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March 4, 2019

Here lies the Blob,
We bid you goodbye.
Rest now in peace
Because, oops, you died.

United Kingdom the Spectrum Terracoon has won the Pet Spotlight!

March 3, 2019

Beary Long Doll

Subetops Plushie
Snowflake Hairpiece
Bloodred Potion
Miniature Cosmic Miasma
How to Punch a Zombie
Moonlit Moss Covered Rock
What will you grab from this Token Shop restock?

Tivan the Glacier Devonti has won the Pet Spotlight!

March 2, 2019

Vanity Meed Jeans
Vanity Meed Sweater
Vanity Meed Sunglasses
Vanity Meed Shoes
Vanity Scope Flannel
Vanity Scope Overalls
Vanity Scope Shoes
Vanity Scope Shirt

Vanity Poetic Heels
Vanity Poetic Cardigan
Vanity Poetic Top
Vanity Poetic Skirt
Vanity Tact Stockings
Vanity Tact Top
Vanity Tact Shoes
Vanity Tact Skirt

Vanity Evade Sheer Top
Vanity Evade Romper
Vanity Evade Jacket
Vanity Evade Boots
Vanity Revere Headband (Loose)
Vanity Revere Duster
Vanity Revere Dress
Vanity Revere Heels
Vanity Revere Headband (Tight)

Vanity Lucky Jeans
Vanity Lucky Sweater
Vanity Lucky Boots
Vanity Lucky Top
Vanity Tyro Shoes
Vanity Tyro Sweater
Vanity Tyro Pants
Vanity Tyro Jacket

Vanity Omni Jeans
Vanity Omni Wool Socks
Vanity Omni Loafers
Vanity Omni Cable Knit Sweater
Vanity Upbeat Pants
Vanity Upbeat Vest
Vanity Upbeat Shirt
Vanity Upbeat Shoes
There are 10 new vanity sets in the Cash Shop! Which set is your favorite?

Vanity Pad Pants
Vanity Bingo Skirt
Vanity Caged Flats
Vanity Brine Top
Vanity Airy Sandals

Vanity Wild Pants
Vanity Sun Romper
Vanity Dime Shirt
Vanity Shade Top
Vanity Timber Pants
Vanity Pad, Bingo, Caged, Brine, Airy, Wild, Sun, Dime, Shade, and Timber will be retiring on March 8th.

Colfax the Custom Arid Ontra has won the Pet Spotlight!

March 1, 2019

March 2019 Collection

Ominous Deep Space Poster
Opalescent Alien Figurine

Succulent Alien Planter
Cracked Aurora Meteor
Ethereal Ink
From the Edges
Rifts are dangerous and unpredictable, so be careful with this month’s collection from the Cash Shop!

March 2007 Donation Present
March 2008 Donation Present

March 2009 Collection
March 2010 Collection
March 2011 Collection
March 2012 Collection

March 2013 Collection
March 2014 Collection
March 2015 Collection
March 2016 Collection
March 2017 Collection
March 2018 Collection
You can also purchase one of our older March Donation Presents or Collections!

Old 13 the Custom Nostalgic Noktoa has won the Pet Spotlight!

Pete is the weekend quest! Do those quests for increased prizes and special rewards!

February 28, 2019

Standard Pigeon Doll
Just your standard free gift.

Wrain the Custom Common Experiment #76166 has won the Pet Spotlight!

February 27, 2019

Delphi Crab
Subetan Roaches
Saheric Gull Scarf
Just Beachy Granola Bars
Assorted Roach Stickers
Saheric Gull
I can’t imagine why you’d want to spend your quest points on these new pests.

Delfina the Nostalgic Kumos has won the Pet Spotlight!

February 26, 2019

Hello again! I've had a bit more luck in finding that errant magic. I remember I was visiting with dear Quentin and Dr. Asmodeus last year, giving a bit of scientific advice on a retrieval problem, when we noticed how late it had become. Ian suggested we all have some restaurant food delivered. A delightful concept! However, when it arrived, I must admit I was feeling a bit peaky and couldn't finish my noodles. I suspect some of my magic escaped into those noodles and festered a bit. Oops.

Hot and Fresh Takeout

If you use this Hot and Fresh Takeout from the Cash Shop as a summoning device, I do believe it will bring forth the unconsumed magic-fuelled creature. Let's call it Meinlong, and then let's defeat it good and proper.

Mixed Salad Bowl will retire on March 1st.
You Have Beautiful Eyes Candy Heart
One In A Melon Sticker
Sweety Dead Ghostly Plushie
Angler Zombie Plushie
I Want You Candy Heart
Hi everyone!

Unfortunately earlier today we accidentally cleared (mostly) everyones infections. Our mistake can be your gain, however! We’re going to be extending Survival until 11:59pm on March 8th, so you might be able to squeeze in an extra infection this year! You will need to reinfect, sorry everyone!

We’ve also reset quests for the day. Why does this matter? All quest givers will be giving out candy hearts until 11:59pm on March 1st! Quests also have a higher chance of dropping Morty Cards during this time.

The time limit for biting has been temporarily reduced to help you recover your infections faster.

Strawberry Yogurt Yummies
Parmesan Cheese Treat
Peanut Crunchy Chew Sticks
Super Green Food Pellets

Fortified Food Pellets
Cheddar Cheese Treat
Carrot Crunchy Chew Sticks
Cheese Yogurt Yummies

Avocado Crunchy Chew Sticks
Blueberry Yogurt Yummies
Basic Food Pellets
Blue Cheese Cheese Treat
Some people might see mice and rats as pests, but Clementine doesn’t. Grab these new treats for your rodent friends!

Cutethulhu the Chibi Experiment #3485 has won the Pet Spotlight!
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