Zay has a minion!

Riza the Fala


The Chibi Lasirus
Owner: Zay

Age: 9 years, 1 month, 3 weeks

Born: May 16th, 2011

Adopted: 9 years, 1 month, 3 weeks ago

Adopted: May 16th, 2011


  • Level: 287
  • Strength: 717
  • Defense: 718
  • Speed: 712
  • Health: 717
  • HP: 717/717
  • Intelligence: 181
  • Books Read: 176
  • Food Eaten: 0
  • Job: Minions Trainer

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♥️ by Miracle
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Layout and coding by Zay
With help from Luck

Basic Info
Full name: Zayeger May Johnston (née Sezor)
Alias: Zay
Date of Birth: April 2, 1992
Height: 4'11"
Weight: 109lbs
Species: Zompire
Zodiac Sign: Aries
Occupation: Video Game Tester
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Status: Married
Husband: Aed
Children: Daen, Jayke, Kaizure, Zinema, Hailey, Skylar, Mocha, Luke, and Ortensia
Quote: My little obsession has turned into a lifestyle...
You'd think she'd be upset, not having the slightest clue who here parents were.It's not that she forgot them on purpose, she tried to remember. Something traumatizing must've happened, at least that's what she suspected. The only thing Zayeger May Sezor had to go by was her own name and even that she wasn't sure was correct. All she did know was that about the age of five was as far back as she could remember. There were people that took care of her, but she couldn't see faces only the words they spoke to her; that they loved her. The girl did have an imaginary friend, you see, she had a very wild imagination. Zay thought him up as someone to play with as she didn't have many friends. His name was Seth Hallows. Zay decided he would be a vole and would be her best friend. She and Seth played a lot when Zay was younger. They'd have the usual tea parties, every evening 4pm sharp. Unless of course there was somewhere Zay had to be. As time went by she decided to give her friend powers. For instance: levitation to reach the things on the highest shelves that Zay could not, invisibility so he wouldn't be seen, and of course the ability to shape shift.

She and Seth got along fine, that was til a new family moved across the street. She could remember her family visiting them, the only one she truly remembers is Knives. He was so shy then, but Zay's curiosity and persistence got him speaking to her. They were best friends for years and during that time Knives had bitten her, made her into the vampire he was. He taught her how to control it, the bloodlust, and how to hunt for food in the wild. Things were looking up for the both of them. That is, til JC came out. Things took a downhill spiral for her then. Knives ran off and left Zay alone due to what his older brother had done.

It wasn't too much longer that she herself left home. She wandered the streets, afraid of what her parents would think. She got with the wrong kind of people during that time, a group of middle-school thieves and bullies. They never did hurt her, but expected her to do anything they asked in exchange for food and shelter. She lived with them for a while, in a make-shift house of cardboard boxes and pieces of plywood. It never once occurred to her to use her fangs to get out of that mess. She knew the things they wanted her to do, like stealing, were wrong. However she couldn't stop herself. It was on one of those nights where they'd asked her to go out and steal weed for them that she couldn't take it anymore. She'd heard about the drug and what it did, she didn't really understand it completely, but she herself wanted no part of it. Zay went to the building where they'd said it was kept, she was nervous. She knocked on the door and that was when she met a pink wolf, with a set of wicked looking sunglasses. He lowered the glasses and looked at her, "What's a cute lil thing like ya doin' in a place like this?" She looked up at him, she was shivering from the rain that fell. Her fur was a mess and she knew it. "Gonna catch yerself a cold out thar," he held his hand out to her, "c'mon, it's t'cold t'be out 'ere." She took it and went inside with him. She glanced around the place and her nose twitched. She didn't know what the scent was, but it was strong and made her light headed. He watched her, "From th'looksa things, y'aint been 'round weed t'much." Her nose wrinkled, so that's what that was. He led her to his office and another came in, this one was a little bit younger than the first, could almost pass for a wolf, but his coat said husky. "Trip, good timin'. See what w'got fer clothes."
"No prob."
Zay watched them converse, she hadn't said a single word.
"Guess y'aint gotta place t'go, amiright?"
She shook her head.
"Y'can stay 'ere if y'want. Have y'eaten yet?"
Again, she shook her head. Her fangs had been hidden this whole time, at the mention of food she uncurled them.
"Y'got fangs!?"
Her ears drooped and she backed away from him, which only caused her to run into Trip who had returned with clothes for her. She shook, afraid of what they might do. She knew that vampires weren't well liked to mortals and she feared what would happen now that they knew.
"Easy, sugar. I jus din't know. Trip, go an' see whatcha can find fer her t'drink."
Trip set the clothes on the desk and left to get her something to satisfy her thirst. Zay calmed a bit, her eyes were still the normal blue, but the hunger was getting to her. "S'y'gonna tell me wutchur name is?"
She thought about this for a moment and then, very quietly she murmured, "Zay."
So she wasn't mute, that was a good thing, it'd make it a whole lot easier. "Interestin' name, 'course I guess mine's too. I'm Trigger."
She thought about that then said, "blood."
"I know y'need blood, Trip's on it."
She shook her head, moved closer to him. "fresh blood."
"Y'don't want mine. B'lieve me."
She pouted and he sighed heavily. "Y'can try if y'want but i lay y'ten t'one odds y'aint gonna like it."She had to stand on her tiptoes to reach his neck, she pierced the skin where his pulse was and immediately wrinkled her nose and backed away. "Told y'sweetheart."
His blood smelled terrible, she couldn't put a familiar scent to it, it just made her feel ill.Trip returned with a few bags of blood. She tore them open with her teeth and drained them in a matter of minutes.
"Gonna haf t'getcha cleaned up." Trigger brought the clothes Trip had gotten into a bathroom for her, he left her to shower and dealt with a few of his customers. She returned a while later, all clean. She hadn't had a shower like that in months and it felt fantastic. Trigger was counting money, "S'y'find somethin' that fit?"
She nodded, "Mhm."
Trigger put the money away and went into another room. Zay followed him, curiously. He glanced back at her, "This s'my room. Trip's gotcha a room ready." Zay was too tired to care at the moment about any other room, she saw a bed and snuggled into the middle of it. "Now I toldja that's not fer y't'b'sleepin' in..." It was too late, she had already fallen asleep. He sighed, "Fine..." He crawled in beside her and she snuggled against him in her sleep. He was warm and she liked that.

She woke up late the next morning. She was hungry again, but not for blood this time. Trigger was no longer by her, she crawled out of bed and found him in his office. Her tail swayed, he looked at her. "Mornin' sweetheart."
"Morning." She said, shyly. She liked Trigger, he might not be in the best business, but he was nice to her for no apparent reason at all.
"Y'slept a long time." He commented, putting out a cigarette.
"I know... it was comfy. A lot more comfortable than where I was sleeping." She curled her tail around herself, afraid to admit what she'd been doing.
"Ain't gotta tell me. Yer safe now though, I ain't gonna let nothin' happen t'ya." It wasn't hard for him to figure out what went on before she found her way to his place. She was too pure for wanting the drug for herself.
"I'm hungry" she said.
"Fer blood?" He questioned.
"No. I want food."
"Watcha want? N'e'thing y'want we can getcha."
Zay sat for a moment, thinking. "Can I have bacon.. ooh and eggs?"
"Y'want orange juice too?"
"Mhm, please. I haven't had any of that since..." She trailed off.
"Don't need t'say nothin'." He called one of the people working for him and asked them to pick up some food from a local diner.
The food arrived and he watched her eat, it was like she hadn't eaten in weeks. The food was there and in no time gone again.
"Quite th'appetite."
Zay was silent for a long time, "Mister Trigger, you've been really nice to me. I don't have any way to pay you for it."
He took his shades off revealing his eyes to her for the second time. "I dunno where y'came from, I din't care. Yer jus' a lil kid, an I'm gonna keep ya safe. Y'don't owe me n'e'thing. It's dangerous on th'streets, s'I'm gonna make sure nothin' happens t'ya. Alright?"
She was almost in tears, "You really mean that?"
"Course I do. Yer sweet an y'ain't caused me no trouble. S'yer gonna stay 'ere."
That did make her start to cry, she went over and hugged him. She finally had a place to call home, she didn't care that drugs were around every corner. She was safe and cared about.

She was allowed to come and go as she pleased and that made her happy.Zay got back late one night, her vision allowed her to see in the dark without any problem though. The moonlight filtered through the trees and buildings. She went inside Trigger's place and looked around. Something was off. Zay tried to figure out what it was, but couldn't. She went up to his office. What she saw made her freeze. In a corner, there was something. It was Trigger, but at the same time it wasn't. He was primal, like a caveman. Something had happened to him. He was like a wild wolf, he paced and watched her, then let out an ear piercing howl, which made Zay squeak. Trip came in behind her and pulled her out of the room, locking the door. "You don't need to be around him when he's like that." Zay was scared, she'd known Trigger for almost a month now and she'd never seen him like that. Trip guided her to her room. Zay had a million and one questions, but Trip just said it'd be better if Trigger told her.

Early in the morning Trigger came to see her, he looked like nothing had happened.He apologized, "Whatcha saw last night... y'weren't s'posed to. I'm sorry y'had to."
"What was that?"
"Th'wolf, comes out once-a month on th'full moon. I'm cursed."
"So... you're..."
"A werewolf."
She'd heard about them, thought they were mythical creatures. Given the fact that she was a vampire, it seemed very logical that werewolves existed too. "You have to be really careful don't you?""Yeh.. normally I don't stick around. I go away fer a couple days, but time got away from me an' I turned." He shrugged.
"I don't think you'd hurt anyone."
"Not intentionally, but it can 'appen. Better if I go away when that's goin' on."

Zay stayed with Trigger and his group for a few years. They got along great, there were some hard times for her though, but no matter what it was Trigger was there to keep her safe, just like he promised.

Then one night, Zay stayed out later than usual. She'd met someone, a zombie to be exact.She'd been fascinated with zombies her whole life, so she was instantly intrigued. However, he was also a major flirt. She tried her best in the beginning to ignore him, but he was persistant. When he finally kissed her, she forgot everything bad that happened to her. His name was Aed and he was basically the best thing to happen in her life. She eventually left Trigger and his little gang and got into the gaming business. She started making money for herself and bought a place to live. While this was all going on, despite her greatest efforts, she couldn't help but think about Aed and how cute he was. She didn't care how many people he'd slept with before or after they'd met. All she cared about, was that he loved her. He was a total player, but Zay didn't mind. I'm not going to say that Zay was an angel herself though, after all only a few of her kids actually belong to Aed. Things happen, she made mistakes, everyone does. She met his then other half, a demon and confronted the Devil himself just to keep Aed happy and safe, on more than one occasion. In the end all that mattered is that Aed still loved her and she still loved him and it was that love and one accidental bite that made Aed into a vampire. It also caused her to imprint with him, they could read each others thoughts. Eventually, along the line they'd had a few kids themselves and Aed proposed to her. Zay couldn't have been happier that day. They got married on December 24, 2010. She'd been asking for quite a while now, and Aed eventually gave in. On Valentine's Day, 2012 he turned her into a zombie. He didn't bite her, but instead injected zombie fluid into her heart. It was painful, but she eventually woke up and had ruby red eyes, and a severe hunger for brains. Now the two are Zompires, destined to walk the earth together forever. Zay doesn't mind, everything was worth it to meet the one person that loves her endlessly. Will she ever remember her past? It's impossible to know, but in the end she'd rather not if it meant keeping Aed. After all, Aed is her everything and nothing will ever change that.

Nightmare is what was once believed to be a "figmental" being.. in the beginning Zay created him as her imaginary friend.. but as time went on and she forgot him.. he became real. She'd given him powers when she'd thought him up, and now that he's real he's able to use them. He's been known to get inside Zay's mind and twist things.. claiming that her friends and family are her enemies and that all she needs is him. Nightmare is a vole and he's only about 3 inches tall.. but that doesn't stop him from trying to control her.

Frenzy & Fury
Frenzy: Frenzy is a state of mind that Zay goes into when certain situations arise. She gets very clingy and very affectionate. The whites of her eyes, pupils, and iris turn different shades of pink.. her pupil becoming the darkest. There is no known cure for this state and it's unclear if it's caused due to the experiments practiced on her or if Nightmare is to blame.
Fury: Fury on the other hand is a state of mind Zay undergoes when she's angered to the point of tiny bat rage or in danger. Her eyes go blood-red and slit like a feline/snake's and she gets super overprotective of her friends and family. She's been known to drain the blood of many people like this.. When and if she uses a weapon during this fit it's usually a chainsaw. She claims there's nothing like a blade going through bone. She's also been known to go in this state when she gets extremely jealous. Again, there is no known cure and it's unclear what causes this.

Like most of my vampires/halflings blood is essential to Zay's health. She needs blood daily and usually gets it from Aed. However, if she goes for more than 24hrs without it, she can and will die. Everyone's blood tastes different to her, and Aed's tastes the very best. She's capable of smelling blood from about 5 miles away.
Bloodlust Meter: As stated above.. Zay will die without blood, but there are some signs to show when she's in desperate need of it. For example if her eyes are:
Blue/Red(no slits) - This is her normal eye color.. she's had blood and is usually content and friendly
Purple - Zay hasn't had blood in a while.. but should be okay for a few hours.. just to be on the safe side it'd be best to give her blood if her eyes ever do turn purple.
White - If her eyes have turned completely white.. meaning there is no differentiating between where her pupil/iris/whites of her eyes are.. then she's in need of blood desperately. In order to save herself there is a 95% chance that she will attack any living creature and feed off it's blood.. maybe even draining it.
Other Notes: If someone around is wounded the smell of the blood may entice her.. and she might ask to sample said blood.

Zay's venom is special. Unlike Knives and JC whose venom can be changed at will.. Zay's can not. Hers, however does have a few special qualities about it. She is able to give venom whenever she wants.. but usually only does when asked or in special situations. Her venom has side-effects and these can all happen or only one or two may happen at any given time when venom is released:
- Delirious
- Highness
- Dizziness
- Increased Sex Drive

Interesting Fun Facts
-Zay's saliva is able to heal cuts and other small wounds. Usually after Zay is done drinking blood she'll lick the bite marks to close them. It's like a really fast healing scab.. except the whole scab part isn't needed.. her saliva stops the blood flow.
-When in quad form.. she shrinks to a mere 8 inches tall.. 10 inches counting her ears. Zay's wings shift to her shoulders so that they are out of the way and so her front legs and paws aren't restricted. Her bat necklace can be clipped to her spiked collar sort of like a name-tag and her piercings in her ears stay. She also seems to grow a small tuft of fur around her neck.. sort of like a mane. (I did this because it looks cute X3)
-Knives and Zay were actually boyfriend and girlfriend when they were younger, but after the incident with JC.. that all ended
-Zay was fascinated with Zombies long before she ever knew Aed.. the fact that he is one is a bonus
-Nicknames are something Zay gives to just about everyone she knows.. especially boys. Currently the only boy she knows that she hasn't been able to come up with a nickname for is Erik, and we aren't sure why
-Her favorite colors are Red, Black, and Blue
-Zay is capable of making 'humming' noises.. which is much like a cats purring

Friends & Family

No pet found: aedjohnston
Zombeh Kitteh
He's amazing and don't you forget it! The other half that completes me, I'd be lost without him. He and I have an imprint together and our bond is very special. We're both "Zompires" because I made him a vampire and he made me a zombie.

My bestest boy.. friend, see what I did there? XD He absolutely loves baking. He's always looking for new recipes. He's the one that made me a vampire, on accident, but now I wouldn't want to not be one.
My gay boyfriend, or at least that's what I like to think X3
He's a pretty awesome kitteh. He's also got the most adorable little wings ever!
Knives' brother.. I don't talk about him much because I don't like him for various reasons. It's been years now and I guess I should forget and forgive.. but it's just not that simple.
My uhm drug dealer
Actually what really happened is he took me in and took care of me randomly and I think of him as a big brother. I go to him when Aed needs his fix, but I don't mind. Trigger's nice to me and that's all that matters, even if when the full moon appears he gets scary.
My other brother from another mother X3
Trip's not a bad guy, I mean I guess people find him scary cuz of all the piercings and the fact he's always got a scowl on his face, but he's really nice once you get to know him. He's never been mean to me even when I think I annoy him.
No pet found: jack.
It's da hobo who now lives with Aed and I and is also Aed's boyfriend. Yes, I am married and I allow mah hubby to have a boyfriend, if you have a problem with that then ignore it =P

Dis mah best friend in tha whole world! We do pretty much everything together yus. Dun upset her cuz then I'll have to nom on your blood juices! We both like all the sexeh boys yes we do and our brains are synched and we talk about the sexeh boys all tha time because we can. We stay up late, swap sexeh boy stories, and in the morning I make da french toast!
Fanceh kitteh with magical blendy powahs go! He's like a chameleon thingy, which is pretty amazering in my book. I like to pet his hair but he doesn't like that too much, so I do it anyways! X3
It's Bunny Butt! He's Aed and Erik's daddeh and I think he finds me annoying kinda, but I don't care. He's dating JC, yeah I didn't see that one coming either.. literally.
Overruled & Sustained
Oh my gosh guys it's an Overruled and a Sustained! Overruled is awesome, he is amazing like blueberries m'kay? So you add awesome and amazing and you get an Overruled mhm. Then there is Sustained who is cute and adorable and can cook amazing things, he doesn't like bein a robot, but I think it's pretty cool. D'aww the robo-martian lurve X3
Oh my good god it's another Martian owo. He builds robots and that is amazing! Maybe I baby Maji a little, but there's a good reason for that. I'm a Zay and I can! I just want to watch him make robots and eat pizza and get all snuggly in his nest, because my gosh it's adorable, okay!?
Amazing robot is amazing. You do not disregard this robot, ever. If you do I will hitchu with a spoon or something! Nova is awesome and when you are around him it is pretty much impossible to be sad because he's just so upbeat! He's an amazing DJ and can drop the bass any time he likes... I'm sure no one will mind. Also lime. Just... lime.

Pet Treasure

Chibi Lasirus Plushie

Z Sticker

A Sticker

Y Sticker

Bat Familiar Beanbag

Adorable Bat Sticker

Autumn Skeleton Bat Plushie



Likes Zombies Statement Tee

Infected Love Plushie

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Spurned Zombie Love

Heart on a Stick

Plain I Heart Zombies Shirt

Brains Shirt

Jar Of Zombie Drool

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Gray Zombie Book

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Spectrum Zombie Book

Zombies 101

Zombie Training

Tales of the Heart

I Love Your Blood Type

My Best Friend Ate My Arm

Zombie Bite Patterns

Zombie Growth Tracking

Your Changing Body: An Introduction to Undeath

Guidebook for the Newly Dead

The Rot Within

Zombie Journal

Organ Diary

Face-Eater Manifesto

Corpse Burning 101

Ivory Fingers

Makeup Tips for the Undead

Decrepit Keening Songbook

Living Dead

The Z Word

The Graveyard

Ghastly Gruesome Graveyard Ghost Stories

Cooking with Chef Zombie

101 Uses for Zombie Drool

Cooking with Zombie Drool

Fast Food for Zombies

Dead Beats: From the Grave

Dance Instructions: The Shuffle

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Box of Childhood Memories

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Cream Covered Cherries


Gum Filled Cherry Sucker

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Clear Jelly Shoes

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Charlie Egg

Pet Friends

Mah Husband X3

It's a Knives -pokes him-

Kitteh =3

Fanceh Kitteh.. Magical Blendy Powahs Go! X3

Zomzg bestest friend evar XD

You're Evil.. ;-; -hides-

Teh Hobo