become WWE world champions. At Summerslam in August of 2015, Seth made history again when he captured the WWE United States Championship belt from John Cena, to become the first WWE wrestler EVER to be both World Heavyweight Champion, and United States Champion at the same time.
But his amazing, history making reign came to an abrupt end on November 4th, 2015 when, in a match against Kane in Dublin, Ireland Rollins suffered a devastating knee injury. Upon examination by doctors, it turned out he'd torn his right ACL, MCL and medial meniscus. An injury that required surgery, extensive rehab and, it was predicted, would see him out of action for as much as 9 months. During this time a documentary was produced by WWE that seemed to be building him as something of a face character, rather than the heel fans loved to hate.Rollins' sheer determination saw him come back to once again attack one of his former brothers, giving Roman Reigns a pedigree at Extreme Rules in May of 2016, just a little over 6 months after the injury, surprising everyone with the speed of his recovery. As promised the Architect did indeed redesign, rebuild and reclaim, managing to win the WWE World Heavyweight Championship against Roman Reigns for a second time at Money in the Bank on June 19th, however in an ironic twist, minutes later Dean Ambrose cashed in to win the title from him.
It seemed the Authority still had some faith in Seth, as he was first draft pick for Raw just one month later, and spent a good deal of time and effort chasing after the newly revealed WWE Universal Championship, but the title seemed to elude him time and again. First he lost to Finn Balor, then had to fight his way through several other competitors for another shot at it, including Sami Zayn, Big Cass, Roman Reigns and Kevin Owens. Just when it seemed he might actually pull it off, Triple H interfered and, seemingly out of nowhere, delivered a brutal pedigree to his former golden boy.
From there things seemed to have taken a turn for the worse for Seth, starting with a nasty feud with Kevin Owens in which he could never seem to get the upper hand because of constant interference from Chris Jericho. During that feud he suffered a rib injury, but managed to come back and finally defeat Jericho at Roadblock: End of the Line, seeming to at last bring an end to that part of the feud.
But fate wasn't finished dealing out nasty blows just yet. Rollins was still fuming over Triple H's double cross months before and, after repeatedly calling the man out, including one incident in which he 'took over' NXT Takeover, finally it seemed he was going to get his wish. On the January 30th episode of RAW, Seth came down the ramp to confront Triple H in the ring at last, but was ambushed by Samoa Joe. During the attack, Rollins suffered his second knee injury, again requiring rehab. It seemed he was going to miss a second Wrestlemania in a row, but on later episodes he confronted Triple H again and sustained another attack which saw him being hit with his own crutch.
It did look like fans (and Seth) would get their wish however, as the Cerebral Assassin granted Seth an opportunity for payback via an unsanctioned match with a 'hold harmless' stipulation. This is something we've seen before, with the likes of Triple H and Shawn Michaels at SummerSlam in 2002, a match which remains a fond favorite of many fans today.
After a long, brutal fight, the 'Kingslayer' finally managed to defeat his former mentor, while helping put Triple H's wife, Stephanie McMahon through a table after she was knocked off the apron by her own husband. Though as many fans know, that doesn't necessarily mean this feud is over. The Authority is well-known for looking at the big picture, and very patiently waiting to serve up their revenge ice cold. There was recently a Superstar shakeup that saw several talents switch between Smackdown and Raw, yet Seth was kept on Raw. We shall see if the Authority is going to let Triple H's defeat, and Stephanie's injury go unanswered.

Many fans watch in awe wondering where Rollins will go from here, how much further he will climb. But despite recent events painting him as more of a sympathetic face, there will always be some fans who think there's one more title Seth deserves.

The Traitor.

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