Kvetina has a minion!

Andel the Cheep

Legacy Name: Kvetina

The Glacier Demi
Owner: Ringo

Age: 11 years, 9 months, 4 weeks

Born: October 20th, 2010

Adopted: 11 years, 9 months, 4 weeks ago

Adopted: October 20th, 2010

Pet Spotlight Winner
November 16th, 2014


  • Level: 95
  • Strength: 169
  • Defense: 17
  • Speed: 12
  • Health: 16
  • HP: 16/16
  • Intelligence: 259
  • Books Read: 229
  • Food Eaten: 0
  • Job: Topiary Tender

Meaning of name: Kvetina - Czech for flower
Meaning of minion's name: Andel (m) - Czech for angel

Birthday: June 21
Collects: Minions that bloom from flowers
Favorite color: Sea green
Likes: Reading in a patch of sunlight in her favorite chair
Dislikes: Forgetting things

It was too cold. The carefully tended young plants would not survive. The pale young woman walked away from the garden, a lone tear sliding slowly down her cheek and freezing before falling to the ground. The small white bird looked mournfully after his mistress. Kvetina loved flowers so much but it was much too frigid this far north for anything to survive. It must have been a joke of the Gods that she had been born on the summer solstice in such a cold place.

Andel could not stand the thought of all of Kvetina’s hard work going to waste. With a twinkle in his eye he flew over the garden wall and away from the chateau. It would be a full moon tonight. He had plenty of time.


Kvetina woke up. The cold, bright sun was streaming through her bedroom window. She had had that dream again. In her dream she had seen him, the profile of a young man with the most beautiful wings. They were the color of cream with pale golden flecks. The wings were wide and full and looked so warm and inviting. She sighed in resignation and a deep ache within her. It was only a dream and each morning, by the time she awoke, she could never remember his face.

After washing and dressing Kvetina walked outside to the garden. She knew she would find fragile frozen leaves and small frozen buds. The temperature had dropped and there was no hope that the delicate plants would have survived. With great sadness in her heart she walked towards the garden entrance. Suddenly she heard a small mewing sound from the other side of the garden wall. Kvetina quickly walked through the gate to see where the sound had come from and stared in astonishment. Andel was there, flitting about in excitement, for scattered around, frolicking in the snow and low shrubs, were several peculiar plant like minions. In amazement she recognized the plants they once were from the colored pictures in her botanical books. The tender young pear and cherry trees were now little bears and dragons! The strawberry plants and some of the vegetables that were planted now resembled bunnies! Kvetina laughed in delight at the wonderful magic that had been done. Andel flew over to her and perched on her shoulder. He trilled a happy song and fluffed up his feathers in happiness over Kvetina’s joy. Kvetina rubbed her cheek against his soft downy feathers. “I wonder, Andel, if I do not have an angel…perhaps I do.” Andel’s eyes shown brightly as he looked fondly at his mistress. Yes, perhaps you do he thought.

Continuation of story on Andel's profile


Credits: Profile, content and overlay edits by Ringo - Pet art by Nayona

Pet Treasure

Pile of Snow

Tales of the Winter Lady

Frozen Flowers

Enchanted Rose

Winter Rose

Ice Encased Narcissus

Frozen Rose Key

Box of Dried Hibiscus Buds








Bloodred Pearasaur


Melix Flower



Flowering Sweet Pea Seeds

Pear Bear

Peach Pitbull








Bundle of Zinnia Seeds

Daffodil Bulb

Bundle of Tulip Seeds

Bundle of Forget-Me-Not Seeds

Bundle of Buttercup Seeds

Bundle of Morning Glory Seeds

Gladiolus Bulbs

Flowering Sweet William Seeds

Bunch of Dandelion Seeds

Bundle of Hibiscus Seeds

Budding Periwinkle Seed

Bundle of Gardenia Seeds

Flowering Lily Seed

Calla Lily Bulbs

Crocus Corms

Packet of Lily Seeds

Packet of Wisteria Seeds

Bag of Rose Seeds

Bag of Snowdrop Seeds

Bag of Plumeria Seeds

Bag of Sunflower Seeds

Bag of Hydrangea Seeds

Packet of Daisy Seeds

Heirloom Hyacinth Seeds

Pet Friends

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