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Subscription Monthly Item: Emerald Seed Pouch

Emerald Seed Pouch
We’ve changed the special item for our Subscription Quester, Councilor, and Goddess plans. We will be changing this special item slot every month.

Darkmatter Illumis

Be careful using public restrooms in the Darkside: not because of this terrifyingly beautiful darkmatter illumis that could very well be fluttering around; but just because they're not really cleaned that often and there's never any toilet paper.

Coming Up: Masquerade! End of Spring! Reward Card!

Garlic Truffle Burger
Baby Griffin Talisman
Cooler Than You Blub
Just a few updates/reminders for y'all!

:star: Next week the Atebus Revolution Masquerade will be starting! Be prepared to dance, eat, drink, and dance some more.
:star: There will be a new reward card NEXT month!
:star: We've only got about a month of Spring left, which means only a month to get your spring goods from the Millionaire Center and the Seasonal Quest Shop. Summer starts on June 21!
:star: Neugarten will happen sometime this Summer. As we get closer, we will give y'all a better time frame!
:star: Keep an eye on the news, because sometime between Masquerade and Neugarten quests will give out old holiday restockables! We currently have no intention to host a quest-a-thon along with this.

Pet Spotlight - Vortex

Vortex the Custom Blacklight Montre has won the Pet Spotlight!

Free Gift: Gleetur

Aw, look at this old free gift making a comeback.
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