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Peanut the Queenie

Legacy Name: Majistrat

The Galactic Warador
Owner: Luck

Age: 8 years, 5 months, 3 weeks

Born: June 9th, 2013

Adopted: 8 years, 5 months, 3 weeks ago

Adopted: June 9th, 2013


  • Level: 592
  • Strength: 1,481
  • Defense: 1,480
  • Speed: 1,470
  • Health: 1,492
  • HP: 1,492/1,492
  • Intelligence: 2,027
  • Books Read: 1997
  • Food Eaten: 9136
  • Job: Deputy Director


Coding help by Zay
Everything else by

(x) by Zay

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Sci-fi Soap Opera
Rated Teen+ for violence/action

I wrote a story once but it was way too long for the character limit so yeah. Guess I'll summarize what this is.

Mars was in a very oppressed state under the dictator called Ajudikāt, who was literally the worst dictator Mars has ever had. He worked decades to oppress the population to fit his strict standards and ideals. In control for around fifty or more Earth years, he did things like: hid historical documents from the public, rewrote history and banned books and learning, controlled how money and the economy worked, had heavy control over all utilities such as being in control over distribution of bedding, food, and anything else, demoted women Martians to a lower class, banned anything that wasn't strictly heterosexual, and created propaganda that influenced a constant "baby boom". Heavily overpopulated, many Martians were poor. Punishment was severe for every crime. There were no trials, no jail, and all criminals for any offense were ejected from the planet via rocket, sent into space to live or die. It was a terrible time to be a Martian on Mars.

Under the rule of Ajudikāt, Majistrāt (AKA Maji) was hatched in the Earth year 1986, and was only raised by his mom, Konsilēāt, because his dad, Arbitrāt abandoned them. As a child, Maji had two other friends, Ōvrruld and Plantiv. Plantiv bullied Maji, and Maji developed a crush on Ōvrruld, but he could never tell him due to the strict laws. Plantiv influenced Ōvrruld to start a life of crime and the kids became little thugs. Maji didn't want anything to do with it, so he stopped hanging out with them. To get back at Maji for not joining their gang, Ōvrruld framed Maji for a mugging he did. Thus, Maji was ejected from the planet for a crime he didn't commit.

The rocket ship Maji was sent away and crashed on Pluto. A mysterious cyan colored crystal sliced Maji's cheek, and Maji suffered multiple other injuries to internal organs. He discovered a different race of aliens, dubbed Plutonians, large insectoid creatures with a hivemind. He quickly became the leader of them, and used them for manual labor and as a food source. He built a lair - which he branded MAJICORP - where he would exact his revenge on Ōvrruld, who stole his heart and stabbed him in the back. The mysterious crystal that cut Maji was starting to transform him, and more crystals formed on his body along with a strange boomerang shaped appendage on the side of his head.

The crystals had many mysterious properties, one of which seemed to be a source of power. Maji's hyper-intelligence was revealed when he began to create his own technologies, using the crystals to power them. He used his newly made tablet-like device to design a robot. Based on Ōvrruld in appearance, and named Sustained, his purpose was to destroy and replace Ōvrruld. Maji rocketed the tablet towards Earth, where he knew the robot could be made better than on Pluto.

By chance, another space ship crashed on Pluto one day. It was another Martian named Evadine. Maji immediately fell for her and thought she was equivalent to a fallen angel. Unbeknownst to Maji, Evadine was a refugee. She had been adopted by two illegal mothers who were later apprehended by Martian authority, and Evadine escaped. She intended to go to Venus, but mixed up directions and ended up on Pluto. Not caring about the status quo of Mars, Maji wanted to team up with Evadine as equals and accomplish their goals together, even though Evadine's goal was to exact revenge on Martian men. She created matching outfits for them, while Maji used materials from his crashed ship to create a new makeshift robot, which he named Bālif. This new robot would serve as a bodyguard while they traveled to Earth to pick up Sustained.

Maji was head-over-heels for Evadine, and revealed his crush on her. Unfortunately for him, she didn't return his feelings. Misguided, Maji used parts from the ship Evadine crashed in to create yet another makeshift robot. The robot was named Cāsē and was based on Evadine in appearance. The robot would not bend to his will, and frustrated, Maji began to design a new rocket that would take them to Earth. Before Maji boarded this new rocket, he marked Cāsē as defective, deactivated her, and he believed that he had caused the extinction of the Plutonians.

Four years had passed since Maji had been ejected from Mars. Immediately after Maji had been sent away, Ōvrruld felt guilt for what he had done, while Plantiv did not. They went their separate ways, and Ōvrruld decided to start a new life on Earth. Ōvrruld crash-landed on Earth and was taken in by Jude, a studying lawyer-to-be. Jude, nicknamed Objection, taught Ōvrruld English and many other things while Ōvrruld took on an assimilated spelling of his name: Overruled. Overruled learned about lawyers and vowed to become one so he could protect the accused, since the fate of Maji haunted him. In time, Objection and Overruled were successful at becoming lawyers.

Meanwhile, in Japan, a robotics factory was working to create Sustained in order to be on the cutting edge of robot technology. With an unnoticed error in the code, the creation proceeded, and Sustained was born fully sentient, and unintentionally docile. His directive was to locate Overruled, but instead of kill him, his glitched code told him to love him. After locating him and inserting himself as a new lawyer in the firm, Sustained knew that Overruled was absolute perfection. Though Overruled had found a girlfriend named Whitney, coincidentally a Martian who had already been living on Earth, Sustained obeyed his code and loved Overruled.

At the same time, a rival robotics company had stolen the schematics for Sustained. They proceeded to create what was essentially a bootleg version, as it had been so heavily modified from the original in order to stand out as being separate. The robot was created as a female version named Julie, and they weren't lucky enough to have her turn out as docile as Sustained. The violent robot who now had many charges against her, including murder, hunted down her counterpart. It was then that she utilized Sustained as a lawyer. She was possessive and claimed Sustained as her boyfriend, and Sustained got her acquitted. Julie didn't love Sustained, if she even liked him was questionable, but she remained possessive.

Overruled and Whitney's relationship was unhealthy and unstable in a different way, and during one of the many times they had broken up, Overruled was convinced to go on a date with Sustained. Things fell into place, and they fell in love. Overruled broke up with Whitney for good, but Julie wasn't done with Sustained yet. Through a series of emotional abuses, she held him captive at her house, until Overruled sneaked there one night and rescued him. After that, they were always together.

Years continued to pass, with Overruled and Sustained living a normal life together, until one night a rocket ship crashed just outside the city in which they lived. It was the arrival of Bālif, Evadine, and Maji, who was now fully crystallized. After getting their bearings and using a tracking device, they learned that the erroneous robot Sustained was with Overruled and was close. During the night, they abducted Overruled and took him to a cave in the woods, which would lure Sustained to rescue him. Maji had Overruled right where he wanted him, but before he could get his revenge, Sustained appeared. Maji commanded Bālif to destroy Sustained, the "failed" robot. After a brief fight, Bālif malfunctioned and destroyed himself in confusion, which caused an emotional outburst from Maji. He fired a raygun at Overruled, but due to a dodge, it wasn't fatal. Attacking Overruled caused Sustained to attack Maji, slamming him against the wall of the cave, and causing most of the crystals to shatter from Maji's body. Before it got any further, Overruled stopped Sustained and asked him to spare Maji's life, due to Maji being his childhood best friend.

Maji pleaded to leave peacefully, as he was distraught about losing Bālif, but they all soon discovered that the rocket the trio arrived in was too broken to be used again without repairs. Maji decided to make a temporary home on Earth, near Overruled and Sustained, and Evadine decided that after seeing Maji's strong emotions towards Bālif, that he wasn't a complete bad guy. The home wasn't exactly temporary, since Maji and Evadine never left. It wasn't long after this that they unintentionally had their first egg together, which hatched into a son named Dejr. Maji vowed to be a better father than his own.

Through his time on Earth, Maji became as docile as Sustained. Maji discovered his love for pizza, and spent time creating new robots for various nonviolent purposes. Fixed with a new lease on life, Bālif was able to leave Earth and travel the stars. Maji took to a nightlife lifestyle, spending time dancing at the club, and created a robotic companion called Nova that could accompany him. Not long after, he created a mime-like robotic companion named Dvakto, just for fun.

Maji made many more friends with Earthlings, forming deep relationships with them, and with their help, learned more about himself in turn. One of his new Earthling friends, Zay, helped him admit to Overruled the crush he harbored, something he had never been able to do. After that, over time, Overruled warmed up to Maji and became nearly as close as Maji had always desired. Due to the accidental hatching of their son, Evadine held a grudge against Maji, which lasted for a few years, but through caring for their son together, she realized that she was being horribly unreasonable and learned to love Maji again. As a gift to him, she gave him a pet dog, a corgi named Peanut.

As Maji was marked as a criminal on Mars, he was banned from returning to the planet. But with the help of Overruled, and his new Earthling friends, Zay and JC, they were able to smuggle Maji into Mars to reunite with his mom for the first time in ten years. They tracked down Maji's father and found out that he started a new family, providing Maji a half-brother called Barestr, or Barry for short. Unhappy with life on Mars, Barry decided to tag along and go back to Earth with them. The following year, for Maji's hatchday, Zay made Maji a vampire. He had come to find out quickly that the Earthlings he befriended were vampires, and from what he heard, there were more benefits from it than anything - and so he made the choice to become immortal.

Sooner than expected, the opportunity arose to change Mars. A prominent figure, Fadushēarē, nicknamed Faddie, arose among the population building up to the actual revolt, and they spread the word around about how good life could be if all the Martians just overthrew the current dictator. The bulk of the revolution was a lot of tension between the Martian people and the Martian government; bursts of rebellion here and there, eventually sending waves all over the planet, where at a point all the Martian people were revolting violently and Ajudikāt had armies out trying to subdue the uncontrollable population. This actual fight didn't take very long at all compared to the standard war on Earth, due to the fact that there were billions of Martian citizens and a very disproportionately small army. Though the army had actual weapons, it was still no match for the unified Martian rebels.

Maji learned that all this was going on and he went back to Mars to fight for a cause he wanted all his life. He didn't tell anyone what he was doing or let anyone else go because he was afraid of his loved ones getting hurt. He met up with Bālif once again, and they jumped into the fight. Immediately, Maji was injured in the war, losing one of his legs to the army. Life saved by Bālif, he spent the remainder of the revolt in a Martian hospital, in a pain-induced coma. Martian rebels stormed the Dictator's office on Olympus Mons, and forcibly removed Ajudikāt. From the dictator's office, Faddie broadcasted to everyone that they would be the dictator from now on and that the Martian people are officially liberated. Some time after this, Maji finally woke up and found out that they had won, and though he didn't actually do much, he still felt successful.

Though due to living on Earth, he couldn't enjoy the benefits of the new dictator undoing the social regression that Ajudikāt caused, Maji took comfort in knowing his birthplace and his mother would be safe and happy. Maji returned to Earth with a prosthetic leg. Adjusting to his life with a physical disability was tough on him for a long time. Learning to walk again, phantom pains and feelings, and the general trauma of it caused a deep depression. Due to the party lifestyle of the clubs he had been attracted to when he first arrived on Earth, Maji had already slipped down the slippery slope of drugs a year prior. Nova, designed to be a people-pleaser, kept Maji supplied with them, ignorant of the damage they were doing to him. As Maji entered a very dark place, his cries for help went largely ignored by those around him, as they only enabled him and allowed him to do what they thought he wanted. Over the next two years, he would ravage his body with drugs and alcohol repeatedly, and it was thought that only his vampirism kept him from succumbing to them. In that time, he created a new robot companion called Viv, who would take over the building of robots, following the schematics Maji would create.

It was summertime, during one of his manic episodes, that Maji hightailed it back to Pluto with the grandiose intentions of resuming his villainous plots in his MAJICORP base. There, he discovered that the Plutonian race had actually survived, and confirmed Maji as the hivemind leader: the dominant brainwave that could control the Plutonians, as they seemed to be made out of the same crystals that covered Maji's face. Afterwards, Maji worked Viv to modify the computer that Maji had previously created, infusing it with crystals in an attempt to convert Maji's brain to data and include it in the hivemind, and use it to connect Maji on Earth to the Plutonians on Pluto. It was a success, the supercomputer was Maji's brain in data form, and Maji and Viv returned to Earth. Weeks passed without issue, until the Plutonians noticed the Supercomputer acting of its own accord while Maji was asleep. On Earth, Maji slept and dreamed of his family, whose faces slowly disappeared. Alarmed in the dream, Maji felt like he was being watched. He slowly turned around, only to be met with the face of the supercomputer he had created, charging at him violently. Maji woke up, startled.

Meanwhile, on Pluto, the supercomputer was accessing and modifying its own files. As it created its own unique files that overwrote some pre-existing data, it deleted many emotions that it deemed weak, only leaving anger untouched. Naming itself after MAJICORP, MC swore to replace Maji with itself. Maji was mostly sleep-deprived, and after a frightening night where MC possessed Maji's body instead of the other way around, Maji decided to head to Pluto to see what the heck was going on. His mistake was underestimating the situation and going alone.

On arriving, he confronted MC's computer screen, which spoke in spliced recordings of Maji's voice. Maji was caught off guard and MC used its cords to grab him, before slamming him against the floor, knocking him out. When Maji woke up, his prosthetic leg was across the room, and with MC no where to be seen, he was very afraid. A rumble, then an explosion as something burst through the wall. It was MC, who had built itself a massive scorpion-like body, and proceeded to explain why it was doing this: Maji had simply grown too soft for its liking, and it felt that Maji's villainous potential was wasted on loving emotions and having friends and family. It captured Maji with ease.

Back on Earth, all of Maji's robots simultaneously felt a sense of dread and concern. Nova frantically searched for a way to get to Maji, so he approached Sustained, the only robot among them who could fly. Sustained refused, on the grounds that he hated Maji ever since he kidnapped and hurt Overruled. Nova cried for Maji's safety and Sustained, who was highly empathetic for a robot, agreed to go look. When Sustained arrived at the MAJICORP base on Pluto, he was immediately attacked by MC, which triggered his fight response. As they fought, MC tried to convince Sustained that they were alike, but Sustained disagreed and insisted that he was as alive as an organic creature. MC was growing weaker as the corruption caused by its mass file deletion advanced. After a demonstration, Sustained showed that MC had the potential to feel just as alive, but it was too late. In a last-ditch effort to carry out its plans, it attacked Maji, severing his arm. Sustained tried to remain calm as he continued to convince MC that it was alive, but all the effort MC exerted during the fight exacerbated his corruption too much, and it collapsed onto the floor. As it lay dying, it finally comes to terms with what Sustained had been saying, questioning if it was alive and wondering what robots were capable of becoming. As Sustained carried the traumatized Maji back to Earth, Sustained swallows his own feelings and realizes that he doesn't hate Maji anymore.

After Maji had recovered from his second amputation, he gave Sustained the MAJICORP logo that had fallen off of MC during the fight, as a symbol of peace between them, which Sustained accepted and pinned to his tie. At night, Maji admitted to Evadine that he wanted to retire creating robots as he was afraid for his life. Instead, he wanted to settle down and get off of drugs and have another egg with her, to which she agreed. However, it would still be some time before this would come to fruition. History repeated itself as Maji fell into another deep depression after losing a limb a second time.

To be continued (ran out of time to write this).

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Basic Info

Name: Majistrāt Euringer
Pronunciation: Magistrate Urine-jur
Alias: Maji
Nicknames: Majito/Mojito
Gender Identity: Non-Binary
Pronouns: he/they, or she when clearly feminine in appearance
Species: Martian
Fruit: Cherry
Birthday: April 10th 1986
Star Sign: Aries
Chinese Zodiac: Fire Tiger
Height: 5'1"
Weight: 100 lbs

Origins & Achievements

Homeland: Mie Crater, Mars
Residence: NYC, Earth
Education: None
Known Languages: Martian, English, Spanish, German
Intelligence: Super-Genius
Occupation: Stay-at-Home Dad
Titles: Dictator of Pluto

Physical & Mental

Status: Undead Vampire
Conditions: Asperger's, Peanut Allergy, Bipolar I, recovering addict
Amputations: Right Above Knee (August 2015), Right Below Elbow (July 2017)
Dominant Hand: Left
Fear Response: Flight
Alignment: Lawful Good (prior to exile), Chaotic Good (since living on Earth)
Religion: Wlowydo (Mars)
Outlook: Cautiously Optimistic
Social: Extrovert

Home Life

Sexuality: Pansexual
Marital Status: Married since February 2nd 2020
Partner: Evadine
Offspring: Dejr (son with Evadine), Addy (daughter with Overruled), Baylee (daughter with Evadine)
Siblings: Barry (half brother)
Parents: Konsilēāt (mother), Arbitrāt (father)
Pet: Peanut the female corgi


Traits: affectionate, generous, dedicated, hot-headed, impulsive, vengeful
Markings: Right side of face covered in crystals, piercings (eyebrow, lip, tongue, wings)
Vampire Powers: Pyrokinesis
Talents: wide vocal range when singing, extreme masking (due to traumatic childhood bullying)
Special Interest: how math/numbers work and dictate nature, and eventually, how math is used in music, and music itself
Likes: counting similarly grouped objects, pizza, robots, building robots, playing video games, eating junk food, listening to music, writing songs, cussing, getting revenge, being a dad, fire, mesh clothes, lacy and ruffly clothes, painting, sleeping and laying down, making true friends, biting his lip
Dislikes: being picked on, being betrayed, his own dad, having to use his wheelchair at any time, his poor mental health, standing for extended periods of time, sudden loud sounds like fireworks, not fully understanding people or new social situations, worrying that people actually don't like him because he can't read them to know for sure, being touched when he's caught off guard, having his elbows touched, being touched when he's already upset
Voice: Jimmy Urine | Speaking (x) | Singing (x)

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Friends and Family


Mom and Dad

My mom is da best. Growing up, she's all I had and I love love love love love my mommy. I've been told she babied me way too much but whatever. I turned out fine. Right?! I just wants to take care of her and give her presents and protect her, and no other man is good enough for my mommy. You're gonna have to go through me so I can make sure she gets the best guy who makes her happiest. I don't want her to get hurt again. Cuz my dad is the worst, I hate his freakin guts. Ya know he's a total walkout who only came back to visit me once when I was 4... So what, I don't care. I don't. He's a jerk and so what if he left and replaced me with another son, and so what if he likes him better than me, so whaaaaat I don't care!!!!

Stepdad Deven

My mom went and got a new mate without even telling me. I just had to find this out on my own when I dropped in unexpectedly. Ugh, I don't want a stinky stepdad. I'm fine with no dads at all.


I believe that Evadine is a fallen angel that came to see me on Pluto when I was all alone. She encompasses all beauty. She's absolutely perfect. I don't even know how to summarize how I feel about her... She's been with me for a very long time, but as a companion for a lot of the time, and not necessarily a partner. I did always love her and wanted to be with her since we met, but she didn't return my feelings. We've been through a lot, and I don't know what I did to suddenly make her like me, but eventually we had a son together. Over time I been workin hard to win her over and I guess she warmed up to me cuz Evadine now returns my feelings fully and we love each other; she's my wife. Now we rich and got another kid. Life could not be better.


Barry is the brother that I never knew I had! He's actually my half brother. My stupid dad - our stupid dad... Left my mom and went to be with Barry's mom and then Barry was hatched. I hate my dad. But enough about him, this is about Barry. Barry is my little brother, even though he's taller than me, whatever. We went to Mars and brought him back to Earth with us. He's a total hipster now. There are certain things he doesn't like and I don't understand! He also somehow has a girlfriend, despite those things. I really don't understand!!!! Barry loves to drink coffee and think about dragons and be angry at the world.


After all that crap with my dad I was determined to be a better dad than he ever was. I got my chance when me and Evadine had our first egg back when we first settled on Earth. Evadine had to stay in the nest with the egg and I brought her lots and lotsa Earth pizza. Mmm, pizza... It wasn't long before Dejr was hatched on August 30th 2013 and it was the happiest moment of my life. He busted outta that egg and looked just like me when I was a kid, I was freakin ecstatic. My son... My mini me. My prodigy. I freakin love Dejr he's da best son ever, and you know what, "the Hampsterdance Song" fills him with raw power. I have had my FILL of that song. Then ya know, in like, 2017 a robot I made tried to kill me and... Anyway, it freaked me out and I wanted to settle down and stuff so I asked Evadine if we could have another egg. Took a while to get it made, in fact we hada go back to Mars before it finally worked. Then we made this cool egg sling thing so she could carry the egg around and we showed it to the new Dictator of Mars and they liked it so much they started makin it for all Martians to use and now we rich. Then on February 22nd 2018, our second kid Baylee hatched. Brought her back home to Earth for that so I could make all my friends look at the egg first. Addy was technically my first daughter, not Baylee. Addy was hatched April 18th 2016, and she's not Evadine's. It's nothin' bad, I mean... What else are you supposed to do when your longtime crush gets magically changed into a girl and comes asking you to help give him and his robot husband a child that they otherwise wouldn't be able to conceive? I'll get to those two later, though. I helped take care of Addy when they both had to work and Evadine would help me and stuff cuz she don't mind. I don't wanna be like my dad, I want to be there for Addy but it's hard... they want to raise her as their own without me involved but screw that. Now cuz I don't see her enough she's scared of my robot hand. Oh sure, don't mind your entirely robot stepfather but freak out cuz of my hand.

The Robots


My boyfriend woo! He's a robot that I built to go clubbing with me. He's only awake at night, and sometimes I sleep instead of going out and he protects me because he's awake. We're also like total bros and hang out and play games and stuff. We're also hardcore into memes and troll each other with the memes. And we make songs together. We romance some too like have dates. He's pretty great, and he's my favourite boyfriend. Just one thing, though: Nova's just too obsessed with a little kid's show called My Little Pony and it's annoying. I try to deal with it...


Dvakto is the second boyfriend I made, and I don't really know why I even made him. He's a mime, and that's all he does. It's kinda creepy. He doesn't talk because he doesn't have a voicebox. I don't like him as much as Nova, but Dvakto gets included in our date stuff because I'm nice like that. Nova and Dvakto were close for a while, but when I made Viv, Dvakto decided that he wanted to date Viv instead.


This is Vivian, Viv for short, but I also get to call them Vivi. I built them so that they would build other robots for me, because I'm lazy. They are a they, so don't ask them if they're anything otherwise, or assume they're one way or another. I will protect their privacy. I love Viv and they're very cute. They're currently very close to Dvakto. Viv also maintains and fixes all my other robots so they're like a robot doctor.

Best Friends


I freakin' love JC. I met him on the streets one night, and nothing's been the same since. He comes to see me a lot and I love when he brings his cool trunk of clothes with him. He spoils me and gives me pretty dresses on my hatchday. He's very gentle and nice to me, and wants to protect me from getting hurt 'cuz he knows I'm fragile and junk. He's my actual best friend and I've shared a lot of private things with him that no one else knows. He's been there for me time and again, more than any other friend, been there just as much as my wife. That's why I also love him and Evadine is good with it. I really wish I could add him to the relationship but he's already married.


Phinean is my other best friend. He's not as best as JC but he probably knows that. JC is actually the one that introduced me to him. Phinean is a big manly hunk who works out all the time, like he gets up asscrack early to go do squats or something. You ain't gon' catch me up that early, unless I never even went to sleep in the first place. But I feel like I can trust Phinean and tell him secrets too. He's friendly and supportive and I've seen him help JC with his problems too. Me, JC and Phinean are what is known as a squad.


Ah, Zay. She was the first Earthling I met when I came here. I consider her to be one of my best friends, because I can tell her all sorts of secrets too. I was scared of her at first because I didn't know any Earthlings but now we're cool. She's really good. I gave her a friendship bracelet and everythin. She babies me and I love it... She prolly lets me get away with way too much. She also listens to my music, which I appreciate. She was the first person I ever told about my crush on Overruled and she helped me tell him. She tries to encourage Overruled and keep the peace between us.



Nico is a ghoul that used to belong to JC, but after I became a vampire, JC gave him to me, cuz Nico liked me and wanted to be my ghoul. Nico still likes me a lot, he's so loyal, even after things happen that make me think he doesn't want to be my ghoul anymore, he loves me just as much. Ghouls are like forever-butlers or something, and they're usually beneath vampires. But I wanted to give Nico an opportunity that ghouls don't usually have. I want him to have a say-so and feel respected. He's shy and cute and helps me take my medicines. He's supposed to be watching out for me and he tries, but he got like a soft-spot for me, so he can't advise me not to do things that well.


Bastian is JC's ghoul. Except I'm pretty sure he was temporarily my ghoul once. I was having a really bad time and Nico had to be taken from me so JC gave me Bastian as a replacement. JC wants to act like I didn't own Bastian but he literally traded ghouls in my opinion. I didn't like Bastian at first because I was used to Nico. I thought Bastian was creepy because all he ever did was watch me like a hawk, but he was always so sassy too. That sass made me like him more. I thought our relationship was like, playful and sassy and tease-y stuff but eesh. I don't know anymore. JC traded back so I have Nico and Bastian is his. Bastian apparently likes me and was jealous of Nico's good treatment, but y'know. Freakin' tsundere or something.


Overruled and Sustained

I've known Overruled ever since we were little and I had a huge crush on him for like ever. Unfortunately, he betrayed me and I ended up getting sent away from Mars. I plotted my revenge against him, which involved designing Sustained. The plan was to have Sustained kill Overruled and become his robot replacement, then I could date Sustained. None of that worked out and somehow Overruled and Sustained are married now. Through literal magical circumstances I had the opportunity to help give them a child in 2016. Addy is my biological daughter but they're raising her as their baby. I get to babysit her and spend time with her, though. Overruled is now a massive jerk that continues to stab me in the back at any given moment. I let it slide for years because I wanted to be with him but it was getting abusive and I was going through a lot and I just can't deal with it anymore. He's trying to do better and get counseling but he's on thin-ass ice. Either be nice or get out of my life. Even Sustained is nice to me now and he used to hate me.


Feels like me and Aed have had a love-hate relationship. He's actually Zay's husband, and while they both visit me, I'm definitely closer to Zay. I was cool with Aed at first, and he was cool with me. Then some crap happened... Don't really want to talk about what exactly happened, but he made me feel really bad about myself and things I can't help. Apparently due to his upbringing or whatever... He's made an effort to move past that and separate himself from what he's been taught, but this has tarnished our friendship. He destroyed my self-esteem. Like I said, he's trying to move on from that, pretend it didn't happen and start fresh with me, but unfortunately I can NEVER forget when someone wrongs me. I can forgive for the sake of friendship, but I can never forget. Anything.


Zach is JC's husband. Before I got to meet him, JC talked about him so much... Then JC invited me and Phinean over to hang out with them. Zach is so hot, no wonder JC is happy. Phinean is becoming his friend, and I wish I could get close to him too. But Zach hates me for some reason. Well, I mean, he did say that our personalities conflict too much for him to be my friend, but come on. So what if our personalities are opposites, we share so many interests! Two peas in a really weird pod if you ask me...


I think I met Trig when Aed introduced me to him. Well, he brought him over to my house. I really liked Trig and I miss when we were so close... These days I never hear from him. He's too good for me now that he has a shark boyfriend. I mean I really, really liked Trig. I tried so hard to be cute for him. But he called me entitled once and things have never been the same. People should be careful stepping on my toes because I never forget. I feel like I'm of no use to him anymore, anyway. I'm steering clear of what he does for a living. So I guess he doesn't care about me anymore.


Trip works with Trig, so that's how I met him. I showed up to Trig's building looking for him, but he was too busy so Trip dealt with me. We were pretty cool. I had Trig and Trip both over at my house and apparently became a therapist cuz Trip was so salty about some crap that happened in the past. Idunno, I can't really remember what happened, something was affecting my memory at the time. Anyway I think I solved all that, given what happened afterwards. Nowadays Trip doesn't bother with me either, like Trig. Guess we were never really that close, but dang.


Derek is a pizza delivery boy. Pizza is the only food I care about and I order it every day, and Derek is the one who always delivers it. Since it was always him, I thought he chose to deliver it because he had a crush on me. That wasn't actually the case, but... Well, anyway. He's obsessed with the 80s, but he wasn't even alive at that time. I feel him though, because I love the 60s even though I wasn't there. He's jealous that I was born in the 80s. I always forget to pay him for my pizza, so he covers my cost. What a guy, he's my dude.



Kurona is the girlfriend of my brother Barry. Coincidentally, she's a Martian just like us. It's just very rare for all these Martians to be congregating in the same place but I guess it's good for Barry. I don't really know much about her but she and Barry are always together. I met her one time when Barry was taking her back to his apartment, which is in the same building as mine. I send my son Dejr to their apartment so he can spend time with uncle Barry, and I think Kurona reads stories or somethin'.


Knives is JC's brother. When I first met JC, he and Knives used to live together in this big castle. JC moved away but Knives still lives there. Anyway, I went to the castle looking for JC but he wasn't there. Instead, I met his brother Knives. Knives didn't really like the fact that I kinda let myself into the castle, but hey, I thought JC lived there and I am ~always~ welcome when it comes to JC. So Knives tried to immediately kill me with peanut cookies. He was all like, "how was I supposed to know you were allergic?" but I think he knew what he was doing. Even if he never met me before. He made some replacement cookies for me though, cuz he's a baker.


Erik is Knives' husband, whom I met later on that time I showed up to the castle and found Knives instead of JC. We have so much in common, we should have been friends! But Erik is so shy and reserved, that's the one thing we don't have in common. So he likes staying home and lounging and sleeping, which, I mean, SAME, but like, I also like having a million friends. He seems to embarrass easily, so Knives protects him. We still could be great friends if we hung out more. But I think we only hung out like. Once.


JC introduced me to Midi by takin' me to his house, but Midi didn't seem to like that... Until he found out who I was. Now he's my manager, aw yeah. I'm always happy to amass cute guys in my life, and it's just a bonus now that he's gonna take over all the hard work when it comes to my music. I'd say it's a pretty good deal! JC seemed to have a history with Midi before I got to meet him, hm...


Croix is JC's boss. JC actually took me to meet him once, but then a few years later I needed a ride to rehab and apparently Croix owed JC a favor or somethin' so he took me. Back then I thought he was gonna mean since he was aloof in the carride... Or maybe that was me. I was kinda irritated back then... But then a couple years after that, JC brought him to my house again to do a do-over on meeting me, and I got to know him real good. He's wayyy nicer than I thought, so that was great.


JC brought Damien to my house, even though he's supposed to be Croix's brother - even though they're not the same animal and don't look alike or nothin'. Oh man, he was way easier to get than Croix was, cuz I guess Damien's what's called an "incubus" but I never heard of that before then. He's like me from another world! We got along real good, cept for when somethin' happened and he held me and started talkin' in Demon and JC got freaked out, but I wasn't scared. Ya know I feel like me and Damien could keep going forever and ever, but JC's gotta be babysitter or somethin'.

Loves to Hate Me

Sal and Cal

Heh..heh.. *screams internally* *ahem* Er, I mean... Upstanding citizens... I ain't no snitch or nothin but these two can be found at the local club in some shady back room. Dunno how they haven't been caught yet but whatever. I mean Nova's the one who introduced me. Dunno much about Cal cuz he's like the strong and silent type but uh... me and Sal's friends. Yeahhh. Back when times were tough and goin through dark stuff he'd always say I could pay next time. And the next time. And next time... Not a good idea to tell him you tryna quit when you ain't paid him though. We cool now I think... I mean I finally paid him now that I'm rich so... why he still gotta rough me up when I go there? Why am I goin there? Well uh... It don't matter. He says I'm the worst customer he's ever had and refuses to do business with me anymore. Plus I ain't tryna mess up my clean streak.

Pet Treasure

M Sticker

A Sticker

J Sticker

I Sticker

S Sticker

T Sticker

R Sticker

A Sticker

T Sticker

Genderfluid Pride Flag

Gender Fluid Heart Pin

Joyful Brain Beanbag

Red Happy Planet Plushie

Spiked Trilobite

Red Alien T-shirt

I Love Aliens Red Pennant

Pan Heart Pin

Pan Pride Flag

Bottled Alien

Translucent Visitor Sticker


Extraterrestrial Life Forms

Alien Plant

Exploration Rover

Red Alien Plushie

Be My Love Rocket Candy Heart

Blue Alien Plushie

Inevitable Betrayal Sticker

Sad Brain Beanbag

Bottled Spaceship

Sad Right Face Scar Doll

Angry Brain Beanbag

Coda Crystal Mantis

Coda Caves Sticker

Crystal Growth

Coda Caves Crystal Scarf

Cozy Crystal Beanbag

Chunk of Magic Crystal

White Coda Caves Crystal

Dream Coda Caves Crystal

Blue Coda Caves Crystal

Black Coda Caves Crystal

Prized Coda Caves Shard

Glowing Chunk of Space Rock

Cursed Ice Shard

Golden Dawn Crystal

Freezing Marquise Crystal

Razzberry Candy Dagger

Snow Fairy Wings

Crystal Shard

Dark Crystal Shard

Dark Defense Marquise Crystal

Blue Drake Gem

Raw Sapphire

Water Tear Crystal

Water Defense Tear Crystal

Water Baguette Crystal

Water Defense Baguette Crystal

Glowing Gem Crabug

Crystal Cavesnail

Crystal Blub

Glimmering Crystal Souvenir

Crystalline Mummy Tear

Celestite Geode Chunk

Cut Celestite Geode

Aurora Galaxy Crystal

Suspiciously Shaped Ice Chunk

Blue Shard Mask

Zircon Crystal Crown

Crystal Collar Clip

Crystal Cluster Clip

Enchanted Ice Fragment

Ice Stone

Freezing Tear Crystal

Freezing Baguette Crystal

Ice Defense Tear Crystal

Ice Tear Crystal

Ice Defense Baguette Crystal

Ice Baguette Crystal

Raw Diamond

Cut Crystal Oblong

Wind Defense Tear Crystal

Wind Tear Crystal

Wind Defense Baguette Crystal

Wind Baguette Crystal

North Star Crystal Starburst

Gossamer Crystallite

Ephemeral Crystallite

Ominous Crystallite

Serene Crystallite

Peaceful Crystallite

Radiant Crystallite

Volatile Crystallite

Sinuous Crystallite

Lambent Crystal Plushie

Crystal Identification

Space Scepter

Repurposing Old Tech


Holographic Datapad

Romero NOVA Star Chart

Love Rocket

Bright Tin Rocketship

Classic Tin Rocketship

Rusty Tin Rocketship

Light Tin Rocketship

Cool Tin Rocketship

Vintage Toy Rocket

Rocket T-shirt

Rocket Helmet

Rocket Shoes

Wind-Up Rocket Roller

Rocket Plushie

Pop-Up Book of Amazing Journeys

Rocket Surgery

Build Your Own Spaceship

UFO Sightings!

Shining UFO

I-Love-You UFO Keychain

Twilight UFO

Dawn UFO


Golden UFO

Field UFO

Dusk UFO

Lilac UFO

Arid UFO

Friendly Visitor

Alien Invasion Disaster Sticker


Box of Space Dust

Black Hole

Black Hole Sticker

Shroud of the Galaxy

Galaxy Orb

Cloud of Nebulous Space Dust

Miniature Cosmic Miasma

Nugget of Night Sky

Night Sky Flower

Night Sky Fruit

TRAPPIST Deep Space Shot

TRAPPIST Other Worldly Martini

Galaxy Juice Globe

Space Rock Lollipop

Starry Night Sticker

Book of Stellamancy

Guide to Constellations

Understanding the Universe


Asteroid Sticker

Planetary Alignment Disaster Sticker

Solar System Beanbags

Mini Meteor Souvenir


Probed Moonrock

Subeta Space Pop


Blue Happy Planet Plushie

Cherry Pie Launcher

Thrashing Bulldog

Recycle Blaster

Plasma Grenade Launcher

Galactobeam 100

Lightning Pistol

Red Rival Plastic Raygun

Gold Gangster Plastic Raygun

Green Goon Plastic Raygun

Turquoise Thug Plastic Raygun

Blue Brigand Plastic Raygun

Violet Villain Plastic Raygun

Black Bandit Plastic Raygun

Tide Water Blaster

Water Gun Sticker

Spectrabeam Laser

Bot-Blaster V013

Blackmoon Hand Blaster

Hero Water Pistol

Ol Blue

Tesla Blaster

Retro Future Raygun

Demonic Doomsday Device

Thatcher Mordells Raygun

Youre My Sweet Potato Sticker

Gold Nest Trinket

Waradorstiltskin Plushie

True Love

Bumbus Queen Plushie

Plumbob Nestegg

Alien Egg

Fathers Day Charlie Plushies

Dad Jokes

Rockin Dad Tie

Number One Dad Collectible Mug

Red Fantastic Tricycle

Space Pirate Map

Gifted Prodigies Tools

Box of Sun Scrap Metal

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Box of Field Scrap Metal

Box of Dusk Scrap Metal

Box of Arid Scrap Metal


Lovetron 3000

Complain Bot

Rift Bot

Repair Bot

See A Need Fill A Need Sticker

Cracked Red Holo-Phone

Pastel Mixtape


I-Love-You Pizza Slice Plushie

I-Love-You Pizza Slice Sticker

I-Love-You Pizza Slice

Love Pizza

Evil Pizza

Eyeball Pizza Slice

Runny Nose Pizza Slice

Ear Pizza Slice

Intestine Pizza Slice

Growth Pizza Slice

Frosting Pizza

Centropolis Style Pizza Slice

Abalone Pizza

Cheese Pizza

Pepperoni Pizza

Sausage Pizza

Hawaiian Pizza

BBQ Chicken Pizza

Veggie Pizza

Radioactive Pizza

Veggie Pizza Slice

Eddie Bell Pizzazz Stockings

Pizza Beanbag

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Limited Edition Dark Matter Pizza

Gross Eyeball Pizza

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Cheese Frozen Pizza

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Olive Frozen Pizza

Anchovy Frozen Pizza

Whole Cheese Pizza

Wood-Fired Pizza Sample Box

Promotional Dark Matter Pizza Gift Basket

Exciting Crate of Intrigue and Enchantment

Wood-Fired Pizza Menu

Wood-Fired Pizza Slice

Wood-Fired Pizza Hat

Golden Boy Pizza Peel

Replica Wood-Fired Pizza Oven

Wood-Fired Pizza Fuel

Golden Boy Pizza Cutter

Pizza Cutter

Creepy Pizza Bear

Bag Of Burgers


Blast Cola

Cola Zoom Soda


Can of Spray Cheese

Cherry Rock Candy

Space Ice Cream

Pint of Cookies and Cream Ice Cream

Cookies and Cream Ice Cream Sticker

Smiley Ice Cream

Choco Mint Chip Ice Cream Earrings

Regular Strength Pain Pills

Extra Strength Pain Pills

Aller-Away Double Pack

Ibuprofen Travel Pack

Acetaminophen Travel Pack

Pink Bismuth Travel Pack


Red Rreign Matchbox

Flames Matchbook

Sky Matchbook

Plain Matchbook

Forest Matchbook

Bairin Lone Matchstick

Magical Matches

Perfect Match Sticker

Lit Match

Brilliant Rogue Ember

Whirl of Flame

Arching Flame

Hand of Flame

Burnt Flesh

Burning Debris

Enchanting Embers

Icy Hot Bonfire Sticker

Fuego Diminuto

Fireball Blub

Book of Pyromancy

Burnt Match

Walnut Stained Easel

Blank Canvas


Artist Brushes

Pile of Unfinished Sketches

How to Draw

Likes To Draw Statement Tee

DIY Rock Star Kit


Rap CD

Star Trailer

Lifetime Achievement Award



Clear Glass Handled Flask

Dark Matter Lasirus Plushie

School Girl Fashion Doll

Bow-E Panacea Swear Jar

Lingerie for All

Belial Plushie

Magic 8 Ball

White Sand


Centropolis Pet Bed

Harvest Pet Harness

Flame Nylon Leash

Beaubell Buffet Wet Dog Food

Bovyne Roast Dry Dog Food

Small Dog Crescent and Bone Biscuits

Mon Cheri Sticker

Cherry Sticker

Lucky Cherry Earrings

Shiny Cherry Ornament

Squishy Cherry Plushie


Chocolate Drizzled Cherry

Smiley Cherry

Smiley Cherry Beanbag

Cherry Blob Beanbag

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Cherry Blub

Rift Cherries

Plastic Best Friends Necklace Pieces

Blueberry Blob Gusher

Brown Pompadour Doll

Johnny Misfit Doll

Sweet 16 Sticker


Punk Kin

Rocking Skull Display

Punky Skull Charm

Liberty Skull Charm

Black So Punk Costume Wig

Pink So Punk Costume Wig

Orange So Punk Costume Wig

Blue So Punk Costume Wig

Purple So Punk Costume Wig

Punky Fruit

Tongue Piercing Jewelry

Small Metal Spheres

Romero Post Mortem Razor Blade

Enchanting Dust

White Fast Food Straw

Underground Art: Graffiti

The Tag Volume One

Spray Can Sticker

Graffiti Subeta Sticker

Graffiti Rebel Sticker

Feli Invictus Graffiti Tag

Muertekings Graffiti Tag

C4dogr3 Graffiti Tag

Gutter Serpenths Graffiti Tag

Illumis Naughty Graffiti Tag

Sewer Beasts Graffiti Tag

Empty Yellow and Purple Spray Cans

Empty Pastel Spray Cans

Empty Brown and Blue Spray Cans

Empty Blue and Teal Spray Cans

Vibrant Red Spray Paint

Vibrant Yellow Spray Paint

Vibrant Green Spray Paint

Vibrant Blue Spray Paint

Vibrant Purple Spray Paint

Twilight Vandal Spray Paint

Bloodred Vandal Spray Paint

Cream Vandal Spray Paint

Gold Vandal Spray Paint

Field Vandal Spray Paint

Dusk Vandal Spray Paint

Lilac Vandal Spray Paint

Dawn Vandal Spray Paint

Arid Vandal Spray Paint

Spaltag Pilsner

Professor New Heartbreaker Spray Can

Depressed Spray Paint Can

Right Leg Whiteout Pen

Right Metal Crutch

Left Metal Crutch

Right Athletic Prosthetic Leg

Right Dark Prosthetic Leg

Sleek Augmented Leg

Wheelchair with Dignified Blanket


Original Crushed Candy Crystals

Bubbling Bonedust

Tales of Artificial Intelligence

Machine Shop Dos and Donts

System Failure Sticker

Lower Right Arm Whiteout Pen

Right Prosthetic Arm With Hook

Right Dark Prosthetic Arm

Sleek Augmented Arm

Crack Head Zombie Plushie

Finding Light in the Dark

Loving Yourself

No More Smoking Resolution Sticker

Book of Healing

Pirate Booty Sticker

Booty Picker



Gluteus Fruit

Mighty Fine Booty Sticker

Tan Booty Beanbag

Brown Booty Beanbag

Raspberry Booty Beanbag

Pink Booty Beanbag

Mint Booty Beanbag

Siren Mandarin Short Shorts

Tossed Salad

For Oral Use Only Sticker

Licker Sticker

Cabana Boy Doll Plushie

RoQ Candy Loish Used Stockings

Donadak Crystal Blocking Shield

Meat Lover Sticker

Eggplant Love Sticker

Rowdy Night Bulge

Sausage Party

Raw Pork Tenderloin

Dinkle Flower

Dinkle Berries

Popped Dinkle Berries Beanbag

Dinkle Fizz


Cherry Pie

Cherry Pie Plushie

Bubbly Cherry Pie

Cherry Pie Beanbag

Sour Cherry Pie

Lovely Cherry Pie Pop

Cherry Pie Pop

Cherry Pie Slice on a Stick

Cherry Pie Slice

Frankenpie (Cherry Slice)

Cherry Filled Pie Slice

Fresh Fruit Cherry Pie

Cherry Love Muffin

Tangy Lime and Cherry Cocktail

Cherry Marmalade

Mars Red Lipstick

Individual Lashes With Glue

Female Clothing Patterns

Pirate Bra

Giselle Kinkylove Frilled Panties

Stinging Paddle

Pet Friends

My childhood friend (and first crush shgdfjkgdf) and his robot boyfriend, who I also designed so I am sort of his creator.

B) a sexy Earthling...

A handsome gentleman who swept me off my feet. Very tall. Gorgeous eyes. Me likey da sexy Earthling.

My hot boyfriend B)