Uthenera has a minion!

Leliana the Noctou

Legacy Name: Uthenera

The Chibi Legeica
Owner: Delirium

Age: 10 years, 2 weeks, 2 days

Born: September 8th, 2013

Adopted: 10 years, 2 weeks, 2 days ago

Adopted: September 8th, 2013


  • Level: 9
  • Strength: 61
  • Defense: 17
  • Speed: 10
  • Health: 17
  • HP: 17/17
  • Intelligence: 6
  • Books Read: 6
  • Food Eaten: 40
  • Job: Kennel Cleaner

CW Hoard - Part One

Updated: August 2023
(ITEM)* - Public Copy/Artist Copy/Raffle Copy
(ITEM)** - Exclusive Release, Public


Black Fountain Pen Shoulder Ink
Discarded Artist Sketchbook
Ankle Thing
Pearl Ankle Pin
Snow Ankle Pin
Lavender Ankle Blossoms
Onyx Ankle Pins
Rose Ankle Pin
Dawn Ankle Pin
Wine Ankle Pin
Peachy Ankle Blossoms
Soft Ankle Pin
Cherry Ankle Pin
Sage Ankle Blossoms
Sunshine Ankle Pin
Purely Extended Olive Ankle Blossoms
Cerise Ankle Blossoms
Mint Ankle Blossoms
Vintage Floral Anklets
Midnight Floral Anklets
White Floral Trinket Box
Prismatic Floral Trinket Box
Memento of Spring
Memento of Age
Memento of Glory
Spilled Nigella Seeds
Gold Moon and Stars Friendship Bracelet
Gold Moon and Stars Friendship Anklet
Playful Papillon Perennial
Sunflower Rabbit Ankle Fans
Lovable Geisha Silk
Stardust Plum Sheer Sleeves
Elegant Elephant Chain
Elegant Elephant Gold Chain
Friendship Bracelet
Spool of Wicked Thread
White Lumi Love Anklet
Gilded Crisscross Decorum
Stolen Amber Beads



Candy Feathered Candle
Griffon Feathered Candle
Pylot Feathered Candle
Noir feathered Candle
Essence of the Red Kitsune
Trickster Fox Tails
Chaotic Fox Tails
Tranquil Fox Tails
Void Black Fox Tails
Spade of Righteous Greed
Spade of Corrupt Greed
Spade of Infamous Greed
Spade of Gilded Greed
Spade of Sinful Greed
Intricate Bunny Pomtail
White Bunny Puff
Black Bunny Puff
Airy Persian Fur
Destroyed Wings of the Dove
Destroyed Wings of the Raven
Bloodied Wings of the Raven
Destroyed Wings of the Galah
Destroyed Wings of the Ostrich
Destroyed Wings of the Sparrow
Destroyed Wings of the Spoonbill
Unproportionally Fluffy Foxy Wolf Tail
Abyssal Devils Tail
Demonic Devils Tail
Joyous Devils Tail
Blushing Devils Tail
Creepy Tail of the Enchanted Rose
Dragon Priestess Mourning Flowers
Eau de Lust
Infamous Demonic Charm
Somber Heartfelt Whip
Sinful Heartfelt Whip
Sorrowful Heartfelt Whip
Bashful Heartfelt Whip
Innocent Heartfelt Whip
Cheerful Heartfelt Whip
Snuggly Fox Floof
Galactic Wing Essence
Enigmatic Wing Essence
Wings of the Disastrous Dragon
Aura Quartz Pop Tail
Humble Wings of the Dove Prince
Lost Trinket Of The Cruel Demoness
Black Fox Belled Tail
Snow White Fox Belled Tail
Brown Fox Belled Tail
Kuro Sakura Fox Belled Tail
Mountain Fox Belled Tail
Ruthless Charmed Tail
Deathly Renouncer Cape



Consulting Detectives Door Knocker
Sunset Wood Guide
Bottled Afternoon Sky
FurFoot Inn
Sunlit Fairy Mushrooms
Moonlit Fairy Mushrooms
Twilit Fairy Mushrooms
Lost Precious Stone
Lone Red Maple
Dismal Reflection of an Enchanted Forest
Branch of the Golden Forest
Branch of the Illuminated Forest
Magical Bottled Clouds
Butterfly Tatami
Autumnal Momiji Tea
Burnt Sakura Branch
Luminous Forest Stone
Badger House Memento
Orb of the Calm Skies
Orb of the Lovely Skies
Orb of the Mysterious Skies
Vial of the Mystical Night
Vial of the Satin Night
Vial of the Calm Night
Fiery Brew of the Potion Master
Glacial Brew of the Potion Master
Mystical Brew of the Potion Master
Soothing Brew of the Potion Master
Vile Brew of the Potion Master
Forest Keepsake Jar
Dreamy Spellbound Lights
Mystical Spellbound Lights
Crystalline Spellbound Lights
Silent Spellbound Lights
Galactic Spellbound Lights
Spellbound Lights
Distant Spellbound Lights
Mysterious Spellbound Lights
Soaring Spellbound Lights
Damned Ritual Markings
Rich Festive Arrangement
Monochrome Festive Arrangement
Calling Card of a Friend
Tiny Floating Platform
Bubbled Sapphire Sprig
Rift Moonlit Crystal Bowl
Moonlit Crystal Bowl
Beauty Moonlit Crystal Bowl
Dangerous Moonlit Crystal Bowl
Cherished Moonlit Crystal Bowl
Celestial Moonlit Crystal Bowl
Heavenly Arcane Tarot Halo
Wicked Arcane Tarot Halo
Celestial Arcane Tarot Halo
Loving Arcane Tarot Halo
Halo of the Infinite God
Halo of the Glacial God
Halo of the Mysterious God
Halo of the Headstrong God
Primeval Idol of Baphomet
Degenerate Idol of Baphomet
Cursed Idol of Baphomet
Pulsating Idol of Baphomet
Morostide Charm Key Ring
New Year Charm Key Ring
Colovaria Charm Key Ring
Amortentia Charm Key Ring
Survival Revelio Charm Key Ring
Vesnali Waddiwasi Charm Key Ring
Lightly Levitating Charm Key Ring
Retro Rose Rise Charm Key Ring
Quiet Autumn Street JPG
Quiet Street JPG
Quiet Summer Street JPG
Quiet Sakura Street JPG
Serene Bokeh Lantern
Mystic Snow Globe
Lotus Medallion
Autumn Stone of the Dwarven City
Mithril Stone of the Dwarven City
Bottle of Captured Night
Natural Tile Sample
Remnants of the Lightning Struck Tower
Grim Sakura Lantern
Dreamy Sakura Lantern
Bloodshot Sakura Lantern
Lightning Sakura Lantern
Tempestuous Pocket Sundial
Sacred Spring Azumaya
Sacred Jade Azumaya
Sacred Spring Koi Ikeniwa
Antique Carved Frame
Smoking Smoke of the Smoky Smoke Halo
Dreamland Lantern
Cherry Blossom Branch of Serenity
Nocturnal Vesuvian Lararium Playset
Dreamy Flowered Crescent Moon
Lagoon Crescent Moon
Hidden Aurous Shrine
Hidden Amber Shrine
Rosewood Frame of Ever-Changing Views
Ebony Frame of Ever-Changing Views
Sparkly Rock
Ethereal Laurel Halo
Dreamy Laurel Halo
Loving Laurel Halo
Stormy Laurel Halo
Proud Laurel Halo
Passionate Laurel Wreath
Rosy Laurel Halo
Book of Necromantic Sigils
Book of Lucimancy Sigils
Devils Crystal Ball
Angelic Luminescent Laurel
Appealing Luminescent Laurel
Aristocratic Luminescent Laurel
Aromatic Luminescent Laurel
Siren Cherry Sprig
Captured Clouds
Celestial Crystal of Memories
Autumn Acorn Toy Village
Trick or Treat Toy Village
Chaotic Slithering Tarot Card
Angelic Slithering Tarot Card
Spooky Kitsune Playset
Kitsune Modern Playset
Autumn Botany Class Memento
Battered Big Clocktower
Glacial Cherry Blossom Halo
Sublime Koi Halo
Grizzly-Held Orb
Noir Hokusai Halo
Tumultuous Hokusai Halo
Murderous Hokusai Halo
Plum Hokusai Halo
Submerged Hokusai Halo
Golden Hokusai Halo
Death Tarot Card
Gothic Sakura Mooncake
Delicate Sakura Mooncake
Lavender Sakura Mooncake
Raspberry Sakura Mooncake
Serene Hut of the Groundskeeper
Hut of the Groundskeeper
Darling Bow Keychain
Circlet of the Cinematic Vulture
Thorns of a Gilded Tyrant
Heart Nebula Planetary Halo Stickies
Neptune Planetary Halo Stickies
Striking Silhouette Cameo
Will o Wisp
Branch of Enchanting Lights
Cringy Urban Memento
Jazzy Urban Memento
Noon Urban Memento
Rocking Urban Memento
Beary Comfortable Blanket Fort
Leaf of Dewy Memories
Leaf of Sodden Memories
Leaf of Teary Memories
Leaf of Cherished Memories
Leaf of Dimmed Memories
Leaf of Murky Memories
Leaf of Treasured Memories
Leaf of Tender Memories
Provisional Head Priestess Carving
Midnight Head Priestess Carving
Elven Lamp of Fading Light
Elven Lamp of Golden Light
Dark Botanical Flourish
Holiday Comfort Book
Exclusive Holiday Party Gifts
Misunderstood Crow Fog
Glistening City Snow Globe
Clod of Light Spring Earth



Assassins Leather Armor
Masculinity Serum
Amorous Dolly Liquid Makeup
Leather Loin Frame
Sweet Peachy Powder
Sweet Rosy Powder
Witch House Blush Festival Flyer
Teen Mag Coverup Tutorial
Armor of Thieves
Gentle Unicorn Figurine
Gothic Unicorn Figurine
Hidden Peony Decanter
Hidden Lotus Decanter
Hidden Elderberry Decanter
Hidden Yarrow Decanter
Hidden Flax Decanter
Hidden Clove Decanter
Empty Sunscreen Flush
Snake of Eternal Life Tattoo
Overalls of the Moonlighting Gardener
Seductive Rose Tattoo
Tonic of Burdening Infatuation
Tonic of Blossoming Desire
Wintery Compact of Dame Noir Perle
Romantic Body Powder
Somber Lullaby Lace
Gloomy Lullaby Lace
Serene Memory Potion Wrap
Midnight Rose Potion Wrap
Sweet Powder Puff
Sincere Powder Puff
Flecked Powder Puff
Bashful Powder Puff
Lavender Tinted Foundation Bottle
Supernatural Blush of the Docile Cherubim
Supernatural Blush of the Companiable Kitsune
Supernatural Blush of the Feral Lycanthrop
Blushing Demon's Blood
Beartiful Floral Romper
Beartiful Sweetheart Romper
Beartiful White Romper
Koalaty Romper
Gown of the Sea Queen
Gown of the Luminescent Queen
Playful Kitty Cone Satin
Super Tasty Body Seasoning Powder
Turtlely Awesome Blossom Overalls
Turtlely Awesome Skeleton Overalls
Turtlely Awesome Black Overalls
Turtlely Awesome White Overalls
Turtlely Awesome Ombre Overalls
Simple Pink Romper



Elven Ear Caps VII
Elf Blood Sample 03
Elf DNA Mutagen Type XIX
Elf DNA Mutagen Type VII
Dark Warrior Ear Cuff
Onyx Rotundus Ear Implant
Flawed Ear Implant 7
Albino Elf Jewelry Box
Mountain Elf Jewelry Box
Wandering Elf Jewelery Box
Dark Elf Jewelry Box
Discarded Black Cross Pendant
Out of Order Dingle Dangle Kitten Tangle
Backup Thievery Tools
Katana Earring Kit
Sexy Earring Giftset
Glittering Silver Cross Gift
Glittering Gold Cross Gift
Sophisticated Double Cross Earring
Rebellious Lovers Earring
Studded Heart Dangle
Studded Cross Dangle
Plundered Chest of Onyx Droopy Doodads
Rebellious Couture Earrings
Piercing Black Arrow Earring
Stylish Serval Bubblegum Drop Earrings
Stylish Serval Sapphire Drop Earrings
Stylish Serval Silver Drop Earrings
Stylish Serval Gold Drop Earrings
Stylish Serval Ebony Drop Earrings
Stylish Serval Amethyst Drop Earrings
Item not found: triple cross mime earrings
Impulsive Ear Piercing Set
Cacti Bling
Pure Spike Bling
Spring Romance Chalice
Sinister Chalice
Wicked Lunar Dangle Earring



Paradox Box
Naturally Pigmented Cream Cake N04
DIY Left Snakebite Piercing
Septum Piercing Painting
Black Slimline Glasses
Cutiepie Macaron Glasses
Lacey Rumchata Blindfold Mask
Enameled Bunny Keychain Lashes
Big Dose of Powdered Vitamin
Ominous Bone Ink
Stardust Rosey Vial Makeup
Narwhal Liner of Purity
Alluring Coal Pencil
Gothic Nose Chains
Antique Scratched Makeup Box
Glitched Airport Fashion Mask
Dusky Mermaid Powder Brush
Mask of the Dead Man
Dazzling Mascara
Rustic Mascara
Vintage Mascara
Gothic Mascara
Bright Mascara
Fae Mascara
Blushing Chubby Bunny Makeup
Midnight Chubby Bunny Makeup
Vanity Cosmetic Makeup
Divine Kitsune Mask
Gilded Kitsune Mask
Feline Brushes
Precious Pigment
Pertinacious Pigment
Sassy Little Blush Brush
Stabby Crimson Shadow
Stabby Amethyst Shadow
Stabby Onyx Shadow
Stabby Snowy Shadow
Mask of Death
Mask of Opulent Death
Mask of Red Death
Drops of Teal Extract
Drops of Amethyst Extract
Drops of Forest Extract
Sparkling Icy Blue Contact Lenses
Sparkling Dark Brown Contact Lenses
Sparkling Black Contact Lenses
Sparkling Green Contact Lenses
Sparkling Diamond Contact Lenses
Sparkling Green Apple Contact Lenses
Sparkling Royal Blue Contact Lenses
Sparkling Pastel Contact Lenses
Sparkling Sweet Strawberry Contact Lenses
Sparkling Mint Contact Lenses
Sparkling Romantic Contact Lenses
Sparkling Lavender Contact Lenses
Sparkling Daylight Contact Lenses
Sparkling Daisy Contact Lenses
Sparkling Spooky Contact Lenses
Sparkling Daring Contact Lenses
Sparkling Mocha Contact Lenses
Sparkling Android Contact Lenses
Sparkling Monochrome Contact Lenses
Sparkling Golden Contact Lenses
Sparkling Frosty Contact Lenses
Sparkling Sweetheart Contact Lenses
Sparkling Cotton Candy Contact Lenses
Sparkling Lime Contact Lenses
Sparkling Sorbet Contact Lenses
Sparkling Sour Lime Contact Lenses
Sparkling Party Contact Lenses
Sparkling Hazel Contact Lenses
Sparkling Verdant Contact Lenses
Trinketed Pencil Blusher
Xoxo Icy Blue Eyes
Xoxo Adore You Eyes
Xoxo Ocean Eyes
XOXO Golden Eyes
Xoxo Cursed Eyes
Xoxo Ruby Eyes
Xoxo Warm Eyes
Xoxo Lovestruck Eyes
Xoxo Peacock Eyes
Xoxo Enigma Eyes
Xoxo Dusty Eyes
Xoxo Merciless Eyes
Xoxo Radioactive Eyes
Xoxo Infinity Eyes
Xoxo Vicious Eyes
Xoxo Salty Eyes
Xoxo Glitchy Eyes
Xoxo Spirit Eyes
Xoxo Fallen Angel Eyes
Xoxo Gunmetal Eyes
Xoxo Lavender Eyes
Xoxo Succulent Eyes
Xoxo Natural Lip Balm
Xoxo Rosy Blush
Xoxo Lush Blush
Xoxo Shy Blush
Xoxo Darling Blush
Xoxo Gladiator Blush
Xoxo Neutral Blush
Xoxo Eyebrow Tutorial
Cutesy Bunny Lipstick
Plum Cutesy Bunny Lipstick
Pink Cutesy Bunny Lipstick
Natural Cutesy Bunny Lipstick
NIghtshade Cutesy Bunny Lipstick
Cappuccino Cutesy Bunny Lipstick
Killer Cutesy Bunny Lipstick
Wine Cutesy Bunny Lipstick
Pumpkin Cutesy Bunny Lipstick
Candy Cutesy Bunny Lipstick
Brown Cutesy Bunny Lipstick
Cheeky Cherry Cutesy Bunny Lipstick
Dusty Cutesy Bunny Lipstick
Fade Cutesy Bunny Lipstick
Gilded Cutesy Bunny Lipstick
Golden Cutesy Bunny Lipstick
Jade Cutesy Bunny Lipstick
Midnight Berry Cutesy Bunny Lipstick
Midnight Cutesy Bunny Lipstick
Periwinkle Cutesy Bunny Lipstick
Pink Split Cutesy Bunny Lipstick
Split Cutesy Bunny Lipstick
Cloudy Vision Tarot Card
Cloudy Pink Vision Tarot Card
Cloudy Blue Vision Tarot Card
Cloudy Golden Vision Tarot Card
Cloudy Lavender Vision Tarot Card
Cloudy Black Vision Tarot Card
Cloudy Green Vision Tarot Card
Darkened Cloudy Gold Vision Tarot Card
Oddly Cloudy Glitched Vision Tarot Card
Oddly Cloudy Reversed Glitched Vision Tarot Card
Darkened Cloudy Red Vision Tarot Card
Oddly Cloudy Monochrome Vision Tarot Card
Cloudy Red Vision Tarot Card
Darkened Gold Ringed Vision Tarot Card
Darkened Cloudy Blue Vision Tarot Card
Darkened Cloudy Green Vision Tarot Card
Oddly Cloudy Cinematic Vision Tarot Card
Oddly Dark Red Vision Tarot Card
Cloudy Plum Vision Tarot Card
Cloudy Abyssal Vision Tarot Card
Cloudy Teal Vision Tarot Card
Darkened Blue Ringed Vision Tarot Card
Oddly Catty Vision Tarot Card
Darkened Pink Ringed Vision Tarot Card
Lightened Icy Ringed Vision Tarot Card
Darkened Blue Ice Ringed Vision Tarot Card
Darkened Gilded Ringed Vision Tarot Card
Darkened Steel Ringed Vision Tarot Card
Darkened White Ringed Vision Tarot Card
Maple Cloudy Vision Tarot Card
Sweetly-Brewed Enchanted Essence
Bright Tiny Flush
Shy Starry Lipstick
Coral Starry Lipstick
Merlot Starry Lipstick
Candy Red Starry Lipstick
Rose Starry Lipstick
Night Out Starry Lipstick
Shocking Pink Starry Lipstick
Berry Red Starry Lipstick
Cedar Starry Lipstick
Ginger Starry Lipstick
Raspberry Rush Starry Lipstick
Mahogany Starry Lipstick
Chaotic Giraffe Makeup
Magic Giraffe Makeup
Authentic Giraffe Makeup
Cherry Bomb Matte Lip Cream
Onyx Matte Lip Cream
Hollow Perihelionic Ribbon of the Perpetual Muses
Blush Nosy Diary
Pure Nosy Diary
Insidious Serpent Gaze
Corrupted Serpent Gaze
Desert Serpent Gaze
Purified Serpent Gaze
Blighted Serpent Gaze
High School Crush Lipstick
Blackberry High School Crush Lipstick
White Currant High School Crush Lipstick
Lychee High School Crush Lipstick
Bloody Lip Tube
Mask of Bloody Sacrifice
Squishy Fox Snap Trap
Eye Contour Palette
Lacey Blindfold Mask
Hastily Done Splattered Bloody Makeup
Glitter Drops
Sweetheart Makeup Brush
Edgy Makeup Brush
Purrfect Fattie Cat Moonie Meowscara
Cosmic Kitty Cat Eyeliner and Mascara Wand
Opulent Moon Stamp of the Gray Rabbit
Golden Professional Makeup Kit
Cute and Professional Makeup Kit
Studded Dark Chocolate Makeup Kit
Shaved Dark Chocolate Makeup Kit
Studded Vanilla Makeup Kit
Sassy Vanilla Makeup Kit
Spicy and Professional Makeup Kit
Shroomy Lip Balm
Sweet Sugarplum Lovestruck Lipgloss
Baddy Beauty Mark
Hastily Done Splattered Grim Makeup
Dripping Demonic Tears
Passionate Lovestruck Lipgloss
Sweet Enchanted Blush
Fair High-End Lash Kit
Enchanting High-End Lash Kit
Iconic Fanged Smile
Black Heart Cheeky Stamp
Expired Vampire Tincture
High-End Mascara
Golden Horus Eyes
Clairvoyant Horus Eyes
Golden Sticky Moon Makeup
Darling Dolly Freckles
Luxe Nude Gloss
Dark Brown Mysterious Brow Gel
Gray Mysterious Brow Gel
Black Mysterious Brow Gel
Brown Mysterious Brow Gel
Sparkling Pink Eyeshadow Kit
[itemVintage Snuff Box]
Orchid Unicorn Eyeshadow
Multi Hued Artist Palette



Stud Filled Boot
Squeaky Clean Work Boots
Bow Crossed Black Flats
Bow Crossed White Flats
Bow Crossed Mint Flats
Pure Bow Crossed Flats
Tainted Bow Crossed Flats
Bow Crossed Lavender Flats
Bow Crossed Blush Flats
Bow Crossed Teal Flats
Hermes Winged Sneakers
Hermes Winged Red Sneakers
Hermes Winged Pink Sneakers
Hermes Winged Pure Sneakers
Hermes Winged Blushing Sneakers
Hermes Winged Spirited Sneakers
Hermes Winged Cocoa Sneakers
Hermes Winged Sun Sneakers
Sterile Spiked Heels
Teeny Onyx Oxsies
Teeny Pure Oxsies
Teeny Cutesy Oxsies
Teeny Peach Oxsies
Teeny Lavender Oxsies
Teeny Gray Oxsies
Teeny Nightshade Oxsies
Teeny Strawberry Milk Oxsies
Teeny Spearmint Oxsies
Teeny Sage Oxsies
Teeny Arbitrary Oxsies
Teeny Versatile Lavender Oxsies
Teeny Aquamarine Oxsies
Teeny Couverture Oxsies
Teeny Cerise Oxsies
Teeny Dusted Oxsies
Teeny Fading Oxsies
Teeny Iridescent Oxsies
Teeny Minty Oxsies
Teeny Monochrome Oxsies
Teeny Navy Oxsies
Teeny Romantic Oxsies
Teeny Sakura Oxsies
Teeny Sky Oxsies
Teeny Strawberry Oxsies
Teeny Wisteria Oxsies
Teeny Wine Oxsies
Teeny Prismatic Oxsies
Teeny Sunny Oxsies
Teeny Punk Oxsies
Teeny Golden Oxsies
Teeny Bunny Oxsies
Teeny Coffee Oxsies
Teeny Prisma Oxsies
Teeny Seashell Oxsies
Teeny Plum Oxsies
Teeny Salmon Oxsies
Teeny Fruity Oxsies
Teeny Aqua Oxsies
Overwhelmed Blushing Oxfopus
Overwhelmed Mintified Oxfopus
Overwhelming Peach Oxfopus
Overwhelming Stark Oxfopus
Overwhelming Cream Oxfopus
Brazen Hippocampus Boots
Ghostly Helium Heels
Midnight Helium Heels
Plump Helium Heels
Velvet Helium Heels
Blonde Helium Heels
Blush Helium Heels
Overcast Helium Heels
Hot Helium Heels
Cotton Candy Helium Heels
Mermaid Helium Heels
Sheer Pearl Helium Heels
Prismatic Helium Heels
Sheer Citrus Helium Heels
Oily Helium Heels
Autumn Helium Heels
Pearl Helium Heels
Coral Helium Heels
Honey Helium Heels
Iridescent Helium Heels
Saccharine Helium Heels
Transparent Helium Heels
Mint Helium Heels
Peachy Helium Heels
Sweet Summer Helium Heels
Espresso Helium Heels
Striped Helium Heels
Asteroid Helium Heels
Argentate Helium Heels
Lavender Helium Heels
Lemon Lime Helium Heel
Enamoured Helium Heels
Powder Helium Heels
Strawberry Creme Helium Heels
Midnight Masquerade Helium Heels
Classy Helium Heels
Thistle Helium Heels
Rich Helium Heels
Studded Helium Heels
Puddin Helium Heels
Raspberry Helium Heels
Light Crossed Helium Heels
Pistachio Helium Heels
Dusty Rose Helium Heels
Half n Half Helium Heels
Couverture Helium Heels
Sheer Cream Helium Heels
Auroral Helium Heels
Vanity Helium Heels
Irradiated Helium Heels
Sheer Studded Helium Heels
Princess Helium Heels
Darkberry Helium Heels
Electric Helium Heels
Dusty Helium Heels
Unicorn Helium Heels
Covert Helium Heels
Alien Helium Heels
Interstellar Helium Heels
Moonchild Helium Heels
Roaring Helium Heels
Navy Helium Heels
Cerulean Helium Heels
Glitch Helium Heels
Ice Helium Heels
Lav Helium Heels
Wisteria Helium Heels
Granny Helium Heels
Mauve Helium Heels
Angelic Helium Heels
Daylight Sparkle Helium Heels
Amour Helium Heels
Teeny Half Candy Oxsies
Teeny Sorbet Half Oxsies
Teeny Half Sage Oxsies
Teeny Half Blush Oxsies
Teeny Half Shimmering Oxsies
Teeny Half Monochrome Oxsies
Teeny Half Tuxedo Oxsies
Teeny Half Gray Oxsies
Teeny Half Sakura Oxsies
Teeny Half Fading Oxsies
Teeny Half Periwinkle Oxsies
Teeny Half Mint Oxsies
Teeny Half Onyx Oxsies
Teeny Half Couverture Oxsies
Teeny Half Aqua Oxsies
Teeny Half Seashell Oxsies
Teeny Half Bloody Oxsies
Teeny Half Coffee Oxsies
Teeny Half Prismatic Oxsies
Teeny Half Espresso Oxsies
Teeny Half Mulberry Oxsies
Teeny Half Banana Pudding Oxsies
Teeny Half Soda Oxsies
Teeny Half Oilslick Oxsies
Teeny Half Goldenrod Oxsies
Cutethulhu Magpie Sneakers
Ultra Flirty Pure Shoe Bows
Cute Little Blush Shoe Bows
Pearl Draped Merlot Flats
Pearl Draped Blood Red Flats
Suave Sapphire Heels
Suave Mime Heels
Suave Super Nova Heels
Suave Wisteria Heels
Suave Morganite Heels
Suave Rainbow Heels
Suave Cinnamon Heels
Suave Bling Bling Heels
Suave Necromancer Heels
Suave Amethyst Heels
Suave Crime Lord Heels
Suave Lullaby Heels
Suave Shadow Heels
Suave Illumi Heels
Suave Ballerina Heels
Suave Mauve Heels
Suave Bone Heels
Suave Cream Puff Heels
Suave Midnight Heels
Suave Gilded Eclipse Heels
Suave Deleted Heels
Suave Fashion Heels
Suave Angelic Heels
Suave Delicious Heels
Suave Luscious Heels
Suave Sakura Heels
Suave Watermelon Heels
Suave Tart Heels
Suave Gold Bling Bling Heels
Suave Cozy Heels
Suave Cerulean Heels
Suave Cotton Candy Heels
Punk Playful Lace-ups
Whimsical Graceful Lace-ups
Eloquent Playful Lace-ups
Scholarly White Oxfords
Scholarly Inky Oxfords
Singing Snake in a Boot
Shadowing Snake in a Boot
Questioning Snake in a Boot
Fashionable Sakura Boots
Fashionable Sweet Boots
Fashionable Pink Boots
Fashionable Original Boots
Fashionable Rotten Boots
Fashionable Vanilla Boots
Ombre Astral Shoes
Ombre Golden Shoes
Polka Jet Shoes
Clear Jet Shoes
Crystalline Mime Shoes
Midnight Bunny Slippers
My Green Tea Heels
My Chill Heels
My Tonic Heels
My Plum Heels
My Berry Heels
My Sesame Heels
My Peppermint Heels
My Lavish Heels
My Pomegranate Heels
My Strawberry Cookie Heels
My Stormy Heels
My Lavender Heels
My Juniper Heels
My Honey Heels
My Lemon Heels
My Sheer Licorice Heels
My Sheer Pearl Heels
My Tuxedo Heels
My Rosy Heels
New Cotton Tappers
New Suede Tappers
Ankle Rocker Boots
Navy Toy Heels
Wicked Chained Up Heels
Black Sushi Roll Sock
Boxed Pure Geta
Boxed Despair Geta
Boxed Delicate Geta
Boxed Skyshade Geta
Boxed Passionate Geta
Boxed Elegant Geta
Catnip Snowlady Heels
Ash Snowlady Heels
Fallen Demon Girl Stompers
Deleted Demon Girl Stompers
Patroller Demon Girl Stompers
Rebellious Demon Stompers
Rebellious Twilight Stompers
Plundered Chest of Onyx Stompy Doodads
Simple Moon Flats
Casual Moon Flats
Navy Buckle Brogues
Box of Treasured Flats
Box of Chocolate Flats
Box of Cafe Latte Flats
Alexandrite Infused Heels
Amethyst Infused Heels
Dainty Tied Geta
Magical Tied Geta
Frosted Tied Geta
Golden Tied Geta
Imperial Tied Geta
Traditional Tied Geta
Wandering Tied Geta
Loyal Tied Geta
Turbulent Tied Geta
Lavishly Tied Geta
Fiesty Tied Geta
Berry Tied Geta
Pure White Tied Geta
Empty Tied Geta
Innocent Diamond Laced Heels
Innocent Posh Laced Heels
Innocent Princess Laced Heels
Innocent Desire Laced Heels
Innocent Temptation Laced Heels
Innocent Mime Laced Heels
Innocent Mocha Laced Heels
Innocent Caviar Laced Heels
Innocent Unicorn Laced Heels
Innocent Royal Laced Heels
Flutter Lace Heels
Original Cutie Pashoozies
Pop Colored Eclipse Soles
Pop Colored Snow Soles



Dragon Spirit Companion
Wispy Soft Pink Butterfly Companions
Cracked Vial of Evening Ink
Cracked Vial of Dusk Ink
Dark Vial
Snowy Vial
Light of the Elven Queen
Bejeweled Space Solar Stone
Book of Ultimate Evil
Blood-Stained Book of Ultimate Evil
Cream Frenchie Basket
Lucky Rainbow Bubbles
Nokon Sakana Goldfish
Narutomaki Sakana Goldfish
Tanoshi Sakana Goldfish
Karai Sakana Goldfish
Ikigai Sakana Goldfish
Kyoto Sakana Goldfish
Aurora Sakana Goldfish
Sparkler Sakana Goldfish
Candyland Sakana Goldfish
Kuroi Sakana Goldfish
Hyper Sakana Goldfish
Reactive Sakana Goldfish
Showy Sakana Goldfish
Jagged Ruby Branch
Illuminating Lectern of the Wise Owl
Lighthearted Little Butterflies
Little Batty Friend
Kitsune Blend
Ghost Dragon Mask
Innocent Corgi Companion
Thunderous Kitsune Orbs
Deceptively Cute Puppy Companion
Smiling Kitty Companion
Slow Charging Bunny Lamp
Low Energy Bunny Lamp
Citric Peach Scented Soap
Loving Playful Puppy Paws Friend



Razor Cut Rebel Coiffure
Pumpkin Spice and Mocha Layer Cake
Scroll of Adventurous Locks
Roseate Azalea Hair Clip
Murky Azalea Hair Clip
Autumn Azalea Hair Clip
Strawberry Black Tea Wisps
Purple Tea Wisps
Nutmeg Tea Wisps
Mint Tea Wisps
Strawberry Tea Wisps
Lolly Locks of Chocolate
Lolly Locks of Decadence
Lolly Locks of Sweetness
Luscious Biscuit Yogurt Locks
Lethal Orchid Tresses
Curious Orchid Tresses
White Peony Tea Fox Spirit Locks
Soft Burnt Loose Curls
Soft Red Velvet Curls
Soft Strawberry Curls
Soft Minty Curls
Soft Aurora Loose Curls
Soft Chocolate Curls
Calico Cat Twists
Shadowy Locks of the Nightingale
Silvery Locks of the Nightingale
Auburn Locks of the Nightingale
Strands of the Natural Jackalope
Espresso Brutally Buzzed Locks
Blackened Brutally Buzzed Locks
Platinum Brutally Buzzed Locks
Delicate Platinum Waves
Delicate Violet Waves
Vanilla Berry Cake Strands
Espresso Berry Cake Strands
Ominous Horns of a Beast
Dismal Horns of a Beast
Royal Locks of the Elven King
Cheerful Takeaway Box Strands
Faded Takeaway Box Strands
Sweet Takeaway Box Strands
Forgotten Takeaway Box Strands
Sunset Takeaway Box Strands
Vicious Takeaway Box Strands
Mysterious Takeaway Box Strands
Sweet Dreams Takeaway Box Strands
Bold Takeaway Box Strands
Diamond Shard Strands
Valentine Shard Strands
Tanzanite Shard Strands
Bloodstone Shard Strands
Serendibite Shard Strands
Staurolite Shard Strands
Chrysoprase Shard Strands
Aquamarine Shard Strands
Garnet Shard Strands
Serendibite Shard Strands
Morganite Shard Strands
Biotite Shard Strands
Corundum Shard Strands
Kunzite Shard Strands
Glaucophane Shard Strands
Rutile Shard Strands
Rhodonite Shard Strands
Smithsonite Shard Strands
Rhodochrosite Shard Strands
Opal Shard Strands
Eudialyte Shard Strands
Cracked Gypsum Shard Strands
Diaspore Shard Strands
Pezzottaite Shard Strands
Cymophane Shard Strands
Sugilite Shard Strands
Carnotite Shard Strands
Hiddenite Shard Strands
Citrine Shard Strands
Psilomelane Shard Strands
Brucite Shard Strands
Jade Shard Strands
Adularescence Shard Strands
Andalusite Shard Strands
Goethite Shard Strands
Sinhalite Shard Strands
Rose Quartz Shard Strands
Dynamic Hair Serum
Darling Hair Serum
Euphoric Hair Serum
Pure Hair Serum
Suspicious Hair Serum
Enchanting Hair Serum
Tainted Hair Serum
Electric Hair Serum
Dusty Rose Hair Serum
Glorious Moonlit Strands
Tresses of the Elven Queen
Noxious Tainted Sidecut
Noxious Bleached Sidecut
Penciled In Amaranth Locks
Penciled In Espresso Locks
Penciled In Onyx Locks
Penciled In Auburn Locks
Penciled In Morostide Locks
Penciled In Icy Locks
Penciled In Arctic Locks
Penciled In Mint Locks
Penciled In Milk Locks
Penciled In Candy Locks
Penciled In Ashy Locks
Penciled In Berry Locks
Penciled In Peach Locks
Penciled In Eggy Locks
Penciled In Snow Locks
Sandy Tentacular Waves
Sweet Holiday Pie Strands
Eerie Holiday Pie Strands
Mud Holiday Pie Strands
Espresso Holiday Pie Strands
Plum Holiday Pie Strands
Shimmery Holiday Pie Strands
Cruella Holiday Pie Strands
Puff Holiday Pie Strands
Mint Sorbet Holiday Pie Strands
Savage Holiday Pie Strands
Toxic Holiday Pie Strands
Aurora Holiday Pie Strands
Faerie Holiday Pie Strands
Powder Puff Holiday Pie Strands
Fruity Holiday Pie Strands
Frozen Holiday Pie Strands
Glazed Holiday Pie Strands
Sticky Holiday Pie Strands
Delirious Holiday Pie Strands
Super Sweet Holiday Pie Strands
Rose Holiday Pie Strands
Roseate Holiday Pie Strands
Powdered Holiday Pie Strands
Pudding Holiday Pie Strands
Huckleberry Holiday Pie Strands
Cruel Holiday Pie Strands
Juicy Holiday Pie Strands
Galactic Holiday Pie Strands
Ocean Holiday Pie Strands
Chroma Holiday Pie Strands
Eggy Holiday Pie Strands
Steampunk Holiday Pie Strands
Cerise Holiday Pie Strands
Minty Holiday Pie Strands
Deceased Holiday Pie Strands
Clever Holiday Pie Strands
Gryphon Holiday Pie Strands
Pewter Holiday Pie Strands
Spoiled Holiday Pie Strands
Frozen Berries Holiday Pie Strands
Saccharine Holiday Pie Strands
Lavender Holiday Pie Strands
Slithery Holiday Pie Strands
Semi Deceased Holiday Pie Strands
Faded Holiday Pie Strands
Unicorn Holiday Pie Strands
Cool Holiday Pie Strands
Sweet Mutt Tuft
Smutty Mutt Tuft
Girlish Mutt Tuft
Heroic Mutt Tuft
Sonorous Muse Strands
Florid Muse Strands
Acrid Muse Strands
Mirthful Muse Strands
Cookies and Cream Milkshake Locks
Chocolate Milkshake Locks
Peach Milkshake Locks
Bubble Gum Milkshake Locks
Dainty Milkshake Locks
Devilish Milkshake Locks
Opaline Milkshake Locks
Burgenmeyer Flask Strands
Meringuenmeyer Flask Strands
Mahogonmeyer Flask Strands
Oceanmeyer Flask Strands
Coralmeyer Flask Strands
Coralmeyer Flask Strands
Vanillimeyer Flask Strands
Nightmare Teddy Curls
Adorable Teddy Curls
Frosty Teddy Curls
Quality Monster Milkshake Ponytail
Poison Monster Milkshake Ponytail
Nasty Monster Milkshake Ponytail
Fresh Monster Milkshake Ponytail
Ginger Monster Milkshake Ponytail
Kinky Monster Milkshake Ponytail
Cruel Monster Milkshake Ponytail
Mercury Monster Milkshake Ponytail
Retro Monster Milkshake Ponytail
H2O Monster Milkshake Ponytail
Juicy Monster Milkshake Ponytail
Heavenly Monster Milkshake Ponytail
Tropical Monster Milkshake Ponytail
Frenemy Monster Milkshake Ponytail
Cursed Monster Milkshake Ponytail
Millennial Monster Milkshake Ponytail
Expensive Chocolate Monster Milkshake Ponytail
Blooming Monster Milkshake Ponytail
Vapor Monster Milkshake Ponytail
Frostea Monster Milkshake Ponytail
Daylight Monster Milkshake Ponytail
Grape Monster Milkshake Ponytail
Gentle Monster Milkshake Ponytail
Trouble Monster Milkshake Ponytail
Shy Monster Milkshake Ponytail
Brilliant Monster Milkshake Ponytail
Antique Monster Milkshake Ponytail
Do Crimes Monster Milkshake Ponytail
Powder Monster Milkshake Ponytail
Kelp Monster Milkshake Ponytail
Divine Monster Milkshake Ponytail
Cement Monster Milkshake Ponytail
Fashion Monster Milkshake Ponytail
Bismuth Monster Milkshake Ponytail
Wicked Monster Milkshake Ponytail
Glitched Monster Milkshake Ponytail
Wild Monster Milkshake Ponytail
Mermaid Monster Milkshake Ponytail
Swamp Monster Milkshake Ponytail
Candy Monster Milkshake Ponytail
Infinite Monster Milkshake Ponytail
Sweetheart Monster Milkshake Ponytail
Coffee Monster Milkshake Ponytail
Maleficarum Monster Milkshake Ponytail
Devil Monster Milkshake Ponytail
Ruthless Monster Milkshake Ponytail
Tentacle Monster Milkshake Ponytail
Suspicious Monster Milkshake Ponytail
Luxurious Monster Milkshake Ponytail
Sandy Monster Milkshake Ponytail
Dreamweaver Monster Milkshake Ponytail
Illusory Vanity Shank Cut
Punk Pumpkin Patch Strands
Pudding Pumpkin Patch Strands
Cinnamon Pumpkin Patch Strands
Rotten Pumpkin Patch Strands
Fizzy Pumpkin Patch Strands
Terrestrial Pumpkin Patch Strands
Electric Pumpkin Patch Strands
Poison Pumpkin Patch Strands
Sugary Pumpkin Patch Strands
Semi Sweet Pumpkin Patch Strands
Merlot Pumpkin Patch Strands
Sweetheart Pumpkin Patch Strands
Heartbreaker Pumpkin Patch Strands
Mermaid Pumpkin Patch Strands
Cruella Pumpkin Patch Strands
Magenta Pumpkin Patch Strands
Marina Pumpkin Patch Strands
Snow Pumpkin Patch Strands
Sadness Pumpkin Patch Strands
Mermosa Pumpkin Patch Strands
Sepia Pumpkin Patch Strands
Peach Pumpkin Patch Strands
Couverture Pumpkin Patch Strands
Sandbar Pumpkin Patch Strands
Chewed Gum Pumpkin Patch Strands
Brownie Pumpkin Patch Strands
Dusk Pumpkin Patch Strands
Wine Pumpkin Patch Strands
Dirty Pumpkin Patch Strands
Mulberry Pumpkin Patch Strands
Rose Pumpkin Patch Strands
Mercury Pumpkin Patch Strands
Billie Pumpkin Patch Strands
Rosey Pumpkin Patch Strands
Lemon Pumpkin Patch Strands
Milky Pumpkin Patch Strands
Glazed Pumpkin Patch Strands
Alluring Pumpkin Patch Strands
Loyal Pumpkin Patch Strands
Lavender Pumpkin Patch Strands
Powder Pumpkin Patch Strands
Booming Pumpkin Patch Strands
Zebra Pumpkin Patch Strands
Rift Pumpkin Patch Strands
Strange Pumpkin Patch Strands
Plump Pumpkin Patch Strands
Shell Yeah Pumpkin Patch Strands
Starlit Pumpkin Patch Strands
Sour Pumpkin Patch Strands
Sugar Rush Pumpkin Patch Strands
Cotton Candy Pumpkin Patch Strands
Grape Pumpkin Patch Strands
Eventide Pumpkin Patch Strands
Biscuit Pumpkin Patch Strands
Pastel Pride Pumpkin Strands
Spearmint Pumpkin Strands
Gay Pumpkin Patch Strands
Sea Glass Pumpkin Patch Strands
Glacial Pumpkin Patch Strands
Dawn Pumpkin Patch Strands
Opaline Pumpkin Patch Strands
Pewter Pumpkin Patch Strands
Steel Pumpkin Patch Strands
Salmon Pumpkin Patch Strands
Stormy Pumpkin Patch Strands
Frosted Pumpkin Patch Strands
Cunning Pumpkin Patch Strands
Witchy Pumpkin Patch Strands
Spooky Pumpkin Patch Strands
Seasick Pumpkin Patch Strands
Dreary Pumpkin Patch Strands
Flirty Pumpkin Patch Strands
Valentine Pumpkin Patch Strands
Dubious Pumpkin Patch Strands
Sugar Floss Pumpkin Patch Strands
Iris Pumpkin Patch Strands
Muted Pumpkin Patch Strands
Bro Pumpkin Patch Strands
Monster Pumpkin Patch Strands
Deathly Pumpkin Patch Strands
Terrifying Pumpkin Patch Strands
Night Pumpkin Patch Strands
Summer Pumpkin Patch Strands
Matcha Pumpkin Patch Strands
Love Flowered Pumpkin Strands
Pudding Flowered Pumpkin Strands
Midnight Flowered Pumpkin Strands
Sakura Flowered Pumpkin Strands
Bi Flowered Pumpkin Strands
Electric Flowered Pumpkin Strands
Sweetheart Flowered Pumpkin Strands
Pudding Flowered Pumpkin Strands.
Rum Flowered Pumpkin Strands
Cookie Flowered Pumpkin Strands
Midnight Sunflower Pumpkin Strands
Soft Sunflower Pumpkin Strands
Cinnamon Sunflower Pumpkin Strands
Memorial Sunflower Pumpkin Strands
Milk Tea Sunflower Pumpkin Strands
Summer Sunflower Pumpkin Strands
Blush Sunflower Pumpkin Strands
Elderberry Flutterby Pumpkin Strands
Sweetheart Flutterby Pumpkin Strands
Plumish Flutterby Pumpkin Strands
Autumn Flutterby Pumpkin Strands
Evening Flutterby Pumpkin Strands
Chroma Pumpkin Patch Strands
Retro Pumpkin Patch Strands
Carnival Pumpkin Patch Strands
Licorice Mug Strands
Nightmare Koala Curls
Ghostly Koala Curls
Angel Koala Curls
Aurora Koala Curls
Beach Koala Curls
Blonde Koala Curls
Caramel Chocolate Koala Curls
Perfectly Constructed Ice Cream Locks
Vanilla Ice Cream Locks
Plumeria Constructed Ice Cream Locks
Sweet Liquorice Pandalicious Locks
Panacea Bitten Rum Cake
Faerie Bitten Rum Cake
Famished Fashionista Charcoal Braid
Famished Fashionista Platinum Braid
Famished Fashionista Brunette Braid
Afternoon Electric Razor
Happiness Velvet Cake Strands
Soft Peach Curls
Split Bento Box Strands
Enamored Bento Box Strands
Sweet Bento Box Strands
Lovingly Bento Box Strands
Mysterious Bento Box Strands
Pastel Bento Box Strands
Natural Bento Box Strands
Refreshing Bento Box Strands
Dreamy Bento Box Strands
Chilled Apple Cider Locks
Chilled Sparkling Pear Punch Locks
Chilled Black Cherry Locks
Chilled Spicy Locks
Chilled Blue Hawaiian Locks
Loyal Butterflyaway Strands
Destructive Hollywood Wrecking Ball
Catastrophic Hollywood Wrecking Ball
Burnt Noodle Strands
Chroma Noodle Strands
Icey Noodle Strands
Strawberry Noodle Strands
Monochrome Cotton Candy Floss
Darling Cotton Candy Floss
Precious Cotton Candy Floss
Willow Bough Posy Ringlets
Pensive Memory Vial
Charmed Memory Vial
Loony Memory Vial
Clumsy Memory Vial
Love Potion Memory Vial
Excruciating Memory Vial
Collector Memory Vial
Evil Crux Memory Vial
Spearmint Toothpaste Memory Vial
Exuberant Dinotail
Jubilant Dinotail
Bubble Gum Dinotail
Drunken Dinotail
Luxurious Dinotail
Dainty Dinotail
Sunset Dinotail
Loving Dinotail
Puzzled Dinotail
Luscious Dinotail
Peaceful Dinotail
Celebratory Dinotail
Intrepid Dinotail
Fresh Dinotail
Fancy Dinotail
Angelic Dinotail
Espresso Roll Cake Strands
Black Sesame Roll Cake Strands
Sunset Roll Cake Strands
Salty Roll Cake Strands
Daring Roll Cake Strands
White Sesame Roll Cake Strands
Blue Raspberry Roll Cake Strands
Bold Roll Cake Strands
Dusk Roll Cake Strands
Best Friends Roll Cake Strands
Cherry Bomb Roll Cake Strands
Stormy Roll Cake Strands
Berry Explosion Roll Cake Strands
Caramel Roll Cake Strands
Carnival Roll Cake Strands
Vanilla Lolly Locks
Caramel Wrapped Lolly Locks
Charcoal Guppy Locks
Delighted Guppy Locks
Dusty Horsey Hair
Gelatin Shot Burnt Strands
Gelatin Shot Tasteful Strands
Strings of Soothing Sheet Music
Strings of Sincere Sheet Music
Winter Dollface Locks
Blueberry Dollface Locks
Nightmare Dollface Locks
Licorice Cream Cupcake Strands
Glazed Creme Cupcake Strands
Chocolatey Creme Cupcake Strands
Licorice Creme Cupcake Strands
Vanilla Creme Cupcake Strands
Cordial Loofah Locks
Irritated Loofah Locks
Hellish Loofah Locks
Mahogany Macaron Locks
Vanilla Macaron Locks
Chocolate Macaron Locks
Plum Macaron Locks
Old Macaron Locks
Wicked Grizzly Wig
Malicious Grizzly Mane
Precious Grizzly Plume
Terrible Grizzly Tufts
Tender Grizzly Tresses
Black Snake Nest
Blue Steel Chewing Gum Locks
Nutmeg Chewing Gum Locks
Almond Chewing Gum Locks
Wistful Chewing Gum Locks
Ink Chewing Gum Locks
Joyful Chewing Gum Locks
Sky Chewing Gum Locks
Celebratory Rabbit Locks
Moscato Rabbit Locks
Sullen Rabbit Locks
Autumnal Rabbit Locks
Chopped Retrograde Rabbit Locks
Split and Chopped Rabbit Locks
Chopped Lilac Rabbit Locks
Chopped Mauve Rabbit Locks
Frozen Rabbit Locks
Laborious Rabbit Locks
Bittersweet Rabbit Locks
Romantic Rabbit Locks
Chopped Wheaten Rabbit Locks
Bubbly Gum Chopped Rabbit Locks
Burnt Out Chopped Rabbit Locks
Waimea Chopped Rabbit Locks
Chopped Sugary Rabbit Locks
Harvest Rabbit Locks
Bubble Gum Ribcage Strands
Magical Clever Strands
Magical Puff Strands
Magical Lavender Strands
Magical Royal Strands
Magical Willow Strands
Magical Ruby Strands
Magical Filthy Strands
Magical Pensive Strands
Magical Key Strands
Magical Amor Strands
Magical Moody Strands
Magical Sooty Strands
Magical Odd Strands
Magical Cursed Strands
Magical Duality Strands
Magical Umbrella Strands
Magical Ashen Strands
Magical Fig Strands
Magical Teacup Strands
Magical Cherub Strands
Magical Heartstring Strands
Magical Lucky Strands
Magical Buttery Strands
Magical Obliviate Strands
Magical Every Color Strands
Magical Forever Strands
Magical Mint Strands
Magical Snowy Strands
Magical Airhead Strands
Magical Chocolate Strands
Magical Wicked Strands
Magical Moly Strands
Magical Narcissistic Strands
Magical Candytuft Strands
Magical Sweetheart Strands
Magical Fair Strands
Magical Wacky Strands
Magical Snackbox Strands
Magical Necromancer Strands
Magical Unicorn Strands
Magical Mandrake Strands
Enchanting Grim Tresses
Bewitching Vervain Locks
Bewitching Demented Locks
Bewitching Siren Locks
Bewitching Moody Locks
Catty Cup Coiffure
Cutesy Cup Coiffure
Chocolate Cup Coiffure
Disaster Cup Coiffure
Box of Inky Hairpins
Treasured Lock of Lilac Hair
Treasured Lock of Ashy Hair
Treasured Lock of Black Hair
Treasured Lock of Mahogany Hair
Treasured Lock of Darling Hair
Treasured Lock of Midday Hair
Prickly Rose Quartz Locks
Lolita Noir Locks
Lolita Strawberry Locks
Lolita Blonde Locks
Yogurt Gelato Locks
Fig Gelato Locks
Inky Gelato Locks
I Do Declare White Bear Hair
I Do Declare Blonde Bear Hair
I Do Declare Scarlet Bear Hair
I Do Declare Bucolic Bear Hair
Milky Bubble Gum Locks
Sugar Bubble Gum Locks
Pop Bubble Gum Locks
RomCom Bubble Gum Locks
Lavender Bubble Gum Locks
Ice Cream Bubble Gum Locks
Frosty Bubble Gum Locks
Coconut Chewing Gum Locks
Neptune Planetary Buns
Earth Planetary Buns
Cyberspace Planetary Buns
Devoted Cultist Strands
Raspberry Forsaken Locks
Hair-Wrapped Craft Headset
Hair-Wrapped Miner Headset
Flirtatious Edgy Bun
Flirtatious Summer Bun
Flirtatious Sweet Bun
Flirtatious Sparkling Bun
Flirtatious Celebration Bun
Black Solitary Sealed Locks
Brunette Sneaky Snaky Strands
Caring Sneaky Snaky Strands
Inky Sneaky Snaky Strands
Cherry Bomb Sneaky Snaky Strands
Hopeful Sneaky Snaky Strands
Raspberry Sneaky Snaky Strands
Chestnut Princess Plait
Crimson Princess Plait
Licorice Pupster Frappe Locks
Cranberry Pupster Frappe Locks
Onyx Diviner Locks
Rose Quartz Diviner Locks
Lavender Quartz Diviner Locks
Pink Danburite Diviner Locks
Taaffeite Diviner Locks
Smoky Quartz Diviner Locks
Marbled Diviner Locks
Delirious Diviner Locks
Red Agate Diviner Locks
Lepidolite Diviner Strands
Glitchy Diviner Locks
Feldspar Diviner Locks
Opaline Diviner Locks
Pink Pearl Diviner Locks
Dusty Rose Waffled Up Locks
Snowy Waffled Up Locks
Plum Waffled Up Locks
Licorice Waffled Up Locks
Espresso Waffled Up Locks
Delirious Waffled Up Locks
Lavender Waffled Up Locks
Fruity Waffled Up Locks
Soft Waffled Up Locks
Chai Waffled Up Locks
Violent Violet Waffled Up Locks
Berry Waffled Up Locks
Problem Child Waffled Up Locks
Bloody Waffled Up Locks
Sunglow Waffled Up Locks
Lap Cat Cut
Indoors Cat Cut
Kitty Cat Cut
Crimson Cat Cut
Purebred Cat Cut
Royal Cat Cut
Black Cat Cut
Rolling Licorice Waves
Rolling Blueberry Waves
Rolling Cinnamon Waves
Rolling Lemon Waves
Rolling Peach Bun Waves
Rolling Plum Waves
Rolling Strawberry Waves
Irish Coffee Break Tail
Con Panna Coffee Break Tail
Dark Roasted Coffee Break Tail
Chai Coffee Break Tail
Romantic Auburn Side Curls
Romantic Midnight Side Curls
Romantic Coral Side Curls
Romantic Cream Side Curls
Strands of the Melancholy Forest Maiden
Strands of the Tranquil Forest Maiden
Puppylicious Sable Locks
Puppylicious Locks
Nightly Strands of the Curious Kitten
Eternal Nostalgia Locks
Adorable Nostalgia Locks
Innocent Nostalgia Locks
Grieving Nostalgia Locks
Grieving Nostalgia Strands
Scrumptious Sweetie Strands
Minty Sweetie Strands
Despair Sweetie Strands
Rosey Sweetie Strands
Tai Chi Braid
Tai Chi Locks
Vacation Crystal Butterfly Tresses
Manic Crystal Butterfly Tresses
Nightmare Crystal Butterfly Tresses
Warped Crystal Butterfly Tresses
Colorless Crystal Butterfly Tresses
Euphoric Crystal Butterfly Tresses
Loving Crystal Butterfly Tresses
Awakened Crystal Butterfly Tresses
Tormented Crystal Butterfly Tresses
Tranquil Crystal Butterfly Tresses
Corrupted Crystal Butterfly Tresses
Steel Crystal Butterfly Tresses
Sakura Crystal Butterfly Tresses
Tropical Crystal Butterfly Tresses
Bleached Crystal Butterfly Tresses
Protective Crystal Butterfly Tresses
Weathered Crystal Butterfly Tresses
Poisoned Crystal Butterfly Tresses
Sesame Macaron Curls
Choco Macaron Curls
Espresso Macaron Curls
Jar of White Chocolate Biscuit Locks
Chocolate Love Note Pigtails
Beloved Love Note Pigtails
Ruthless Love Note Pigtails
Innocent Love Note Pigtails
Sweet Love Note Pigtails
Passionate Love Note Pigtails
Composed Love Note Pigtails
Tidal Love Note Pigtails
Tender Love Note Pigtails
Split Love Note Pigtails
Divine Love Note Pigtails
Angelic Love Note Pigtails
Blackest Black Strands Princess Hairbrush
Pink Tipped Strands Princess Hairbrush
White Strands Princess Hairbrush
Sugar Creme Strands Princess Hairbrush
Espresso Strands Princess Hairbrush
Grape Princess Hairbrush Strands
Fruit Punch Princess Hairbrush Strands
Galactic Strands Princess Hairbrush
Bubblegum Strands Princess Hairbrush
Berries Princess Strands Hairbrush
Fire Princess Hairbrush Strands
Smoothie Strands Princess Hairbrush
Sunset Strands Princess Hairbrush
Raspberry Strands Princess Hairbrush
Mermaid Princess Strands Hairbrush
Stormy Princess Hairbrush Strands
Platinum Shaved Palette
Innocent Rose Shaved Palette
Midnight Shaved Palette
Sultry Shaved Palette
Honey Dipped Shaved Palette
Espresso Shaved Palette
Raspberry Tea Shaved Palette
Rockin Blush Shaved Palette
Docile Ebony Tails
Docile Mahogany Tails
Mysterious Milk Bubble Tea Strands
Lychee Milk Bubble Tea Strands
Strawberry Milk Bubble Tea Strands
Submissive Floral Vase Wisps
Ornamental Floral Vase Wisps
Euphoric Floral Vase Wisps
Endearing Floral Vase Wisps
Dark Hot Cocoa Locks
Sweet Elderberry Frosted Wisps
Sweet Sugarlush Frosted Wisps
Sweet Apricot Frosted Wisps
Sweet Cotton Candy Frosted Wisps
Sweet Truffle Frosted Wisps
Sweet Watermelon Frosted Wisps
Ebony Bottled Bamboo Bun Strands
Brunette Bottled Bamboo Bun Strands
Artful Coal Locks
Artful Amaranth Locks
Artful Isabelline Locks
Artful Rust Locks
Artful Tuscan Locks
Artful Wenge Locks
Sweet Peach Dolly Curls
Blood Locks of the Cobra
Soft Rose Curls of the Snake
Bublegum Waves of the Snake
Tropical Waves of the Snake
Bloody Skeletal Locks
Conflicted Skeletal Locks
Dreadful Skeletal locks
Hazy Skeletal Locks
Hazelnut Iced Scone Strands
Friendly Tadpole Tresses
Crowned Locks of Desperation
Crowned Locks of Hallucination
Crowned Locks of Determination
Crowned Locks of Elation
Crowned Locks of Adaptation
Crowned Locks of Migration
Crowned Locks of Hesitation
Crowned Locks of Inspiration
Crowned Locks of Restoration
Crowned Locks of Exploration
Crowned Locks of Intimidation
Crowned Locks of Adoration
Crowned Locks of Celebration
Crowned Locks of Contemplation
Crowned Locks of Foundation
Crowned Locks of Infatuation
Crowned Locks of Isolation
Crowned Locks of Procrastination
Crowned Locks of Reincarnation
Crowned Locks of Purification
Crowned Locks of Mutation
Flaming Ojou Strands
Evil Locks of the Kitty Head
Natural Locks of the Kitty Head
Aishiteru Hime Lotus Locks
Songstress Hime Lotus Locks
Peerless Thief Braid
Peerless Observer Braid
Chestnut New Age Undercut
Very Romantic Locks
Bleach Faded Tropical Teal Locks
Bleach Faded Blazing Red Locks
Bleach Faded Sooty Black Locks
Bleach Faded Candy Pink Locks
Stunning Red Side Cut
Stunning Purple Side Cut
Stunning Blue Side Cut
Messy Hipster Bun
Radioactive Freeze Pop Locks
Creamy Freeze Pop Locks
Espresso Freeze Pop Locks
Bottled Strands of Wisdom
Bottled Strands of Purity
Bottled Strands of Tranquility
Blackberry Sorbetto Swirls
Devout Locks of the Fire Priestess
Scorned Locks of the Secretive Handmaiden
Cherry Scented Tea Bag Strands
Inky How Many Licks Locks
Espresso How Many Licks Locks
Opal How Many Licks Locks
Vanilla How Many Licks Locks
Plum How Many Licks Locks
Ivory Hair-Wrapped Alpaca
Roseate HairWrapped Alpaca
Serene Doll Hair Ribbon
Heavenly Prismatic Raccoon Curls
Tangled Antique Cherry Brush
Locks of a Melancholy Spring
Poet Pretty Boy Haircut
Vain Princess Locks
Dreamy Princess Locks
Solemn Princess Locks
Stubborn Princess Locks
Mystical Princess Locks
Delectable Poppy Locks
Black Sanguine Strands
Cruelest Sanguine Strands
Chocolate Sanguine Strands
Red Sanguine Strands
Dependable Sanguine Strands
Sentimental Sanguine Strands
Sweet Sanguine Strands
Couverture Sanguine Strands
Nostalgic Keepsake Locks
Precious Keepsake Locks
Inoculating Syringe Strands
Venomous Syringe Strands
Glowing Puppy Twists
Veiled Rose Bundled Locks
Marvelous Pastry Locks
Hopeful Kitty Locks
Dense Kitty Locks
Milky Kitty Locks
Better With Cookie Butter Curls
Pumpkin Raygun Rays
Wicked Raygun Rays
Dark Amewsing Wisps
Pure Amewsing Wisps
Bold Amewsing Wisps
Desirable Amewsing Wisps
Kind Amewsing Wisps
Black Mannequin Mane
Sidewalk Chalk Mannequin Mane
Amaranthine Imperial Kitty Twists
Birthday Cake Butterfly Balloon Wisps
Peach Butterfly Balloon Wisps
Ectoplasmic Apparition Wisps
Hamburger Bun Teacup Strands
Hot Cross Bun Teacup Strands
Black Sesame Bun Teacup Strands
Honey Bun Teacup Strands
Bunilla Teacup Strands
Petite Teapup Mixed Berry Strands
Petite Teapup Earl Grey Strands
Petite Teapup Espresso Strands
Petite Teapup Refreshing Strands
Petite Teapup Creme Strands
Petite Teapup Peachy Strands
Petite Teapup Lavender Strands
Petite Teapup Cloudy Strands
Petite Teapup Jasmine Strands
Voluminous Charcoal Tresses
Voluminous Plum Tresses
Voluminous Chocolate Tresses
Voluminous Ginger Tresses
Cream Enlightened Locks
Plum Rice Ball Strands
Sweet Licorice Adorned Curls
Boo Milk Chocolate Hair
Boo Minty Hair
Boo Sweetie Hair
Heavenly Velvet Raccoon Curls
Bonfire Tousle
Mysterious Tousle
Cathedral Stained Glass
Smoking Hot Inflamed Locks
Bonfire Inflamed Locks
Fatal Flamingo Fringe Friend
Happy Hedgehog Shave
Espresso Warrior Sidecut
Shifty Pazuzu Strands
Mad Pazuzu Strands
Bruised Pazuzu Strands
Volatile Jeweled Strands
Nebula Jeweled Strands
Dismal Jeweled Strands
Enchantress Jeweled Strands
Truffle Jeweled Strands
Resentful Jeweled Strands
Espresso Jeweled Strands
Tormented Jeweled Strands
Empress Jeweled Strands
Gilded Jeweled Strands
Consort Jeweled Strands
Forgiving Jeweled Strands
Strands of the Cool Moth
Soft Cotton Candy Locks
Peach Cotton Candy Locks
Sadness Cotton Candy Locks
Darkened Servant of Asmodeus Strands
Lustful Servant of Asmodeus Strands
Pure Servant of Asmodeus Strands
Tainted Servant of Asomdeus Strands
Melodic Guzheng Twists
Ancient Guzheng Twists
Innocent Guzheng Twists
Restorative Guzheng Twists
Copycat Guzheng Twists
Regal Guzheng Twists
Wisp of Sneaky Perennial Waves
Wisp of Salty Perennial Waves
Wisp of Scrumptious Perennial Waves
Wisp of Serendipitous Perennial Waves
Wisp of Scintillating Perennial Waves
Wisp of Sentimental Perennial Waves
Deep Space Buns
Harvest Botanical Bunny Swirls
Licorice Whipped Locks
Caramel Chocolate Snowman Locks
Taffy Chirping Strands
Dark Chocolate Draconis Wisps
Serene Draconis Wisps
Tranquil Draconis Wisps
Magical Magnifying Strands
Midnight Chubby Bunny Tresses
Entwined Decaying Dango Tea Set
Soft Sherbet Curls of the Snake
Calm Locks of the Snake
Sweetheart Pudding Strands
Creamy Stellar Pudding Strands
Cruel Hot Hair Balloon
Twisted Hot Hair Balloon
Fiery Hot Hair Balloon
Cookie Hot Hair Balloon
[item="Venomous Hot Hair BalloonItem not found: espresso
Cerulean Town Love Lock
Dark Matter Love Lock
Candy Melon Love Lock
Crushed Love Lock
Frenetic Love Lock
Intergalactic Love Lock
Retrograde Love Lock
Sweetie Love Lock
Adorable Love Lock
Curdled Milk Love Lock
Tarty Love Lock
Sweetie Pie Love Lock
Wacky Love Lock
Hot Honey Love Lock
Psychotic Love Lock
Gingered Love Lock
Sleepy Teal Corgi Locks
White as Snow Corgi Locks
Inky Black Corgi Locks
Item not found: purple amethyst corgi locks
Glistening Ocean Blue Corgi Locks
Toxic Green Apple Corgi Locks
Cosmic Rose Bud Cherry Corgi Locks
Espresso Corgi Locks
Berry Ram Locks
Gemtastic Caves Teeter Tied Locks
Ethereal Apparition Wisps
Gorgeous Paper Star Locks
Licorice Sticky Caramel Locks
Vanilla Sticky Caramel Locks
Mod Porcelain Doll Curls
Wounded Locks of the Celtic Lover
Grieving Locks of the Celtic Lover
Blue Raspberry Delicacy Strands
Espresso Delicacy Strands
Licorice Delicacy Strands
Chocolate Kit-Tea Strands
Cranberry Kit-Tea Strands
Cranberry Kit-Tea Strands
Comforting Blueberry Waves
Comforting Licorice Waves
Comforting Tangerine Waves
Dismal Bottled Ocean Waves
Natural Bottled Ocean Waves
Sunshine Bottled Ocean Waves
Merlot Pour Decisions Tuft
Plainly Ornamented Strands
Plum Scented Tea Bag Strands
Twisty Pinned Hair
Whipped Up Rum Raisin Yogurt
Whipped Up Candy Floss Yogurt
Candy Coated Strands of the Clueless Kitty
Uber-Vicious Black Kitty Tail

(cont. on Part 2)

Pet Treasure

Pet Friends