Godzilla has a minion!

Godzilla Junior the Baby Icklesaurus

Legacy Name: Godzilla

The Nostalgic Mortiking
Owner: Ava

Age: 11 years

Born: October 27th, 2010

Adopted: 11 years ago

Adopted: October 27th, 2010


  • Level: 230
  • Strength: 575
  • Defense: 572
  • Speed: 572
  • Health: 560
  • HP: 560/560
  • Intelligence: 375
  • Books Read: 337
  • Food Eaten: 0
  • Job: Certified Mad Scientist

Created by man's arrogance and carelessness at the birth of the atomic age, Godzilla epitomizes all the best, and worst of the very creatures that helped give rise to its power.

One can never know, when the waters off the coast of Japan begin to churn, and a familiar ridge of dorsal plates breaks through the waves, whether the massive creature that comes stomping out of the ocean to bathe the land in radioactive fire will be man's doom, or it's only hope for survival.

It is true that Godzilla will rise from the depths to destroy man's continuing clumsy attempts to harness nuclear power, often laying waste to entire cities in its anger.

Godzilla does not like when it senses other powers that rival its own.

Hence when Godzilla senses the approach of another monster, most often coming from deep space, or awakened by man's inadvertent prodding at things best left alone, the creature will rush to meet its opponent in a colossal battle that leaves little but a trail of ruined buildings and scorched earth in its wake. After all, there can be only one King of the Monsters.

Normally the great creature lays slumbering in the deep, tranquil waters somewhere near the Mariana Trench, but occasionally it can be spotted holding court on Monster Island, although this is usually only when it has produced an offspring. For such a massive, fearsome creature, Godzilla makes a surprisingly protective, affectionate parent.

All in all it is much more than just a monster. Godzilla is a complex creature of many moods, mysterious motives and an unpredictable nature, just like its creators.

Profile and Coding: Pat
Story: Ava
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