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Frisk the Aquilovis


The Custom Angel Legeica
Owner: Marine

Age: 7 years, 7 months, 1 day

Born: August 30th, 2012

Adopted: 7 years, 7 months, 1 day ago

Adopted: August 30th, 2012

Pet Spotlight Winner
February 5th, 2018


  • Level: 20
  • Strength: 99
  • Defense: 99
  • Speed: 49
  • Health: 99
  • HP: 99/99
  • Intelligence: 2
  • Books Read: 1
  • Food Eaten: 0
  • Job: Stock Worker


This profile contains major spoilers for the PC game UNDERTALE.
And after you take your first step, your next is so much easier.

Content warnings for murder, suicide,
body horror, and apocalyptic themes.

Additionally, this profile contains flashing effects
and manipulation of on-screen content.

If you are photosensitive, and/or experience negative effects from distorted or removed visuals, please exercise caution.


Mt. Ebott, the mountain from which nobody would return.

The stories of old spoke that this was where monsters were imprisoned after humans defeated them long ago. Some adventured to see if the legends were true-- others came across the place by complete accident.

A few troubled souls went there to disappear.

They were one such person.

Twelve years old, they hated the life they knew.
Their family brought them nothing but misery,
and to leave that all behind sounded wonderful.

So, leaving everything behind, they climbed the mountain alone.

The rain began to fall, and they sought shelter in the cliffs.. yet, not watching their step, they lost their footing and fell far, far into the mountain's depths.

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They awoke in a bed of golden flowers, a few ribs broken yet still alive.

From the darkness watched a strange figure: about their own size, but covered in pale fur, bearing claws and fangs, eyes deep and watery black. The creature stared back for a few seconds before stepping into the light, crouching down to get a better look.

In a soft voice, the monster introduced itself as Asriel, offering a paw to help the human up.

But what was their name?

Their old name was meaningless, forgettable. A hateful word, spat at them with discipline not far beyond. Just imagining all the things it meant made them want to abandon it.

Now, they were just another nameless character in a weird story...

That was their name now.

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And so went their new story.

Asriel took his newfound friend home, introduced them to his mother and father.. and they looked on in confusion.
What was a human doing here?
Where were they supposed to go now?

After gentle discussion, they decided that they would adopt Chara as one of their own. Yet, it wouldn't be easy.

Chara shrunk away from touch, stared back with their bright red eyes, and would shut down halfway through a sentence. They told no stories of their scars. The strangest things set them off, even just the clatter of porcelain and glass.
But slowly, they opened up. It got better.

Their fierce yet tender mother, Toriel; their gentle and wise father, Asgore; and their curious, playful brother, Asriel.

They couldn't have asked for a better new family.

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They asked once, "why are all the monsters down here?"

It was all because of the humans, Asriel told them.

The humans hated monsters, so they locked them underground with a magical barrier. The only way to undo the spell was to gather seven human souls and use their power to smash the barrier open-- and that the only things that could leave the barrier were a monster and human soul put together.

But no humans had ever fallen down here.. not until now.

"Why not us? Why don't we free them?"

"But how would we get the other six souls?
How would we go back?"

They weren't sure.. but they'd think of something.

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It wouldn't be hard.

Monsters could steal human souls, absorb them and become one. It'd simply be a matter of getting Asriel to take their own soul.
Then, they'd be able to leave through the barrier.. and together, they could find six people who deserved to die.

They'd be able to free all of monsterkind.

"It wouldn't hurt, it'd be like falling asleep," they told Asriel, who looked back in fear, yet seemed to accept the plan.

"It's okay. We will be together the whole time."

"Well... okay. I'll.. I'll go get the buttercups."

One after another, Chara ripped the petals and leaves from each golden flower, and ate them.

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That night, Chara died in their sleep.

Waiting for his grieving parents to finally fall asleep, Asriel stepped forward and gathered up the crimson soul that lingered with the body. Aglow with determination, it refused to fade, persisting even after bodily death.. and even now it whispered with Chara's voice.

They became one, a fantastic creature with the guise of a monster and the persistence of a human. With no trouble they shrugged off the barrier, and wandered the surface--

And yet when the moment finally came, it all fell apart.

Asriel couldn't bring himself to kill, no matter how much Chara rather wished to, and in their conflict, the two were struck down.

Bleeding, screaming, howling, they dragged themselves back home in desperation, only to die among the flower garden.

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Asriel fell to dust and faded away, like any monster would...

... and Chara's soul fell into a deep sleep.

In the days of mourning, their dear mother took their body and buried it in a far corner of the underground, planting golden flowers atop the grave.

Suffocated and silenced, their soul lingered on.

In the years after their death, other human children fell into the Underground, too. They came, went, and died.

The seventh to fall was the one to, unknowingly,
awaken Chara's faded soul once more:

the seventh child with a brilliant red soul.

As they stirred awake, they held close to this one just like them...

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CHARA -- ?? ATK ?? DEF

The first human to fall
into the Underground.

Their smile never fades.

They were not the first to come here,
but they knew nothing of such a truth.

A misstep along the mountainside, and they fall:
a couple broken bones, but they land safely.

The golden flowers call gently to them, beautiful in the limited light.

But here they are now, the seventh human to fall into the
Underground, the hidden world of monsters.

Tell me, what path will you choose for this lost child?

( Your very first step into the dark,
emerging from the flowers..

It's made clear that there's such
a thing as a kindly monster.

You're rescued from peril and
welcomed to a warm home not your own.

The world wanders with far more cautious creatures, though..

Do you fear them?
Or do you believe you can be their friend, too? )

( And so you did.

From the purple halls of the Ruins to the snowbanks of Snowdin, you fought back in ferocious self-defense, fearing that if you didn't strike first, the creatures here would wipe you out.

After all, there's whisper of their desire for human souls.

As tales of your violence spreads, many flee.
But here and there, a few brave monsters linger, watching...

Would you dare continue?
Or perhaps that fear you've inspired is enough? )

( The impulse to continue tugs at you..

* Strongly felt 12 left. . .

But you finally shake away the desire, thinking rationally.
There's no need to continue like this.

You've made your point, haven't you?

Perhaps here, and there, you give in again.
Fighting is an easy method of survival, after all.

But finally, you find your way home. )
( It doesn't matter who they are,
but fear continues to grip your hand...

... or perhaps it's something else?

Yet with some feverish determination, you can't help it.
It's so easy.

Strike, slash, tear, and your foes are gone.
A sense of pride wells in your chest as your LV rises.

Is it enough for you to leave the underground swamps empty?
Or would you rather give in and feed this violent streak? )

( Looking back... perhaps you've done too much.

Ferocious self-defense soon became murder, didn't it?

It was even enough to drive one of the Underground's
residents to defy death itself to challenge you...
But ultimately, that wasn't enough.

* Strongly felt 3 left . . .

You've made enough of an example, you feel.

It's easy to lapse back into violence,
but it ultimately, isn't a perfect solution.

In time, you finally escape this subterranean world. )
( Your goal is self-preservation..
but you're left unsatisfied unless your path's clear.

You call out, again and again, and wipe out what answers until nobody echoes back. It's almost entertaining.

Something burns in the back of your mind:
a conscience, a spectre, some impulse that's lingered.

But finally, it stops crying out and grows obedient,
speaking clearly with an emotion lost.

Are you satisfied yet?
Or should the fiery depths go monster-free, too? )

( It would be so easy to wipe this world clean of monsterkind.
But, somewhere.. something compels you to start reconsidering.

* Strongly felt 10 left . . .

Is it the horror on their faces?
Is it the way you've shattered their lives?

A heavy weight lingers on your shoulders:
the lives you've taken and the business you left unfinished.

But, perhaps.. there's no more point to this, is there?

As this world retreats into mourning, you find your way home. )
( Away falls the last lingering, tossing and trembling
pieces of an inhabited world.

The lights flicker out and yet you walk
further along the path, still hungry.

LV 19... the number can't simply stop there.

Final, futile struggles play out at your hands,
and you strike down the last survivors:

A brother abandoned; a horrified king; a terrified child.

Like all before them, they easily wither to dust under your blade. )

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( Here the boundary grows thin, and surely,
with how strong you've become,
you could smash your way into the human world...

Something stirs alive, and the unlit cavern grows cold.
The silence rings shrill.

A pale, smiling figure appears in the dark.
Perfectly still, their presence brings an electric paralysis.

They look almost human.. like some merry caricature of you.

Their empty red gaze stares into your soul. )
( You're a stranger here, a passerby in a dangerous world, yet you wonder.. how are you sure that everyone's out to get you?

Trembling faintly, you offer a smile from afar--
and many of the monsters smile back.

Then you realize: they're attacking you out of fear.

Soon, you discover that the only safe answer is fearful strikes and shying away. It's so much easier than fighting!

Somehow, you make friends of them all,
offering shy kindness and a wave.
You dance around their strikes and
capture their hearts with your laughter.

Even when it's frightening, you never give up hope.

And as you wander, you're given the feeling that you're not alone. )

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( It's a soft voice, whispering every so often.

Sometimes, you catch an odd suggestion of what you look at,
or the subtlest narration of your adventure.

Even stranger are pangs of nostalgia for places you've
never been, for people you've never met...

It's as if you-- they-- someone has been here before.

This tie seems to grow only stronger
with each new friend you make.

The words grow clearer, the laughter clarifies..

And as you walk the halls of an abandoned home,
a dull ache settles. )

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I am Chara.

"The fallen child."

"The first of seven."

"The demon that comes when people call its name."

They all mean the very same.

( Golden flowers sit in vases here and there, yet nobody's home. The living room is vacant, massive monsters' chairs unbent, and the bookshelf is gutted.

Two bedrooms line the halls, but only one is inhabited.
The empty one swings open easily, effortlessly, and in the dim light, you make a few things out.

A bookshelf, assorted plush toys, a pair of old shoes. The two beds are askew, and haven't been disturbed for ages. There's a picture frame atop the bookshelf with cracked glass, and in one of the wardrobes is a tangle of knitting supplies.
There's something nostalgic about it all.

As you turn to leave, a golden glimmer peeks out from a box.

Within is an old locket on a chain,
inscribed with the phrase "Best Friends Forever".

You take it with you,
and as you leave,

a second forgotten voice calls out. )

But first, I must thank you.

Your power awakened me from death.

"The human soul."


They were not mine, but YOURS.


Of course, you ask: your "power"?

You know exactly what you did, human.

You simply have to follow your curiosity,
and see what happens when you deviate from the path.
What happens if you choose cruelty over kindness?

It's a valid option, isn't it?

You asked that question, didn't you?


That's right.

But. . .

At first, I was so confused.

Why was I brought back to life?
Our plan had failed, hadn't it?

. . .

But you.

With your guidance, I realized the purpose of my reincarnation.



Hmm. . .

Am I wrong?

You can deny your crimes, but the dust remains.

Nobody commits genocide without a reason.


Together, we destroyed the enemy and became strong.

HP. Attack. Defense.
Gold. EXP. LV.

Each time a number increases, that feeling. . .

That's me.



. . .

Humans are terrible creatures.
Give them the chance and they will do whatever they wish.

Simply because they CAN.

It does not matter who they hurt.

Strangers. Friends.
Family. Their own children.

If there are no consequences, why should they care?


And so here we are.

The world is empty and we have grown strong.

Now. . .

Now, we have reached the absolute.


. . . and so in your thirst for LV and EXP, you killed countless monsters.

Their lives. Their families. Their hopes. Their dreams.

None of it matters to you, does it?

Would you have stopped your massacre
if you knew they had feelings?

I hate every one of you.


There is nothing left for us here.

Let us erase this pointless world, and move onto the next.


Prove me wrong, human.

With your determination, you killed each and every one of them.

Will you sway from your intentions?

Would you complete the job, and destroy everything that remains?


. . .


You are a great partner.

We will be together forever, won't we?


No . . . ?

Hmm. . .

How curious.

You must have misunderstood.



Would you really destroy everything for your own entertainment?

. . .

Why should you get what you want,
when it is simply just a reward to you?

What are you trying to say?

That my feelings are wrong?

. . .

You realize it, don't you?

By simply being here. . .


( For just a moment, you glimpse the end you have wrought.

With a howling din, the world is collapsing all around you in blistering red and yellow light, and amid the storm,
Chara lunges forward with a maniacal laugh.

Their horrible expression burns into your soul, empty eye-sockets bleeding black ooze while their jaw dislocates and hangs slack.

They strike out merely once,


the world

goes dark.

CHARA -- ?9 ATK ?9 DEF

You were never in control.

. . .


You want to go back.
You want to go back to the world you destroyed.

It was you who pushed everything to its edge.

It was you who led the world to its destruction.

But you cannot accept it.

You think you are above consequences.


Then what are you looking for?

. . .


We can reach a compromise.

You still have something I want.

Give it to me.

And I will bring this world back.


Then it is agreed.

You will give me your SOUL.


Then stay here for all eternity.

Profile, coding, and some of the story are all by Marine,
while the two overlays were edited by Vaixation.

Some of the story, the character concept + universe,
and some visual assets are from UNDERTALE,
a PC game by Toby Fox and company.

Thank you for exploring this profile!
(No, really, thank you. So much.)

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(The wind howls through your ears over a lifeless abyss.

Gripped by a strange sentimentality, you stay in the dark and wait for something, anything.

. . .

After what feels like forever,
a familiar voice whispers in the dark.

Pet Treasure

Gold Lovely Pendant

Green Turtleneck Sweater

Survival Buttercups

Chef Carving Knife


Shattered Mirror Shards

Gourd Witch Pumpkin Flower Skull

Dark Dust

Nine of Hearts Playing Card

Melting Smile

Spacetime Rift Disaster Sticker

The End of Time

Dusk Stone Heart Ornament

Orange Heart Hairclip

Blue Heart Hairclip

Lilac Stone Heart Ornament

Green Heart Hairclip

Love Soul Stone

Darkness Soul Stone

Gold Stone Heart Ornament

Scattered Yellow and Orange Blooms

Golden Flower Serum

Friendly Flower Plushie

Dying Yellow Flower

Book of Puns

Exploring the Underground

Underground Sights

Book of Memories

Spilled Summer Memory

Old Wooden Picture Frame

Knitting Basket

Battered Camera

ILU Dad Tie

Mothers Day Vase of Flowers

Best Friend Sticker

Tiny Ruby Crown

Box of Childhood Memories

Blanket Fort Essentials

Green Springtime Flower Poncho

NB Pride Sash

Pitiful Survival Buttercup Cupcake

Sandwich Cookie Snowman Pops

Red Chocolate Heart

Homemade Pie

Decorative Birdcage

Ancient Boo Cooler Juice Box

Pet Friends

We will be together forever, won't we?

Asriel Dreemurr
* It's the end.

* Not worth talking to.

* Likes to say "NYEHEHEHEH!"

The Undying
* The wind is howling...

(There was no answer.)

* Stage lights are flashing.

* The weakest enemy. Keep attacking.

Asgore Dreemurr
* Recollection flashes in his eyes.

* You called out for help... but nobody came.