Kangin has a minion!

the Reva

Legacy Name: Kangin

The Glacier Mahar
Owner: Paula

Age: 8 years, 11 months, 4 weeks

Born: July 22nd, 2015

Adopted: 1 year, 4 months, 2 days ago

Adopted: March 19th, 2023

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  • Level: 27
  • Strength: 67
  • Defense: 65
  • Speed: 66
  • Health: 65
  • HP: 65/65
  • Intelligence: 31
  • Books Read: 31
  • Food Eaten: 0
  • Job: Envelope Sealer


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- - - Part I - - -

In the desolate land of Arctic Frost, where snow-covered plains stretched as far as the eye could see, Kangin roamed alone. Once the charismatic chief of a notorious thieves gang, he now bore the weight of exile, accused of unforgivable crimes. The bitter cold gnawed at his bones, a constant reminder of his isolation.

Kangin knew he was a marked man, wanted dead or alive by Vos, a vengeful figure consumed by a thirst for revenge. Vos, once Kangin's most trusted ally, now harbored an intense hatred for the exiled thief. Yet, Kangin's spirit remained unbroken. He was determined to make a comeback, regardless of the obstacles that stood in his way.
His first target was Shouto, the one who had taken his place as leader of the gang. Kangin believed that the young upstart lacked the wit and cunning necessary to lead their band of misfits. With a devious glint in his eyes, Kangin plotted to reclaim his position, using insults, sass, and banter as his weapons of choice.
But not everyone desired Kangin's demise. Tel, a loyal member of the gang, yearned for forgiveness and the chance to see Kangin reinstated. Tel knew that Kangin's actions, while questionable, had sometimes been necessary in their line of work. Tel dreamt of the day when Kangin would return, a redeemed and revered leader.
Ichi, a shrewd and discerning comrade, saw the value in Kangin's methods. Believing that Kangin had done what was required to ensure their survival, Ichi stood firm in his support. He trusted Kangin's instincts and knew that their gang needed his strategic mind to thrive.

Meanwhile, Talryn, a relentless law enforcement officer, was on a mission to bring Kangin to justice. Driven by a sense of duty and righteousness, Talryn vowed to arrest the exiled thief for his crimes. The chase between them was a never-ending game of cat and mouse, with Kangin always one step ahead.

- - - Part II - - -

As Kangin ventured deeper into the Arctic Frost, his mind began to teeter on the edge of sanity. The isolation and biting cold gnawed at his psyche, whispering doubts and taunting him with visions of his past deeds. But Kangin refused to succumb to madness. He steeled himself, finding solace in the memories of his former glory.
One frostbitten evening, Kangin stumbled upon a small abandoned cabin, a refuge from the unforgiving elements. As he sought shelter within its walls, a fire crackling in the hearth, he allowed himself a moment of respite. It was there, in the solitude of that humble sanctuary, that he began to plan his grand return.

With Vos still thirsting for his blood and Shouto sitting upon the stolen throne, Kangin knew he had to be cunning and meticulous in his approach. He honed his skills, sharpening his mind like a finely crafted blade. Insults, sass, and banter became his arsenal, ready to disarm his adversaries with their biting wit.

In his solitude, Kangin practiced the art of manipulation, plotting to turn the tide of favor back in his favor. He sent carefully crafted messages, planting seeds of doubt within the gang's ranks, sowing discord and discontent. His goal was to weaken Shouto's grip on leadership and create an opening for his triumphant return.

Tel, the one who longed for Kangin's redemption, became Kangin's secret ally. They exchanged coded letters, their words filled with hidden meanings, subtly influencing the gang's dynamics. Tel tirelessly advocated for Kangin's cause, his loyalty unwavering despite the doubts that lingered within their ranks.

But Kangin's path to redemption was not without obstacles. Talryn, the tenacious law enforcement officer, relentlessly pursued him through the icy wilderness. With every step, Talryn grew closer, the chase intensifying with each passing day. The exiled thief's heart raced, knowing that capture meant certain doom.

As Kangin neared his breaking point, a spark of hope ignited within him. He realized that he needed more than just his cunning and charisma to secure his return. Kangin embarked on a perilous quest, seeking a legendary artifact said to possess the power to sway fate itself.

With every danger faced and every sacrifice made, Kangin grew stronger. He fought fierce battles against the elements and the relentless pursuit of Talryn. His journey was fraught with peril, but he pressed on, his determination unyielding.

Finally, after enduring countless trials, Kangin stood before the fabled artifact. With trembling hands, he reached out and grasped its power. A surge of energy coursed through his veins, imbuing him with a renewed sense of purpose and an unwavering resolve.

Armed with newfound strength and his trusted allies by his side, Kangin returned to the gang, his aura brimming with confidence. The dynamics had shifted, the seeds of doubt he had planted having taken root. Shouto, once a usurper, now found himself on the receiving end of Kangin's sly insults and banter.

Tel, the voice of reason, pleaded for unity and forgiveness. Ichi, the unwavering believer, stood by Kangin's side, ready to face any challenge that came their way. And as for Vos, consumed by his desire for vengeance, he watched in stunned silence as Kangin reclaimed his position as chief.

In the end, the Arctic Frost bore witness to Kangin's triumphant return from exile. With his sharp tongue and calculated strategies, he silenced his critics and solidified his place as a formidable leader. The gang, once divided, now stood united under his command, their future bathed in a newfound hope.

But the chase was far from over. Talryn, ever relentless, continued to pursue Kangin, driven by a sense of justice. Their cat and mouse game would endure, a testament to the never-ending struggle between law and chaos.

And so, Kangin, the suave exile in the Arctic Frost, embarked on a new chapter of his story, where his past would forever intertwine with his future. With every step, he faced the daunting challenges that lay before him, knowing that his journey was far from over.

Pet Treasure

Snow Queen Ring

Snow Fairy Eye Makeup

Frost Essence

Special Snowflake

Ceremonial Plane Key

Unstable Fairy Curls

Saheric Sash

Enlightened Orbs

Bundle of Spirit Hair

Pet Friends