Hangman Devil

The Common Experiment #696
Owner: Ravers-Disease

Age: 3 years, 2 weeks, 4 days

Born: December 31st, 2016

Adopted: 3 years, 2 weeks, 4 days ago

Adopted: December 31st, 2016


  • Level: 1
  • Strength: 10
  • Defense: 10
  • Speed: 10
  • Health: 10
  • HP: 10/10
  • Intelligence: 0
  • Books Read: 0
  • Food Eaten: 0
  • Job: Unemployed

The myth of the Hangman Devil has been whispered around the solar system for centuries. You may think she is a phantom of the past, but she haunts not the twenty first century. In the mid 25th and 26th century after the Saturnia Project was deemed to the public as a failure, Earth's resources began to run thin after the hundreds of years of damage that humanities "modern society" dealt to mother nature. It is only natural for every planet to have climate change, and Earth's is one of the most brutal. Tectonic plates shifted, natural disasters occurred and half of the coast of East America was underwater. New York was spared with a giant dam running across the shoreline, but old states such as Florida were not so fortunate. Many places of the planet became poor, sick, and hungry. The news of the failed Saturnia Project was not pleasant on human ears, especially if a family was too poor to escape to Mars or the Lunar Landing. The cult of Jomenech appeared on both planets within the long and painful century, and it was not common for people to go missing or show up dead in a gruesome and inhumane state. One woman that will go down in Saturnian history was Lorelai Aaviskosh, a Russian-American who was captured by Jomenech and ended up escaping (it is very rare for anyone to escape the cult's grasp). Lorelai was generous and kindhearted, and a religious lady. She helped the poor, homeless and oppressed in 2620 Chicago. After her escape from being missing for eight months, Lorelai would preach frantically in the streets and outside of churches about the dangers of Jomenech and the torture that she endured . She became an internet sensation almost overnight, and people either believed her, thought she was crazy or thought she was hallucinating from drugs. Her videos, blogs and pages from all over the web mysteriously disappeared from the web, and every time another one popped up it was taken down. Lorelai raved on another video about how Jomenech had members in governmental power, therefore they were able to hack and control almost everything on the universal web. She tried to get books published, begged to be on the news and on television to warn the people about the cruel and growing cult. Lorelai's ravings went on for two years until she disappeared again. Within a week of her search, she was found in an empty Christian church, hung by the neck in the front of the pews. She was wearing a long red silk dress, and the skin and muscles on her face and skull were peeled clean off. The only thing that remained on her head were her eyes in the sockets and the tongue in her mouth. Long curved horns from an animal were glued to her skull, the same shape of horns that she said the false god Jomenech bore. Investigators say that she died from trauma, not the hanging. Her face and head was flayed while she was still alive. The CIA and SHO (Saturn and Helix Organization) got involved and kept this brutal death from the media, taking her mutation as a warning from Jomenech that whoever is against them and shares their secrets will be executed with no mercy. About four years after Lorelai was found in that unfortunate state, SHO's undercover members in Jomenech began making strange reports to the head of SHO and the headquarters on Nimbus, Saturn. Several Jomenechians began dying in their sleep or in the comfort of their homes. The bodies were studied and all of the death causes were explainable, but the autopsies revealed that the cause of death was from strangling or hanging, even though there were no marks or bruises to the neck. The faces of victims were frozen with severe trauma and fear. The only cultists who were found with mysterious snapped necks were the ones with ghost eye, or members of higher power. The fids and noirbeasts were spared. A few of the cultists were able to wriggle away from the ghost's grasp, and they described her as the most terrifying creature they had ever seen or could imagine. Those with artistic abilities drew realistic sketches of her, and what they saw was shocking. She was large, wearing a red silk dress that was cut down the middle to reveal an empty rib cage. The skull was not human, but shaped like some kind of wild beast with a pointed muzzle, razor sharp teeth, a wicked skeletal grin, a long pink devilish tongue and huge bulging bloodshot eyes from the sockets. Survivors claimed that they would see glimpses of her in their home in the night or briefly see her in mirrors, and that her fingers were also covered in red silk and were at least eight inches long. She would wrap her fingers around their necks like serpents and laugh in their face while they choke to death in terror. After years of the cultists mysteriously dying, the Jomentrecht (the witches of the cult) put their dark spiritual powers to work, it took them almost a year to come to the conclusion that the one to blame for the deaths of their most respected members and those who performed the LPR ritual (Lunar Parish Requiem). The Manuudeius instructed the Jomentrecht to brew up a spell to keep the wrathful vengeance of Lorelai Aaviskosh away. The skin of her face and hair were kept in a mask-like form at the base of a West American coven. They took the DNA from her skin and hair and cloned it for the spell and mixed it with salt, fresh holy blood and other materials. The ingredients were produced and put in jars, sending them all over the world to Jomenechian locations. The Jomentrecht of the covens would then create an alter to keep Lorelai away, which they later named the Hangman Devil. Her name not only came form the fact that she was hung and hangs her victims. One man who escaped her demonic grasp said that she had the souls of tiny naked humans hanging from her horns, and they are eternally struggling to break free. The Hangman Devil is feared among all of Jomenech, but is bound to the planet Earth.

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