Arthur has a minion!

Pepi the Steeko

Legacy Name: Anthur

The Custom Galactic Kanis
Owner: Trickster

Age: 4 years, 2 months, 2 weeks

Born: March 10th, 2018

Adopted: 1 year, 9 months, 1 week ago

Adopted: August 20th, 2020


  • Level: 556
  • Strength: 1,589
  • Defense: 1,396
  • Speed: 1,400
  • Health: 2,450
  • HP: 2,450/2,450
  • Intelligence: 740
  • Books Read: 652
  • Food Eaten: 10
  • Job: Person Who Does The Thing

✦ Arthur is a character designed by Trickster and Nyarlathotep
✦ Akari, Orion and Kazuya are © Nyarlathotep
✦ Overlay by Nyarlathotep
✦ Description/Story by Trickster
✦ Curtains from
✦ Star decorations from
✦ Background art by lolrust
✦ Additional profile art by Nyarlathotep
✦ Profile and coding by Nyarlathotep

Hello! I'm Arthur and yes, the sPs are mine.

General info

NAME Arthur Cinco
AGE 18
SPECIES Dwarf Rabbit
BIRTHDATE March 10th
SIGN Pisces
HEIGHT 5'2" (After Kazuya's hard work to change his diet he is more taller)
EYE COLOR Lavender
HAIR COLOR Peach...Pink?
OCCUPATION High school student
FAV COLOR Red and purplish red
FAV FOOD: Carrot cake (duh)

About him
*Past time

Arthur lived with his family, his parents and his 11 siblings (9 boys 2 girls). All males were named after their father, Arthur, but in addition to a number that designated the place within the hierarchy of male children. Arthur was the fifth male child, so his name is Arthur Cinco. Among his siblings, he was very small so his parents seemed concerned about the weakness of their seventh son and the entire family moving to the city for awhile. During his childhood, Arthur spend much of his time under the care of his mother and two older sisters.

It could be said that, during that period, Arthur lacked the social skills to speak with other children of his age, showing himself as someone silent and vulnerable with his surroundings, it would not be until he meets Orion and later Akari that the little rabbit began to develop an emotional attachment to his two new and only friends and to improve his social skills.

*Present time

Currently, Arthur isn't a silent person, he shows himself as someone outgoing and capable of speaking his mind, reaching the point of being temperamental and emotional. Regarding his circle of friends, he only has Orion and Akari with whom he shares most of the time, especially with the last one.
Also, he can become overprotective with his two best friends, often taking a more exposed role almost like a saviour or sacrifice, which doesn't necessarily lead to better results.

He, wanting to be with his friends, decided to stay in the city while his parents and brothers returned to the family farm. Although he misses his family (especially his sisters, with whom he spent more time), he has tried to cope with the above and try not to worry them, that is why he began to work sporadically in different small jobs outside of school hours. However, for some reason during the academic year his grades began to decline gradually, losing the scholarship with which he remained in the establishment, even if Arthur would still finish the school year, maintains a debt for the semester that the scholarship didn't cover. It's known that he maintains a job that has allowed him to pay the debt, but Arthur doesn't seem assertive in explaining what kind of job it is.

About his hobbies, Arthur seems to have an affinity for swimming, unfortunately in the city he has only been able to practice this hooby in pools closed by the weather, and seems to have abandoned this hobby for monetary reasons. However, he remains active practicing boxing, a sport that has allowed him to gain greater strength and endurance.

In the same way, Arthur has an interest in literature, especially romance novels and fanfictions, he considers himself a dreamy writer but states that he's unable to publish his writings under his name, so he remains anonymous under a pseudonym.

The rabbit has been afflicted by episodes of insomnia, so it is normal to see dark circles in the small rabbit. It's speculated that these episodes could be related to their low school performance but there are no correlative indications between the two events. Arthur doesn't seem to be ingesting any kind of sleep medication but he admited started to smoke since this episodes of insomnia begins.

Art by Cyr


Arthur considers Orion as an exemplary figure, the superstar of ice skating is an inspiration for him even, long before his fame in that discipline. The rabbit seems to regard him as a brother and a figure that gives him stability, especially when he has conflicts with Akari.
Arthur runs the official Orion fan club, under his pseudonym and with a false identity associated with it.

Apparently he met Akari thanks to Orion. They don't have many interests in common and seem to maintain a conflictual tension to get Orion's attention. Anyways, although they seem to have a feud, Arthur worries about Akari, thinking that maybe he isn't ready to leave the bubble in which he lives and be hit by the real world (these are Arthur's words, it does not mean that Akari really lives in a bubble)
Also, the rabbit seems to have an obsession with Aki's soft tail which he usually uses as an element that gives him calm when he was scared or nervous and... as a pillow. About this, even if Arthur can use Orion's tail a as "emotional support element" too, apparently he likes more Aki's tail

Pepi is Arthur's pet gargoyle gecko. It has been accompanying him for a few years as a recommendation to don't feel so alone. Pepi seems to know how to play Uno and likes to climb on people.
He has an obsession with Akari, possibly because considers Aki as a good place to camouflage himself since they're both snow white. Unfortunately the roo considers him a creature full of bacteria, but Pepi insists on continuing to climb his face whenever he has the opportunity
He has never bitten someone and he likes to eat crickets for breakfast.

Kazuya is Arthur's mentor, although is also a father figure and admiration for the young bunny.
His story is very mysterious, for now we only now that he was a butler of a noble family in other universe.
He has taken it upon himself to raise Arthur in a certain way.
Kazuya finally revealed that by chance of fate he met the rabbit at an early age when he was on the brink of death and saved him from that fate, feeling a strange emotion for the little boy, since then the homunculus stayed by his side during his childhood until he mysteriously disappeared.
Arthur doesn't remember much, beyond that he had an imaginary friend, however, after knowing the truth he has begun to remember that time when a mysterious creature of the shadows took care of him in his solitude.

Currently Kazuya calls him son and apprentice. Arthur for his part, calls Kazuya as Kazu and ocasionally father or dad, since he still see him as his mentor. Arthur is trying to learn from Kazuya about alchemy and they seem to have a good relationship.
Unfortunately, some time later, Arthur in his desire to protect his father, summon a powerful seal called Sigillum which is now part of both.
Oh, Kazuya still doesn't accept that Akari is "friend with benefits" of his baby boy.
He occasionally calls Arthur as "snack"

Arbor florescere Sigillum (Sigillum)

A prohibited spell. A powerful seal with the form of a cherry tree that has grown within the minds and bodies of Arthur and Kazuya, after Arthur decided to summon it. Lives inside both, in Arthur as a strange scar on his arm and on Kazuya as a heart.
None of them are the same since that day.


Arthur's persona, have the form of a bunny bubble. Apparently it's a premature image of his heart.
Can turn himself into a big mecha during a limited time.
His name is derivated form Arthur's desire to met his imaginary friend again.Arthur is not able to control it or summon Otomo when he want.
Otomodachi doesn't talk he usually use onomatopoeia to express himself.
Can's a bubble, but he also can respawn later.

The shooting star

The Galactic Kanis

Owner: Trickster

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