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Latest News and Updates

The Faire Four

How do you think you’ll fair against these new Fireside challengers? Head over to the Battle Coliseum if you think your jousting skills are good enough.

Sir Buckley the Bold, Sister of the Sands, Lord Wybert, Lady Etheldred, Cursed Effigy, Cranky Carrot, and Bandit will all retire at 11:59pm on December 5.

Weekend Quests

Saggitarius is the weekend quest! Do those quests for increased prizes and special rewards!

Reborn Malticorn Revamp!

The reborn malticorn is practically glowing with pride at its new look!

Cash Shop: Black Friday Sale!

Whalesong War
Gentle Glaistig Offering
Midnight Blend Instant Coffee
Adopt-a-Telenine Kit
The Taming of Balrog

Rainbow Glowing Star Cookie
Blue Stained Glass Panel
Yellow Dried Flowers
Gentle Glaistig Cattle Beanbag
Adopt-a-Fester Kit
The Black Friday Cash Shop Sale is here! We have a range of new items for you to enjoy.

Later in the sale, we will be adding some new animals to the Wearable Animal Chance Machine. :eyes:

The sale ends at 11:59 pm on November 29.

Ruby Lee Centerpiece
Spacetime Blue Box
Delightful Stained Glass Cookie
Fringe Magazine Winter 2012-2013 Edition
Decadent Cake Slice
We’ve brought back so many old items. Most items are discounted by 50%! The Battle, Collection, and CSC Card tabs are not discounted. Items like the Spacetime Blue Box can be found under the Bundle tab, so they actually get discounted this year! Previously they were under the Collection tab. If you don't see an item you were hoping was brought back, it might have been added to the CS Hustler instead!

Just a reminder: Any item brought back for Black Friday will also retire at the end of Black Friday.

Royal Fairy Ballet Trunk

Princess Ballerina Music Box
Princess Ballerina Bodysuit
Prince Danseur Crown
Prince Danseur Roses
The Pretty Ballerina Fairy Princess Costume is now the Royal Fairy Ballet Trunk. You can purchase the individual items in this trunk here. Have a copy of the trunk already? You can open it and choose to receive the male or female sets.

Note: You can still get this trunk from the Spooky Costume Trunk. The item image will be updated in the future!

If you opened the trunk and had an issue, please file a ticket and request Amber. Thanks!

Feral Accessory Trunk

Black Little Devil Horns
White Goats Hoof
Rust Taurhoof
Plum Wildcat Mane
The Feral Accessory Trunk is back and with a few revamps! The little devil horns, goats hoofs, taurhoofs, and wildcat manes have all been revamped.

Gilded Double Frame
Delicate Sapphire Butterfly
Bloodstone Pocket Watch
During the sale, you will have the chance to grab the special items from getting a subscription. This is a great chance to get doubles if you need any!

Risk Hair Coupon
Oliver Blob Puppy Doll
Pineapple Bun
The following item sets will be retiring after Black Friday: Blob Animals (Clothing); Buns (Food); Risk, Sing, Push, Key, Near, Hour, Case, Bit, After, Sail, Stem, Count, Den, Remain, Tap, Wry, Knot, Mere, and Tumble Hair Coupons (Wig).

Illustrated Fairytale Panel
Delish Onyx Crystal Cluster
Large-Eared Tiny Elephant Doll
As we've mentioned in previous years, these are no longer included in the Black Friday sale: pet slots, pet name changes, username changes, and pet overlays.

Trunks, Boutique items, and Chance Machines are all discounted.

All Boutique sets have been brought back. At the end of Black Friday, anything before Delish Sonnet will be retired.

One last thing! We will be bringing back Challenger Summoners starting in the new year each month based off their original release like Monthly Collections. So if you can’t grab everything you want during this sale, you’ll have another chance soon(ish) at them!

Bandit, Cranky Carrot, and Cursed Effigy are ready to fight!!!

Bandit, Cranky Carrot, and the Cursed Effigy are back! They won’t be the only challengers to pop up this Fireside so keep an eye out. ;)

In previous years, Bandit had to be unlocked by having the sneaky thief steal the items you threw in the bonfire. This year, however, he’s available to all without trying to unlock him just like the Cranky Carrot.

Retirements for Fireside challengers will be announced with the next round of challengers.
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