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Hana the Dryadic Dove

Legacy Name: Hachico

The Custom Glade Kumos
Owner: Necolasa

Age: 14 years, 5 months, 3 weeks

Born: December 29th, 2009

Adopted: 14 years, 5 months, 3 weeks ago

Adopted: December 29th, 2009

Pet Spotlight Winner
February 18th, 2010


  • Level: 12
  • Strength: 30
  • Defense: 30
  • Speed: 25
  • Health: 29
  • HP: 29/29
  • Intelligence: 67
  • Books Read: 67
  • Food Eaten: 10
  • Job: Towel Folder

I'm Off to Go Live, Hang Loose!

Loyal - Brave - Adventurous

Age: 20
Birthday: October 5th
Blood Type: A-
Orientation: Straight
Star Sign: Libra
Birth Place: Ramridge Island

My name is Hachico. I was born on a little island called Ramridge, which is just south of Omen Island. I grew up there, learning from Islander friends and my Mother how to live off the land and to help others less fortunate then myself. My mother was the captain of the ship called the Argonautal, of which I am now owner. You see I was born a Pirate and though we stole things it was our crews code that there be honor among thieves. My Mother would not tolerate those who were greedy, so anything they pillaged was divvied into equal shares. Anything that was left over was used to keep the ship in top shape and if there was anything left after that we were to go out and give it to the poor. When they did pillage it was to be from those who had more then their fair share of gains, they we're not allowed to kill or unnecessarily hurt those they stole from, and were only allowed to defend themselves as needed. My Mother was strict. If one of the crew disobeyed, her punishment was swift and painful.

Even though I was a pirate I had lived a fairly sheltered life, of course I was fairly young. I was never allowed to leave the ship except for when we visited Delphi beach and when we were back at Ramridge Island. The native islanders were always friendly to us, for the most part, because we would share our "acquired" items with them. To tell you the truth they were fine with everyone except for me. I mean they didn't do anything to me except give me weird looks. Some mothers would get angry with me for playing with their kids. Others would look at me like they had known me for forever and offer me food or drink or try to get me to hang out with their kids.

In my ninth year my mother was taken from me. I came to find out that she had once been one of the most feared women pirates to have sailed and as such had made lots of enemies. The only reason she had changed was because of me, and it was only after her death that I had found out just the truth. I can still remember the day. I was sitting in the bowsprit netting, bare feet dangling, and carving the necklace I wear now. I was carving it for my mother it is a Hei-Matau. I was going to give it to her as a gift during the Island Festival which would begin a few days from then. She had always acted so sad during the festival and I wanted to cheer her up. I was carving it out of the bone of a Tutani that had died and washed ashore. Watching as the little fillings fell as I carved when John, her first mate and the man I looked to as a father, called me down. He took me by the shoulders, sat me down, and told me she had been stabbed to death. That my Mother and two other crew members had gone out to buy supplies that morning when they were jumped. I just remember him crying as he told me how they were attacked from behind. I didn't know what to think. It was that night I learned of my mothers past and the truth of my existence.

I never knew my real father. I assumed him to be dead or just another pirate. But the story John had told to me that night explained everything. You see the Islanders had two main tribes. One tribe was governed by a mean and manipulating chief, Kahaleitzli, I'm sure you heard of him. He and his four accomplices started the Island War after all. They were greedy, destroyed the land, polluted the water, and ruled with fear. The other tribe was ruled by my father, Chimalli. My father ruled with trust. He encouraged his people to take only what was needed, to avoid confrontation, and to accept all races and animals as equals.

The two tribes had a long and bloody history of war. My mother had met him after her ship had crashed into the rocky shoreline, leaving her badly injured, ship-less, and with only three crew members left, Including John. Chimalli nursed them back to health and taught them the ways of the tribe while agreeing to make a ship of Islander craft for them, The Argonautal. My mom grew to love their culture, and Chimalli himself. When the boat was finished my mother and her crew decided to return. But the other tribe did not like the idea of pirates learning their culture at all.

At the same time Merana became furious with the islanders for polluting and overfishing her waters and sent out her minions to attack. Chimalli was able to level with her and he and his tribe offered golden trinkets, local foods, and clothes to her. Kahaleitzli saw this as an opportunity to get back at Chimalli and struck a deal with Merana. The deal was that he would get her a sacrifice. A human child pure in soul to help her break free of her bonds. If she would kill my father. Merana and Kahaleitzli planned a scheme that would involve tricking his tribe and Chimalli's tribe into believing that he no longer wished to fight. The two tribes reluctantly merged into one. The next few years my mother would travel the oceans doing as pirates do but always returning to see my father. Merana waited patiently for her and Kahaleitzli's plan to come into fruition, sending out her minions to reek havoc once a year as a reminder. It became tradition to offer trinkets, food, and clothes to Merana, now know as the Avatar of the Sea, for protection.

Kahaleitzli then proceeded to trick everyone into thinking that he now agreed with Chimalli, stating his want to share the Islands with all of subeta. Chimalli knew he was lying and confronted him but Merana took the opportunity to uphold her end of the deal. She slipped one of her potions into my fathers drink as he and Kahaleitzli discussed the matter. The potion was designed to make it look like an accident. It went unnoticed for a few days slowly working it's way through his organs. In the few days he unknowingly had left, I was conceived. Soon after his death Kahaleitzli opened the Islands to the public as planned, no one went against him. They all believed it was what my father had wanted. Many Subetan's came to visit. He lured them in with a festival, hoping he would find an individual who was pure of soul. As you know he did, his plan however hadn't included a full blown war.

We had set sailed to Delphi the day after my Mother's death. The island held to many memories for the crew. At Delphi we dry docked the ship and retired as pirates. Most of the crew moved on but I stayed with John. He had loved my mother even though she did not return his feelings and treated me as his son. Any other man would have taken the ship and left me to fend for myself, but John was a man of honor and knew that rightfully the ship was mine. When I was around eleven John decided I should get a proper education and I enrolled in school. Oh god now that was an experience I'd rather not retell, needless to say I soon had a private instructor. We went on with our lives as any normal father and son would. Puberty came and weird things happened. I learned I can control water. John figured it had something to do with the potion my father was poisoned with. I kept my secret hidden, it was hard for awhile because I all of a sudden was obsessed with water, and then I discovered surfing. By sixteen I was pro and John and I decided to get the old boat fixed up and follow the waves. And here I am today. I'm just a normal 20 year old reformed pirate turned surfer, who happens to be able to control water, and travels in the fastest known, and most well crafted kind of ship to which only islanders know how to make and they're not sharing.

I still frequent the islands, steering clear of the big island where the man who killed my parents and his tribe of savages live, to visit my birthplace. The Islanders are separated into two tribes again but this time they also went to separate islands. Ramridge is my home I am always welcomed there and no longer receive looks of hatred. I had been offered the position of chief, but I feel I have a lot more life to live and to experience before I settle down to my rightful heir, and so I left my tribe in the good leadership of John. I know I will eventually have to take up leadership and face Kahaleitzli. Truthfully I'm looking forward to facing him, I am not so much the pacifist that my dad was but have inherited my mothers longing for adventure and love of the fight. I guess I'm not such a reformed pirate after all.


My name is Hachico. I was born on a little island called Ramridge, which is just south of Omen Island. I grew up traveling between Ramridge and Delphi on a large pirate ship called the Argonaut. My Mother was it's captain. She was very strict but was also very fair, she lived by the saying "honor among thieves." Greediness was not tolerated, nor was unnecessary violence. If you killed it had better of been as a last resort to protect your own life or you'd find yourself marooned on some godforsaken island. Life on board the Argonaut was pretty boring for a kid. I was never allowed to leave the ship unless we were docked at Ramridge, the place we considered home, or on the rare occasions they needed an extra pare of hands carrying supplies back from Delphi. If we stopped anywhere else, which we did all the time, I was absolutely forbidden from following the rest of the crew.

Ramridge was the only place I was allowed to wonder but even then I had a babysitter.John was my Mom's first mate. He was like a father to me and he loved my mother. She did not return the feeling and so he was often put in charge of me. I didn't mind it that much as he let me do whatever, so long as my mother didn't find out. He agreed with me that she was overprotective but he still never let me out of his sight. The Islanders at Ramridge were friendly and treated our crew as family, nothing like the savages who dwelled on the big island. Occasionally I would catch one of the five elders staring at me in approval, they'd quickly advert their eyes. John said it was because I was so smart. They taught us many valuable things and in return we shared our spoils. I was taught how to fish, how to hunt and pay respects to the animals I killed, how to carve special necklaces called Hei-Matau out of tutani bone, how to defend myself, everything a born Islander would have learned, and when I was of age I would have a three part ceremony to become a man just as any boy would.

These markings on my face tell of one who would lead. When I got them my mother looked on, a of pure joy emanating from her eyes. The needle tapped into my skin in a ancient and rhythmic motion. I closed my eyes and listened to the tune. When it was over and I came to I was told what they meant: "Two triangles that meet, one points up is fire, one points down is water. Fire is strong, assertive, and brave but alone can become overbearing and burn out everything and everyone in it's path. Water is stubborn and willful it will always find a way to it's destination no matter how winding the path or how many obstacles it faces, a traveler you can't tame, alone it is cold and uncaring. They face each other in a stalemate water heals fire's burn and and fire warms water's cold, but they will never overthrow each other for two separates make a whole. You are strong, brave, and possess a restless soul. The triangle above the two as one is your spirit, should you get lost in travel may it always point north to guide you on your way. The rings round your eyes will help you to see even in your darkest hours, no matter how hard it gets there's always light in between. This is the mark of one who could be a great leader. One dot under your right eye, three under your left, thirteen for your thirteenth year. You have been marked!"

I loved these tattoos. I loved that feeling of belonging, that island and those people were my home, my everything. The tattoos were the first step to me becoming a man, they signified that I was a member of the tribe. But I was not yet allowed to vote in important matters, court women, or participate in the ceremonial hunts. The next step was to prove myself. I had to go out, deep into the wilds with only a buckskin full of water and a knife. I had to survive on my own for a twelve days and by the eleventh day I was to hunt and kill the first game animal I saw, bring it back to the tribe, and allow everyone to eat before myself. It is an act of loyalty to the tribe. If I succeeded I would get another tattoo upon my left arm telling of how good a hunter I am, and how loyal I am to the tribe. I was surprised to be sent out alone. It was the first time I would truly be on my own. My mother always had me under her watch and I thought she would have been worried but she just smiled after me. John went to follow and she held him back. He too smiled back, giving me a wink. I was so excited I was going to find the biggest Antlephore I could and drag it back with me. Boy was I wrong.

I never finished my ceremony. The eleventh day came and went I managed to get a medium sized Tapayan while hunting. I couldn't wait to get back to the tribe, and had already been walking the long hike home. It was close to midnight and as I drew closer to our land the forest seemed to get darker and darker. The Tapayan weighted a good 35 pounds and I was exhausted. I had stopped to take the last few sips of water I had left, and it was then I noticed how quite the jungle seemed. It was an eerie dead silence I had never experienced. I continued on my way, anxious. The jungle remained dark and silent. After a long while I realized that the sun was long overdue. I was now within a mile or so from the village and everything was still dark and silent. Every now and then the hair on the back of my neck would stand on end, for no reason I could think of. I remember it like it was just yesterday, when that first odd smell hit my nostrils at full force. Fire! I dropped my kill and ran headfirst through the undergrowth toward my village. I burst out into what was once the villages square. Nothing was left. It was burned to the ground. Slow trickles of smoke rose up from the ashes of each hut combining into one huge smoke cloud that blocked the sun from reaching most of the island. Everyone was gone, unrecognizable bodies laid in all directions, their mouths hung open in agony. I cried as I walked through the remains of all that I knew, my tears leaving tracks through the ash that clung to my skin. I headed straight to the hut that my mom and I shared.

I was hopeful to find it still standing but my hope was short lived. I flung open the door to find John kneeling, tending to my mom. I just stood in the doorway, shock upon my face. There was a lot of blood. John was missing an ear, his shirt was ripped from hip to shoulder and a line of bright blood glinted under it as he slowly stood to face me. He limped over and rested a hand on my shoulder to steady himself. I don't clearly recall his words then but I knew what was happening. My mother was dying. I had looked at john and he let go of me, understanding and sympathy in his eyes. I walked over to my Mother and leaned in to say goodbye and let her know I was alright. She gave me a weak smile. I will never forget her words them "My son...I'm glad you were not here...I'm...g glad I know...your safe. I'm sorry I couldn't...stop them." A tear rolled down her cheek. "Please f forgive me....I love you...with all my h heart. No m m...matter w what happens I'll.....a always be with you. Pleasebebe safe....s stay w w with...J John." I cut her off then and told her I loved her back and that I had already forgiven her, that all this wasn't her fault. Another tear fell from her eye followed by a large strange smile. Her eyes focused straight ahead on something I couldn't see and she took one long breath before her head lolled to one side. she was gone. John had already hobbled over to us and he reached over me to closed her eyes.

Me, John, and a few other survivors spent the next few days excavating graves. It was hard work. We were all wounded and there were many bodies to burry. John's chest wound cracked open and re-scab on a hourly basis. We had to force him to stop, but he refused to until me and him had successfully buried my mother. I and the others continued digging after he finally gave in a leaned back against a charred stump. No one spoke. We simply dug holes and buried bodies. No speeches were given for those we buried. With the last person buried we all went to sit by John. For a long while no one spoke. We just sat around picking at our scabs. I had pulled out at least a dozen thorns I missed the night before when we sat awake by my mothers side, before John broke the silence and cleared his throat. "Well there's no since in staying hear now. Me and the kid are going to head to Delphi, your welcome to come with us. The Argonaut is no worse for wear, she's a bit charred but I think the black wood suits her better." Two of the Islanders agreed to come, the other three wished to remain, while the sixth we already knew was on board as he was the only other member of our crew of twelve to have survived. I was happy to of found out my mothers ship had survived, It was the only other place I knew in this world. It was a three hour hike to the ship, normally it would have only taken a hour or so but everyone was tired and one if the islanders who agreed to come wasn't looking good.

By our third day at sea we had lost one of the men. His wounds were pretty deep and infection had set in. No one was close to him and his body was simply given to the sea.We had know idea what was happening but when we had first sailed away from the island charred patches of land dotted the cliff sides. When night fell you could just make out the Omen island chain on the horizon the whole of western side of it lit the sky in a fait orange glow of smothering land. John had told me what my mother had kept hidden from me for years one night as he steered the ship. "Your mom told me a long story before she was too weak to tell you. You know I'm sure she only hug on as long as she did to make sure you were alive? " He went on with out letting me answer "Of course ya do! Brave little thing she was. She wanted me to tell ya this when we were safe again, I guess now's as good a time as ever. Your father's name was Chimalli. He was the tribes chief, but was killed while your mom was pregnant with you. Thats the real reason why you'd sometimes catch them elders starin at ya. Then saw him in you." To be continued....

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