Lucein has a minion!

Shade the Myliege


The Darkmatter Antlephore
Owner: Creature

Age: 1 year, 6 months, 4 weeks

Born: December 15th, 2018

Adopted: 1 year, 6 months, 4 weeks ago

Adopted: December 15th, 2018


  • Level: 49
  • Strength: 65
  • Defense: 52
  • Speed: 56
  • Health: 64
  • HP: 64/64
  • Intelligence: 17
  • Books Read: 17
  • Food Eaten: 0
  • Job: Surfboard Rental Clerk

Thousands of tiny white eyes were staring at him, framed in the deepest black Lucein had ever seen. The light seemed to pull towards the darkness and get swallowed greedily in it's empty depths. He watched with mounting horror as his escape routes were closed off, quickly bubbling him underneath the black matter.
There was only darkness.
He growled fearfully, attempting to back away from the approaching wave. Stumbling and staggering backwards on his hooves, Lucein felt a wave of icy cold consume his hind legs. An involuntary screech escaped his maw. The black matter had descended upon his legs and was bubbling forward hungrily, slowly moving up his flank towards his face. As the blackness spread so did his terror. He watched as his soft brown fur was consumed by the dark sludge, helpless to stop it disappearing from view. The curtain void finally reached his muzzle, quickly covering his eyes and nose. Suddenly everything was cold and terrifying, everything was empty.

Lucein's eyes snapped open, his black fur slicked with sweat. The night was mild and the wind drifted softly over his flank, causing him to shiver uneasily. He had been having this same dream since the day he became whatever he was now. His white eyes were wide and alarmed, skimming over his own pelt colors fearfully. He couldn't deny the similarities between his own appearance and those things that consume him in his nightmares.
They were the same things that had come to him on his eighteenth birthday and turned him into whatever it was that haunted him now.
Lucein's eyes narrowed uneasily as he attempted to level his racing heartbeat and steady his thoughts. He feared the Black Matter. But he had felt something else since being cursed with it's touch. He admired it.
He had to admit he felt stronger. His body was more agile. His abilities and processing functions were infinitely more powerful. But a small piece of who he was had slipped away with the darkness, and Lucein feared he may never get it back.
'Perhaps you were not meant to,'
The thought crept into his mind and he felt unsure if it truly was his own. His fur bristled nervously as he contemplated the possibility that this thing could possibly be a separate entity dwelling within him. In favor of being able to go back to sleep that night, Lucein brushed that morbid thought away quickly. There was no need to get himself more worked up than the dream had already managed to. He adjusted his position in his solitary bed, craning his neck over his front hooves and closing his eyes. Once again the darkness descended on his unconscious mind.

Name »

Lucein [Loose-e-en]

Age »


Birthday »

July 2, 2000

Gender »


Orientation »


Alignment »

Chaotic Neutral

Abilities »

Black matter control, strategy

Description »

Lucein is both beautiful and terrifying to look at. He glows with a soft purple light, but within the glow is the darkest black fur you can find. He looks like a dark smudge against most backdrops, only broken up by his vibrant white eyes and the slightly softer toned gray of his chest, pelt markings, muzzle and horns.

Personality »

After being touched by the darkness, Lucein's personality drastically changed. Everything about him took a dramatic shift.
As a young fawn he had been lively and full of energy. His heart was pure and full of good intention. His passion never dimmed and he could always be counted on for some cheerful conversation and encouragement. Until he turned eighteen Lucein's world was bliss.
Since the darkness took him, Lucein has become distant and often appears to be in a whole other universe within his head.
"What hurts you, blesses you. Darkness is your candle."


Hemic is a sarcastic creature with a natural ability to control both water and air elemental abilities. He has changed drastically since turning into a Lasirus, originally being a Lain. He rarely sees Noktis, but enjoys her company greatly when he does.


Confidence and charisma are Thermogenic's natural talents. He is sly and outspoken, and can often be full of himself. Thermogenic enjoys Noktis's sharp tongue and will often go out of his way to see her.


If a thunderstorm could have a personality, it would be Deirdra's to hold. Often contemplative but rough around the edges, she can come off as distant and uninterested. Noktis is one of the few creatures that can make Deirdra smile.


Syiren occasionally likes to make trips down from her mountain, but doesn't usually wander too far from home. She is a very solitary creature with a love for extreme climates, and several others have nearly frozen to death attempting to approach her domain. Noktis and Syiren don't see each other often.


Supersonic is a lovable creature that could befriend anyone in a matter of seconds. She is perpetually happy and good natured with a desire to brighten others lives. She can be a little overbearing to some, but most fall for her charms quickly. Noktis is mostly indifferent to her.


Stitchie was the result of some experimentation in his own personal lab. He eventually became an animated inanimate creature filled with plastic beans and stuffing. Despite his strange new life he considers his secret experiment a great success. Noktis enjoys spending the occasional evening with her brother.


Beautiful and often admired for her soft personality, Sooki's elemental ability to control plants and fauna is often used to bring smiles to the younger animals that share her forest home. Sooki is friends with everyone, and Noktis is often charmed by her.


Sirine is a positive thinker with a cheerful demeanor, making her home in the forest with Sooki. She is often right by the Earth elemental's side. Sirine is possibly the only thing that could rustle Sooki's fur enough to cause a level of protective viciousness, however her time alteration abilities make her a powerful force. Noktis feels fairly protective over her young sibling.


If anger had a face, it would probably be Scylar's snarling hiss, as the most temperamental of her siblings. Her family is fiercely loyal to her despite how unpleasant she can be. Noktis and Scylar have an interesting relationship, with Noktis bringing twisted humor into Scylar's life.


The smell of grave rot lingers in the air around Putridity. As her necromancy abilities flourished, her own body deteriorated over the years. She is constantly patching herself as needed. Noktis avoids her decaying sister like the plague.


Kaleidoscopes is perpetually upbeat, which is either loved or hated depending on which sibling you speak with. Kaleidoscopes pays that no mind, living in her blissful rainbow euphoria with her best friend Festaval. Noktis finds Kaleidoscopes to be fairly obnoxious, but tolerates her anyways.


Gwar used to be a military man, but shifted lifestyles many moons ago. Eventually, he grew to see a higher purpose in the world and his desire to be a part of something bigger. He has left his fate to the cosmos ever since. Noktis often rolls her eyes at Gwar, finding his enlightened behavior annoying.


Graice is incredibly adventurous with an appetite for in the moment situations that often get her into trouble. Noktis enjoys her antics, often encouraging her behavior and getting involved.


Festaval is the other half of the rainbow pack, with a perky personality and a soft heart. He cares deeply for others even if they do not care for him. Just like his rainbow sister, Noktis finds Festaval to be fairly irritating.


Pixiey revels in madness, finding humor in both good and bad actions. She has the ability to see the future and enjoys twisting it to suit her own purposes. Noktis absolutely adores her powerful sister, and they are often seen together.


Dobbie is a slow, friendly fellow. His demeanor is sluggish and often timid. His ability to emit light and use it to his advantage makes him a friend to most living creatures. Noktis is not particularly close with him, but does watch him with genuine curiosity frequently.


Incubis is the master of mental manipulation, able to temporarily input thoughts, images and false memories into any living things brain. Being close with Pixiey, Incubis spends a fair bit of his time with Noktis.


Levyna is a beautiful sight, but can be dangerous when her powers are not under control. She withers living things away when utilizing her abilities. Plants become sunken and crunchy and animals loose a lot of their will to fight. Although her abilities alone do not kill her enemies, the recovery and exposure often does. Noktis appreciates her sister, admiring her ability to deter without directly killing.


Noktis is an interesting creature. Featuring a head on either end and the ability to sway natural luck in either direction depending on which head bites you, Noktis is well known for using her abilities to teach a valuable lesson to greedy folk. Lucein does not know his sister well, but recognizes the discomfort on her face when she looks at him.


Prickled is very intelligent, often found in his workshop creating schematics and contraptions. Although Noktis and Prickled are acquainted, she hasn't spent a lot of time with him personally.

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