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Florida is a state which, to the rest of the United States, seems like it's particularly crazy, with particularly crazy people doing particularly crazy and newsworthy things. However, it's worth considering that Florida is no more crazy than any other place, rather, it's the freedom of information laws in the state which allows for easy publishing about such crazy events that occur there. Not many people know that, though, so forget what was previously stated, and assume that Florida is a crazy place which bears crazy individuals, so that the tale of this crazy individual born in Florida fits right in with everything. Gotha, Florida is a place which historically, as its name suggests, Germanic Americans settled, so it would make sense that a family with the last name Bauer would be found there. At the time, which was 1985, the Bauer family consisted of tigers called Ichabod and Jazmin, their son Kelvo, and their newest child, but certainly not the last, Luthifer.

The Bauers were not an outstandingly crazy family, especially by Florida "standards," but moreso embraced their dysfunction, while other families may feel embarrassed and keep such things private or simply act as though they don't happen. It was a loving and close family, sure, but things can get a little hectic when six children are running amuck and having fun. As stated, Luthifer was certainly not the last child when he joined his brother who was older by about three years, and as they grew over the next few years, they were joined by two sets of twins. The first set of twin saw two girls, who were named Melivola and Namirin. As the girls nicknamed Meli and Nami got older, they knew nothing of being dainty and lady-like as they joined their older brothers in the roughhousing that Luthifer, now known as Luthy, had been practicing for several years at that point. Four kids seem like a lot already, and with the thought of "what are the chances of another set of twins?" their parents set out to have one more child. It was apparently a high enough chance as another set of twins arrived, and with six kids, Ichabod and Jazmin finally retired the habit. The youngest twins were two boys, raring to go and fit for the roughhousing ahead, who were named Oleander and Pandolin. Luthy recalls a time when Olly and Panda – as they had come to be called – completely stripped naked as toddlers and somehow escaped the house, streaking through the neighborhood with the family trailing behind, attempting to recapture them.

Luthy found himself getting hurt a lot, even when he wasn't mucking around with his siblings. He had managed to set himself apart from his peers with his sheer clumsiness, and thus, was the only child in the family who wore a bike helmet and knee pads near constantly. This, of course, only gave him an advantage in conserving his HP when play-fighting his siblings, as well as a reinforced headbutt attack. Multiple times he found himself punished in the corner with his back to the world, after said headbutting, especially when one headbutt caused Nami's tooth to be knocked out. However, Nami got a whole dollar from the Tooth Fairy for it, so she should have thanked him rather than tattling on him. Being particularly clumsy, he was also relieved of the responsibilities where breakables could be broken, such as when setting the table, or being kept away from expensive glass or electronics.

With Florida being so crazy after all, it shouldn't surprise one to know that, despite fireworks being illegal there, it doesn't stop most people from setting them off during celebrations. Similarly to how Florida is not the only crazy state despite what others may believe, Florida is not the only state to have a lot of fireworks going off despite them being illegal, especially on holidays such as the fourth of July. This was, and still is, one of Luthy’s favorite holidays – mostly for the fireworks. The food and family fun are fantastic and all, but fireworks are the favored festivity. It should come as no surprise that, being particularly clumsy, Luthy was allowed no where near the fireworks, but that did not stop him from enjoying them once they left the ground. The earliest fourth of July in his memory is when he knew that he loved loud noises. The fireworks would scream on their way up then boom and crackle, and Luthy could almost care less about the colors and designs they created in the sky, because he was too interested in the noises they made.

To the dismay of sleepless parents, Luthy became a noisemaker. He and his five other siblings had pulled out all the pots and pans in the kitchen and beat them with large spoons as if the cookware were drums and they were performing for a crowd. Unfortunately for them, the crowd turned out to be their parents, who had them wash all the cookware in the house as a punishment. While it deterred most of the children from repeating the mistake, it was in that moment, hands submerged in soapy water, that Luthy decided that he needed to upgrade his pots and pans to a real drum set.

It was the late 90s when a teenage Luthy did finally get his own real drum set. The catch was that he would have to take drum lessons and stick with it even if he didn't want to do it anymore. That was never even a possibility, though, as he took to refining his drumming skill like a bird takes to flying: clumsily, with several tries, and sometimes with falling down involved. Under normal circumstances, it would be unclear how he managed to do this, but being particularly clumsy, Luthy tripped and his drum set broke his fall, causing a huge gash on his face, right under one of his eyes. One trip to the hospital later, after getting stitched up, the scar left behind would become part of his signature appearance and a testament to his clumsiness. His family, and doctor, were familiar with his ability to sustain such injuries, as he had been there for much worse before, including broken bones. Things were how they usually were for the rest of his teenage years, enjoying drumming, tripping over everything in a ten foot radius, and spending time with his "crazy and proud" family. This changed when Kelvo left to go to college, and the younger siblings didn't even know what to do with themselves, but Luthy determined that when the time came, he would have to do such a thing as well.

And so he did. In 2003, he finished high school and was accepted to a college out of state. Packing his things, including his battered drum set, he set out to start his adult life. He'd gone through all the trouble of packing, moving all the way to New York City, unpacking in a dorm, and attending classes in the college of Staten Island for months, before he wondered what in the world college was actually for. He floundered in an unfamiliar place, distinctly lacking the large family he was used to, being outcast by his peers for being too openly quirky, wondering what exactly he was supposed to be doing, wondering what he was supposed to be majoring in, what the degree was even for, and wondering what Kelvo had done and was doing now. He tried to hang in there, but after about a year and half, he dropped out.

Then started a period in his life where he was more or less a transient. Luthy moved all over the boroughs of NYC, his drums becoming more battered with all the moves, but he was finding difficulty affording to live in any place, as long as he kept getting fired from all his jobs as a result of his unusual clumsiness. He could have just moved back to Florida, but he was sort of supposed to be in college right now, and he didn't want his family to find out that he didn't stick with it despite not wanting to do it anymore. For three years he became the roommate of countless people, and the employee of countless jobs, and the drummer of exactly zero drums. There was hardly any time to play them anymore and this fact was very sad, but the winds of change were soon blowing, and it blew a flyer right into his face. With a huge grin on his face, he read that it was an ad for an upcoming band audition – finally somewhere his drums would be appreciated!

As he had done for many other job interviews, he arrived to this audition wearing a suit and tie, but he soon discovered that these musicians were a lot more casual. Luthy had a large palette with wheels he'd been pulling along with his entire drum set sat on top of it, but as luck would have it, the entire contraption practically exploded mere feet from the door of the warehouse that the auditions were taking place in. With the wheels rolling off in different directions, he decided to drag the drum set the rest of the way, himself. When he finally made it inside, there were only two people waiting for him, and they were both bewildered by his actions; equally, they were both very casually dressed in comparison to him: the greyhound was in a T-shirt and jeans, and the wolfdog wore only jeans and nothing else.

The wolfdog had jumped to his feet at the sound of the drum set dragging, and cried out in a cockney accent, "wot are ya doin, mate?!"

Excited by the prospect of drumming again, performing for someone other than his family, and possibly joining a band, Luthy turned towards them with a huge grin that would come off as a crazed look to a stranger. "I'm gonna play the drums, duh," he explained, then took the drum sticks from his pocket and sat at the drum set before they could say anything further. He rapidly drummed a flourish across the drums in a theatrical display, before getting into a rhythm that he had concocted. As he continued, to his surprise, the greyhound took his trumpet and began to play as he sashayed toward him. The wolfdog only stood in awe at his keyboard as he watched them create the completely improvised song.

Eventually, the song winded down and the two musicians decided to end it there, and so, Luthifer then said, "I'm Luthifer, or Luthy for short."

"Luffy," the wolfdog attempted to repeat in his strong accent.

"Nah, nah, it’s Luthy," said Luthy.

"No wait, Luffy sounds cool," said the greyhound.

"Luffy," Luthy repeated, considering. "Yeah," he decided with a crazed look again. He'd never been called that before, but he was open to new and crazy nicknames.

He learned that the greyhound was called ERL, and he had been accepted into the new band shortly before Luffy arrived, and that the wolfdog was called Shad2, and he was the one who orchestrated the auditions. Shad2 accepted Luffy into the band, and the three began to discuss the extent of their musical abilities. Luffy could only play the drums, but ERL revealed he could play pretty much any brass instrument because "they were all the same to him." Shad2 shyly revealed that the keyboard wasn't the only thing he could play, mentioning piano, and the fact that he liked to sing. Of course, that put him on the spot when the other two demanded that he sang, which, he did. Though Shad2's speaking voice sounded like he had marbles in his mouth, when he sang, it was beautiful and clear, so when he finished, ERL's comment of "nice" was justified. The three went their separate ways, Shad2 taking his keyboard back home, ERL going home with his trumpet, and Luffy heading back to wherever he was currently staying empty handed as the drumset was cumbersome and secretly stored in the warehouse.

Though it had been agreed that the three of them were now a band, absolutely nothing related to the band happened for about a week. Luffy was getting quite desperate for money, due to his transient problems, but he was also desperate to play the drums. Since he moved to New York, most of his possessions – though he didn't have many as he'd only moved there for college – had been scattered: lost, stolen or thrown away by angry roommates and landlords. He was bouncing around between residences more than ever, crashing with acquaintances who felt sorry for him. It was an uncomfortable experience for everyone involved when Luffy would stand in the laundromat in only his boxers to wash his only remaining set of clothes.

Finally, he had the opportunity to move his drumset from the warehouse to ERL's family's garage, where the band would do most of their practicing, and where the drums could be safe. They wrote their first song and practiced playing it a few times before they realized that their band didn't even have a name. They went through a few names, and kept a few different ones in mind to try out and see which one felt best. At first, they called themselves Neo Kings. They were trying to say that they were the young or new kings of... whatever genre they were. They wrote more songs, and it wasn't long before they played their first gig at a bar and made a few dollars. It would take a little while to get a head start, but if they became popular, Luffy could save enough to prepare rent ahead of time, and he could actually have a permanent residence again. Shad2 on the other hand, announced that he was saving his earnings to buy a guitar, so that he could learn to play it and benefit the band further. However, it soon came out that Shad2 had evil roommates who forced him to cover their rent as well, leaving the wolfdog with nothing. Luffy could sympathize as he also had mean roommates in the past, who threw away his things and kicked him out of places, but with no money to spare, he could do nothing. Fortunately, ERL stepped in to help Shad2 afford the guitar he wanted, and Luffy could see that they were becoming close friends.

After some practice, the unveiling of the new instrument was ready. At shows, they would play a pre-recorded soundtrack of Shad2 playing the keyboard, while Shad2 would play the guitar live and sing; ERL still on trumpet and Luffy still on drums. They were earning more money over time, and Luffy was pumped to be able to afford to rent an apartment again, and more importantly, he was able to afford luxurious items like alcohol. Ah, alcohol – Luffy was quickly coming to enjoy hanging out in bars in his free time, where people were starting to recognize him as "the drummer in that local band" and finally he had people falling all over him and accepting his quirkiness that grew from his crazy upbringing, rather than outcasting him as was the case in college. The band was rapidly gaining a fan base; they were becoming popular and rich. Luffy wondered how far their popularity spread, and if his family knew he was an up-and-coming rockstar.

It had been a few years since they first started, and next year they were planning on going on tour for the first time, using the extra money they earned to fund the road trip. Things got a little weird when Shad2 revealed that he'd been attacked and transformed into a vampire. Apparently, ERL was the first person to know about it, because of course he was, and the shock had already worn off for him, but Luffy was surprised. He didn't even know vampires actually existed, but sure enough, Shad2 now drank blood with elongated fangs, and it became just one more crazy thing that Luffy knew about.

Everything else went according to plan, no more surprises, and late in the year after, the trio went on tour. They ended up going all over the country, writing a bunch of songs about the places they visited, with Shad2 and ERL growing even closer as they thought Luffy was none the wiser. He knew. All his suspicions were practically confirmed in a place called Amarillo in Texas, when they were all milling around after a show, and ERL approached Luffy to ask him not to return to the tour bus that night, and rather, occupy himself in the town, implying that ERL and Shad2 would be occupying themselves with each other.

Luffy couldn't help but smirk. "Oh yeah, I was thinking about crawling the bars all night anyway," he lied, with a wink. He hadn't planned on doing that, but he didn't mind as his bandmates took the privacy of the tour bus. He slowly walked the streets, thinking back on all the little details and signs that those two had a thing for each other, and he began to laugh at the idea that they thought they had hidden it all from him. They were cute together, he supposed, and in the dead of night he hopped into the air, clicking his heels together, appearing even more absolutely insane to anyone who was near him. He laughed even more and ran into the nearest bar as it began to rain.

Whatever happened that night in the tour bus had a lasting positive effect on the two bandmates, and Shad2 even started to write a song about it. They couldn't stop themselves from giving each other loving looks, even on stage, and it must have been obvious to the fans because rumors began to crop up that they were gay for each other. The two of them have no comment on this, because they liked to tease and keep people guessing. As the pair's closest friend, Luffy knew the truths that they allowed him to know, but he also took part in giving no comments about it to the public as not only was it not his place to, but it was his friends' secret that they entrusted him with. After shows, Shad2 would spend time teaching ERL how to play the guitar, and over time ERL learned how, and from there, picked up playing the bass. The band was filling in the instrument gaps and becoming more successful.

Luffy, however, still only played the drums, and did not have a special someone. He'd gone around in casual and brief relationships with women before, but things always got a little too weird with the whole "fan" and "celebrity" attitude. A promising encounter in a bar can get easily disrupted by an obsessive interest in, more or less, his stage persona, rather than him as a person. He never stayed in one place for too long, and he never stayed with one person for too long. Things weren't all bad, though, as his bandmates surprised him with a certain stop in the tour close to his hometown. He was excited, but anxious upon realizing that time had gotten away from him through everything, and it had been about eight years since he left Gotha to go to the college that he didn't even finish. He sheepishly arrived at his childhood home and found that only his parents remained there, as Kelvo had moved away to start his own family and all his younger siblings were away in college, of all things. It shouldn't have surprised him as much as it did, but all of his siblings dropped everything to reunite back home and see their brother: the rockstar. Everyone got together again, just like old times, but this time to watch Luffy drum on stage, instead of on the kitchen floor. His parents would have rebuked him for dropping out of college, but this was an alright trade-off. In celebration of the sudden family reunion and in learning of all of Luffy's fame and success, they shot off several fireworks before he had to depart once again.

After a year of being on tour, they finally returned home to New York City. With an annoyed sigh, Luffy discovered that in his absence, he'd been once again threatened with eviction. He didn't blame them; he'd been gone for an awfully long time, after all, and he spent the immediate hours after his return getting all of it sorted out. It wasn't long at all before he received a phone call from Shad2, instructing him to get some rest, because Shad2 had once again rented the warehouse and tomorrow they'd be practicing the songs they wrote while they were on tour. Now with power and money, Luffy found it much easier to have his drumset delivered anywhere ahead of his arrival, so he did indeed get some rest.

The next day, Luffy headed towards to the warehouse to meet the others. Coincidentally, they all arrived at the same time, and began to chat as they entered the building. Inside, someone was waiting for them. They were all startled.

"Who's there?!" ERL demanded. A figure could be seen sitting on an old box at the far end of the room. It got up and started to approach them. As it drew near, it was obvious that it was a girl, a young girl of ten. She looked like a cat, but she was greenish, and something was off.

"I'm here to play." She said simply. The others looked at each other with confusion. "May I?" She inquired, pointing at Shad2's guitar. He was hesitant, but he curiously got it hooked up to an amp and handed it over to the little girl. For a child, she played with skill comparative to someone who had played for forty years. They were all in awe, and knew that bringing this kid into the band would change everything.

"Where are your parents?" ERL asked her when she finished playing.

"I don’t have any," she said. "My name is Grymm."

After that, the band was reformatted. Shad2 took his guitar back, but told Grymm that they would get her one of her own. The band felt totally new, after some instrument switching around, and a new member, they needed a new name. They sat around, thinking, and Luffy looked around at the others who were deep in thought, as he felt like he'd had an epiphany.

"Legs!" Luffy exclaimed. The others looked at him, puzzled. "Legs," Luffy repeated. He pointed to himself, then ERL, then Grymm, then Shad2, all while spelling the word 'legs.'

"I get it," ERL said. "That’s pretty funny."

"Okay, but let's make it edgier and cooler," Shad2 said. They all talked it out, rambling random words and phrases tacked onto Legs. Somehow, the name Legs for Losers popped out, and it stuck. Shad2 would continue to play the keyboard and sing, Luffy still drummed, ERL was now on the bass, and Grymm was on the guitar. The rest of the band helped in raising Grymm and keeping her safe, protecting her like a little sister.

There were mixed reactions from the public about the renaming and the inclusion of a girl into the once boy band. People got over it as time went on, and fans had their specific interests when it came to the band. Some people preferred Luffy and his crazy stage persona, some were more interested in Grymm, the child prodigy and her growth into a pre-teen then teenager; then there was the hot topic concerning ERL and Shad2 and their feelings for each other. They both tried to hide it as much as possible, even though everyone was right anyway. It was also good publicity, keeping fans hyped and tuning into news about the band, just to see if Shad2 and ERL had come out yet, but they never did. As time went on, it seemed as though only Luffy and Grymm, the closest friends to the pair, knew of the true nature of their relationship, but as Luffy had done before, Grymm also kept their secret.

The four of them still hung out when they weren’t working on music. Luffy was the clown of the group, often making the others cry with laughter. In their travels on tour, he liked to hunt in local small shops and find very peculiar looking sculptures and souvenirs. Randomly, he would pull them out, joke about their odd appearance, create funny voices for them and make up some ridiculous backstory as if the kitschy object were a character in a TV show. He joked around, playing up his clumsy antics, though it was a nearly unnecessary thing to have to play up, and he became a bit of a prankster. This was discovered when the other three bandmates sat down in quick succession, only to find that there were whoopee cushions under each of their seats, and Luffy nearly broke a table when he fell down laughing at the flourish of fart sounds. The bandmates were like a second family to him, and they'd grown used to his clumsiness. Grymm and Shad2 shared an interest in tea, and had a designated time for drinking it together. They spread their tea to the rest of the group, but they quickly became aware that Luffy could only be trusted with the same teacups he had already chipped previously, in order to save the rest of the set.

The band started taking longer and longer hiatuses from music. As it turned out, Shad2 had developed depression and found it difficult to write lyrics or sing. It saddened everyone to find out this happened to him, and Luffy was particularly sad that his comedic actions still couldn't prevent it. Shad2 remained surprisingly optimistic, though drained of all energy, as he pondered that maybe something good would happen on any given day. Perhaps he'd get the energy back and the whole band would come back together to create something new, but he would never know for sure until he made it to that day. Shad2 was part of Luffy's second family after all, so he would be there waiting for the call to action, any day he wanted.

As for the family he was a part of in the notoriously crazy Florida, he kept in contact with them ever since he broke through his shame of dropping out and reunited with them. Though, now it's an inside joke between him, his siblings, and his parents, pertaining to Luffy's relationship with college. Luffy texted them all a photo of a frame on the wall with the caption, "Most people frame their degree, but all I have for framing is this expensive tuition fee invoice…"

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Basic Info

Name: Luthifer Bauer
Pronunciation: Looth-if-er
Alias: Luffy
Nicknames: Luthy
Pronouns: he/him
Species: Tiger
Birthday: January 28th 1985
Star Sign: Aquarius
Chinese Zodiac: Wood Rat
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 175 lbs

Origins & Achievements

Homeland: Gotha, Florida
Residence: NYC
Education: Staten Island College dropout
Known Languages: English
Intelligence: Average
Occupation: Drummer

Physical & Mental

Status: Alive
Conditions: Alcoholism
Dominant Hand: Ambidextrous
Fear Response: Fight
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Religion: Agnostic
Outlook: Optimistic
Social: Extrovert

Home Life

Sexuality: Heterosexual
Marital Status: Unmarried
Partner: None
Offspring: None
Siblings: Kelvo, Melivola, Namirin, Oleander, Pandolin
Parents: Ichabod (father), Jazmin (mother)
Pet: None


Traits: energetic, funny, caring, clumsy, scatterbrained, rebellious
Markings: Has a large scar under his eye
Talents: Tripping over anything in a 10 foot radius of himself
Likes: drumming, making noise, fireworks, crazy or unique looking things, drinking, pranks and jokes, family
Dislikes: superficial relationships, failure, not being allowed to be himself,
Voice: (x)

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(NSFW lyrics)


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Family of Dysfunction

I come from a prettyyy big family. I have five other siblings, plus my parents, and me, so growing up there were eight people in the house. They all still live in Florida as far as I know. My parents are Ichabod and Jazmin. I have one older brother called Kelvo, and the rest of my siblings are younger than me. Meli and Nami are my younger sisters, and Olly and Panda are my even younger brothers. We've all got nicknames besides Kelvo, who got the coolest name, on top of being the oldest. When I say my family is dysfunctional, I don't mean it was bad, just the normal crazy things that families want to keep private, just on a larger scale because there were so many of us. We got into everything as kids. I'll never forget having all the pots and pans torn out of the cabinets and onto the floor while we all beat them with giant spoons. Course it wasn't long before we got caught, and we all had to wash every single dish and utensil in the house. I could go on, but this is long enough.



The man who started it all... Like, he started the band. All I had to do was smack around on my drums and I was in. The band used to be called Neokings when it was just me, him and ERL. Shad2's a pretty meek but friendly guy. Couldn't understand him for the longest time, his accent is... intense. I actually got "renamed" because of him. But he's the lead singer, and he sings pretty clearly and confidently. He's like a different person on stage, but I guess he's not the only one. He has his bouts of depression but he seems happiest when he's with the band... Especially when with ERL. I mean, we're all best friends, but they're best friends.


ERL is the other founder of the band, with me and Shad2. He plays so many instruments that it makes me look like a talentless fool. He started with brass instruments, and I mean like, every brass instrument. Trumpets, horns, trombones, tubas, whatever else there is... And on top of it all, Shad2 taught him how to play the electric guitar. And then he freakin' picked up bass on his own from there, which is what he mainly plays now. HEY ERL, you can only play one instrument at once! Save some for the rest of us. Ahh, I'm just messing around. He's actually a really good guy, better person than me for sure.


Grymm was the newest member of our band, and she got to join because of how well she played the guitar. It was like a new era when she joined, we renamed the band and everything. She mysteriously showed up in the warehouse we practiced in, and she claimed she had no parents. As we got to know her, we found out she's a zombie! And that she has parents. Well, parent. She's mature for a teenager, but she's the little sister of the band. Between her and Shad2, I get more than my fill of tea, and they get their fill of broken cups. I don't know if it's because she's a zombie or what, but she has a dark and mysterious air to her.


Midi is the band's manager. I like him because he really appreciates the drums. Actually, he appreciates all our music on some other level or something. Shad2 hired him in 2013, because we fired our old manager. Hearing Shad2 call that old manager a "knob" and "bellend" is hilarious. Here in the states we just say ****. Anyway Midi does a way better job, feels like he's got our backs. He's like some kind of masochist for work. I guess that's called a workaholic, but I like my description better.

Pet Treasure

Red Drum Kit

Gold Drum Kit

Green Drum Kit

L Sticker

U Sticker

F Sticker

F Sticker

Y Sticker

Blue Drum Kit

Black Drum Kit

Lifetime Achievement Award

Brown Drumsticks

Green Drumsticks

Black Drumsticks

Starry Drum

Twelve Drummers Drumming

Drum Plushie

Bongo Drums

Fruit Punch Bongo Drum

Dancer Arm Drum

Steel Drum


Smashing Sticker

Noisemaking Kit

Creation Noisemaker

Ratchet Noisemaker

Dotted Party Snake Ratchet

Striped Party Tarantula Ratchet

Flower Party Bird Ratchet

Pink Noisemaker Sticker

Blue Noisemaker Sticker

Silver Noisemaker Sticker

Purple Paper Noisemaker

Crisscross Noisemaker

Striped Noisemaker

Jaggedly Striped Noisemaker

Colorblock Noisemaker

Polka Dot Noisemaker

Striped Party Dog Horn

Dotted Party Dog Horn

Flower Party Dog Horn

Red Oval Ratchet Noisemaker

Yellow Oval Ratchet Noisemaker

Green Oval Ratchet Noisemaker

Blue Oval Ratchet Noisemaker

Whoopee Cushion

Lightshow Undeployed Shell

Lightshow Firecrackers

Red Fire Cracker

Swirly Fire Cracker

Candy Cane Fire Cracker

Fireside Burgundy Chaser Firework

Fireside Purple Chaser Firework

Fireside Red Chaser Firework

Fireside Orange Chaser Firework

Fireside Yellow Chaser Firework

Lunar New Year Firecracker

Tangerine Sunset Firework

Happy Bee Firework

Green Cricket Firework

Medium Burgundy Bonfire Fountain Firework

Medium Red Bonfire Fountain Firework

Medium Yellow Bonfire Fountain Firework

Red Fireworks

White Fireworks

Blue Fireworks

2006 Red Fireworks

Magical Firecracker

Angelic Firecracker

Bubble Gum Firecracker

Heart Firecracker

Dark Matter Firecracker

Bloodred Firecracker


Firework Matter

Used Firework

Spent Pink Firework Casing

Spent Red Firework Casing

Spent Orange Firework Casing

Spent Yellow Firework Casing

Spent White Firework Casing

Exploding Encyclopedia of Sparklies


Screeching Noise Trading Card


Oops: A True Story

The Mistakes We Make

Book of Speeling Eror

How to Not Accidentally Free a Sea Witch

Accidental Magical Discoveries

Accident-Proof Cauldron

Ohno! Road Sign

O_X T-shirt

Nightmare Scribble Kumos Sticker

Nightmare Scribble Donadak Sticker

Nightmare Scribble Feli Sticker

Nightmare Scribble Ghostly Sticker

Nightmare Scribble Tigrean Sticker

Bloodred Scribble Dillema Sticker

Bloodred Scribble Priggle Sticker

Bloodred Scribble Manchu Sticker

Bloodred Scribble Devonti Sticker

Bloodred Scribble Charlie Sticker

Galactic Scribble Torrent Sticker

Galactic Scribble Popoko Sticker

Galactic Scribble Kanis Sticker

Galactic Scribble Devonti Sticker

Rave Scribble Experiment 7463 Sticker

Rave Scribble Experiment 7777 Sticker

Rave Scribble Experiment 333 Sticker

Rave Scribble Experiment 3164 Sticker

Rave Scribble Experiment 3485 Sticker

Spectrum Scribble Kumos Sticker

Spectrum Scribble Feli Sticker

Spectrum Scribble Ghostly Sticker

Glacier Scribble Dillema Sticker

Glacier Scribble Tigrean Sticker

Glacier Scribble Blob Sticker

Glacier Scribble Mortiking Sticker

Glacier Scribble Kumos Sticker

Glade Scribble Torrent Sticker

Glade Scribble Swampie Sticker

Glade Scribble Ruffie Sticker

Glade Scribble Pherret Sticker

Glade Scribble Bovyne Sticker

Glade Scribble Bumbus Sticker

Glade Scribble Popoko Sticker

Glade Scribble Fester Sticker

Glade Scribble Illumis Sticker

Glade Scribble Lain Sticker

Graveyard Scribble Blob Sticker

Graveyard Scribble Mahar Sticker

Graveyard Scribble Kumos Sticker

Graveyard Scribble Kanis Sticker

Graveyard Scribble Mallarchy Sticker

Steamwork Scribble Bumbus Sticker

Steamwork Scribble Aeanoid Sticker

Steamwork Scribble Harvester Sticker

Steamwork Scribble Donadak Sticker

Steamwork Scribble Sheeta Sticker

Hydrus Scribble Mahar Sticker

Hydrus Scribble Swampie Sticker

Hydrus Scribble Serpenth Sticker

Hydrus Scribble Tutani Sticker

Hydrus Scribble Torrent Sticker

Scribble Hydrus Sheeta Sticker

Scribble Hydrus Feli Sticker

Sweetheart Scribble Tigrean Sticker

Sweetheart Scribble Malticorn Sticker

Sweetheart Scribble Celinox Sticker

Sweetheart Scribble Feli Sticker

Sweetheart Scribble Kerubi Sticker

Scribble Hipottu Sticker

Scribble Archan Sticker

Scribble Feli Sticker

Scribble Donadak Sticker

Scribble Kumos Sticker



Caffeinated Wabbit

Wired Wabbit

Disturbed Flopit Figurine

Crazy Bird Plushie

Crazy Matter


Teeny Pie Minion Disguised Bomb

Squeaky Ball Minion



Edible Blob

Big Eyed Jellyfish

Mister Googly Eyes Cardboard Poisson Davril

Tacky Delphi Souvenir Doll

Strange Potato Seed


Cross Eyed Bob

Googly Glasses

Banana Phone

Bottled Delirium

Creepy Pizza Bear

Chicken in a Rainbow Zebra Print Onesie Doll


Bad Taxidermy Fox

Bad Taxidermy Scuttle Rat

Bad Taxidermy George

Bad Taxidermy Lion

Bad Taxidermy Thing

Bad Taxidermy Fawn

Bad Taxidermy Bunny

Two Headed Bunny

Skullface Bunny

Bug Eyed Bunny

Tiny Mari Lwyd

Winged Egg Alarm Clock

Crocodile Head Timepiece

Creeping Crouse

Fashionable Blob Fish


Rubber Chicken with a Pulley

Fake Ham

Frog Costumed Kitty

Ugly Buddy Skoofalimp Plushie

Liberated Garden Gnome

Budget TV


Kitschy Glass Beach Souvenir

Creepy Coconut Beanbag

Dee Layla Shattered Teapot

Birdie Puppet

Pet Friends