Dreakor has a minion!

the Emancipate

Legacy Name: Dreakor

The Custom Reborn Magnus
Owner: HPY

Age: 13 years, 7 months, 2 weeks

Born: March 7th, 2007

Adopted: 13 years, 7 months, 2 weeks ago (Legacy)

Adopted: March 7th, 2007 (Legacy)

Pet Spotlight Winner
November 14th, 2019


  • Level: 436
  • Strength: 469
  • Defense: 447
  • Speed: 432
  • Health: 445
  • HP: 404/445
  • Intelligence: 796
  • Books Read: 780
  • Food Eaten: 0
  • Job: Analytic Methodologist

"Captain Dreakor! We're ready to sail!"

The Magnus turned his head 1st Mate, giving him a nod to raise the anchor and pull away from the harbor. Once again, his proud ship would sail the southern seas in search of bountiful treasures. With pride the captain stood at the bow, gazing over the vast and seemingly endless ocean. He felt the spray hit his face, the air tasting of salt. Underneath his feet the waves broke whenever the water hit the wood, the vessel rocking slightly in the calm sea.

While he was still young for a dragon, he had commandeered many ships already and the treasures he kept hidden away in his home would have lasted him at least a good hundred years. Still he needed more, wanted more. What good was a retired pirate? The ocean kept calling him; the sweet, sweet siren's call of adventure. Only here, on his mighty ship, did he feel truly alive.The young magnus inhaled, the fresh breeze toying with the feather on top of his tricorne hat. Then he heard another shout, this time coming from the Swabbie sitting in the crow's nest. A smile split Dreakor's face, showing row upon row of sharp dragon teeth. A ship had been sighted. A merchant's ship full of the promise of bounty. This would be a good day."I must be going. A Dragon's work is never done! Do not be offended if I do not invite you back. I am, of course, a Pirate. We do not make the best hosts. You are welcome to admire my treasure and achievements from afar, but be warned NO touching. Or I shall HAVE TO EAT YOU!"ROAR!!!!

Story by Moran
Proofreading by Pureflower
Petpage created by HPY
background image from clip Art Graphics
Both bust and full body art overlays by Ankoku

Pet Treasure

Pirate Rum

Arctic Pirate Map

Dangerous Pirate Map

Desert Pirate Map

Riverside Pirate Maps

Riverside Pirate Maps

Ocean Navigation

Ghost Ship Ledger

Jabbering Skull

Wooden Ledger

Desert Pirate Map

Cursed Copper Doubloon

Gold Special Coin

Blue Special Coin

Cannons for Scallywags


Raw Obsidian

Dinghy in a Bottle

Precious Gems of Discord

Pirate Treasure Chest

Physical Tear Crystal

Ice Tear Crystal

Rainyday Desert Rose Earrings

Vesnali Coin

Stolen Aztec Coin

Amethyst Stone

Silver Laurel

Simple Silver Wedding Band

Silver Coin

White Mini Jeweled Crown

Handful Of Beads

Tiny Gold Crown

Orange String of Beads

Pink String of Beads

Purple String of Beads

Yellow String of Beads

Shinwas Bracelet Shard 1

Shinwas Bracelet Shard 2

Shinwas Bracelet Shard 3

Shinwas Bracelet Shard 4

Shinwas Bracelet Shard 5

Blue Mini Jeweled Crown

Item Hunters Crown

Small Gold Mouse Trinket

Dusk Chelon Gem

Green Drake Gem

Field Chelon Gem

Green Coda Caves Crystal

Swirly Pale Gold Engagement Ring

Kora Gem of Power

Orange Coda Caves Crystal

Red Coda Caves Crystal

White Coda Caves Crystal

Yellow Coda Caves Crystal

Blue Drake Gem

Common Chelon Gem

Arid Chelon Gem

Dark Crystal Shard

Solid Gold Bird Trinket

Strange Gold Fish Trinket

Strange Gold Wave Wing Relic

Swirly Pale Gold Engagement Ring

Fiery Rings

Golden Mahar Earring

Illumis Arid Ring

Nuclear Mahar Ring

Ring of Earth Ward

Ring of Fire Ward

Ring of Water Ward

Red Drake Gem

Black Coda Caves Crystal

Blue Coda Caves Crystal

Blue Doubloon

Green Doubloon

Silver Doubloon

Gold Doubloon

Counteraim Ring

Nori Bracelet

Platinum Bracelet of Mass Subjugation

Fairy Bracelet

Shimmery Necklace

Blue String of Beads

Red Doubloon

Purple Doubloon

Pink Doubloon

Dream Coda Caves Crystal

Rainbow Gems

Identifiers Assorted Gems

Shadow Gem

Sun Gem

Colorful Gemstone

Raw Opal

Raw Sapphire

Green String of Beads

Large Gold Wing Relic

Elegant Amethyst Tiara

Field Pearl

Mother of Pearl

Tiny Emerald Crown

Raw Opal

Gold Strawberry Trinket

Elegant Crystal Tiara

Raw Sapphire

Raw Spinel

Tiny Amethyst Crown

Tiny Topaz Crown

Bloodred Pearl

Raw Diamond

Dusk Pearl



Guardian of Clubs

Love Story


Zodiac Dragon Spirit

Ice Dragon

Ice Dragon Plushie

Mystical Leafy Sea Dragon

Tiny Ruby Crown

Elegant Gold Tiara

Elegant Onyx Tiara

Gold Meditating Bear Trinket

Gold Moon Relic

Gold Nest Trinket

Gold Pear Trinket

Gold Rose Trinket

Gold Spoon

Gold Steer Horn

Gold Stump Trinket

Gold Sun Relic

Gold Trinket Box

Golden Amulet

Golden Mask Beads

Gold Leaf Trinket

Gold Laurel

Elegant Silver Tiara


Damaged Gold Leaf Box

Delicate Gold Feather Trinket

Delicate Gold Leaf Trinket

Elegant Gold Tiara

Gold Avocado Trinket

Gold Coated Shell

Gold Crescent Moon Relic

Gold Dust

Gold Flower Trinket

Golden Monster Hand Chalice

Pet Friends