Kaido has a minion!

Karupin the Patches


The Nuclear Kumos
Owner: Ringo

Age: 11 years, 9 months, 6 days

Born: October 6th, 2008

Adopted: 11 years, 9 months, 6 days ago (Legacy)

Adopted: October 6th, 2008 (Legacy)

Pet Spotlight Winner
May 18th, 2015


  • Level: 41
  • Strength: 71
  • Defense: 32
  • Speed: 23
  • Health: 30
  • HP: 30/30
  • Intelligence: 369
  • Books Read: 350
  • Food Eaten: 0
  • Job: Head of Adoptions

Birthday: May 11
Collects: Cat plushies and beanbags
Favorite color: Green
Fan of: Miss Maybel Plumley
Likes: Cats, Tennis, Rock Music,
Yogurt, Karaoke
Favorite Word: fshuuuu
Personality: Quiet, reserved, cool.
Scorpius' Who's Who

I like cats. Ya know, not like with ketchup or anything. That's just gross. Naw, I like cats. Those perky ears, that mesmerizing twitchy tail.. It’s just, whoa. Oh yeah… Tennis, that's really good too. Cats playing tennis? I am so there.

I know this really hot red-headed Feli. Her head might be up in the stars a bit, aliens and conspiracy stuff, but can she ever swing a racket once you get her away from that telescope! Seriously a beautiful site. Though, of course, she’s usually swinging it at my head and not at the tennis ball but I’m totally cool with that. These things, they take time. And Band-Aids. Lots of Band-Aids…

I live with an old school mate in this huge ol' house he owns out in the country. I met Hoshiyo through his girlfriend. She's not too keen on me but they say opposites attract right? Because, positives repel?... Yeah, I don't really get it either but it's all good! My parent's recently sent my magic obsessed little sister out here to live with me. Scorpius. has the space. Things are pretty wild and crazy sometimes but maybe Hoshiyo will see how well I handle it all and be impressed by my maturity and control in adverse situations. Yup. Though Scorpius says she probably thinks I'm a nut case just like everyone else here. So, does that mean she likes nuts? Because I like nuts too! So that means we have something in common right? High five for me! Maybe I should get her some nuts as a gift. Do they make nut baskets? Hmmm...

Recently, I've been watching that eHarmony vid. For inspiration you know. And hope. Hope is good. Especially with orange juice.

In the meantime, I do a little volunteer work at the minion market, give some tennis lessons and bide my time. I have plenty. Time ya know. Lots of time…

Credits: Profile, contents and overlay edit by me. Tennis Racket CI by shroomy - Corny by Destiny. Kaido art by Toki_chan. Character design inspired by the character Kaido Kaoru from Takeshi Konomi's manga Prince of Tennis.

Pet Treasure

Sweetheart Feli Plushie

Feli Laser Pointer

Blob Kitty Fangirl Cell Phone

Kitty Head Collar

Snowflaik Costume

I Heart Blob Kitties T-shirt

Dark Green Head Bandana


DIY Rock Star Kit


Magic DJ Box


CD of Ultimate Terror

Nuclear Potion Plushie

Herding Cats

Feli Love Stories

The Big Book of Felis

Kuro Neko San Catnip Toy

Snowflaik Bodyboard

Blob Kitty Fanboy Clip-On Ears

Whiskers of Kittens

Old School Sweater

Cloud Nine Kitty Sticker

Chubby Cocoa Feli Sticker

Spiffy Cardboard Box

Kitty Bonanza Basket

Licorice Snowflaik

Lovely Frosted Kitty Cookie

Chocolate Maliss

Feli Inflatable Decoration

Cat Pumpkin Fake Candle

Black Cat Candy Bucket

Black Cat Succulent

Broken Maliss Ornament

Kitty Fruit Keychain

Candyscorn Keychain

Snowflaik In A Bag Plushie

Minion 1.0


Kitty Following

Unlucky Feli Figurine

Lucky Feli Figurine

Red Wrapped Kitten Doll

White Wrapped Kitten Doll

Brown Wrapped Kitten Doll

Pink Wrapped Kitten Doll

Raspberry Wrapped Kitten Doll

Black Wrapped Kitten Doll

Mint Wrapped Kitten Doll

Carved Merlot Cat Trinket

Carved Platinum Cat Trinket

Carved Blue Cat Trinket

Carved Brown Cat Trinket

Carved Sanguine Cat Trinket

Stinging Cat Figure

Purrito Blanket

Purrito Beanbag

Purrito Burrito

Not Moving Sticker

Long-Tailed Kitty Plushie

Loved Poseable Grumpy Doll

Corduroy Kit Plushie

Kitty Mooshiboi

Homemade Sock Kitty Plushie

Purring Feli Doll

Sweet Glompkitty Plushies

Staring Sphynx Plushie

Happy Familiar Beanbag

Maleria Familiar Plushie

2005 Morostide Plushie

Noflaik Plushie

Cat Silly Poodle Plushie

Artikat Plushie

Artikat Beanbag

Oversized Stuffed Kitty

Majesty Plushie

Riisan Magician Plushie

Squish Nekokin Plushie

Candy Corn Cat Plushie

Corruption Plushie

Frozen Kitten Plushie

Monitor Plushie

Festival Feli Plushie

Black Kitty Spooky Doll

Raggedy Ahmastashoo Cat Plushie

Mechanicat Plushie

Stylish Cat Plushie

Dapper Cat Plushie

Skirt-Wearing Cat Plushie

Noircat Plushie

Grinning Cat Loaf Beanbag

Garden Party Kitty Plushie

Sweetiekit Beanbag

Kiteet Plushie

Kiteet Beanbag

Pardice Plushie

Pre-loved Plushie

Deceptive Kitty Plushie

Panzerkatze Plushie

Knitted Kitty Plushie

Angelic Cheshie Plushie

Black Kitty Plushie

Purrmaid Inkwell Plushie

Purrmaid Mocha Plushie

Purrmaid Jellybean Plushie

Purrmaid Clown Plushie

Purrmaid Foamy Plushie

Purrmaid Daffodil Plushie

Purrmaid Rascal Plushie

Navy Sir Cat Beanbag

Green Sir Cat Beanbag

Purple Sir Cat Beanbag

Red Sir Cat Beanbag

Gold Sir Cat Beanbag

Too Fluffy Blue Cat Plushie

Too Fluffy Point Cat Plushie

Too Fluffy White Cat Plushie

Too Fluffy Black Cat Plushie

Too Fluffy Cinnamon Cat Plushie

Froby Plushie

Froby Beanbag

Black Undead Kitty Plushie

Blue Undead Kitty Plushie

Brown Undead Kitty Plushie

Orange Undead Kitty Plushie

Purple Undead Kitty Plushie

White Kitty Beanbag

Lumineve Kitty Beanbag

Calico Kitty Beanbag

Gray Kitty Beanbag

Blue Kitty Beanbag

Black Kitty Beanbag

Rainbow Kitty Beanbag

Kuro Neko San Beanbag

Petit Beanbag

White Tiger Beanbag

Moof Plushie

Chibi Riisan Plushie

Squishy Riisan Beanbag

Riisan Plushie

Chibi Kitmonkey Plushie

Kitmonkey Beanbag

Kitmonkey Plushie

Nekokin Squashable Beanbag

Vintage Maliss Plushie

Old Fashioned Snowflaik Plushie

Snowflaik Beanbag

Oversized Snowflaik Toy

Snowcookieflaik Plushie

Maliss Bopper Beanbag

Chibi Maliss Plushie

Snowflaik Plushie

Morostide Snowflaik Plushie

Maliss Plushie

Tea Party Blob Kitty Plushie

Doodle Blob Kitty Beanbag

Self Stitching Blob Kitty Plushie

Long Lasting Blob Kitty Plushie

Chibi Blob Kitty Plushie

Blob Kitty Plushie

Limited Edition Blob Kitty Toy

Limited Edition Emo Blob Kitty Toy

Chibi Zombie Kitten Plushie

Squishy Zombie Kitten Plushie

Zombie Kitten Plushie

Odd Blue Kitty Plushie

Tobias Plushie

Patchy Tabby Plushie

Blacklight Paint Splatter Cat Plushie

Blacklight Striped Cat Plushie

Blacklight Ringed Cat Plushie

Blacklight Spotted Cat Plushie

Blacklight Maned Cat Plushie

Soft Kitty Beanbag

Soft Kitty Plushie

Miskatat Beanbag

Miskatat Plushie

Baby New Year Feli Plushie

Ringo Plushie

Kitty Rag Doll

Cat Morostide Plushie

Tiny Morostide Cat Plushie

Cat Familiar Beanbag

Cat Pumpkin Pal Beanbag

Black Cat Pumpkin Plushie

Kitty Pumpkin Plushie

Third Anniversary Kitty Beanbag

Teal and Black Cat Pinwheel

Purple and Black Cat Pinwheel

Orange and Black Cat Pinwheel

White and Black Cat Pinwheel

Black and White Cat Pinwheel

Blue Witch Cat Plushie

Green Witch Cat Plushie

Orange Witch Cat Plushie

Purple Witch Cat Plushie

Pink Witch Cat Plushie

Silly White Kitty Plushie

Silly Calico Kitty Plushie

Silly Black Kitty Plushie

Silly Black and White Kitty Plushie

Silly Tabby Kitty Plushie

Black Old Kitten Doll

Blue Old Kitten Doll

Navy Old Kitten Doll

Green Old Kitten Doll

Orange Old Kitten Doll

Red Old Kitten Doll

Pink Old Kitten Doll

Purple Old Kitten Doll

White Old Kitten Doll

Yellow Old Kitten Doll

Angry Red Rreign Costumed Blob Kitty Beanbag

Wreathed Red Rreign Costumed Blob Kitty Beanbag

Antsy Angry Red Rreign Costumed Blob Kitty Beanbag

Antsy Wreathed Red Rreign Costumed Blob Kitty Beanbag

Clumsy Angry Red Rreign Costumed Blob Kitty Beanbag

Clumsy Wreathed Red Rreign Costumed Blob Kitty Beanbag

Bashful Angry Red Rreign Costumed Blob Kitty Beanbag

Bashful Wreathed Red Rreign Costumed Blob Kitty Beanbag

Tired Angry Red Rreign Costumed Blob Kitty Beanbag

Tired Wreathed Red Rreign Costumed Blob Kitty Beanbag

Blob Kitty

Lola Blob Kitty Doll

Rift Blob Kitty

Dark Matter Blob Kitty

Blob Kitty Cousin

Waverider Blob Kitty

Holiday Blob Kitty

Snowy Blob Kitty

Glacier Blob Kitty

Nice Nurse Blob Kitty

Valentines Day Blob Kitty

Emo Blob Kitty

Pumpkin Blob Kitty

Fireside Blob Kitty

Death Kitty

Infected Blob Kitty

Spectrum Blob Kitty


Dapper Blob Kitty

Opulent Blob Kitty

Sandy Blob Kitty

Needle Felt Blob Kitty

Block Kitty

Cotton Candy Blob Kitty

Chef Blob Kitty

Wrapped Blob Kitty

Bakers Blob Kitty

Sweetheart Blob Kitty

Clockwork Robo-Blob Kitty

Angry Clockwork Blob Kitty

Artistic Blob Kitty


New Years Blob Kitty

Partied Out Blob Kitty

Rapscallion Blob Kitty

Swabby Blob Kitty

Sea Witch Blob Kitty Plushie


Bogfire Spook


Cuddly Cats Paw Plushie

Pet Bed

Clean Minion Litter Box

Banana Yogurt

Berry Yogurt

Blueberry Yogurt

Cherry Yogurt

Citrus Fruit Yogurt

Kiwi Yogurt

Bubble Gum Frozen Yogurt

Chocolate Frozen Yogurt with Caramel Drizzle

Mint Chocolate Chip Frozen Yogurt

Pistachio Frozen Yogurt

Strawberry Frozen Yogurt with Chocolate Chips

Plain Vanilla Frozen Yogurt

Vanilla Frozen Yogurt with Raspberries

Watermelon Frozen Yogurt

Banana Lassi

Cherry Lassi

Strawberry Lassi

Kiwi Lassi

Mint Lassi

Orange Lassi

Lime Lassi

Lemon Lassi

Coconut Lassi

Mango Lassi


Granola Berry Sundae

Pet Friends

Old friend from boarding school. Cool guy.

She won't date me. Yet. But that's cool. One band-aid at a time...

My little sister. She's uh... unique. What exactly is a muggle anyway?