Ishka has a minion!

Gale the Rikag


The Glacier Tigrean
Owner: Seerow

Age: 13 years, 1 month

Born: September 14th, 2006

Adopted: 13 years, 1 month ago (Legacy)

Adopted: September 14th, 2006 (Legacy)

Pet Spotlight Winner
August 2nd, 2010


  • Level: 1,834
  • Strength: 4,477
  • Defense: 4,391
  • Speed: 4,378
  • Health: 6,163
  • HP: 6,163/6,163
  • Intelligence: 3,258
  • Books Read: 2,400
  • Food Eaten: 5,514
  • Job: Director of SAI

Overlay by Heilos. Coding by Asmoday
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Ishka, the Gatherer

As my title implies I gather things, though as to what I gather may come as a bit of a shock. The world isn't all sunshine and music; no there is a darker side as well. Deceit, trickery, and death are commonplace. While I may not be able to help with the first two of these, death is my specialty.

For I track the dead and gather their souls.

The cries of the dead are as sharp to my sensitive ears as a cry from the living. Souls can become trapped on this plane if no one is there to help move them Over. Sick, weak, or traumatized souls don't pass kindly Over and need a bit of a shove sometimes. This is my task.

Souls can hitch-hike on my body and I'll take them across the bridges through the veil that separates the planes.

This task isn't an easy one. Some souls don't want to go willingly over to the other side, wanting to remain among the living for just a brief time more. But they cannot stay here, this world is not for the dead. But there are also those among the living who would rather have me stop in my duties. They collect the souls and use their stored energies to make themselves stronger, or to bottle and sell to the highest bidder or grieving family member. It is a nasty person who would do such a thing, but sadly it is fairly commonplace. I have help though, a loyal Rikag at my side. Gale joined in my quest and has offered me his protection whenever I may need it. The Melody Flute summons him and it is carried with me at all times, hung from a chain around my neck. Rikags freeze whatever they touch, though that hardly matters to me anymore.

I'm sure you've heard the saying that if a ghost touches you it is like a splash of ice water. That saying is true. After a soul leaves its body, it is nothing but a shapeless, ice-cold mist. Once I let a soul enter my body and carry it Over, as its leaving a, tiny bit of its' essence is left behind. I have freed many souls and as such have taken on the icy appearance you see now. Most Gathers end their lives not in some normal death but instead by becoming ice statues. Eventually my body will freeze over and it will be the job of the next Gatherer to take my place.

Gale, the Protector

Art details

She is a Gather, which means she collects the souls of the dead and sends them across the Veil to the next plane. Each ghost leaves a small fragment of itself behind, which is basically a shard of ice. Overtime her entire body will become frozen due to these shards. Loosely inspired from the House of Gaia series by Anne Bishop.

Design key points:
- She's lankier then the average Tigrean.

- The design on her profile is the most accurate.

- She can either have the wings or the back markings, or a combo. The markings turn into the wings, and she can grow them at will. She can also have just one wing if she wants, in which case she would have one wing and one marking on her back.

- The feathers of her wings are made of ice, but still looks slightly feathery.

- Has sort of a mane thingy of blue hair.

- She always wears the Melody Flute. Please make sure to include this!

Pet Treasure

Restless Malevolent Spirit

Restless Angry Spirit

Restless Sad Spirit

Bookish Jacket

Delicate Sprigs

Frozen Matter

Melody Flute

Artificial Prism Chalice

Ice Encased Narcissus

Collection of Snowflakes

Snowflake Candle


Bucket of Polar Water

Frozen Heart

Ghost Gems

Horrific Ghostly Aura

Magical Arctic Star Potion

Pet Friends

Death's Mistress

The Guide

The Guardian

The Seer