ERL has a minion!

the Joy-Bringer Fairy

Legacy Name: ERL

The Galactic Ruffie
Owner: Luck

Age: 5 years, 3 months, 1 week

Born: August 27th, 2016

Adopted: 5 years, 3 months, 1 week ago

Adopted: August 27th, 2016


  • Level: 34
  • Strength: 41
  • Defense: 10
  • Speed: 10
  • Health: 10
  • HP: 0/10
  • Intelligence: 36
  • Books Read: 18
  • Food Eaten: 0
  • Job: Free Gift Distributor


Coding help by Zay
Everything else by Luck
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Greyhounds are known for their speed. Reaching up to 40 mph, they are known as racers; competitive racing reaching the height of popularity in the 20th century, there were tens of millions paying spectators, gambling and betting on the dogs. What people didn’t know is that the lives of the rich and famous dogs aren’t all that it’s cracked up to be. On the track, there was a serious risk of injury and even death, and off the track the dogs were neglected and kept in terrible conditions. The gravy train stops here: when the still young and healthy greyhound’s career runs its course, and the dog is no longer desired for competing. Over twenty thousand retired greyhounds were killed every year. It was a short life with poor healthcare. It was race or die, or rather, race then die anyway. The cruelties were exposed in the 80s, and greyhound racing was in the spotlight of controversy. Then, with the formation of many rescue groups, that number of deaths was drastically decreased, and retired greyhounds were able to find happy homes. After the exposure, the greyhound racing industry declined, though it still exists to this day…

ERL’s parents met on the track, and had long careers racing. Luckily, their lives after racing were some of the better ones. It was the end of July, 1982 in New York City, when two now-retired famous greyhounds had their baby. The Lees, as they were called, named the baby Evan Ray. As he grew in his comfortable and mild life, he found that he was disallowed from entering a certain room of the house, but he couldn’t find out why. Being a curious ten-year-old, though, he was able to sneak in there once. He turned on the light and exposed a wall lined with dozens of trophies: cups of various sizes, ribbons in all colors, framed awards and certificates, the works.

Before he could process what he was seeing, his father’s hand grabbed his arm and tugged him back out of the room. “Evan, I told you not to go in this room,” his father said sternly. Evan proceeded to cry from being in trouble, but both of his parents sat him down and explained what he saw in that room. That was the day Evan found out that both his parents were retired racers, that they wanted to hide that life from him, and that they were afraid of him following in their footsteps and becoming a victim of that life. He was still too young, and didn’t understand the magnitude of what being a greyhound racer meant.

He always wanted to run; it was only natural, after all. In school he would excel in gym class, and every year there was a sports day. All the kids would participate in a race, and every time, Evan would get the first place ribbon. His parents found it hard to be happy for him. Their child stood there grinning with his achievement in hand, and they could only remember the harsh career that they survived. In order to divert their son from that path in life, they arranged musical lessons. To their relief, he took to it, and started taking band class in school.

By the time he graduated high school, Evan had mastered the trumpet. Not only that, but he dabbled in similar brass instruments, and practiced making noise in the garage with a few friends from school. That’s what a band is, right? They weren’t that great, and Evan tried being the lead singer, but he wasn’t that great either. It wasn’t too long before that group disbanded, and Evan was left to figure out what he was going to do in life. He already had a few things figured out, one of which was that he liked going by ERL, which were his initials, and the other was that he was gay. When he realized the latter, recalling the secret crushes he had on other boys in school, all he could think was, “well that certainly explains a lot.”

When he told his parents, they were hesitant. “You’re choosing a more difficult life,” they tried to warn him.

“I’m not choosing anything,” ERL told them confidently. “I can’t help but be who I am, and I won’t pretend to be something I’m not.”

This response seemed to wake his parents up. They apologized and promised to be supportive and open-minded. They were very proud of him, after all. Not every parent can look at their child and see a role-model for themselves. ERL had always been strong-willed, self-confident, positive, assertive, and even charitable. Starting as a teenager, he became active in the community, volunteering for anything at any opportunity. He donated money to charity, donated blood in drives, donated food for the needy, worked in the soup kitchen, picked up trash whenever he saw it, and would always lend a hand to anyone who needed it. He was determined to improve the lives of others, to share his own positive energy.

For the next several years, his charity work continued, and he repeatedly started bands that would ultimately disband, and repeatedly had relationships with men that would ultimately end. Every day he would still give himself a bold and confident look in the mirror and say, “today I am successful, tomorrow I will be successful, every day I am successful.” He would not stop trying. One day in 2006, he was picking up trash off the sidewalk when he found a flyer. It was an ad for band auditions and ERL’s eyes lit up. Joining someone else’s band, letting someone else take the reins, would be the key. ERL wasn’t one to let opportunities pass by, and he wasn’t about to start now.

The date of the audition was the very next day, and ERL, passing by people carrying their own instruments back home, eventually arrived at the location: a warehouse. Trumpet in hand, he walked into the building to find the person who put out the ad. There was a red and black wolfdog sitting in front of a keyboard in the middle of the room.

Confidently, ERL stood in front of the wolfdog and said, “My name is Evan Ray Lee but you can call me ERL, I’m going to play the trumpet.”

The wolfdog, tail wagging, seemed captivated by ERL’s confidence and found it hard to speak. He mumbled that his name was Shad2. That was a crazy cool name. “Shad2, I like that,” ERL said, before playing some soulful sounding piece with his trumpet. Immediately, Shad2 told ERL that he was in. ERL sat next to Shad2, grinning.

“Man, I was just about to put an ad in the paper for a band when I saw yours,” ERL said. “I always wanted my own band, I tried a few times but it never went right. Mainly, because I was trying to sing… Man, I can’t sing. You play the keyboard?” He abruptly asked, motioning to the keyboard. Shad2 only nodded. They were interrupted by a loud dragging sound, which caused Shad2 to jump to his feet. Some guy was dragging an entire drum set into the room.

Shad2’s cockney accent rang out, “Wot are ya doin, mate?!”

The guy at the drum set was wearing a suit and tie, but when he turned around he had a crazed look. “I’m gonna play the drums, duh.” He looked like some kind of tiger, who took drumsticks out of his pocket and sat at the drum set. Before Shad2 or ERL could say anything, the guy started wailing on his drums rapidly. When he got into rhythm, ERL inhaled sharply and put his trumpet to his lips, and started sashaying towards the drummer while playing. Shad2 just stood there in awe, mouth agape, which after a bit, curled into a grin. After it was over, the drummer introduced himself as Luthifer, or Luthy for short.

“Luffy,” Shad2 said in his typical accent.

“Nah, nah, it’s Luthy.” Luthifer said.

“No wait, Luffy sounds cool,” ERL said.

“Luffy,” Luthifer repeated, considering. “Yeah,” he decided with a crazed look again.

Shad2 accepted Luffy into the band, and the three began to discuss the extent of their musical abilities. Luffy could only play the drums, but ERL revealed he could play pretty much any brass instrument because “they were all the same to him.” Shad2 shyly revealed that the keyboard wasn’t the only thing he could play, mentioning piano, and the fact that he liked to sing. Of course, that put him on the spot when the other two demanded that he sang, which, he did. Shad2’s speaking voice sounded like he had marbles in his mouth, but when he sang, it was beautiful and clear. When he finished, ERL said one word, “nice.” This put a smile on Shad2’s face, which could still be seen when the three left the warehouse and went their separate ways.

After a week, ERL found himself back in his family’s garage, with a new band that he felt would stick this time. They wrote their first song and practiced playing it a few times before they realized that their band didn’t even have a name. They went through a few names, and kept a few different ones in mind to try out and see which one felt best. At first, they called themselves Neo Kings. They were trying to say that they were the young or new kings of… whatever genre they were. They wrote more songs, and it wasn’t long before they played their first gig at a bar and made a few dollars. ERL was enjoying the time he spent making music with his new friends, and he felt like he was becoming attracted to their lead singer.

Sometime after they played a few more shows, he was approached by an upset-looking Shad2. He explained to ERL about his awful roommates and how they threatened him and made him use all his new money to pay for all of the rent on his own. ERL consoled Shad2 and promised that he would help Shad2 by sharing his own money, and wouldn’t take no for an answer. Together they were able to afford the electric guitar that Shad2 wanted, a purchase that would definitely help the band, but more importantly, made Shad2 happy.

After some practice, the unveiling of the new instrument was ready. At shows, they would play a pre-recorded soundtrack of Shad2 playing the keyboard, while Shad2 would play the guitar live and sing; ERL still on trumpet and Luffy still on drums. They were earning more money over time, and eventually ERL was accumulating more than enough. He paid his parents rent, as he continued to live at their house, and resumed his habit of donating to charity. The band was rapidly gaining a fan base; they were becoming popular and rich.

It had been a few years since they first started, and next year they were planning on going on tour for the first time, using the extra money they earned to fund the road trip. Since the beginning, ERL had been getting closer to Shad2, and was consciously falling in love with him. Though ERL had dated others in the past, the feelings he had for Shad2 were different. For the first time in his life, ERL felt unsure. He desired to be with Shad2, but he didn’t know if Shad2 would return his feelings, or if revealing his romantic interest would mess up the band. It was near the end of the year in 2009, and ERL was bothered by these thoughts again. He stared at himself in the mirror again. “I am successful,” he affirmed with determination. There was suddenly a frantic, beating knock on the front door. When ERL answered, it was Shad2, who was shaking.

They sat together on ERL’s bed, and Shad2 recounted how he had just been attacked on the street by a dark figure. ERL inspected him, and the only wounds he could find were on Shad2’s neck, and combined with Shad2’s now elongated canines, ERL came to the conclusion that he was now a vampire. This upset Shad2.

“Ah’ve nevah been a vampiyah before,” Shad2 cried.

“Well, no…” ERL said.

“Wot’s gonna ‘appen ta me? Am ah goin ta turn ta dust in ‘e sun now?”

“I don’t know,” ERL said, as he tried to hug Shad2. Shad2 hugged back. “Vampires need blood,” ERL commented.

“Ahm not goin ta bite ya and ‘urt ya. Besides, wot if ya turn inta one as well?” said Shad2.

“Then we’ll both be vampires. Now, bite me.”

“Evan…” Shad2 whimpered and whined before biting ERL’s neck and drinking some blood, as ERL held him close. ERL didn’t turn into a vampire immediately like Shad2 had, and Shad2 ended up spending the night, staying up so he could sleep through the day, in case the sun killed him. ERL tried to stay up with him, but ended up dozing off at some point. The next morning, some sunlight accidentally touched Shad2, but nothing happened. They were both relieved.

Everything else went according to plan, no more surprises, and late in the year after, the trio went on tour. They ended up going all over the country, writing a bunch of songs about the places they visited, Shad2 and ERL becoming closer all the while, and Luffy none the wiser. When they visited a place in northern Texas, called Amarillo, ERL decided that the time was now. They had just finished a show one night, and ERL waited in the tour bus for Shad2, while Luffy was out by himself. Shad2 entered the bus.

Shad2 drank blood from ERL, which they had both grown accustomed to. It was in this moment that ERL decided to make his move. After revealing that he thought Shad2 was cute, they shared their first kiss. ERL closed the blinds on the windows to keep out the nosy fans and locked the door for the same reason.

“Won’t Luffy wanna ge’in?” Shad2 asked.

“I asked him to stay out late tonight, and he has a key.” ERL said, turning a radio on quietly. ERL joined Shad2 again on the couch, and they kissed again. This was the best possible outcome, Shad2 was reacting positively to ERL’s affection, and ERL’s confidence about the subject returned. They told each other that they loved each other. ERL recalls that it started to rain lightly and it could be heard pattering on the roof of the bus…

The next morning, ERL woke to find Shad2 was not around. He emerged from the bedroom area to find Shad2 sitting at a table, writing. He was writing a new song. They gave each other a loving look, a certain look that they had never really given each other in the previous years. They couldn’t stop themselves from looking like that on stage, and it must have been obvious to the fans because rumors began to crop up that they were gay for each other. The two of them have no comment on this, because they liked to tease and keep people guessing. After shows, Shad2 would spend time teaching ERL how to play the guitar. Over time, ERL learned how, and from there, picked up playing the bass.

After a year of being on tour, they finally returned home to New York City; ERL still bearing that dopey look of being in love when he arrived back at his house. It wasn’t long at all before he received a phone call from Shad2, instructing him to get some rest, because tomorrow they’d be practicing the songs they wrote while they were on tour. The next day, ERL took his trumpet and bass guitar to the warehouse to meet the others. Coincidentally, they all arrived at the same time, and began to chat as they entered the building. Inside, someone was waiting for them. They were all startled.

“Who’s there?!” ERL demanded. A figure could be seen sitting on an old box at the far end of the room. It got up and started to approach them. As it drew near, it was obvious that it was a girl, a young girl of ten. She looked like a cat, but she was greenish, and something was off.

“I’m here to play.” She said simply. The others looked at each other with confusion. “May I?” She inquired, pointing at Shad2’s guitar. He was hesitant, but he curiously got it hooked up to an amp and handed it over to the little girl. For a child, she played with skill comparative to someone who had played for forty years. They were all in awe, and knew that bringing this kid into the band would change everything.

“Where are your parents?” ERL asked her when she finished playing.

“I don’t have any,” she said. “My name is Grymm.”

After that, the band was reformatted. Shad2 took his guitar back, but told Grymm that they would get her one of her own. The band felt totally new, after some instrument switching around, and a new member, they needed a new name. They sat around, thinking.

“Legs!” Luffy exclaimed after a while. The others looked at him, puzzled. “Legs,” Luffy repeated. He pointed to himself, then ERL, then Grymm, then Shad2, all while spelling the word ‘legs.’

“I get it,” ERL said. “That’s pretty funny.”

“Okay, but let’s make it edgier and cooler,” Shad2 said. They all talked it out, rambling random words and phrases tacked onto Legs. Somehow, the name Legs for Losers popped out, and it stuck. Shad2 would continue to play the keyboard and sing, Luffy still drummed, ERL was now on the bass, and Grymm was on the guitar. The rest of the band helped in raising Grymm and keeping her safe, protecting her like a little sister.

There were mixed reactions from the public about the renaming and the inclusion of a girl into the once boy band. People got over it as time went on, and fans had their specific interests when it came to the band. Some people preferred Luffy, some were more interested in Grymm, the child prodigy and her growth into a pre-teen then teenager; then there was the hot topic concerning ERL and Shad2 and their feelings for each other. They both tried to hide it as much as possible, even though everyone was right anyway. They understood each other, but the public didn’t understand them, and they didn’t want their relationship tarnished by rumors and assumptions about whatever goes on behind closed doors. It was also good publicity, keeping fans hyped and tuning into news about the band, just to see if Shad2 and ERL had come out yet, but they never did.

The four of them still hung out when they weren’t working on music. Luffy was the clown of the group, often making the others cry with laughter. Grymm and Shad2 shared an interest in tea, and had a designated time for drinking it together. Speaking of tea, ERL knew exactly how Shad2 liked his. The band had starting taking longer and longer hiatuses from music, and it was during one of these hiatuses that ERL learned that Shad2 had developed depression. ERL didn’t understand how this could have happened. He did his best to comfort and brighten up Shad2, but sometimes it never felt like enough. For a moment, he felt like a failure for not being able to help him. At one point, Shad2 started getting drunk and ERL would stay with him and take him back to his apartment safely. He took care of Shad2 when he was hungover.

Despite Shad2’s sudden crash in mental health, ERL found Shad2 to be surprisingly optimistic. It might have just been the pain-relievers, but Shad2 would always mention that something great might happen that day, like that the band would get back together for a new album, or that their relationship would go to the next level, and they would just have to wait and see. ERL realized that he was not a failure, and holding back tears, he smiled. He had succeeded in sharing his positive energy after all.

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Basic Info

Name: Evan Ray Lee
Alias: ERL
Nicknames: Sunshine, Sunny, Sun, Heavenly
Pronouns: he/him
Species: Greyhound
Birthday: July 30th, 1982
Star Sign: Leo
Chinese Zodiac: Water Dog
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 172 lbs

Origins & Achievements

Homeland: NYC
Residence: NYC
Education: High School Graduate
Known Languages: English
Intelligence: Average
Occupation: Bassist

Physical & Mental

Status: Alive
Conditions: None
Dominant Hand: Right
Fear Response: Freeze
Alignment: Lawful Good
Religion: Agnostic
Outlook: Optimistic
Social: Extrovert

Home Life

Sexuality: Gay
Marital Status: Engaged
Partner: Shad2
Offspring: None
Siblings: None
Parents: Robert (father), Linda (mother)
Pet: None


Traits: confident, altruistic, proactive, exploitable, do-gooder, obsequious
Markings: None
Talents: Being an empath
Likes: running, making music, volunteering, donating, picking up litter, recycling, helping people, spreading positivity, supporting and being active in his community, giving gifts, taking care of people, caring for sentimental items, sending greeting cards, spreading love, making people smile, comforting others, making friends
Dislikes: breaking rules, being disappointing, not keeping promises, being unable to help, people invading his personal private love life, people making assumptions about him, rude and unkind people, when people take advantage of his kindness, seeing other people being taken advantage of, seeing others in pain
Voice: (x)

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:sunny: Walking On Sunshine - Katrina and the Waves

:blue_heart: Lean On Me – Bill Withers

:sunny: All You Need Is Love – The Beatles

:blue_heart: Don't Worry Be Happy - Bobby McFerrin

:sunny: Break My Stride - Matthew Wilder

:blue_heart: Don't Stop Believin' - Journey

:sunny: What A Wonderful World - Louis Armstrong

:blue_heart: Good Morning - Max Frost

:sunny: Happy - Pharrell Williams

:blue_heart: All Star - Smash Mouth

:sunny: song

:blue_heart: song

:sunny: song

:blue_heart: song

:sunny: song

:blue_heart: song

:sunny: song

:blue_heart: song

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Inner Circle


Dad & Mom

My parents are both retired racing greyhounds. They have a lot of awards and trophies between the two of them, but the racing lifestyle is too hardcore and they wanted better for me. Though I like to run and can run pretty fast, I'm not a racer. Instead, they got me into music, which I am so grateful for. Music is my life now. They've always been pretty supportive and proud of me, though I still live at home and feel like a bit of a burden - even though I pay rent. On the other hand, they're getting older and I don't want to leave them alone as they become elderly.



My best friend. Shaddy's the one who successfully started the band, and he's the lead singer. Though he was hard to understand when speaking at first, he can always sing beautifully. He can also play keyboard and guitar, the latter of which he taught me how to play. After that I picked up bass on my own. We hit it off and were friends immediately, and our bond has only become stronger over time. I care for him deeply. I get worried about his depression and drinking, but I watch over him and take him home so he can sleep it off. On his better days, he can be adorably clueless, very friendly and polite, and always making tea for someone. He does know how I like mine. I always insist he brings out the best in me. Our fans and the media think we're together. I can't comment on such a thing.


My other best friend. Luffy introduced himself as Luthifer, but Shaddy couldn't pronounce it, so he became Luffy. He joined the band at the same time I did, making him, Shaddy, and myself the founding members of the band. He plays the drums energetically, and puts on this crazy stage persona. The contrast of his craziness with his professional suit-and-tie appearance works beautifully. Luffy is a red tiger with dark blue stripes and hair, and he has a scar under one of his eyes, which he said he got when he tripped and fell onto his drum set and hit his face on the edge of one of the drums.


Grymm joined the band a little later, and she's like a little sister to us guys. Her arrival caused an instrument switch and band renaming. We met her in a mysterious way: she was waiting for us in the warehouse we practiced in, then she played the guitar like one of those guys from a classic rock-n-roll band of the 70s and 80s. Except she's a teenage girl. Shaddy and I looked like complete amateurs after her performance, so we just had to have her in the band. She turned out to be a zombie and remains mysterious, claims she has no parents, though I don't think that's true. She's mature for her age, but we still protect her since she's the little sister of the band!


Midi is the manager of our band. He only became our manager in 2013, and before that we had a different manager. But that manager was... undesirable, to say the least. Honestly there are more choice words to describe that manager, but I'm not the kind of guy to say so. Anyway, Midi's edgy and aloof and all, but he's a breath of fresh air compared to the previous guy. He's good at what he does, and Shaddy likes him - he is the one who hired him on the spot, after all - so I don't see him leaving any time soon.



I gotta appreciate Trig. I don't know him very well, but he seems like a great friend to Shaddy and good person in general. Shaddy has some hellish roommates that he needed to take a break from, and so he was able to stay at a boarding house owned by Trig. There's no charge for it, so I think it's awesome that he provides a place for the weary to rest and get back on their feet. He's also let me and Shaddy stay in his cabin in the woods for some privacy. I'm apparently part of their wolfpack as the gamma, along with Shaddy who's the omega, but Shaddy's way more into it. He's crazy about it! Trig's the alpha of the pack so he takes care of everyone. What a nice guy.


Trip is a husky who is involved with the boarding house and Trig. They're friends and coworkers, and of course, he's also in the wolfpack as the beta. He knows more about our band than Trig does, so shoutout to Trip! He'll keep my and Shaddy's secret safe. He seems nice enough, but I get the impression he can be hardheaded or that he's a rough guy cutting his own path in life. Something like that. But I can sense a tender side when he talks about things he's lost. So he's like one of those gruff cool guys who acts like he doesn't care but he really does.

Pet Treasure

Red Heart Plushie

Red Heart Plushie

E Sticker

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Exclamation Sticker

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Joyful Brain Beanbag


Holiday Doggy Sweater

Lifetime Achievement Award

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French Horn


Sunshine Electric Bass

Starry Electric Guitar

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Snowy Village Cabin

Cherry Lifelike Telenine Doll

One Steamy Night

Dealing with Hangovers

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Save More Money Resolution Sticker

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100 Percent Organic Sticker

Dont Panic Go Organic Sticker

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Just Say No to Plastic Sticker

Im With Her Sticker

Clean Water Healthy Life Sticker

Life Is Bubbles Sticker

My Body Is a Temple Sticker

My Body is A Garden Sticker

Progress Not Perfection Sticker

Mindset Is Everything Sticker

Believe In Yourself Sticker

2 Legit 2 Quit Sticker

Just Breathe Sticker

Namaste Sticker

Stay On Track Sticker

Unstoppable Sticker

Shell Yeah Sticker

Rad Radish Sticker

Merry AF Sticker

Basil-Tov Sticker

Hot Diggity Dog Sticker

Blobular Sticker

Blob Is Love Blob Is Life Sticker

U Grow Girls Sticker

No Ragret Sticker

Pining Hard Sticker

Stuck On You Sticker

Can Not Get U Out My Head Sticker

You Make Me Smile! Sticker

I Rotate for You! Sticker

Crumpled Bee Mine Sticker

Whale You Be Mine Sticker

I Think You Are Dandy Sticker

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Egg-cellent Sticker

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Be Zesty Sticker

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Souper Sticker

Peas and Thank You Sticker

Pea Happy Sticker

We Are Gouda Together Sticker

I Am Fondue of You Sticker

Brie Mine Sticker

Be Stilton My Heart Sticker

Be Still My Beeting Heart Sticker

Youre My Sweet Potato Sticker

I Loaf You Sticker

Tortellini In Love Sticker

Be My Bae-B-Q Sticker

One In A Melon Sticker

You Are My Butter Half Sticker

You Make Miso Happy Sticker

I Chew Chew Choose You Sticker

Slimey Grimey Love Sticker

Im A Succa for You Sticker

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Youre Ribbiting Sticker

Organ Luv Candy Brain

Mini Cinnamon Rolls

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New Year Guide Fish of Imagination

Ray of Hope

Silver-Lined Cloud


Art Brings Hope

Sigil of the Final Night

Lantern of the Final Night

Waning Candle of the Final Night

Essence of the Final Night

Moonrise of the Final Night

Dawn of the First Day

Essence of the First Day

Idocrase of the First Day

Healing Wand of the First Day

Sigil of the First Day

Subeta 2017 A New Hope

Finding Light in the Dark

Book of Sunrises

Shards of Pure Sunlight

2014 Inspirational Quotes

Tiny Book of Completed Resolutions

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You Made It Sticker

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The Only Way is Up Sticker

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Free Hug Coupon Sticker

Cruelty Free Sticker

Pure Matter

Make Art Not War Sticker

Duality Sun Mask Beanbag

Sunrise Stole

Sunrise Spirit

For The Light

Little Book of Calm

365 Days of Meditation

Staying Friendly After a Breakup

Red Heart Plushie

Red Heart Plushie

C Sticker

A Sticker

R Sticker

E Sticker


Delivery Bunny

Delivery Spooper

Handling Holiday Stress

Stay Warm Sticker

Winter Remedies

Honey Sore Throat Remedy

Winter Care Cup

Hearty Chicken Noodle Soup

Healing Steak

Repair Bot

Heart Repair Sticker

Healthy Snow Fairy Sticker

Ruffie Healy Bones

Book of Healing

Handling Clutter

Caring for Kids

Caring for Foals

Caring for Ducklings

Caring for Calves

Caring for Chicks

Caring for Snow Fairies

Caring for Your 0101

Caring for Your Dragon of Autumn

Caring for Your Golden Goat

Caring for Your Rave Matter

Dark Matter Pet Care

Dark Matter Sun Care

Dealing with Daylight Spirits

Caring for Starlight Spirits

Mallarchy Care

Panzer Hydra Care

Veta Lake Care Notes

Drunk and Drunker: An Alcohol Safety Guide

Sometimes the Sun is No Fun

Uncle Carls Sun Safety Guide

SPF 50 Sunscreen

Treating Burns

Safely Cooking with Fire

Safety with Fireworks

Hiking Safety Kit

Safety Vest

Safety For Hikers

Safety For Runners

Safety For Campers

Sage Advice

Unclutter Your Mind

Memory from a Happy Summer

Scrapbook from a Lifetime Ago

Book of Memories

Beloved Photo Album

Well-Loved Beat-Up Book

Well-Loved Beach Journal

Book of Ticket Stubs

Shoebox Of Treasured Memories

Box of Childhood Memories

Locked Box Of Lovesakes

Keepsake Box

Sweet Spirit Offering

Beloved Fleece Throw

Red Well-Loved Red Rreign Plushie

Orange Well-Loved Red Rreign Plushie

Green Well-Loved Red Rreign Plushie

Blue Well-Loved Red Rreign Plushie

Brown Well-Loved Red Rreign Plushie

Special Ratty Plushie

Beloved Bunny Doll

Well-Loved Spring Handmade Quilt

Sweetheart Card Set

Centropolis Winter Souvenir Card

Shengui Guo Winter Souvenir Card

Shadowglen Winter Souvenir Card

Delphi Winter Souvenir Card

Centropolis Greeting Card

Riverside Valley Greeting Card

Arctic Frost Greeting Card

Shadowglen Greeting Card

Darkside Greeting Card

Vintage Kerubi Heart Card

Vintage Feli Heart Card

Vintage Rreign Heart Card

Vintage Kumos Heart Card

Vintage Cybill Heart Card

Vintage Bewitching Greeting Card

Vintage Patchy Greeting Card

Vintage Noxious Greeting Card

Vintage Sepia Greeting Card

Vintage Starry Greeting Card

Lost Bunny Postcard

Rabbit-Eared Postcard

Moorland Postcard

Mirror Flats Postcard

Scenic Lakeside Postcards

Romantic Postcard

Hoppy Survival Postcard

Waterlogged Survival Postcard

Homemade Watercolor Luminaire Cards

Lotsa Love Card

Overly Romantic Card

Birthday Card Sticker

Happy Birthday Card 1

Happy Birthday Card 2

Happy Birthday Card 3

Happy Birthday Card 4

Silver Sixth Birthday Card

Brown Sixth Birthday Card

Gold Sixth Birthday Card

Green Sixth Birthday Card

Turquoise Sixth Birthday Card

Blue Sixth Birthday Card

Lavender Sixth Birthday Card

Pink Sixth Birthday Card

Black Sixth Birthday Card

Happy Birthday! Sticker

Happy Birthday Taco Sticker

Happy Vesnali Card

Happy Vesnali Card 2

Happy Vesnali Card 3

Happy Anniversary Sticker

Happy Anniversary Wizard Edition Sticker

Handmade Luminaire Tree Ornament

Handmade Luminaire List Notepad

Handmade Fabric Scraps Experiment 4423 Plushie

Handmade Fabric Scraps Experiment 7777 Plushie

L Sticker

O Sticker

V Sticker

E Sticker

New Year Guide Fish of Love

True Love

Valentines Lovers Knot


Snapshot of a Kiss

I Heart You Sticky

Love Letter

I do Sticker

Hugs and Kisses Bracelet

Hugs and Kisses Charm

Love Loaf

Love Spice

Milkshake For Two

Love Tree


Ball of Love

Lovetron 3000

Super Lamb Love Avenger

Love Monkey Plushie


Lovey Dovey

Love Monster

Love Dragon


Love Bug Butterfly



Infatuated Pet Rock

Little Hearty


Love Squirrel Plushie


Puppy Love

Kitty Love

Froggy Love

Birdy Love

Sir Loves-a-Lot

I Love You Puppy

I Love You Illumis Plushie

I Love You Lain Plushie

I Love You Popoko Plushie

I Love You Ghostly Plushie

I Love You Dragarth Plushie

I Love You Kumos Plushie

I Love You Tutani Plushie

I Love You Ontra Plushie

I Love You Kanis Plushie

Ichbit Plushie


Lovebunny Plushie


Wyllop Valentines Plushie

Cuddly Bear Plushie

I Love You Jollin Plushie




Lovey Dovey Zombie Plushie

Big-Hearted Bear Plushie

Love Snail


Squishy Kissy Fishy Plushie


Zlomp! Sticker

User Love Sticker

I-Love-You Fetus

I-Wub-You Wabbit

I-Love-You UFO Keychain

Lovable Rainbow Beanbag

I-Love-You Rainbow

Suave Onion

Tiny I-Love-You Pumpkin

I-Love-You Taco

I-Love-You Lamington

I-Love-You Sausage Ham and Mayo Sammich

I-Love-You Cupcake

Cauliflower Love Sticker

Garlic Love Sticker

Spring Onion Love Sticker

Fiddlehead Fern Love Sticker

Parsnip Love Sticker

I-Love-You Doughnut Beanbag

I-Love-You Doughnut Sticker

I-Love-You Pizza Slice Sticker

I-Love-You Taco Sticker

Lovely Tasting Taco Sticker

Love Victim Taco

Love-Filled Crumbs

I-Love-You Pizza Slice Plushie

Lovely Toaster Sticker

Ice Cream Love Sticker

Love Filled Teapot

I Hearrrt Rum Sticker

Evil Love Sticker

Toofy Love Sticker

Pimbi Love Sticker

Sun Love Sticker

Chibi Love Sticker

Oofa Love Sticker

Eggplant Love Sticker

Wallop Love Sticker

I Love Evil Pie Sticker

Lovey Pride Sticker

Snoweater Sticker

Lovable Aljex Sticker

I Love Horses Sticker

Narwhal Love Sticker

Manatee Love Sticker

Neela Love Sticker

Lovely Experiment 7777 Sticker

Lovely Experiment 3485 Sticker

Lovely Experiment 0507 Sticker

Daubby Sticker

Neugarten Logo Sticker

Blob Love Sticker

Steamwork Love Sticker

Kumos Fan Sticker

Love You! Sticker

Food Love Sticker

Minion Love Sticker

Plushie Love Sticker

Voucher Love Sticker

Battle Love Sticker

Card Love Sticker

Book Love Sticker

Avatar Love Sticker

Lonely Chick Love Sticker

I Love Reading! Sticker

I Love Winter! Sticker

I Love the Libertine Lounge Sticker

I Love Trinkets Sticker

I Love Monocles Sticker

I Love Masks Sticker

I Love Waistcoats Sticker

I Love Corsets Sticker

Key of Love

Love Rocket

Love Dice

Love Story

Book of Love

Love Matter: The Truth

Love Notebook

Predictable Love Stories Book Tape

Ghost Love Stories

Feli Love Stories

The Importance of Communication

Love Languages

The Four Types of Love

Loving Yourself

Love at Sea

Love Words

Love in the Air

Lingerie for All

Kisses for Everyone

Love for Them All

The Smallest Things

Simple and Sweet Journal

Fervent Love Letter

Singed Love Letter

Homemade Love Notes

How to Make Paper Hearts

Charming Origami Heart

Romantic Origami Heart

Moonstruck Origami Heart

Lovely Origami Heart

Sweet Origami Heart

Candy Heart Mistress Sweet Temp Tattoo

Swirly Heart Temporary Tattoo

I Heart Pink Sticker

I Heart Red Sticker

I Heart Orange Sticker

I Heart Yellow Sticker

I Heart Green Sticker

I Heart Blue Sticker

I Heart Purple Sticker

I Heart Brown Sticker

I Heart Black Sticker

I Heart Gray Sticker

I Heart White Sticker

Pink Hearty Sticker

Orange Hearty Sticker

Yellow Hearty Sticker

Green Hearty Sticker

Blue Hearty Sticker

Purple Hearty Sticker

Black Hearty Sticker

Emo Bubble Love

Heart Talky Sticker

Rainbow Love LED Mask

Hyperactive Loveheart Sticker

Lovely Best Sticker

Lovely Friends Sticker

Gross Fungus Heart Sticker

The Bakers Kiss Heart Sticker

Blood Rush Heart Sticker

Pinkie Patch Heart Sticker

Love Bug Heart Sticker

Chibi Love Bug Heart Sticker

Bulbous Heart Sticker

Lobotomeat Heart Sticker

Heartburn Heart Sticker

Virus Heart Sticker

Dolly Dreadful Heart Sticker

Lotus Heart Sticker

Butterfly Bruise Heart Sticker

Bright Bite Heart Sticker

Clusterflux Heart Sticker

Plushie Heart Sticker

Dark Matter Love Sticker

Book Lover Sticker

Love 2 Cook Sticker

Fancy Love Sticker

Xoxo Sticker

Double Heart Sticker

Wizard Token Love Sticker

Rainbow Confetti Heart Balloon

Lovely Balloon

Key to My Stuffed Heart Plushie

Key to My Heart Sticker

Love Candy Cane

Shower of Kisses


Heart Pin

Love Snowball

Love You Snowball

Heart Pillow

Be Mine Candy Heart Beanbag

Kiss Me Candy Heart Beanbag

Love You Candy Heart Beanbag

True Love Candy Heart Beanbag

XOXO Candy Heart Beanbag


White Googly Heart Plushie

Pink Googly Heart Plushie

Red Googly Heart Plushie

Purple Googly Heart Plushie

Bloodred Heart Plushie

Purple Heart Plushie

Red Heart Plushie

Pink Heart Plushie

White Heart Plushie

Heart Plushie

Chibi Heart Plushie

Keiths Fluff Pillow

Chibi Heart Beanbag

Survival Huggy Plushie

Lovey Sugar Cookie

XOXO Candy Heart Cookie

Love You Candy Heart Cookie

Kiss Me Candy Heart Cookie

Be Mine Candy Heart Cookie

True Love Candy Heart Cookie

Candy Hearts

Rainbow Candy Heart

Kiss Me? Candy Heart

Too Cute Candy Heart

Be Mine Candy Heart

Too Hot To Handle Candy Heart

Chatspeak Love Candy Heart

You Have Beautiful Eyes Candy Heart

I Heart U Candy Heart

Be My Love Rocket Candy Heart

You=Pretty Candy Heart

I Want You Candy Heart

I Love You Candy Heart

White Tiger Grrr Candy Heart

Pirate Love Candy Heart

Love Soul Stone

Extra Extra Extra Sugary Sugar

Sweetheart Potion

Elixir of Love

Bottled Love Matter

Love Plant Potion

Eau De Love

Purple Gradated Love Candle

Pink Gradated Love Candle

Red Gradated Love Candle

Peach Gradated Love Candle

White Gradated Love Candle

Lovely Carved Pumpkin

Creation Confetti

Sack of Love

Love Bucket

Love Truck

Pile of Heart Confetti

Love Matter

Magical Love Paste

I Heart You Sticker

Organ Luv Candy Heart

Organ Luv Candy Liver

Red Heart Plushie

Red Heart Plushie

Red Heart Plushie

J Sticker

O Sticker

Y Sticker

New Year Guide Fish of Happiness

Happy News Story Clippings

Secrets to a Happy Marriage

Happy Songbirds

Book of Happy Rainbows

Book of Really Really Happy Rainbows

Book Of Smiles

Thumb Up Sticker

Green Thumb Sticker

Happy Glasses

Smile Sticker

Cutesy Ikumoradeekanox Plushie

Cheery Lumineve Tree Sticker

Chilly Tree

Festive Cactus

Festive Cactus Beanbag

Happy Cactus Sticker

Happy Tree


Happy Sprout Sticker





Happy Star Bracelet

Lovely Dancing Gnat

Happy Bee Sticker

Happy Rag Doll Plushie

Joyful Rag Doll Plushie

Cheerful Rag Doll Plushie

Autumn Sarah Plushie

Friendly Plushie

Dance Person Plushie

Suncatcher Figure

Brown Happy Zombie Plushie

Yellow Happy Zombie Plushie

Green Happy Zombie Plushie

Blue Happy Zombie Plushie

Gray Happy Zombie Plushie

Happy Ytivan Yeti Doll

Cheering Ytivan Yeti Doll

Happy Ghostpop

Little Ghost Buddy

Squishy Ghost Doll

Nuclear Ghost

Painter Ghost Plushie

White Spectral Scarf

Pumpkin Ghost

Werewolf Costumed Ghost

Creepy Bride Costumed Ghost

Clown Costumed Ghost

Vampire Costumed Ghost

Treasure-Hunting Ghost

Gourd Witch Costumed Ghost

Eager Ghost

Beach Ready Ghost

Swimming Ghost

Flower Crowned Ghost Doll

Friendly Lake Monster Doll

Friendly Lake Monster Beanbag

Floppy and Friendly Clown Doll

Friendly Clown Sticker

Happy Clown Beanbag

Smiling Artikat Sticker

Happy Cat Sticker

Smiling Atebus Fairy Sticker

Happy Pirate Sticker

Happy Zombie Sticker

Smiley Snowball Man


Happy Dark Matter Sticker

Sir Happy Beanbag

Timey Wimey

Happy Clam

Smiling Snowball

Joyful Snowball

Unnervingly Cheery Skull


Smiling Bomb

Lil Rock Buddy Beanbag

Happy Spider Leaf Bag

Happy Coal Plushie


Good Smiley Sticker

Lovely Smiley Sticker

Happy Lizard Minion Sticker

Adorable Bucky Pumpkin Sticker

Happy Jack-O-Lantern Beanbag

Gleeful Pumpkin Beanbags

Happy Paper Jack-o-Lantern

Open-Bottomed Happy Jack-O-Lantern

Happy Pumpkin Eraser


Happy Face Pumpkin Sticker

Super Happy Face Pumpkin Sticker

Friendly Pumpkin Plushie

Happy Pumpkin Plushie

Happy Spooky Pumpkin Balloon

Very Happy Pumpkin Candy

Happy Pumpkin Stitch Marker

Happy Pumpkin Bucket

Happy Spear

Happy Axe

Happy Hammer


Happy Bomb

Smiley Pumpkin Leaf Bag

Happy Bonfire Sticker


Full of Joy Magic Lamp



Smiling Durian Keychain

Fuzzy Smiley Plushie

Large Happy Face Ring

Happy Smiley Sticker

Happy Face Eraser

Happy Balloon

Smiley Balloon

Daylight Spirit


Beaming Sun Puffy Sticker

Cheery Sun Sticker



Bottled Happiness

Bottled Day

Sunny Daze Tie

Crown of Bright Sunshine

Happy Stories of Joy Book Tape

The Sun and the Flower

Mister Stardust

Cheerful Seedy Sprout

Friendly Flower Plushie

Melix Flower

Purple Dancing Flower

Singing Pie Minion


Musical Note

Happy Songbird

Happy Subeta

Pink Happy Planet Plushie

Red Happy Planet Plushie

Brown Happy Planet Plushie

Orange Happy Planet Plushie

Green Happy Planet Plushie

Blue Happy Planet Plushie

Purple Happy Planet Plushie

Black Happy Planet Plushie

White Happy Planet Plushie

Friendly Visitor


Cutesy Shooting Star Sticker


Spectrumbie Plushie

Happy Thought

Happy Thought Beanbag

Cloud Beanbag

Cloud Nine Kitty Sticker

Yellow Blobby Cloud Plushie

Green Blobby Cloud Plushie

Happy Box


Cheerful Chai Totem Keychain

Happy Skull Bead

Chibi Pet Rock

Angelic Pet Rock

Content Cloud Sticker

Cheery Windy Sticker

Exceptionally Happy Snolm Sticker

Soaring Smiley Snake Sticker

Happy Little Book Worm Sticker

Book Worm Buddy

Happy Flesh-Eating Worm


Happy Anniversary Skwerl

Happy Herbivore

Happy Narwhal Beanbag

Smiley Fish

Smiley Tom


Foamy Hand of Perpetual Poking

Origami Star

Partying Hat

Dawn Happy Fashion Plushie

Sun Happy Fashion Plushie

Cream Happy Fashion Plushie

Field Happy Fashion Plushie

Dusk Happy Fashion Plushie

Lilac Happy Fashion Plushie

Pastry Buddy Icing Bag Plushie

Happy Balloon Sticker

Happy Popcorn Sticker

Happy Cotton Candy Sticker

Strawberry Happy Pumpkin Candy

Lemon Happy Pumpkin Candy

Lime Happy Pumpkin Candy

Blue Raspberry Happy Pumpkin Candy

Chocolate Happy Pumpkin Candy

Morostide Happy Pumpkin Candy


Happy Candy Lain House Plushie



Mister P

Super Festive Gingerbread Man Sticker

Runaway Gingerbread Man Sticker

Luminaire Gingerbread Beanbag

Fascinating Gingerbread Man

Gingerbread Man Pin

Kungfu Gingerbread Man

Gingerbread Man

Gingerbread Cookie

Brunhilde and Bloodhungry Cookies

Teeny Pie Minion

Dandy Candy

Jack Rabbit Candy Buddy

Yummy Wrapped Candy Beanbag

Yummy Lollipop Beanbag

Eddie Bell Sure Bet Cute Popsicle Prop

Happy Muffin

Smiley Cupcake


Smiley Ice Cream Beanbag

Too Cute To Eat Cake Plushie

Delectable Plushie




Smiley Cookie

Smiley Sausage


Smiley Drumstick



Happy Gourd

Smiley Egg

Smiley Beef Burger

Smiley Salad Sandwich



Smiley Sushi

Smiley Sushi Beanbag

Baby Sushi

Smiley Broccoli



Smiley Avocado


Roasted Avocutie

Asparagus Blub


Peary Plushie

Smiley Lime

Smiley Pea Beanbag

Smiley Pea

Shimmering Holly

Smiley Strawberry

Smiley Strawberry Beanbag

Smiley Cherry

Smiley Cherry Beanbag


Cheerful Harvest Apple Plushie

Yummy Caramel Apple Beanbag

Smiley Apple

Smiley Tomato

Smiley Steak

Autumn Mushroom Plushie

Turnip Blub

Smiley Pie

Cheery Cherry Pie Minion

Happy Little Peach-Pie

Slicelius Pie Minion


Smiley Croissant

Onion Blub

Smiley Pineapple


Happy Pumpkin Drops

Happy Pumpkin Cupcake

Overly Happy Pumpkin

Smiley Orange

Smiley Carrot

Smiley Banana

Happy Bendy Banana Toy


Smiley Lemon

Smiley Pear

Smiley Dollop

Smiley Cheese Beanbag

Smiley Cheese

Smiley Fried Egg

Good Egg


Smiley Milkshake

Smiley Marshmallow


Cheery Mallows



Smiley Soup

Smiley Tea

Smiley Tropical Juice

Runaway Hot Chocolate

Strawberry Milk Sticker

Chocolate Milk Sticker

Banana Milk Sticker

Pear Milk Sticker

Milk Sticker

Enchanted Candle

100k Members Rainbow Candle

Valiant Jelly Bean

Happy Luminaire Lights

Cutesy Funnel

Happy Decorative Pumpkin Jar



Wind-up Staer

Staer Plushie

Tacky T-rex Plushie

Cheerful Candicorn



The Happiest Storm Cloud


Happy Chubby Bumblebee Plushie

Golden Goat

Happy Buns Beanbag

Friendly Lake Monster Sarah Plushie

Spotting a Friendly Spook


Happy Little Squirrel Plushie

Happy Familiar Beanbag

Purring Feli Doll


Lucky Feli Figurine

Fortune Cookie

C Sticker

O Sticker

M Sticker

F Sticker

O Sticker

R Sticker

T Sticker

Celebrating Non-Romantic Love

Garden Friends

Froggy Friends

Nurturing Friendships

Party In Comfort Experiment 0507 Sticker

Party In Comfort Experiment 1983 Sticker

Party In Comfort Experiment 625 Sticker

Party In Comfort Experiment 76166 Sticker

Party In Comfort Experiment 7777 Sticker

Super Cozy Bumbus Plushie



Tempest Hug Sticker

Huggable Zombie Plushie

Loving Hug Zombie Beanbag

Warm Hug Plushie

Blushing Huggy Bear Doll

Innocent Huggy Bear Doll

Cute Huggy Bear Doll

Cheerful Huggy Bear Doll

Friendly Huggy Bear Doll

Honey Huggy Bear Doll

Sweet Huggy Bear Doll

Warm Cuddles Ontra Plushie

Sweet Hugabunny Plushie

Cuddlebug Ghost

Squidley Hugs Sticker



Sweet Monkeyhugs Plushie

Mothers Day Popoko Plushies

Sweet Luvabear Plushies

Holiday Bear Hugs Plushie

Kissing Bear Plushies


Lovely Flamingo Couple

Infected Love Plushie

Gingerbread Couple

Lovely Couple

Butterfly Friends Sticker

Pair of Lovebirds

Brown Glass Lovey Bird Ornament

Pink Glass Lovey Bird Ornament

Purple Glass Lovey Bird Ornament

Blue Glass Lovey Bird Ornament

White Glass Lovey Bird Ornament

Ice Mice

Lovely Snowcouple Knickknack

Sweet Shypiggie Plushies

BFF Sticker

Pool-Ready Anyu Cub Plushies

Cozy Jaxon and Ian Plushie

Crocheted Jaxon and Ian Dolls

BFFs 4eva Plushie

Nuclear Friends Plushie

Quentin and Ghost Plushies

Platonic Soulmates Plushie

Cozy Emma and Esther Plushie

Little Buddy Blake and Matlal Plushies

Little Buddy Saggi and Kahaleitzli Plushies

Fall Mori and Nori Plushies

Bibi and Lilah Plushie

Bruno and Carmela Plushies

Liberated Gingerbread Kids

Wizard and Luna Beanbags

Liz and Squidley Plushie

Lumpy BFF Plushie

Beast and Child Beanbag

Sweet Glompkitty Plushies

Fall Buddies Beanbag

Unlikely BFFs Plushie

Ketchup and Mustard Blob Beanbags


Happy Nuggets

Sweet Oranges Beanbag

Sweet Pumpkins

Pumpkin Pals Sticker



Two Peas in a Pod

Perfect Pear

Lucky Cherries Plushie

Happy Rearview Mirror Danglers



Female Zombie Minion

Male Zombie Minion

Cotton Candy Friends Sticker

Stone Peas in a Pod Sticker

Happy Neve Pile

Cozy Fireside Laskie Sticker

Snug Sticker

Not Moving Sticker

Beastly BFF Burger

Slice of Moms Homemade Lasagna

Family Sticker

Red Heart Plushie

C Sticker

H Sticker

A Sticker

R Sticker

I Sticker

T Sticker

Y Sticker

New Year Guide Fish of Wealth

Gratitude in Hard Times

First Aid Kit

Large First Aid Kit

Industrial First Aid Kit

Piggy Bank

Book of Donations

Look For The Helpers

Bag of Blood

Shinwas Helper

Kitchen Mouse

Helpful Mice

Helpful Honey Bear

Helpful Radish Bear

Helpful Sewing Bear

Helpful Lunch Bear

Helpful Huggy Bear

Helpful Medic Bear

Charitable Bunch of Flowers

Charity Picnic Basket

Organizing A Food Drive

Canned Pumpkin

Canned Whole Fester

Canned Duck

Canned Potatoes

Canned Corn

Canned Mushroom

Canned Pineapple

Kitchen Attendant

Charitys Favorite Soup Ladle

Macaroni and Cheese Soup

Vegetarian Black Bean Soup

Baked Potato Soup

Vegetarian Garden Vegetable Soup

Vegetarian Creamy Tomato Soup

Cream of Chicken and Wild Rice Soup

Chicken Noodle Soup

French Onion Soup

Broccoli Cheddar Soup



Attracting Pollinators and Other Helpful Creatures

10,000 sP Voucher

5,000 sP Voucher

1,000 sP Voucher

500 sP Voucher

100 sP Voucher

Rain Check

Trash Picking

How to Plant a Tree Kit

City Helper Pin

Green is the New Black Sticker

Be Part of the Solution Sticker

Flowers Eco-Friendly Canvas Tote

Autumn Trees Eco-Friendly Canvas Tote

Apples and Oranges Eco-Friendly Canvas Tote

Friendly Tree Eco-Friendly Canvas Tote

Busy Bees Eco-Friendly Canvas Tote

Swallows Eco-Friendly Canvas Tote

Blue Skies Eco-Friendly Canvas Tote

Green Eco-Friendly Canvas Tote

Recycle Beast Eco-Friendly Canvas Tote

Reduce Reuse Recycle Repeat Sticker

Recycling Bandana

Receyecle Sticker

Recycle Bin

Red Recycling Bin

Green Recycling Bin

Blue Recycling Bin

Making Recycled Trees

Pay it Forward Coffee and Cookies

The Joy of Giving

Thoughtful Gifts

Meaty Bone Present

Gifted Collar

Red Koala Love Gift

Pink Koala Love Gift

White Koala Love Gift

Pre-Loved Heart Gift Plushie

Ghostly Present Pile Plushie


Birthday Present Cake

Stylish Misplaced Mysterious Melody Gift

Saucy Misplaced Mysterious Melody Gift

Heartfelt Misplaced Mysterious Melody Gift

Cozy Misplaced Mysterious Melody Gift

Pink Present Cake

White Present Cake

Lemon Present Cake

Lime Present Cake

Orange Present Cake

Snow Present Top Hat

Coral Present Top Hat

Striking Present Top Hat

Fancy Present Top Hat

Night Present Top Hat

Empty Red and Green Mini-Giftbox

Empty Mellow-Yellow Mini-Giftbox

Empty Blue Mini-Giftbox

Empty Vibrant Purple Mini-Giftbox

Winter Dressed Gift

NaughtyNice Festive Box

Keiths Birthday Present

Present Bomb

Present Sticker

Wrapped Gift Sticker

Girly Present Sticker

Birthday Presents Sticker

Pre-Loved Gift Plushie

Wrapped Present

Luminaire Present Beanbag

Wrapped Present Beanbag

Wrapping Paper Beanbag

Present Pile Beanbag

Snow Covered Presents Knickknack

Gift Sack Sticker

Gilded Birthday Gift Basket

Non-Traditional Gothic Gift Basket

Holiday Cookie Gift Box

Mysteriously Dark Gift

Candle Gift Bundle

Happy Luminaire Sticker

Nice List

New Job Congratulations Plushie

Congratulations Plushie

Baby Congratulations Plushie

Wedding Congratulations Plushie

Graduation Congratulations Plushie

Pink Thank You Bear Plushie

Red Thank You Bear Plushie

Orange Thank You Bear Plushie

Yellow Thank You Bear Plushie

Green Thank You Bear Plushie

Blue Thank You Bear Plushie

Purple Thank You Bear Plushie

White Thank You Bear Plushie

Gray Thank You Bear Plushie

Black Thank You Bear Plushie

Brown Thank You Bear Plushie

Red Heart Plushie

Red Heart Plushie

Red Heart Plushie

Red Heart Plushie

Red Heart Plushie

R Sticker

E Sticker

M Sticker

E Sticker

M Sticker

B Sticker

E Sticker

R Sticker

911 Memorial Charm

Katrina Relief Teddy Plushie

Daisy Memento

Bonbon Bow

Antique Spinning Top

Finger Trap

Sleeptight Plushie

Twister Balloons

Green Ribbon Streamer

Delicate Daisy Crown

Candy Stripe Bag

Cinthias Rabbit Plushie

Miniature Ferris Wheel

Colorful Star Balloons

Collection of Rubber Bracelets

Charity Picnic Basket

Daisy-Themed Lace Top

Twisted Flower Balloon

Overflowing Toy Chest

Cute Lolly Barrette

Sweet Daisy Plushie

Shiny Plastic Wings

Musical Carousel

Field of Daisies

Amy Sticker

Vetan Survival Remembrance Plushie

Remembrance Emblem

Remembrance Dove

Remembrance Kitty


A Knights Tail

Red Turtleneck Sweater

Good Morning Angels Hairflip

Single Sequined Glove

Blue Pitchman Shirt

Dirty Locks of Hair

Tai Dye

Haiti Bird


Little Balls of Sunshine in a Bag

Rare Lost Pearl

Single Paper Crane

Virile-Man Glasses


Revolutionary Mock Turtleneck

Microphone of The Voice

Wolf Kid Pajamas

Summer Dandelions

Flaming Columbine

One Small Step

Sandybag Plushie

Mountain Laurel

Bighorn Sheep Plushie


Scaredy-Cat Glasses

Symbol of Logic

Empty Hourglass


Box of Childhood Memories

Memories Sticker

Space Oddity Sticker

Book of Very Interesting People

Dearly Beloved Electric Guitar

Candle of Unity

Candle Leading to a Secret Passage

Edited Script

Nu Metal CD

Understanding the Universe

Lifetime Achievement Award

Iconic Comic Book

Spirit Panther

Red Heart Plushie

Red Heart Plushie

Red Heart Plushie

Red Heart Plushie

Pet Friends