Liley has a minion!

Padfoot the Black Cat


The Sun Demi
Owner: Ringo

Age: 12 years, 6 months, 1 day

Born: January 13th, 2008

Adopted: 12 years, 6 months, 1 day ago (Legacy)

Adopted: January 13th, 2008 (Legacy)

Pet Spotlight Winner
March 9th, 2017


  • Level: 636
  • Strength: 1,591
  • Defense: 1,585
  • Speed: 1,587
  • Health: 1,585
  • HP: 1,582/1,585
  • Intelligence: 1,763
  • Books Read: 1735
  • Food Eaten: 0
  • Job: Director of SAI


Birthday: February 17
Collects: Oriental Things
Favorite color: Red
Fan of: Jim the Training Center Guy
Likes: Kendo, soccar, cooking

Liley has a minion!

Padfoot the Black Cat


My family is quite well known. For good things. My father is a successful and highly respected D.I. at Scotland Yard. He's up for the position of Director. My mother played professional women's soccer and helped her team make it to National's. She retired to raise a family and now that we're all grown up and flown the nest she assists in training pro soccer players and is a motivational speaker at girl's schools. I played pro as was well, began when I was 17, and was also quite successful. I made the winning goal at Nationals and was scouted for the Olympics. I'm 26 now, retired, and living off of my lucrative income and advertising deals during my pro days. I was raised in a loving home surrounded by many loving relatives who were also living good, happy lives.

Scorpius, well... His family is also quite well known. Just not so much for "good" things. He's related to war criminals, serial killers, assassins, terrorists, powerful megalomaniacs, rulers of secret underground governments and happens to be the wealthiest and most eligible bachelor in the UK. Did I mention he likes puppies? A very redeeming quality in my mind. He has an eidetic memory and is extremely intelligent. He could have tested out of school early but his parents made him stick it through because he needed some "normality" in his life. Probably true.

We met during my first year at the boarding school we all attended. He's two years older than me, the same age as one of my brothers. Truthfully, I had always wanted to meet him, having grown up hearing rumors and gossip about his family. I was intrigued. Star struck really. That first day of school, I think I scared him. I was quite tall for my age, with long bright red hair, freckles, and a very outgoing personality. Scorpius was not tall, pale all over, and very introverted. I bounced up to him, stuck my hand out and said several things very rapidly that I don't even remember what they were any more. I do remember that he stood there with his mouth agape looking at me like I had two heads. This was quite endearing to my 11 year old self. It took some time, but he eventually warmed up to me. Or I wore him down. Whichever. When I was 15 we began dating. And we've been dating for the last decade... When he took up ownership of an old family property out in the country I even moved out to and rented the cute little cottage on the grounds after I retired, just to be a bit closer to him. Still nothing. I know it's really just a matter of time. I just need to be patient. And ignore the ticking of my internal clock. It's ticking like a time bomb I tell you! So. Much. Ticking... Maybe I just need to take a page from my 11 year old's book and go right up to him and confront him myself. He even has a ring...the idiot...

Liley art by toki_chan

Art and Credits

Credits: Overlay edit, profile and content by me. Art of Liley and Scorpius by Tianaroo

Pet Treasure

Cherry Blossom Plushie

Plum Blossom Tea Set

Book of Cupcakes

Montre Air Freshener


Amethyst Cabochon Ring

Argyle Wrist Pincushion

True Love

Attitude Adjuster

Anger Management Mallet

Stun Gun

Ornate Comb

Elegant Oriental Kimono

Eddie Bell Oishii Handbag


Single Paper Crane

Maneki Neko

Valentines Partners Knot

White Chocolate Rose

Peka-Boo Yoga Set

Sports Bag

Jim Ball

Rose Petal Gym Deodorant

ZWE Replica Championship Belt

Soccer Ball

Hiking Safety Kit

Muffin Man vs. Mister Cupcake

Muffin Man Plushie

Mini Muffin Man

Muffin Mans Toothpick

Muffin Mans Armor

Muffin Man Lovely Boxers

Muffin Mans Oven Mitts

Mini Mister Vampire Plushie

Vampire Rag Doll

Werewolf Rag Doll

Magical Cherry Tree

Sky Lantern

Bonsai Tree

Lotus Dragon


Year of the Rat Plushie

CNY Rooster Plushie

Chinese Fortune God Doll


Fancy Chopsticks


Work Charm

Tanabata Lantern

Fu Accordion Paper Lantern

Blue Carp Windsock

Red Envelope

Japanese Dictionary

Japanese Textbook

Pink Sushi Pajama Top

Pink Sushi Pajama Bottoms

Sweet Petal Tea

Fortune Cookie

Mandarin Oranges



Tsukimi Dango

Hanami Dango


Traditional Teacup

Strawberry-Dipped Biscuit Sticks

Plain Senbei


Square Watermelon

Wasabi Peas


Soy Sauce


Kitsune Udon

Tanuki Udon

Steamed Rice

Toshikoshi Soba

Citrus Carp Dish



Goma Dango

Mango Mochi Ice Cream

Leek Bao


Chinese Take-Out

Tanchu Koi

Baking Secrets

Pink Flowery Kitchen Apron

Baking Starter Kit

Fantine Colored Play Stove

Basic Rolling Pin

Bamboo Measuring Cups

Bamboo Measuring Spoons

Bag of Pure Flour

Carton of White Eggs

Bag of Sugar

Carton of Two Percent Milk

Bamboo Cutting Board

Stick of Butter

Artisan Country Bread

Freshly Baked Cookies

Hazelnut Butter

Feli Cookie Cutter

Telenine Cookie Cutter

Aeon Cookie Cutter

Kanis Cookie Cutter

Complete Guide to Sewing

Sewing Machine

Plushie Makers Kit

Red Seam Ripper

Tomato Pincushion

Hand Sewing Needles


Tailoring Scissors

Box of White Buttons

Sun Plush Stuffing

Curious Hand Woven Afghan

Antique Floral Scrap of Fabric

Red Scrap of Fabric

Spool of White Thread

Spool of Red Thread

White Tailor Chalk

Needle Threader

Adjustable Dressmaker Form

Pet Friends

Boyfriend. Someday things will settle down at his place and it'll be my turn. *grins*

Best friend from school.