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Zero the Pugly

Legacy Name: Shad2

The Cherry Telenine
Owner: Luck

Age: 6 years, 4 months, 1 day

Born: August 5th, 2015

Adopted: 6 years, 4 months, 1 day ago

Adopted: August 5th, 2015


  • Level: 20
  • Strength: 23
  • Defense: 10
  • Speed: 10
  • Health: 10
  • HP: 0/10
  • Intelligence: 17
  • Books Read: 0
  • Food Eaten: 0
  • Job: Cleaning Crew


Coding help by Zay
Bender (c) Matt Groening
Everything else by Luck

(x) by octopli

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Warning: Abusive themes

In East London, Whitechapel, to be exact, there lived a classy showdog, an Akita Inu, who had finally turned up after being missing for a week. She was to have puppies, and the father was a mystery. It was immediately established by the family that the undoubtedly mutt offspring would be given away in shame, and so when the pups arrived, they were contained in a cardboard box on the sidewalk outside of the building. The puppies were an assortment of colors; some were red in color like the mother, others were pitch black, and one was a mixture of both. One by one, the puppies were adopted by passersby, and one by one the red and black pup was left behind.

Every day he would awake to his mother, and a bowl of food, which he gobbled up. The mother would stop by daily to see who had gone and who had stayed, so the pup saw his mother often. One day she arrived with a collar held in her mouth, which she held steady over the pup’s head as he wriggled into it. After it was on, she groomed his head then she padded off, his vision of her disappearing as she left the box. After that, he didn’t see her anymore.

He was getting hungry, but he had to wait in the box so someone could pick him up like his siblings were. Hungry… He tried to jump out of the box and it toppled over, spilling him out. He would only be gone for a little bit, then return to the box just in time to be adopted. Or at least, that’s what he thought. It was dusk, and tail tucked between his legs, he skittered down the street. He caught glimpse of the collar his mother gave him, reflecting in a puddle beside the curb. What did it say? He trekked until he found an alleyway with an overturned rubbish bin, in which he found edible scraps. After eating, he rested under a large dumpster. The next morning he returned to the spot where the box had been, and it was gone.

Tail tucked between his legs once again, he slinked off and made his home on the street. He lived that way for years. All that changed the day he met the three sisters. The pup, who had become increasingly bipedal and had taken to wearing clothes, was a child of ten years now, dirty and wearing ragged jeans. The sisters, already upright, took him home to wash him up and care for him. The three sisters seemed to be vixen-like. The eldest was Kirsty, who was dark, quiet and mysterious, the second oldest was Erika, who established herself as a tomboyish pirate, and the youngest was Aria, who was the sweetest, bright and adorned with flowers. They cleaned his collar and tag, and told him his name was Shad II; the name Shadourin was on the back of the tag.

The sisters treated him like a son, but insisted that he was their younger brother now. They were so girly at times, and used Shad II like a giant dress-up doll, putting him in dresses and arranging tea parties. Having tea was the only thing he enjoyed about that situation. They also arranged for him piano lessons, which he also didn’t really care for, but learned to play anyway. In addition, he rejected all sorts of clothes, and preferred to wear only pants. When he was a teenager, he kept his tag off his new spiked collar and in his pocket. He started wearing matching spiked bracelets and was troublesome, staying out late and appearing at odd hours, digging holes where he wasn’t supposed to, chewing on things he wasn’t supposed to, and he was somehow always dirty.

His sisters could no longer contain him. They had tried to reform him but he was seemingly too wild. When he was twenty, he thanked his sisters for taking care of him, and then he left to take on the world on his own. He found himself at pubs, mainly; mingling, smoking, and drinking a little. It had only been two years after he moved out when he met Chariim at the pub. Like Shad II’s sisters, she was a vixen. He was lonely and ready to have a first love, which is probably why they moved so fast. They barely dated before they were already married, obviously a recipe for disaster, which is why no one was surprised when they were divorced a few years later.

The relationship itself was awkward when they were together, and quickly began to feel like there was a cold wall between them. Chariim laid in bed watching Shad II out on the balcony smoking cigarettes. He was putting off going back inside, and he didn't know how to explain why.

That was then, and it was done with now; one huge mistake over and done. He briefly moved back in with his sisters as he was getting his life back together. He was in his late twenties now and planning on moving to America. Using what he learned from piano lessons, he began to play the keyboard and composed his own bits of music. He packed his keyboard; he would take it to America, where he planned on starting his own band and new life.

He took a boat, so it was a while before he arrived in the new country. The boat docked in New York City. Shad II went through the process of becoming a citizen while searching for a place to stay. He was a bit on the broke side, as usual, so he really needed to find an apartment where he could split rent with someone else. There was a classified ad in the newspaper requesting just what he was looking for. Over the phone he arranged meeting the owner of a strange, high pitched robotic voice about the apartment. It wasn’t long after when he arrived at the apartment complex with his belongings and found the address inside. The door had two doorknobs on it, one at regular height, and one lower to the ground. There was also a doggy door. He knocked, and a very small bat-like creature answered the door with a mean look on her face. Shad II was taken aback by her appearance and stammered. She cut him off.

“You’re here to be our roommate right?” She asked.

After a long “Uhh,” as he studied her appearance, Shad II said, “yep.”

“Well, get in here.” She flung open the door and waddled off deeper into the apartment. Shad II cautiously peeked inside, wandered in, and gently closed the door behind him. Inside, the apartment was very dark, it had no windows for some reason, and the walls and carpet were black. There was a living room with a couch and TV, and a large gray robot sat propped up on the couch watching said TV. The robot looked at Shad II.

“Who the hell is that?” the robot said in a deep-ish but annoying voice.

“Shut up,” the small bat said as she climbed up on the couch. “He’s here about paying the rent.”

“Uh,” is all Shad II could manage to awkwardly say.

“I’m Bender,” the gray robot said.

“Oh yeah, I’m Batteh,” the bat interjected, “over there is your room.” She pointed to a door to the left of where they were on the couch.

“Ahm Shadourin the second,” Shad II said as he took his belongings over to the door. He looked back at them but they were engrossed in the TV, ignoring him. He lingered for a minute before opening the door to his new room and going inside. The room was very small. It was wide enough to fit a bed in at the back of the room; the room was about six feet by ten feet. Shad II was okay with the small room since he didn’t have many belongings anyway, so he did his best to decorate the room to make it his own.

After a bit, Shad II emerged from his room, to find the two still sitting on the couch. He nervously shuffled. Batteh looked at him.

“What do you want?” She asked.

“Are ya goin ta show me ‘e rest ovda flat?” Shad II asked shyly.

Batteh and Bender stared at him for a few seconds before Bender finally asked, “what?”

“Sh-show me loike… ‘e loo and kitchen?”

Batteh and Bender looked at each other then simultaneously started laughing. Shad II blushed.

“Wot’s so funny?” He asked. “Should ah’ve said wo’a closet insteada loo?”

The two cackled on, Batteh literally rolling around laughing. She sat up to say, “Dude, what the hell are you saying?”

“Nofing…” Shad II snorted, mad and embarrassed. “Ahm goin ta look around…” So, he took it upon himself to check the other rooms as his roommates, or flatmates as Shad II would call it, laughed at his accent.

At the back of the living room was a kitchen, but there was no food or anything in there, to his surprise. Walking out of the kitchen, back into the living room, to the right there was a short hall with two doors. One of which was the loo, or bathroom, and a regular closet. In the living room there was another door opposite of Shad II’s room, but when he put his hand on the doorknob, Batteh snapped at him.

“That’s my room, don’t you go in there, muttface!”

Shad II’s ears pinned at the insult, but he didn’t reply to it. “Ahm goin out,” he said. No further reaction from the flatmates. He left the apartment to go grocery shopping for the empty kitchen; he also picked up a kettle so he could make afternoon tea. When he walked into a new store, the background music playing over the speakers had just started a new song.

In the song, a man shouted “All aboard!” then began laughing. Shad2’s ears perked as the drums started up. He casually browsed, mostly listening to the song, when suddenly the guitar came sliding in, and it was the greatest riff he ever heard. He stood there listening to the song while he blankly pretended to look at something on the shelf. When he left, he found an empty warehouse while he was out, and spent the very last of his money to run an ad for auditions for the band he was planning on creating. Even though he had flatmates now, he found himself alone a lot, including eating dinner alone, because apparently the other two did not eat.

The next day, Shad II made his way to the warehouse with his keyboard, where he would wait for people to show up to audition. More people than expected turned up, showcasing various instrument playing skills, but Shad II turned them all away. Then, a blue and yellow spotted greyhound with long ears and tail wandered in, trumpet in hand.

Confidently, the dog stood in front of Shad II and said, “My name is Evan Ray Lee but you can call me ERL, I’m going to play the trumpet.”

Shad II’s tail wagged and he tried to speak, but his words failed and came out jumbled, introducing himself as Shad two instead of Shadourin the second.

“Shad2, I like that,” ERL said, before playing some soulful sounding piece with his trumpet. That was it, he was in. ERL sat next to Shad2, grinning.

“Man, I was just about to put an ad in the paper for a band when I saw yours,” ERL said. “I always wanted my own band, I tried a few times but it never went right. Mainly, because I was trying to sing… Man, I can’t sing. You play the keyboard?” He abruptly asked, motioning to the keyboard. Shad2 could only nod. They were interrupted by a loud dragging sound, which caused Shad2 to jump to his feet. Some guy was dragging an entire drum set into the room.

“Wot are ya doin, mate?!” Shad2 asked, still startled.

The guy at the drum set was wearing a suit and tie, but when he turned around he had a crazed look. “I’m gonna play the drums, duh.” He looked like some kind of tiger, who took drumsticks out of his pocket and sat at the drum set. Before Shad2 or ERL could say anything, the guy started wailing on his drums rapidly. He got into rhythm and ERL suddenly began to play trumpet, sashaying towards the drummer. Shad2 watched in awe and began to have visions of him and these two guys making it big in the music industry. The song that ERL and the drummer created was great, a spur of the moment sort of thing that no one could remember to write, and Shad2 wished he had a camera to record it.

After it was over, the drummer introduced himself as Luthifer, or Luthy for short. “Luffy,” Shad2 said in his typical accent.

“Nah, nah, it’s Luthy.” Luthifer said.

“No wait, Luffy sounds cool,” ERL said.

“Luffy,” Luthifer repeated, considering. “Yeah,” he decided with a crazed look again.

Shad2 accepted Luffy into the band, and the three began to discuss the extent of their musical abilities. Luffy could only play the drums, but ERL revealed he could play pretty much any brass instrument because “they were all the same to him.” Shad2 shyly revealed that the keyboard wasn’t the only thing he could play, mentioning piano, and the fact that he liked to sing. Of course, that put him on the spot when the other two demanded that he sang, which, he did. ERL said one word, “nice.” It put a smile on Shad2’s face as he lugged his keyboard back home. As expected, when he got home, the smile was wiped off his face quickly.

“Where were you?” Batteh demanded.

“Ah was out.” Shad2 said.

“Got any money yet?” Bender’s voice came from the couch, his usual spot.

“No.” Shad2 said irritably, as he went to hide in his room.

Later that afternoon, Shad2 was in the kitchen making his tea when Batteh waddled in. He didn’t see her and almost stepped on her, since she was only about a foot tall. “Watch where you’re going, muttface!” She squeaked. Shad2 stumbled and staggered to the table with his tea. “My name is Shad2.” He said. “Yeah, yeah.” She dismissed. She scaled the chair and sat at the table, only tall enough that her eyes pierced him from across the table. He tried to ignore her as he sipped his tea.

“Where are you from?” She asked.

“London,” he answered simply. “You?”

“New New York.”


Batteh proceeded to reveal to him that she and Bender were actually from a thousand years in the future, and had traveled back in time to Old New York. They were both robots, and Batteh had time traveled to get away from the apparently lecherous Bender, but he followed her, and now they were both somehow stuck here. It was a lot for Shad2 to process, so he sipped his tea quietly.

“So, you’re a dog,” Batteh said. Shad2 nodded. She continued, “So we should probably get you fixed.” Shad2 spit out his tea and looked out her, bewildered. She hopped out of the chair. “What? That’s what they do with pets… And clean that mess you just made.” She waddled out of the room.

“I’m not a pet,” Shad2 said under his breath as he cleaned up the spat tea with a paper towel.

For the next week, Shad2 found himself cleaning, almost all the time. Messes mysteriously being made, the living room was a pig sty, mopping, vacuuming, and scrubbing the bathroom… Shad2 eventually figured out that the messes would never stop coming, and he would have to balance out cleaning with the rest of his life. He was exhausted when he got back in contact with his band.

They met at ERL’s place and wrote their first song. They practiced playing it a few times before they realized that their band didn’t even have a name. They went through a few names, and kept a few different ones in mind to try out and see which one felt best. At first, they called themselves Neo Kings. They were trying to say that they were the young or new kings of… whatever genre they were. They wrote more songs, and it wasn’t long before they played their first gig at a bar and made a few dollars. Shad2 spent some of his on cigarettes, but he set some aside, because he wanted to buy a guitar so he could learn to play that awesome riff he heard in the store a while back. Playing guitar would help the band. He didn’t share any money with Batteh and Bender. At first, anyway.

They played a few more shows, Shad2 sneaking in and out of the apartment. His stash of money was getting pretty big, until rent was due. He gave up his part of the rent, until Batteh looked at him expectantly and asked, “Well?”

“Well, wot?”

“You’ll be paying for ours too.”

“Wot?” Shad2 couldn’t believe it. The whole reason he got flatmates was so the rent could be split, and now he was being expected to pay their part too? “Ahm not goin ta pay fah yours!” There was a loud shattering noise. Shad2 looked, and Bender had broken an empty beer bottle, gotten up, and started to approach him, threateningly holding out the glass shards.

“Yeah, you are.” Bender said.

Shaking, Shad2 forfeited the rest of his money to pay their part of the rent. Later, he told his new best friend ERL about what had happened. ERL promised that he would help Shad2 by sharing his own money, and wouldn’t take no for an answer. Together they were able to afford the electric guitar that Shad2 wanted, and Shad2 continued to dish out the rest of his money for rent. He would practice in his room, and Bender and Batteh would tell him that his music sucked. It didn’t matter what they thought, they were just trying to get under his skin.

At shows, they would play a pre-recorded soundtrack of Shad2 playing the keyboard, while Shad2 would play the guitar live and sing. They were earning more money over time, and eventually Shad2 started pocketing extra. He started to be able to actually afford things he wanted, like a new phone and a tattoo on his hip that said “red dog” in Japanese. Getting a tattoo in another language was hip, get it? The band was rapidly gaining a fan base; they were becoming popular just like in Shad2’s vision, and rich.

It had been a few years since they first started, and next year they were planning on going on tour for the first time, using the extra money they earned to fund the road trip. Shad2 was thirty-one now, and near the beginning of the year, Batteh started bringing some guy friend around the apartment who was also a bat. Batteh suddenly started being nice to Shad2, and he later learned that Batteh had started to date that boy bat, his name was Shaxzy, and with his help Batteh was training to be nicer. Maybe this was finally the end of the verbal abuse, since Batteh seemed to be the one in charge at home.

Now it was the end of the year, and Shad2 had just exited the apartment building onto the dark street one night, when he was attacked. It all happened so fast, just as soon as he was out of the glow from the building and into the darkness, there was a blow to his left side, and he was knocked over. A dark figure held him down, engulfing him. There were needles in his neck then the figure swooped back off into the darkness. Shad2 shakily picked himself off the ground. He felt very different, and ran to ERL’s place, where he could feel safer.

He sat with ERL, still shaken from the experience. ERL inspected him and came to the conclusion that Shad2 was now a vampire, judging by his elongated canine teeth. Shad2 was upset.

“Ah’ve nevah been a vampiyah before,” Shad2 cried.

“Well, no…” ERL said.

“Wot’s gonna ‘appen ta me? Am ah goin ta turn ta dust in ‘e sun now?”

“I don’t know,” ERL said, as he tried to hug Shad2. Shad2 hugged back. “Vampires need blood,” ERL commented.

“Ahm not goin ta bite ya and ‘urt ya. Besides, wot if ya turn inta one as well?” said Shad2.

“Then we’ll both be vampires. Now, bite me.”

“Evan…” Shad2 whimpered and whined before biting ERL’s neck and drinking some blood, as ERL held him close. ERL didn’t turn into a vampire immediately like Shad2 had, and Shad2 ended up spending the night, staying up so he could sleep through the day, in case the sun killed him. ERL tried to stay up with him, but ended up dozing off at some point. The next morning, some sunlight accidentally touched Shad2, but nothing happened. They were both relieved.

Everything else went according to plan, no more surprises, and the year after, the trio went on tour. They ended up going all over the country, writing a bunch of songs about the places they visited, Shad2 and ERL becoming closer all the while, and Luffy none the wiser. Something was different when they visited a place in northern Texas, called Amarillo. They had just finished a show one night, ERL went ahead of them back to the tour bus, and Luffy was out doing who-knows-what, off by himself. After Shad2 finished a cigarette, he dragged himself back to the tour bus, where he found ERL waiting for him.

Shad2 drank blood from ERL, which they had both grown accustomed to. Much to the shy Shad2's surprise, ERL told him that he thought he was cute, and moments later, shared their first kiss. The situation had Shad2 increasingly blushing as ERL closed the blinds on the windows to keep out the nosy fans and locked the door for the same reason.

“Won’t Luffy wanna ge’in?” Shad2 asked.

“I asked him to stay out late tonight, and he has a key.” ERL said, turning a radio on quietly. ERL joined him again on the couch, and they kissed again. Shad2 thought about long ago, Chariim, and how he felt that cold wall between them. Well, the feeling he had about ERL wasn’t at all like that. They told each other that they loved each other. Shad2 recalls that it started to rain lightly and it could be heard pattering on the roof of the bus…

The next morning Shad2 woke up in one of the beds on the bus. Remembering the previous night, he grabbed a pen and paper and began to write a song, which he named after the town they were in. Sitting at the table, he was a bit startled when ERL suddenly emerged from the bedroom area. They gave each other a loving look, a certain look that they had never really given each other in the previous years. They couldn’t stop themselves from looking like that on stage, and it must have been obvious to the fans because rumors began to crop up that they were gay for each other. The two of them have no comment on this, because they liked to tease and keep people guessing. After shows, Shad2 would spend time teaching ERL how to play the guitar. Over time, ERL learned how, and from there, picked up playing the bass.

After a year of being on tour, they finally returned home to New York City; Shad2 still bearing that dopey look of being in love when he arrived back at the apartment. Batteh seemed to have gotten an upgrade while he was gone, her body seemed a little taller than before; it was her legs, they were longer now. He didn’t even care about their complaints about how they’re behind on rent now, because he was still high off love. He tossed some money at them and went to his room. He phoned up ERL and Luffy and told them to get some rest, because tomorrow they’d be practicing the songs they wrote while they were on tour.

The next day, Shad2 took his keyboard and guitar to the warehouse to meet the others. Coincidentally, they all arrived at the same time, and began to chat as they entered the building. Inside, someone was waiting for them. They were all startled.

“Who’s there?!” ERL demanded. A figure could be seen sitting on an old box at the far end of the room. It got up and started to approach them. As it drew near, it was obvious that it was a girl, a young girl of ten. She looked like a cat, but she was greenish, and something was off.

“I’m here to play.” She said simply. The others looked at each other with confusion. “May I?” She inquired, pointing at Shad2’s guitar. He was protective of his guitar, but he curiously got it hooked up to an amp and handed it over to the little girl. For a child, she played with skill comparative to someone who had played for forty years. Shad2 couldn’t believe the amount of talent that just fell into his lap. Thoughts raced; bringing this kid into the band would change everything.

“Where are your parents?” ERL asked her when she finished playing.

“I don’t have any,” she said. “My name is Grymm.”

After that, the band was reformatted. Shad2 took his guitar back since it was one of his prized possessions, but told Grymm that they would get her one of her own. The band felt totally new, after some instrument switching around, and a new member, they needed a new name. They sat around, thinking.

“Legs!” Luffy exclaimed after a while. The others looked at him, puzzled. “Legs,” Luffy repeated. He pointed to himself, then ERL, then Grymm, then Shad2, all while spelling the word ‘legs.’

“I get it,” ERL said. “That’s pretty funny.”

While it was funny, Shad2 felt like it was a stupid name for a band. “Okay, but let’s make it edgier and cooler,” Shad2 said. They all talked it out, rambling random words and phrases tacked onto Legs. Somehow, the name Legs for Losers popped out, and it stuck. Shad2 would continue to play the keyboard and sing, Luffy still drummed, ERL was now on the bass, and Grymm was on the guitar. The rest of the band helped in raising Grymm and keeping her safe, protecting her like a little sister.

There were mixed reactions from the public about the renaming and the inclusion of a girl into the once boy band. People got over it as time went on, and fans had their specific interests when it came to the band. Some people preferred Luffy, some were more interested in Grymm, the child prodigy and her growth into a pre-teen then teenager; then there was the hot topic concerning ERL and Shad2 and their feelings for each other. They both tried to hide it as much as possible, even though everyone was right anyway. They understood each other, but the public didn’t understand them, and Shad2 didn’t want their relationship tarnished by rumors and assumptions about whatever goes on behind closed doors. It was also good publicity, keeping fans hyped and tuning into news about the band, just to see if Shad2 and ERL had come out yet, but they never did.

Well, publicly, anyway.

Batteh and Shad2’s relationship had changed a lot since the beginning, it had been almost ten years since they met; Batteh was no longer abusive, but still expected a lot of him, such as continuing to pay the full rent and clean. Batteh had gone through another upgrade, and was even taller. He sat her down one day, and revealed his relationship with ERL. Batteh was stunned and didn’t know how to react. Shad2 said it wasn’t a big deal, but they shouldn’t tell Bender yet. He trusted her, and she knew that. She didn’t tell anyone.

From the outside, things seemed to be going okay for Shad2. That’s not how he felt on the inside, though. The depression seemed to come out of nowhere, and took Shad2 by storm, wreaking havoc on his physical and mental health. On top of that, the band had starting taking longer and longer hiatuses, and it was during one of these hiatuses that money became tight. Stressed, Shad2 turned to pain-relieving substances. That’s when he met Trig, who offered more than just a pain-reliever; he offered Shad2 an alternative place to live. The building was like a boarding house for people who needed to get back on their feet. Not only that, but Trig helped Shad2 realize how much he wanted to know about his family. Trig was a wolf, and told Shad2 that he was part wolf, too.

Shad2 thought that ERL’s sunshine and love was the only drug he needed to get him through, but when life gets stressful, money’s tight, and he’s fighting his creeping depression, he finds himself staying at the boarding house. It takes a few days at a time, but Shad2 always makes it through to start a new day, because maybe that day will be the day that something great happens, like the band gets back together for a new album, or Shad2 finds out who his parents were, or ERL’s and his relationship goes to the next level. Now middle-aged, life’s been rough on Shadourin the second, but he takes it one day at a time, because there’s nothing else he can do.

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Basic Info

Name: Shadourin Yamada II
Alias: Shad2
Nicknames: S2, Shaddy, muttface
Pronouns: he/him
Species: Wolfdog (akita inu / black wolf)
Birthday: May 23, 1978
Star Sign: Gemini
Chinese Zodiac: Earth Horse
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 167 lbs

Origins & Achievements

Homeland: Whitechapel, East London, England
Residence: NYC
Education: attempted and failed GCSEs (England)
Known Languages: English
Intelligence: Below average
Occupation: Singer

Physical & Mental

Status: Undead Vampire
Conditions: Depression, Alcoholism
Dominant Hand: Right
Fear Response: Flight
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Religion: Non-religious
Outlook: Optimistic
Social: Extrovert

Home Life

Sexuality: Biromantic Demisexual
Marital Status: Engaged, Divorced from Chariim
Partner: ERL
Offspring: None
Siblings: Kirsty, Erika, Aria (adoptive sisters)
Parents: Akita Inu (mother), Black Wolf (father)
Pet: None


Traits: affectionate, loyal, polite, pushover, melancholic, dense
Markings: Tattoo on hip that reads "Red Dog" in Japanese
Talents: Maintaining his thick Cockney accent despite living in America since 2006
Likes: listening to music, writing music, playing music, guitars, singing, tea, ERL, cigarettes, Amarillo TX, drinking, his medication, the sound and smell of rain, The Cockney Rejects, collaborating with guest artists, making friends, being with the wolf pack
Dislikes: wearing shirts and shoes, his previous flatmates, being used and abused, being depressed, taking baths, anything that's too complicated
Voice: Singing: Damon Albarn (x) , Speaking: Nelson De Freitas (x)

Story - Info - Playlist - [Friends]

Inner Circle


Kirsty Smith

Kirsty is me oldah sistah by eight yea's, an' she was eighteen when ah were adopted. She's a fox wiv mostly brown fur, wiv dark red 'air an' fur markin's. She's quiet an' reserved, an' enjoys bein' alone in 'e forest. She's most mum-like out of me sistahs, an' she usually wears long dresses. She's mainly 'e one 'oo put me froo school an' piano lessons, an' taught me 'ow to make tea. Guess ah owe 'er a lot! Lot'sa time 'as passed, ah really should see 'er again, she's gettin' right old.

Erika Smith

Erika was seventeen when ah were adopted. Like Kirsty, she's got brown fur, but wiv blue 'air and fur markin's. There was a lota times she weren't 'ome when ah was a kid, on account'o she wants be a pirate like in 'e old days. So she weren't very lady-like, she dress in ragged garms, she were adventurous, loud, protective, 'ardworking, an' loyal ta those 'oo return 'e favah, but sly. She'd come 'ome aftah long munts at sea, 'an bring me back lil like, trinkets an' fings. 'At's brill, innit?

Aria Smith

Aria's me youngest oldah sistah, jus' sixteen when ah were adopted. She's got, you guessed it, brown fur, wiv yellow 'air and fur markin's. Most girly-girl ah've evah met. F'some reason, she aw-ways dressed like she jus' got back from 'oliday in 'awaii. Real 'ula girl garm, wiv grass skirt an' coconut bra. She were real sweet an' friendly, but dense when it came to me not wantin' to wear girly fings like 'er. She's aw covahed in flowahs an' she put aw them vases, aw-ways got flowahs, gotta get new flowahs... Gotta make leis an' flowah crowns fer me... Gotta put me in dresses an' fings...

Old Flatmates


Batteh'll strike fear inta ya 'eart. Jus' 'earin' 'er name makes me look 'round make sure she ain't 'ere. Course she's gotten more tolerable since ah met 'er. She's got dis mean an' violent front, but maybe deep inside she can be nice. Met 'er bout 2006, course she says she's a time-traveler, from 1,000 yea's in future. ...Course ah oughta mention as well she's a robit. Ah don't know much bout 'er relationship wiv our ova ol' flatmate Bender, but ah do know she's 'ad a few different upgrades ova 'e yea's to make 'er taller. We used to be flatmates for yea's and yea's but ah guess 'at time of our lives came ta an end... She moved to be wiv 'er boyfriend, an I... well ahm not gonna stay wiv Bender.


Ah don't really 'ang out wiv Bender too much, 'specially since ah moved out, so ah don't 'ave much of an opinion, aside from 'e's a real jerk. 'E can be awmost friendly at times, but 'e word friendly is used loosely. If 'e's nice, it's for 'is own gain. 'E an' Batteh were awready livin' togevah when ah joined 'em. 'E's a time-traveler as well, from same time as Batteh. An' like Batteh, 'e was mean mean an' violent, but unlike Batteh, 'e didn't change ovah time. 'E only evah seems ta laze on couch, drink bittah, an' watch TV. Guess 'e lives alone now?



The Sun has come to save me... Put a little love into my lonely soul. Evan's me bes' friend... 'E's a blue an' yellow grey'ound that ah met when ah started me band. 'E can play brass instruments, but ah taught 'im 'ow to play guitar... Aftah dat 'e picked up bass and became bassist. Evan's got a sunny disposition; 'e's confident, outgoin', friendly, gentle, and carin'. We're very close friends. Media an' tabloids an' fings constantly ask if we're in love and if we're together. Ah cannot say. The Sun will shine again...


Luffy's real name is Luf- Lufif- Lufifif... Well, let's jus' say ah'm the reason 'e's called Luffy now. 'E's the drummer in me band, and 'e's energetic an' puts everyfin' 'e's got inta it. Luffy's a red tigah wiv dark blue stripes an' 'air. 'E's aw-ways wearin' a suit an' tie, an' looks crazy. 'E's got a scar under one eye from when 'e tripped an' fell on 'is drum set 'an 'it 'is face on 'e edge of a drum.. on account of 'e's so crazy. Ah met 'im in 2006 wiv Evan, they're both me best mates an' original membahs of me band.


Grymm is our bandmate an' like our lil sistah. At first 'e band was jus' me, Evan and Luffy, then Grymm joined us. She's mysterious, an' showed up in 'e ware'ouse where we practiced. Said she 'ad no parents then played guitar aw professional-like. Joined 'er to the band right there, caused an instrument switch an' band rename. She's jus' a teenager, our lil sistah, we protect 'er, but she tries ta act mature. Turns out she's a zombie, an' she's got strange powers. Ah got 'er then the rest of the band inta tea. She likes puttin' plants an' flowahs in 'er tea... Jus' a peppermint tea fer me.


Midi's our manager! We 'ad a manager before 'oo was a right knob, so aftah 'e last straw, we fired 'im. 'At was 2013, 'an Midi approached me backstage aftah a show. 'E offered ta be our manager so ah hired 'im! Since 'en 'e's been 'e best an' nicest manager we've 'ad. Ah like 'im plenty 'an ah aw-ways serve 'im tea when 'e comes round.



Trig is me alpha... Alpha of woofpack.. Ah would die for 'im. 'E's so generous an' kind, on account of 'e building 'e lives in doubles as a boardin' 'ouse fer people 'oo need a place ta go. Ah met 'im lookin fer some relief an' ah ended up stayin dere for a while... 'E's a woof an' 'e told me ah'm part woof too. We bonded a lot an' 'e made me part of 'e pack an' ah made 'im tea an' everyfin. 'E taught 'ow to unleash me inner woof. Ah fink 'ighly of 'im.


Trip is part of 'e woofpack too. Ah met 'im in Trig's buildin' while ah stayed'ere.. 'E's Trig's coworker an' seemsta rank undaneaf Trig in 'e woofpack. Ah don't really know much bout 'im... 'E don't talk much... But 'e do know of me band, which is nice.



Grymm introduced me ta JC... 'E's technically 'er step-father, turns out. So she do 'ave parents... She left us to get ta know each ova.. Well... 'E ended up admitting 'at 'e was 'e one 'oo turned me into a vampiyah. Made me real upset, but ah forgave 'im on account of 'is relation to Grymm. 'E said 'e was real sorry an' 'e left me with a blood supply an' a 'andbook ta learn about our kind. Bettah late'n nevah, innit?

Pet Treasure

Sad Brain Beanbag

S Sticker

H Sticker

A Sticker

D Sticker

Two Sticker

Cherry Telenine Beanbag

Wolf Tooth

Spiffy Cardboard Box

Fried Fish and Chips Basket

Fish and Chips

Shoestring Fries

Circle ID Tag

Ruffie Spiked Collar

Black Spiked Bracelet

Black Spiked Bracelet

Black Studded Belt

Tight Jeans

Tattered Wedding Photo Album

Ace Pride Flag

Ace Pride Sash

Ace Heart Pin

Electric Piano

Vampire Guitar

DIY Rock Star Kit


Rock CD

MusiNews Issue 3

Lifetime Achievement Award

I Dont Always Drink Sticker

Getting Drunk With Style



Sample Size Dark Lager

Six Pack of Hard Cider


Dealing with Hangovers

Regular Strength Pain Pills

Extra Strength Pain Pills

Ziaran Pill Box

Acetaminophen Travel Pack

Tooth Decay Pellets

Doves Blood

You Make the World Brighter Sticker



Bottled Quark

Bottled Happiness

Bottled Rays of Warm Sunshine

Bottled Rays of Golden Sunshine

Bottled Rays of Misty Sunshine

Bottled Rays of Rich Sunshine

Bottled Rays of Pure Sunshine

Sun Pearl

Sun Potion

Little Balls of Sunshine in a Bag

Stylized Sun Temporary Tattoo

Sunny Day Picture Frame

Shy Sun Sticker

Sunny Weather Sticker

Spring Sunshine Sticker

Sun Gem

Gold Sun Relic

Sun Fruit

Sun Love Sticker

Sun Mosaic Tile


Duality Sun Mask Beanbag

Cheery Sun Sticker

Beaming Sun Puffy Sticker

Hello Sunshine Sticker


Sun-Sun Cupcake

Chained Sun Beanbag

Sunny Love Plushie

Book of Sunrises

Rain Weather Sticker

Rain Cologne

Rain Scented Perfume

Rain Scented Candle

Snowy Village Cabin

Bi Pride Sash

Bi Heart Pin

Covering Hickeys

Suspiciously-Placed Bandage

Tea For Two

English Breakfast Tea

Green Tea

Honey and Lemon Tea

Chamomile Tea

Pie Tea

Peppermint Tea

Cinnamon Tea

Vanilla Chai Tea

Pumpkin Tea

Pumpkin Teacup

Sweet Vesnali Tea

Veta Market Tartlet and Tea

Sweet Petal Tea

Poison Laced Tea Cloth

Hot Cinnamon Tea

Traditional Teacup

Fancy Antique Mug of Chai Tea

Flowering Hibiscus Tea

Flowering Jasmine Tea

Ornate Teacup

Saheric Spiced Tea

Tempest in a Teacup

Smiley Tea

Mermaid Kelp-Wrapped Teacup

Watch it Bloom Sweet Tea

Watch it Not Bloom Bitter Tea

Sweet Legeica Blooming Tea

Meditating Kora Blooming Tea

Diving Chelon Blooming Tea

Dancing Chai Blooming Tea

Gentle Mahar Blooming Tea

Copper Kettle

Steel Kettle

Iron Kettle

Black Lace Teapot

Black Lace Cream Pot

Black Lace Sugar Bowl

Black Lace Teacup

Silver Lace Teapot

Silver Lace Cream Pot

Silver Lace Sugar Bowl

Silver Lace Teacup

Porcelain Lace Teapot

Porcelain Lace Cream Pot

Porcelain Lace Sugar Bowl

Porcelain Lace Teacup

Pretty Blue Tea Set

Lovely Classic Teapot

Lovely Classic Creamer

Lovely Classic Sugar Bowl

Lovely Classic Teacup

Lovely Classic Saucer

Lovely Classic Tea Tray

Lovely Spring Teapot

Lovely Spring Creamer

Lovely Spring Sugar Bowl

Lovely Spring Teacup

Lovely Spring Saucer

Lovely Spring Tea Tray

Lovely Pastel Teapot

Lovely Pastel Creamer

Lovely Pastel Sugar Bowl

Lovely Pastel Teacup

Lovely Pastel Saucer

Lovely Pastel Tea Tray

Snooty Teapot

Beast Enchanted Tea Set

Chipped Tea Set

Deluxe Tea Set

Shengui Guo Luminaire Tea Tin

Tin of Magic Teas

Sundrop Breeze Tea Tin

Autumn Breeze Tea Tin

Summer Breeze Tea Tin

Spring Breeze Tea Tin

Winter Breeze Tea Tin

Moonbeam Breeze Tea Tin

Bow-E Panacea Floral Tea

Spring Jollin Tea Bag

Spring Legeica Tea Bag

Spring Ontra Tea Bag

Spring Sheeta Tea Bag

Spring Popoko Tea Bag

Spiced Pumpkin Tea Bag

English Breakfast Tea Bag

Green Tea Bag

Honey and Lemon Tea Bag

Chamomile Tea Bag

Pie Tea Bag

Peppermint Tea Bag

Cinnamon Tea Bag

Vanilla Chai Tea Bag

Pet Friends