JC has a minion!

Sinni the Domrad

Legacy Name: JC.

The Darkmatter Lasirus
Owner: Zay

Age: 10 years, 7 months, 1 week

Born: June 5th, 2011

Adopted: 10 years, 7 months, 1 week ago

Adopted: June 5th, 2011


  • Level: 69
  • Strength: 167
  • Defense: 168
  • Speed: 167
  • Health: 168
  • HP: 0/168
  • Intelligence: 165
  • Books Read: 159
  • Food Eaten: 0
  • Job: The Hacker

Basic Info
Name: Jackknifed Jason Carver
Alias: JC
Birth date: October 13, 1980(1608 for vampire birth year)
Born: Transylvania, Romania
Current Residence: New York
Species: Desmodontinae(Vampire Bat)
Illnesses: C-PTSD, DID
Height: 6'3"
Weight: 175lbs
Star Sign/Moon/Rising: Libra/Sagittarius/Leo
Primal Zodiac: Roadrunner
Chinese Zodiac: Monkey
Known Languages: English, Romanian, Domoniac, bits and pieces of French
Sexual Orientation: "Fabulously Gay"
(as he calls it)
"and if you've a problem with it you can take it up with Sinni. He hasn't had a decent meal in quite some time."
Marrital Status: Married to this lovely man here
Occupation: Underboss in the Crimson Nocturns mafia
Parents: Slade Carver(Father), Kitana Carver(Mother)
Siblings: Knives Carver
Children: Alice, Pierre, Carmen
Likes: Reading, Darkness, Erik("pet"), Aed("pretty little emo boy"), Majistrāt, Poetry, Blood, Sneaking About, Violins and other classical instruments, Dark Colors, Sinni(his shadow-dog), Annoying Zach for the love of it, Terrorizing things, Rats, Coffins, his Job and the Suit that goes with it
Dislikes: New Technology, Bright lights, Cooking(usually burns himself), His Past, The Elders, Being Scolded, Static Noise, Rejection, Most vampire hunters/slayers, Almonds(he's allergic)
Known Abilities:
Voice: Discord(My Little Pony) X X X X X X X X X X X X X X

Story Here
~Being Re-Written~
I've got a past, so Tainted and Broken
nothing could ever possibly mend it..
Family & Friends

Kitana Carver

Mother dearest. She tried her best to keep my brother and I in line and safe. I would claim my brother to be moreso protected, but mother cared for me as well. She's got a knack for cooking and would always make my brother and I snacks when we were younger. She didn't want my brother and I to be put through the ritual, but as it was we were. I don't blame her for it, not entirely for I know she loves us dearly. I only wish she would've loved the necklace I'd made her as much, it is a pity.

Slade Carver

My father provided for my brother and I very well, while we weren't the richest of families none of us starved. My father has a workshop where he's a woodworker and I can remember many a night sneaking into it and being fascinated by all the tools and creations. Of course, father didn't like me being in there so much though I still to this day can't fathom why. Father is retired now, though I know he still makes things on occasion for the children in our village.

Knives Carver

My dear younger brother. I'd be lying if I said when he was born I wasn't a bit jealous of him. Our parents used my name for him. We both share a name. I don't hate my brother for it, though I used to. I've come to learn there are far more important things to be worrying about than a name. Anywho back on the subject of my brother he's a skilled chef, obviously got his cooking skills from our mother. He also shares a bakery with his husband and they're doing well for themselves. I do miss staying at the castle with them, but I've my own life to live and they've theirs as well.

Scycle Sharden

Moving right on down the line here we've got my cousin. Well, one of many really. Scycle used to annoy me to no end, but now she's a bit older and her job is that of being an ambassador to mortals and vampire kind. I'm not going to pretend I know all of the details of that, but I know she does a very good job at it.

Azazel Sharden

Another of my younger cousins and brother to Scycle. Azazel has the tendency to, well, follow in my footsteps. Or at least that's what Scycle has told me. I don't really see the point of wanting to be like me. Perhaps when I was younger, but now I just see it as silly. He's honestly more trouble than he's worth and while I love him I do hope he stops his actions before I have to step in.

Jaykob Carver

My nephew. Son of my brother and Zay. It's a bit of a... difficult situation. Anywho, it seems as though poor Jaykob's gotten into a few nasty habits and tends to brood in his room a lot of the time listening to some rather... interesting music. Though I can't say too much on that, I've a rather strange collection of music myself. I'm getting off topic. Anywho Jaykob is currently living with Zachary and me. Third household he's been in thus far. He originally was staying with Zay and my Pretty Little Emo Boy, then with my brother and Pet and now he's here with us. I know it's going to take some time, but I plan on correcting his habits and help him to focus on his vampiric abilities. I feel those may be the root cause of his problems.


Demitrias is my brother's first ghoul. He was presented to Knivesy when he was born. I remember watching their initial meeting. Dem promised to protect and care for Knivesy and he has done a splendid job of it. When I was sealed within my brother, my ghouls were left to wander. Dem, however, wasn't my ghoul but I could still give him orders as my brother slept. I personally don't think Dem likes me very much, given his thought process, but that's fine. I've my own ghouls to keep track of now anyway.


Nicolai is one of my ghouls that I handed over to Majistrāt. I know he's doing his best to keep track of Majistrāt and keep him out of trouble the best he can. Of course he has to listen to the orders Majistrāt gives him, but I suppose asking him to do a bit of snooping for me here and there doesn't null the contract. He's a quiet ghoul and only wants to make his master happy. He served me well for years and I trust he'll serve Majistrāt just as well.


All natural-born vampires are assigned a ghoul at birth and Bastian is mine, he's the brother to Nicolai. Bastian has been there through my worst times and while he can have quite the mouth on him, he means the best. He's a hardened general and my unfortunate evil days have caused him to have a bit of a strong outer shell around him. Getting to know him can be rather difficult, but he's quick to answer orders. I know that he and Zachary speak often and I'm glad they have a bond like that because a bond between vampire and ghoul is an important one.


Mikoto is another one of my ghouls that I passed on to Aed and Zay. I gave Mikoto to them as a peace offering many years ago, but Aed's still quite bitter about the events that took place so I'm fairly certain things failed in that regard. I also figured they could use the help given their rather large family. Not that that's much of my business. Mikoto is a rather sweet ghoul who listens fairly quickly with no questions asked and as such I'm sure she's been serving them well.


Another one of my ghouls that, at this time, is keeping an eye on my newest vampire. Sugar is one of the youngest ghouls I own, but she's always in such high spirits. It seems she doesn't regret the life of a ghoul, which is a welcome surprise. She has a very bubbly personality and I've yet to see her upset. I honestly don't want her to ever be.


Luna is one of my most trusted and loyal ghouls and as such she was brought to the ranch house Zachary and I share. She helps take care of the house and of Pierre. Of course, I knew she would be perfect for our little household as she's the motherly type. Perhaps when Pierre is a bit older I'll grant him ownership of Luna if Zachary approves first, of course.


Zachary is one of the few people I can tolerate to be around. You should be lucky i'm hanging out with someone relatively close to my own age now. Although, when you hang out with someone enough... you notice the feelings that develop... and you can't ignore them. It took a lot of persuasion, though I promise I never forced him to like me. I may have forced certain acts, but I never forced the feelings that grew from them. Those are entirely his, and as much as it may shock and pain some of you, I happen to love this man dearly. We've had our ups and downs, but we care for one another deeply and I wouldn't let anyone ever hurt him. Nothing you do or say can or will ever change that. Je t'aime, Zachary. <3


Pierre is mine and Zachary's son. He was born during a major transition in our lives, for the better and I like to think his birth helped solidify that. He starts school soon and the thought truly does upset me. I rather like having my little boy at home where I can keep him safe and sound. I suppose what does make me feel a bit better is having Luna go along to school with him. I know she'll keep a good watch over him. Pierre can be fairly sassy, suppose he gets that from Bastian >.> surely not from meee. He's quite fond of the Spongebob toy that Zachary and I bought for him, though I don't think Zachary likes it so well and I'll admit it may be a bit creepy, but as long as Pierre likes it that's what truly matters.


Carmen is the newest edition to our family. Zachary asked me about wanting another child and I, of course, was ecstatic. I like to think of her as my little princess and as such she should be treated like one, but that's not to say I'd let her get away with just anything as she gets older. She's still rather new to the family and we're learning more and more about her each day. You would think I'd have no problem with that, but even with my mind reading, all I get are splotches of colors at present. I suppose in the future I'll have to figure out a ghoul to give her as well, with Zachary's permission again, of course. For now, she's still a baby, so I suppose any spoiling will have to wait.

My Pretty Little Emo Boy

Been quite a while since I've said that. It's all so very true though, I mean I don't believe I really must convince you. Then again, I suppose I should shush about all that. My Pretty Little Emo Boy is the son to my dear sweet Zachary and he's married to a feisty little bat that my brother had the accidental chance to change into a vampire. My relationship with Sdrawckabhtaed is an interesting one to say the least. He found out quite a few things and it got him understandably heated to the point of kicking my ass and almost killing me. I honestly didn't know he had that in him, but again that's something that has been resolved, though a part of me still believes if he'd been given the chance my existence wouldn't be here right now.

My Pet

Remember that lovely little story of my brother owning a bakery with his husband? Well, I present his husband aka My Pet. I have done some unthinkable things to this poor soul. I suppose the whole dating his father didn't help back then, but that's another story entirely. Things have gotten better now. I'm not sure if it's because he's gotten older or if Knivesy spoke with him, but I've since apologised for my past actions with everything and he and I are on much better terms now and by that I really truly do mean much better terms :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Grymm is such a delight! She's Zachary's daughter and the sister to both my Pretty Little Emo Boy and Pet. I suppose that would make her my "step-daughter-in-law" but I'm not exactly keen on such things. In any case Grymm and I have tuesday tea and I rather enjoy her company and the conversation. I consider her more of a friend than anything and I know I can speak with her about most things. I also do so love the music she and her band plays.


Such a great incident with this one. This is the wife to the aforementioned Pretty Little Emo Boy. Such unspeakable acts that I wish I could erase and never have to face again, but alas that's not how the world we live in works. We're on... better terms now. She's come to tolerate me more and more and I am glad for that. Hopefully in due time she may consider me as a... friend? I'm not sure how my Pretty Little Emo Boy will deal with that one.


Oh the things I could say about dear Majistrāt. I'm sure you'd expect a "he's out of this world" or something, but that is incredibly cheesy and completely ridiculous. Majistrāt is far more than that. He's pretty much the first Martian I'd ever met and with as long as I've been around that is quite the shocker. Majistrāt enjoys playing dress up and our school sessions are extremely educational I assure you. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Miss Evadine is such a doll. I know a skilled seamstress when I see one. The cut, the seams, the color choices. All the signs of a perfectionist at work. Her sense of style and fashion is impeccable and I do so love our spa days. I truly believe she and I could chat about our husbands forever. I really hope we get to go out together more in the future.


I present one of the most colourful men I have ever met and our chance at meeting was just that... a chance. Now I would be lying if I said I wasn't attracted to his physique, but there's more to Phinean than that. He's an all around amazing person. Where Majistrāt sort-of lacks in helping with some things Phinean excells in them. I know I can confidently speak with him about things that I just don't think Majistrāt would need worrying about. Although I do think that I myself can slack a little with the training. After all I do prefer my workouts to be more physical than anything :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Majistrāt's delivery boy. Derek and I have spoken quite a few times among other things and I know Majistrāt is entirely smitten with him. I do think that to this day he might be a bit frightened of me, but I mean I can't really say I blame him I do tend to strike fear into the hearts of mortals. I can't for the life of me understand why Majistrāt doesn't just turn him already, but then again giving the blessing of vampirism shouldn't be used as a toy.


I can't say I know a whole lot about Majistrāt's younger brother, but he seems like an alright person apart from having quite the tongue on him. Of course, Majistrāt isn't much better though with him it's more cursing and with Barestr it's more snarky shirts and... coffee. I can't say I took much liking to coffee myself, but people are allowed to like whatever it is they do.


I can't say I know all that much about Kurona. What I do know is that she's a martian, much like Majistrat and Barestr. Speaking of which, Kurona and Barestr are quite the pair. By that I mean they've been together for some time now. Kurona works at the local library and while I don't know all the details of her job, I do know she must do pretty well for herself there. I have found myself there a few times picking up some books that my own extensive library has been lacking at mine and Zachary's house.

Overruled & Sustained

I don't really know a whole lot about these two apart from when Overruled took Majistrāt, myself, and Zay to Mars. Overruled seems to have an ego problem, but Majistrāt loves him dearly despite it even though he gets really distant with him all the time. As for Sustained he seems like the level-headed one in the relationship, if you ask me. I have difficulty reading his mind, but I know from Overruled's brain who truly rules the roost in their relationship.

Trip Rickart

Practically one of my first best friends. I met Trip back when he still lived in Boston. Of course I had to disguise myself as far younger than I was or his mother and father would've not wanted me talking to him. Of course once he moved to the big apple it made speaking with him a whole lot easier. Anywho I eventually got into selling my body, which I realise now was entirely stupid, but I convinced him to do the same because he needed the money. What I hadn't expected is that not long after that his relationship began to crumble and I do feel partially responsible for it because of that and as such he quit. All water under the bridge now though and through all of our ups and downs in life Trip and I have remained good friends. I do try my best to help with his selling.


Trip's partner in crime or so they say. I don't usually speak with him much, he seems to keep to himself a lot of the time. He's a vegetarian, or at least he tries very hard to be, I know I've seen him eat other things, but I do commend him for trying. I myself don't think I could do it. Of course, I do need blood to survive and I suppose that would void the whole vegetarian thing anyway. Anywho Trigger has a speech impairment, but I don't have much of an issue understanding him since I can mind read, but I don't think he likes to talk about it. He also thinks incredibly highly of Zay and it's just best if I don't talk to him for fear if he brings her up there would be quite the tension in the room. Not to mention Vampires and Werewolves don't usually end up getting along too well. We are both fairly territorial after all.


Cleyra here works at the local diner, which is quite close to Trip and Trigger's place. Croix, Snipes, Brick, and I often find ourselves there and she's always quick to fill our order. From what I can tell she's clueless on who we are or what we do, which is fine. Honestly, probably better she doesn't know about all that. She's a very upbeat and kind sort of person and while you might think I would find someone like that annoying, I don't. Lately it would seem she's even more cheerful and while I would wonder why, I don't have to. My mind reading is involuntary after all, it would seem she's gotten herself a boyfriend and I am very glad for her. She's been working at that diner for years and she deserves someone nice in her life.


The world, or at least mine, does work in quite the mysterious ways. Mitchell here is the manager of Aed, Grymm, and Shadoron. Oddly enough, he's also the boyfriend of Cleyra and while I know Edgy Mc My Chemical Romance here isn't all that fond of me, he'll just have to get over it. I find him quite... intriguing, to say the least. As everyone knows once I find and catch a canary, I rarely let it fly away. He's not so inclined for help, refusing a ghoul. Honestly, all I wanted to do was provide him with an assistant and he's having none of it! Ah well, perhaps some day things will change.


Robbie is Mitchell's twin brother. Apparently he was, well, born ill, but even so, he was still alive thankfully. When I came to realize just how much Mitchell cared for him, despite how long it had been since they last saw each other, I knew I had to step in. He's my latest fledgling and although I know it will take some time, he will get stronger. I've left him in the care of Sugar while I'm unable to be there so I know he's getting the care and attention he needs.


New York over the years sure has had quite a funny way of having my past catch up with me. Shadoron is no exception to this, honestly he's probably the most shocking thing to turn up in my life again in quite some time. In my younger years I was quite the mm... rambunctious vampire. I was angry with the council, angry about being sealed within my brother, and angry about having my powers pretty well stripped from me. So, like anyone that's feeling threatened and worn down I lashed out. A lot of vampires were created in my wake because of this and I, not giving a damn back then, left them to fend for themselves. Shadoron was one of these and for some reason, unbeknownst to me at the time, dear sweet Grymm happens to be friends with the aforementioned wolfdog. Anywho, I've since apologised and I believe we are on better terms now. I've left him with blood and a copy of the handbook and I suppose we're what you would call friends now. I've made a promise to help him as best I can in the future.


What kind of vampire would I be if I didn't have my fair share of hunters after me hm? Thora is quite the strange one. She tries so hard to capture me and why me I can only guess. Then again, I did sort-of enslave all of my kind at one point in my life so I suppose I can see the appeal of wanting such a powerful vampire in her arsenal. Unfortunately for her she's far too good for that and her plans end up failing her left and right. She makes quite the cat if only she could catch the mouse.


Vampire hunters aren't the only things to be worrying about. Their pets are some of the fiercest of beasts. Then we have a look at Kaelis and while he's a rather strong dragon he just lacks the capacity for wanting to cause harm. I'm sure if angered enough he could really put some damage in, but he seems to be rather calm usually. For a dragon he's also not quite all that old either. A part of me thinks that perhaps being a child is what holds him back or perhaps that's just how he'll always be. Not even I can predict the future.


My little shadow pet from Hell. I snap my fingers, he snaps his jaws at anything that irritates me. He's very well behaved and trained, I assure you. Bit of advice though, don't upset me. Most of his species eat all of the dark matter surrounding them, but Sinni decided to keep one around. Unlike the others it wasn't afraid of him, seemed more or less to want to get rid of the other matters as much as Sinni did. Sinni is just one of many shadow-like beings I can communicate with. Sinni didn't want to pass on, so I finally just let him stay with me. Knivesy didn't know about him for a long time, and that was for the better, I feel. There are just some things my little brother doesn't need to know. We've all got skeletons in our closets, the fact that mine are actual corpses is just... a coincidence. Sinni likes to gnaw on them all the same.


Damien here is an interesting one. He's actually the brother of Croix, stranger things have happened in our little world. Anywho, Damien formerly shared a body with Aed and while Damien did have the upper hand there, well, times have changed. Despite our past he and I have so much more in common than I originally thought. So, he is good conversation, although his native tongue is sooo much better at this point. While in most cases I am meant to obey felines, this one is an exception and I don't plan on allowing him the upper hand :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:. He's just going to have to be a good little incubaby and let me take care of him.


Romeo is an interesting person. He has quite the infatuation with Erik. While, yes, I do understand that as Erik is one of my favorite people, Romeo tends to go about it in all the wrong ways. I have taken if upon myself to help him get the help he needs as his powers tend to be all willy-nilly and we can't have that. I, of course, would know about such things as when I was younger my own powers were out of wack. In any case, Romeo just needs some care and attention and I believe that he can become more of an already amazing dragon.


Monty Wayne "Snipes" Mathias

Our own little sticky fingers of the group. Snipes is well adapted to picking locks, cracking codes, and pilfering the last cookie at our "office parties". He's best friends with Brick and while he's a thief, he's not petty by any means. I'll admit I could be using my own Vampiric Abilities for such things, but Snipes is sooo much quicker and better at it. He may look like a child, but that's precisely the point. Who would suspect someone that looks sooo very innocent?

Spencer Jarrod "the Brick" Kennedy

Now comes the powerhouse. Where Snipes is the one that steals things Brick is his backup making sure no one ever suspects him. Honestly he's a geninely nice fellow, but when he's in the zone of work, it's best not to disturb him. Brick is far from a lackey, while he listens to the commands Croix gives, our boss respects Brick as much as we respect the boss. Brick is the kind of guy that will come in swinging and enraged whether you be messing with our jobs or tormenting a stray animal. He doesn't tolerate either, but who could blame him. The pure shouldn't be tainted by the crime in the city, the rest however... will answer to Brick.

Croix Alexander Edmonds

The man with the plan here. Otherwise known as the "big cheese" although that's just plain silly. Oh don't get me wrong he is the one setting up all our little scandals, but whatever would he do without me? After all, I am his right hand man. Croix's a jackal, they are such the crafty critters. Oh, but don't get me wrong he knows just how to entertain guests. Most of them tend to get a lovely view of the ocean. Now, whether that's above or below the surface is quite another story.


Oh the things I would do to this one for being a pain and causing drama within my family. Sleazy has issues with Majistrāt and I may have gotten involved to correct the problem. While there wasn't much I could do, I think he got the hint to stay as far away from Majistrāt as possible. I mean, having a few of my boys patrolling near Majistrāt and his family at pretty much all times, might have helped. I haven't heard much about him since, but I also know that if he does act up again, that he will be showing up outside that cave behind the castle and I really don't think he's doing to like it.


I don't really have to say too much. Cal is the brawn of Sleazy's... uh, do I even call that a brain. Anywho, he's the muscle, but I don't think he's going to do much to Majistrāt either. That promise I made to Sleazy, well, that will be turned into a double special. Cal doesn't really talk much from what remember, probably for the best, I was getting quite the headache from Sleazy.

First and foremost I want to say that my doubles are usually used as a means for myself to vent. If I can't have a deep conversation with anyone or if it's something I don't feel comfortable with sharing I simply summon extras of myself to bounce ideas around and all that. That said, they have been known to show up when I am under stress ect. Anywho onto my copies.

(Protector/Internal Self Helper/Gatekeeper)

Fashion is one of my more recent alters. He's not quite in tune with any of my "past lives" or anything like that. I suppose he showed up around the same time I found out I was gay. It was quite a bit of a shock to me, so who better to discuss it with than myself! His clothing style changes, quite a lot, but he's usually seen in this ensemble. He's a designer and tends to get really offended if someone "bashes" on his clothing. Which probably explains a lot about why I get that way when my own style is questioned.


Trauma was created as far back as I can remember, back when I was but a child. There were quite a lot of... events that took place at that time and to help me get through them, Trauma was brought to life. He's a lot more reserved than my other copies. He's quiet, a bit shy and a bit awkward. He refuses to argue with anyone and just tends to go with the flow, as they say. He and Fashion get along the best out of my doubles.


Quite possibly the oldest of my alters. Gothic showed up centuries ago when I was still running wild and randomly turning people. He always badgers me about when I was younger and how I was supposed to be some "Vampire Lord" or something. News flash hon, I'm no longer like that. Gothic is very angsty and broody and he prefers his solitude. I wouldn't say he doesn't get along with the others... it's just more that his opinions differ from theirs at times. When he does come lurking out of the dark he tries to run the show with the others. Luckily for my sake and the others, Fashion steps in and puts him in his place.


Surprising as it may seem I was quite amazing with a pistol and lasso at one point and of course that's when Gunslinger was brought into the picture. We used to go on for hours about the next heist. Of course, those days are long gone now, but Gunslinger still likes to tell tall tales from back then. He can, at times, have a southern accent and I'm honestly quite glad that I outgrew mine really. Even though he hasn't gotten to train rob or cattle rustle in a long time he's still quite the shot.

(Memory Holder)

I'm sure it's no surprise to you by now, that over the few centuries I've been alive, that I was also a pirate at one point. Salty sea air, pillaging, swashbuckling, rum. Mmm.. I do miss that a bit. In any case, Cap'n/Captain/Captain Carver/CC/ whichever you prefer to call him is another alter. I'd honestly forgotten about him for a while, until Zachary and I went on a vacation to a tropical island. Memories from my younger years came flooding back and with them, Captain did as well. Captain is like most sea dogs and has a very pirate-y accent. Odd enough, he and Gunslinger exchange stories, even though they are from two completely different eras. Much like Gunslinger's accent, my pirate one is long gone now. Not to say I don't miss it a bit. I do know I miss my ship. That was lost long ago though, doubt I could find it now. Most of my copies have "familiars" and Captain is no exception to that rule. when we were out on the seas together we had a little ginger cat named Treasure. Quite the smart feline, didn't take to the rats too kindly. Suppose he and Sinni might have gotten along about that.

Art & Credits
Profile, Story, and Coding by Zay
with help from Luck
Overlays by Luck

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Kitchen Rat

Ghost Rats

Raspberry Rat Plushie


Death Kitty

Well-Loved Beat-Up Book

Book of Poetry

Black Sai

Black Sai

Vampire Trenchcoat

Do It Yourself Eyeball Necklace

Classical CD

Prima Violin

Fidele Violin Bow

Violin I

Violin II

Student Violin Case

Antique Light Fainting Couch

Antique Dark Fainting Couch

Antique Blonde Fainting Couch

Antique Ashen Fainting Couch

Antique Mild Fainting Couch

Turquoise Coffin Candy

Green Coffin Candy

Light Blue Coffin Candy

Blue Coffin Candy

Purple Coffin Candy

Fuchsia Coffin Candy

Hot Pink Coffin Candy

Orange Coffin Candy

Red Coffin Candy

Yellow Coffin Candy

Milk Chocolate Coffin Candy

Dark Chocolate Coffin Candy

White Chocolate Coffin Candy

Marble Chocolate Coffin Candy

Milk Chocolate Caramel Coffin Candy

Dark Chocolate Almond Coffin Candy

Melody Whip

Giselle Kinkylove Whip

Giselle Kinkylove Short Leash

Monochromatic Handcuffs

Stinging Crop

Stinging Paddle

Rowdy Night Bulge

Rowdy Night Broken Clasp

Raucous Zipper Pull

Raucous Rivet

Rowdy Night Bit

Raucous Muzzle

Raucous Blindfold

Rowdy Night Modesty Tape

Rowdy Night Cuff

Stinging Bull Ring

Stinging Cat Figure

Raucaus Dog Figure

Cinnamon Slippy Gel

Sweet Mint Slippy Gel

Coffee Slippy Gel

Vanilla Slippy Gel

Strawberry Slippy Gel

Pet Friends

My dear brother

my pet

my pretty little emo boy

A very pretty kitty indeed

She isn't too fond of me..

A friendship.. that turned into something deeper. I wouldn't have it any other way. <3

A vampire slayer that is always on my tail

I know you'd expect me to say he's "out of this world' or something to that extent, but I won't.. because that is extremely cheesy. Although, I do enjoy his company quite well, including those little dress-up games.