Andel has a minion!

Dusana the White Snow Fairy

Legacy Name: Andel.

The Arid Demi
Owner: Ringo

Age: 11 years, 7 months, 1 week

Born: January 5th, 2011

Adopted: 11 years, 7 months, 1 week ago

Adopted: January 5th, 2011

Pet Spotlight Winner
June 19th, 2013


  • Level: 171
  • Strength: 199
  • Defense: 16
  • Speed: 15
  • Health: 16
  • HP: 16/16
  • Intelligence: 375
  • Books Read: 346
  • Food Eaten: 0
  • Job: Operative for the Light

Meaning of name: Andel - Czech for angel
Meaning of minion's name: Dusana (f) - Czech for A spirit, a soul

Birthday: December 21
Collects: Flowers for Kvetina
Favorite color: Sea green
Likes: Seeing Kvetina smile

The story begins on Kvetina's profile


He gently laid the flowers he had gathered that night on her bedside table. The moon would be departing soon and morning arriving. A small fairy gently floated near him. Dusana had been studying some magic books she had found and had been waiting impatiently for him to return from this night's sojourn. He had traveled far to find flowers in bloom but it was well worth it to see the joy it would bring Kvetina. Andel quietly walked out of Kvetina’s bedchamber so as to not wake her and walked through the chateau towards the library where he could speak with Dusana. If he did not wish to have a one sided conversation with the fairy, the conversation being on her side, he would need to move quickly. Unfurling his wings he quickly flew through the empty corridors, Dusana trailing behind him.

“What is that has your wings in such a twist Dusana?” Andel smiles teasingly at the snow fairy. She had come to him when the enchantress had cast the spell upon him. She said she stayed with him out of pity for him but he always suspected it was more genuine kindness than not. For many years now he had been cursed to live in the form of a small white bird except when the moon shone at night. Then, he would regain his natural form. He had wandered for over a year when he had found himself tired and failing on Kvetina’s doorstep. She had taken him in and cared for him. When he had regained his health he decided to stay with her. Over time he had grown to care deeply for her and would often fly far out into the night to find beautiful flowers for her. She resided deep within a frozen forest where no flowers would ever bloom. How he ached to tell her the truth about himself, take her within his arms and fly her to some of the beautiful flower-filled places he had been! But he was always too afraid that she would not accept him. That she might be angry and feel that he had deceived her all this time by not telling her.

Dusana snapped him out of his wanderings with a loud cough. “If you would stop daydreaming for a moment I have very important information that I have found concerning your curse.” Andel looks intently at Dusana. She had helped him with the magic to change the dieing flowers from Kvetina’s garden into animals. He knew not to take her lightly. “What is it that you have found?” Andel speaks softly, hoping she has found something but not wanting to hope too much. They had failed many times already. He felt their failures wearing on his soul lately. Kvetina had even begun to notice and it pained him to see her worry for his sake.

The small white snow fairy looks him strait in the eye. “You must tell her.”

Andel shudders, the pronouncement weighing upon him like an avalanche of snow. “I can’t.” He shakes his head in dismay and begins to pace the library floor. “I can’t tell her Dusana! What if she sends me away! I would rather die!

“You may very well have your wish.” Dusana looks on him, sadness in her eyes. “You can not stay in this form forever Andel. From what I have read it may soon kill you. If you have any wish to live you must take this chance and you must tell her. It is your only hope.”

Deep sadness fills his soul. He quietly walks from the library, making no sound at all as his bare feet touch the cold wood floor. Andel silently walks down the corridors, letting his feet guide him down their well know path. He loved her, and he could loose it all.


Kvetina awoke with a start. She looked out her bedroom window. It would be sunrise soon. While the land was frozen and cold, sunsets and sunrises would paint it brilliant hues of orange and pink, making it look like a giant blossom of color. As she turns her head to stretch she notices the beautiful flowers on her table. Kvetina gently picks them up and inhales their heady fragrance. She had been receiving these gifts for a long time now, never knowing who was leaving them for her. She had always fancied that it was Andel, but how could his small wings carry him as far as he would need to go to find such blooms? Kvetina shakes her head at such a thought and notices a feather on the floor. Rising from her bed, she bends down and picks up the downy feather. It is the size of her palm and is a soft creamy color with pale gold flecks. It seems so familiar…

With a start, Kvetina rushes from her room and down the long hallway. It is him, and she knows with a sense of urgency that she must find him quickly. As she races around a corner she crashes into something hard and warm. Coming back to her senses, Kvetina realizes that she is engulfed by soft warm feathers and strong bare arms.

Andel is startled by the young woman now in his arms. He was not focusing on where he was going and did not hear her coming until it was too late and they had collided. She looks up at him and their eyes meet. His heart beats so loudly and he is so frightened that the time has now come. How will it end? “Kvetina.” He whispers her name so gently she feels it like a warm caress, enveloping her entire being. She slowly raises one hand and cups it around his soft, perfect cheek. “Andel. My angel.”


Credits: Profile, content and pet overlay by Ringo - Pet art by Nayona

Pet Treasure

White Discarded Feathers

Cream Flower Bird Plushie

White Handful of Daisies

Violet Handful of Daisies

Pink Handful of Daisies

Purple Handful of Daisies

Yellow Handful of Daisies

White Azaleas

Purple Azaleas

Pink Azaleas

Red Azaleas

Yellow Azaleas

White Sweet Pea Sprig

Purple Sweet Pea Sprig

Red Sweet Pea Sprig

Pink Sweet Pea Sprig

Lavender Sweet Pea Sprig

Light Bluebells

Bold Bluebells

Dark Bluebells

Violet Bluebells

Periwinkle Bluebells

Yellow Wisteria

Pink Wisteria

Blue Wisteria

Purple Wisteria

White Wisteria

Sprig of Pink Bonnets

Sprig of Orange Bonnets

Sprig of Purple Bonnets

Sprig of Blue Bonnets

Sprig of White Bonnets

Purple Hydrangea

Blue Hydrangea

Cream Hydrangea

Pink Hydrangea

Rainbow Hydrangea

Green Hydrangea

Golden Jasmine

Rosy Jasmine

Purpleheart Jasmine

Blue Jasmine

Icebound Jasmine

Whitebell Jasmine

Yellow Monkshood

White Monkshood

Blue Monkshood

Purple Monkshood

Pink Monkshood

Purple Starflower

White Starflower

Yellow Starflower

Orange Starflower

Rose Starflower

White Mirabilis

Yellow Mirabilis

Pink and White Mirabilis

Orange and Red Mirabilis

Purple Gladiolus

Red Gladiolus

Pink Gladiolus

White Gladiolus

Mint Nocturnal Water Lily

White Nocturnal Water Lily

Pink Nocturnal Water Lily

Yellow Primrose

White Primrose

Pink Primrose

Purple Primrose

Sun Antlephlora

Dawn Antlephlora

Dusk Antlephlora

Lilac Antlephlora

Arid Antlephlora

White Soft Petaled Flower

Purple Soft Petaled Flower

Blue Soft Petaled Flower

Pink Soft Petaled Flower

Gold Soft Petaled Flower

Pink Valley Flower

Purple Valley Flower

Blue Valley Flower

Yellow Valley Flower

White Valley Flower

Blue Tube Flower

Purple Tube Flower

Pink Tube Flower

Yellow Tube Flower

Ivory Tube Flower

Fragrant Yellow Flower

Fragrant Orange Flower

Fragrant Pink Flower

Fragrant Purple Flower

Fragrant Blue Flower

Pale Ranunculus

Warm Ranunculus

Lovely Ranunculus

Cool Ranunculus

Dark Ranunculus

Arid Snapdragarth

Sun Snapdragarth

Dawn Snapdragarth

Gold Snapdragarth

Prettily Presented Blue Flower

Prettily Presented Pink Flower

Prettily Presented Orange Flower

Prettily Presented Yellow Flower

Prettily Presented Black Flower

Common Chai Flower

Dawn Chai Flower

Lilac Chai Flower

Dusk Chai Flower

Twilight Chai Flower

Blue Pinwheel Flower

Coral Pinwheel Flower

Pink Pinwheel Flower

Purple Pinwheel Flower

White Pinwheel Flower

Blue Nott Flower

Purple Nott Flower

Pink Nott Flower

Yellow Nott Flower

Orange Nott Flower

Arid Jollinear

Sun Jollinear

Dawn Jollinear

Lilac Jollinear

Dusk Jollinear

Glacier Rreign Flower

Twilight Rreign Flower

Lilac Rreign Flower

Cream Rreign Flower

Reborn Rreign Flower

Black Flame Rose

Blue Flame Rose

Red Flame Rose

Yellow Flame Rose

White Flame Rose

White Plum Blossom Sprig

Blush Plum Blossom Sprig

Pink Plum Blossom Sprig

Red Plum Blossom Sprig

White Peony

Lavender Peony

Pink Peony

Deep Pink Peony

Red Peony

Yellow Peony

White Poppies

Yellow Poppies

Orange Poppies

Pink Poppies

Red Poppies

Orange Zinnia

Yellow Zinnia

Pink Zinnia

Hot Pink Zinnia

Red Zinnia

Burgundy Zinnia

White Zinnia

White Foxglove

Pink Foxglove

Yellow Foxglove

Peach Foxglove


Lilac Foxglove

Blue Foxglove

Purple Gladiola

White Gladiola

Pink and White Gladiola

Yellow Gladiola

Red Gladiola

Peacherine Gladiola

Peach and White Gladiola

Peach Gladiola

Pink Gladiola

White Oleander

Lilac Oleander

Orange Oleander

Red Oleander

Magenta Oleander

Pink Oleander

Yellow Oleander

Yellow Columbine

White Columbine

Lavender Columbine

Purple Columbine

Rhubarb Custard Columbine

White Wine Columbine

Apple Custard Columbine

Pale Coral Periwinkle

Red Periwinkle

Magenta Periwinkle

Pink Periwinkle


White Periwinkle

White and Red Periwinkle

Orange Moth Orchid Stem

Yellow Moth Orchid Stem

Red Moth Orchid Stem

Pink Moth Orchid Stem

White Moth Orchid Stem

Accented Moth Orchid Stem

Glory Bearded Iris

Crimson Cream Bearded Iris

Yellow Bearded Iris

Flamenco Bearded Iris

Dawn Bearded Iris

Dusk Bearded Iris

Royal Bearded Iris

Sky Bearded Iris

Black Bearded Iris

Periwinkle Bearded Iris

Champagne Bearded Iris

Peach Bearded Iris

Yellow Roe Flower

Pink Roe Flower

Red Roe Flower

Lilac Roe Flower

Blue Roe Flower

White Babble Flower

Blue Babble Flower

Purple Babble Flower

Yellow Babble Flower

Red Babble Flower

Pink Babble Flower

Blue Lotus

Purple Lotus

Pink Lotus

Red Lotus

White Lotus

Red Freesia Sprig

Pink Freesia Sprig

White Freesia Sprig

Orange Freesia Sprig

Yellow Freesia Sprig

Purple Freesia Sprig

Lavender Freesia Sprig

Blue Freesia Sprig

Black Freesia Sprig

Bluegreen Freesia Sprig

Blue Dahlia

Lavender Dahlia

Coral Dahlia

Red Dahlia

White and Yellow Dahlia

Yellow Dahlia

Orange Dahlia

Black Dahlia

Teal Split Bellflower

Blue Split Bellflower

Lavender Split Bellflower

Purple Split Bellflower

Pink Split Bellflower

Red Split Bellflower

Yellow Split Bellflower

Orange Split Bellflower

White Split Bellflower

Black Split Bellflower

Orange Bellflowers

Yellow Bellflowers

Pink Bellflowers

Red Bellflowers

Lavender Bellflowers

Purple Bellflowers

Blue Bellflowers

Teal Bellflowers

White Bellflowers

Black Bellflowers

Swirled Pink Flower

Swirled Yellow Flower

Swirled Purple Flower

Swirled Blue Flower

Burgundy Calla Lily

Lavender Calla Lily

Pink Calla Lily

Orange Calla Lily

Peach Calla Lily

Yellow Calla Lily

Black Calla Lily

White Calla Lily

White Begonia

Yellow Begonia

Orange Begonia

Green Begonia

Red Begonia

Pink Begonia

Blue Begonia

Purple Begonia

Black Begonia

Black Vesnali Rose

Pink Vesnali Rose

Red Vesnali Rose

Violet Vesnali Rose

Cyan Vesnali Rose

Indigo Vesnali Rose

Cream Vesnali Rose

White Vesnali Rose

Blue Lachenalia

Purple Lachenalia

Pink Lachenalia

Red Lachenalia

Orange Lachenalia

Yellow Lachenalia

Green Lachenalia

White Lachenalia

Black Lachenalia

Green Snapdragon

Yellow Snapdragon

Orange Snapdragon

Purple Snapdragon

Blue Snapdragon

White Snapdragon

Red Snapdragon

Pink Snapdragon

Black Snapdragon

Faded Purple Rose

Faded Pink Rose

Faded Orange Rose

Faded Yellow Rose

Faded Blue Rose

Golden Crocus

White Crocus

Pale Purple Crocus

Purple Crocus

Crimson Tulip

Pink Tulip

Purple Tulip

Yellow Tulip

Orange Tulip

White Tulip

Black Tulip

Blue Hyacinth

Pink Hyacinth

Yellow Hyacinth

White Hyacinth

Yellow and Orange Daffodil

White Daffodil

White and Orange Daffodil

White and Yellow Daffodil

Yellow Daffodil

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