Denovo has a minion!

Pinkie Pie the Pinklicorn

Legacy Name: Denovo

The Blacklight Charlie
Owner: Luck

Age: 7 years, 6 months, 3 weeks

Born: May 16th, 2014

Adopted: 7 years, 6 months, 3 weeks ago

Adopted: May 16th, 2014


  • Level: 48
  • Strength: 45
  • Defense: 13
  • Speed: 14
  • Health: 7
  • HP: 0/7
  • Intelligence: 129
  • Books Read: 106
  • Food Eaten: 0
  • Job: Night Shift


Coding help by Zay
Some pony stuff
Rainbow text help by user SrM4nu
Everything else by

(x) by my friend Shay!

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*curls up and dies inside* I wrote a story here but I accidentally deleted it /sobs forever

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Story - [Info] - Playlist - Friends

Nova Bio

Basic Info

Name: Denovo
Pronunciation: deh-no-vo
Alias: Nova
Nicknames: DJ NOVA, Party Popper
Pronouns: he/him
Species: Robot
Birthday: September 16th 2013
Mental Age: 21
Star Sign: Virgo
Chinese Zodiac: Water Monkey
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 180 lbs

Origins & Achievements

Homeland: NYC
Residence: NYC
Education: None
Known Languages: English
Intelligence: Low end of average
Occupation: Disk Jockey

Physical & Mental

Status: Working/Active
Conditions: None
Dominant Hand: Ambidextrous
Fear Response: Fight
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Religion: None
Outlook: Optimistic
Social: Extrovert

Home Life

Sexuality: Pansexual
Marital Status: Unmarried
Partner: Raven
Offspring: None
Siblings: None
Parents: None
Pet: Peanut the female corgi


Traits: energetic, carefree, affectionate, childish, reckless, complaisant
Markings: rainbow rings covering arms and legs
Talents: designing ponysonas for his friends and making fanfiction
Likes: spending time with Maji, going to raves, parties, EDM, ecstasy, glowing stuff, dancing, being a DJ, watching MLP:FIM, Pinkie Pie, feet, the night, fireflies, making new friends, memes, rhythm games, playing guitar
Dislikes: being unable to function during the daytime, being judged, mean or rude people, silence, the sunrise, being scolded
Voice: Steve Righ? (x)

Human description

Skin: Tan, lots of freckles
Hair: Golden blonde
Eye color: Light blue
Body: masculine and athletic
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 143 lbs
Special: Diastema, snake bite piercings, left eyebrow pierced, both ears pierced multiple times

Nova's Ponysona!

(The last one is Nova and his boyfriend Maji as a baby dragon that he colored from a coloring book)

Name: Super Nova
Alias: Nova, DJ NOVA
Species: Pegasus
Sex: Stallion
Homeland: Cloudsdale
Occupation: Disk Jockey
Age: Adult
Crush: Pinkie Pie
Cutie Mark description: A record, headphones and a glowstick grouped together.
Special talent: DJing at raves.

Story - Info - Playlist - [Friends]




Don't you wanna know how we keep starting fires? It's our desire! This is my robot girlfriend that Maji made for me. She likes everything I like so it's like we're soulmates, this is so much fun! She is a go-go dancer to dance to my music. We dance and dance and the tesla coils inside our bodies go crazy for each other. Music and dancing are so our lives. Now I can always have a club buddy!


This is Maji, my awesomesauce boyfriend. I don't even know where to begin. He built me all by himself and he knows me in and out, and he gives me cool upgrades, and ever since I woke up for the first time we've been together. But not only are we epic partners, we're besties too. Are you jealous? You should be. We hang out and play video games and junk and watch TV and all sorts of stuff. He's so amazing oh my goodness. Even though he made Raven for me, we're still boyfriends along with all the other robots and Maji's wife! One big happy family.


It's Maji's wife, Evadine! When Maji created me, she was not his wife yet. In fact, she wasn't even his girlfriend, but somehow, the mother of his child! Time passes and things change and they got closer again and now they're legit married! I've been Maji's boyfriend since I was created so he had to juggle us at first, but we got in the groove of all being together. Evadine can be shy in front of anyone who isn't just Maji, but I'm willing to please anyone if they ask.


Dvakto was created some time after I was, and was me and Maji's other boyfriend for a long time! He's a mime so he doesn't talk, and he's pretty shy when it comes to romance and dates. But he's sweet. Maji seemed to neglect him sometimes so I made sure to give him extra attention! But now, since he gave Viv a rose, they're dating each other instead! That is so cute. They have broke off a little from our big relationship group to focus on each other.


Vivian arrived several years after me and Dvakto were created. They go by Viv and it's very important to call them a they. Viv is very cute and is designed to make more of us robots! Viv is small and cute and shy and they only have one eye. They're dating Dvakto because Dvakto gave them a rose! Viv helped Maji make this awful robot called MC who ended up cutting off Maji's arm, but everything's okay now. I think.


Overruled and Sustained

The lovely couple who used to live across the hall! When Maji got rich, he gave them money to get a house, and then we moved away too. Sustained is a robot like me, because Maji also made him, and Sustained didn't like Maji at first but they're friends now. Maji liked Overruled and they were friends, and then they weren't and Maji didn't like him, but now I think Maji is alright with him, it's hard to keep up with! Overruled and Sustained hardly ever visit Maji together, and never when I'm awake. But it's inspiring to see a Martian and robot together like that, and made me love Maji even more.


A pretty lady friend who visits me and Maji, and I like her a lot. I have given her presents before, and she liked them, which made me happy. She doesn't mind entertaining me, and she's super nice to me. We can talk about My Little Pony together, and all kinds of stuff. I took her to the club once, and it was fun!


Here's Zay's husband, Aed! He's pretty nice, like Zay. He seems pretty curious about me, I figure since I'm a robot and all. Zay is very happy with him and that's awesome.

Pet Treasure

Magic DJ Box

D Sticker

J Sticker

Street Team Charlie Plushie

N Sticker

O Sticker

V Sticker

A Sticker

Mini Portable DJ Station

All The Best Things Glow Sticker

Fireflies in a Jar

Veta Lake Firefly

Golden Veta Lake Firefly

Verdant Veta Lake Firefly

Glowing Veta Lake Firefly

Lovely Veta Lake Firefly

Gloomy Veta Lake Firefly

Rave Sticker

Firefly Field Sticker

Light-up Firefly Plushie

Green Neon Sign

Blue Neon Sign

Purple Neon Sign

Red Neon Sign

Yellow Neon Sign

Tesla Coil

Dance like Nobodys Watching Sticker

Dancin King Sticker

Red Glowstick

Orange Glowstick

Yellow Glowstick

Green Glowstick

Blue Glowstick

Purple Glowstick

Pink Glowstick

Shake It Sticker

Get In Formation Sticker

Raver Glow Sticks

Pink 2006 Glowstick

Orange 2006 Glowstick

Rave Matter

Green 2006 Glowstick

Blue 2006 Glowstick

Tritium Keychain

Werk Werk Werk Sticker

Absorb the Music Sticker

Blacklight Ringed Cat Plushie

Blacklight Maned Cat Plushie

Blacklight Spotted Cat Plushie

Trust Me You Can Dance Sticker

Blacklight Striped Cat Plushie

Blacklight Paint Splatter Cat Plushie


Harder Better Stronger Faster Sticker

Neon Blub

Rave Experiment 104 Beanbag

Rave Experiment 0507 Beanbag

Rave Experiment 0101 Beanbag

Rave Experiment 625 Beanbag

Rave Experiment 549 Beanbag

Rave Experiment 8625 Beanbag

Rave Experiment 7777 Beanbag

Rave Experiment 404 Beanbag

Blubby Lava Lamp

Rave Experiment 104 Plushie

Rave Experiment 0507 Plushie

Rave Experiment 0101 Plushie

Rave Experiment 625 Plushie

Rave Experiment 549 Plushie

Rave Experiment 69012 Plushie

Rave Experiment 333 Plushie

Rave Experiment 7777 Plushie

Neon Wisp

Rave Turnip

Rave Scribble Experiment 3164 Sticker

Rave Scribble Experiment 333 Sticker

Rave Scribble Experiment 7777 Sticker

Rave Scribble Experiment 7463 Sticker

Rave Scribble Experiment 3485 Sticker

Cooler Than You Blub

Beat Feeder

Winter Raver

Dance Person Plushie

Pink Neon Mallow Dancer

Orange Neon Mallow Dancer


Yellow Neon Mallow Dancer

Green Neon Mallow Dancer

Blue Neon Mallow Dancer

Party Snail

Black Party Robot Beanbag

Vaporwave Vinyl

Gold Party Robot Beanbag

Synthwave Vinyl

Silver Party Robot Beanbag

Riftcore Vinyl

Copper Party Robot Beanbag

Hypnagogic Drift Vinyl

White Party Robot Beanbag

Neon Rat

Rave Adriette Plushie

Rave Garret Plushie

Blacklights and Glow Paint and You

Rave Vic Plushie

Sound of Color

Rave Isaac Plushie

Rave Jules Plushie

Nuclear Rave Fish

Rave Acoustics

Book of Neon

Neon Pink Glow Chalk

Neon Orange Glow Chalk

Neon Green Glow Chalk

Neon Blue Glow Chalk

Neon Purple Glow Chalk

Interpreting Dance


Glowstick Secrets

Watermelon Miniature LED Tiles

Sunburst Miniature LED Tiles

Digiscape Miniature LED Tiles

Electro Cube Beanbag

Bubble Gum Miniature LED Tiles

Riftborn Miniature LED Tiles

Opalescent Miniature LED Tiles

Caring for Your Rave Matter

Friendly Sprite

Sunrise Illusion LED Tile

DangerZone Illusion LED Tile

NightVision Illusion LED Tile

Aquamarine Glow Daffodils

DeepSpace Illusion LED Tile

SpaceTime Illusion LED Tile

Nebular Illusion LED Tile

Dance Styles Around Subeta

Underground Dancing

Rainbow Digital Doughnut Beanbag

Pink Digital Doughnut Beanbag

Lime Digital Doughnut Beanbag

Rave Spirit Shell

Digital Doughnut Beanbag

Berry Digital Doughnut Beanbag

Paint Splotch Beanbag

Sound Grenade

Roll of Pink LED Rope

Roll of Red LED Rope

Roll of Yellow LED Rope

Roll of Green LED Rope

Bonfire Dances

Roll of Blue LED Rope

Roll of Purple LED Rope

Roll of Rainbow LED Rope

Roll of Silver LED Rope

Fury NRG Cranial Augment

Refresh NRG Cranial Augment

Frost NRG Cranial Augment

Party NRG Cranial Augment

Pure NRG Cranial Augment

Fury NRG Augment

Refresh NRG Augment

Frost NRG Augment

Party NRG Augment

Pure NRG Augment

Joyful Brain Beanbag

Stack of Party Hats

Thowing a Surprise Party: The Ultimate Guide

The Party 411

Party Ideas

Party Games

The Party Unlife

Flirting on the Dance Floor

Paper Party Bag

Plastic Party Bag

Party Jelly

Raspberry Piephug

Surprise Party Blob Kitty

New Years Blob Kitty

Partied Out Blob Kitty

Headphones On World Off Sticker

Just Some Boy Headphones

Pan Pride Flag

Pan Pride Sash

Pan Heart Pin

Keeping Your Feet Happy

Funky Feet

Manly Feet

Feet Henna Kit

Childs Turkey Footprint

Cold Feet

Blue Synthetic Fire Foot

Moldy Zombie Foot


Afoot Plushie

Foot Hex Beanbag

Foot Hex Plushie

Bloody Zombie Foot

Rotten Foot Present

Radioactive Zombie Foot

Cherry Gummy Foot

Lemon Gummy Foot

Apple Gummy Foot

Watermelon Gummy Foot

Blueberry Gummy Foot

Grape Gummy Foot

Healthy Dark Flesh Tone Print Tennis Shoe

Healthy Medium Flesh Tone Print Tennis Shoe

Healthy Light Flesh Tone Print Tennis Shoe

Boot with Foot Inside

Flesh Light

Glowing Slime

Alabaster Doomsday Pendant

How to Ride a Hikei

Lucky Golden Hikei

Muddy Horseshoes

Shiny Horseshoes

Rusty Horseshoes


Hikei Throwing Shoes

Lucky Horseshoe

Delish Straightforward Horseshoe

Unicorn Kigurumi

Unicorn Rag Doll

Mairzy Doats

Raggedy Ahmastashoo Pony Plushie

Trojhen Plushie

Homemade Sock Pony Plushie

Unicorns 4ever Sticker

I Love Horses Sticker

Imported Jasper Clasp

Bust of a Red Horse

Bust of a Black Horse

Bust of a Pale Horse

Bust of a White Horse

Tiny Mari Lwyd

Hikei Pillow Buddy

Arid Hikei Plushie

Sun Hikei Plushie

Marsh Hikei Plushie

Cream Hikei Plushie

Field Hikei Plushie

Common Hikei Plushie

Dusk Hikei Plushie

Lilac Hikei Plushie

Dawn Hikei Plushie

Twilight Hikei Plushie

Bloodred Hikei Plushie

Morostide Hikei Plushie

Chibi Graveyard Hikei Plushie

Carnival Hikei Plushie

Emo Hikei Plushie

Lucky Hikei Plushie

Spectrum Hikei Plushie

Amigurumi Legeica Plushie

Arid Legeica Beanbag

Common Legeica Beanbag

Sun Legeica Beanbag

Golden Legeica Beanbag

Marsh Legeica Beanbag

Cream Legeica Beanbag

Field Legeica Beanbag

Nuclear Legeica Beanbag

Galactic Legeica Beanbag

Dusk Legeica Beanbag

Lilac Legeica Beanbag

Dawn Legeica Beanbag

Twilight Legeica Beanbag

Bloodred Legeica Beanbag

Glade Legeica Beanbag

Sweetheart Legeica Beanbag

Steamwork Legeica Beanbag

Mini Legeica Beanbag

Arid Legeica Plushie

Common Legeica Plushie

Sun Legeica Plushie

Golden Legeica Plushie

Marsh Legeica Plushie

Cream Legeica Plushie

Field Legeica Plushie

Nuclear Legeica Plushie

Dusk Legeica Plushie

Lilac Legeica Plushie

Dawn Legeica Plushie

Twilight Legeica Plushie

Nightmare Legeica Plushie

Graveyard Legeica Plushie

Glade Legeica Plushie

Midnight Masquerade Legeica Plushie

Candified Legeica Plushie

Sweetheart Legeica Plushie

Steamwork Legeica Plushie

Arid Lifelike Legeica Doll

Common Lifelike Legeica Doll

Cherry Lifelike Legeica Doll

Sun Lifelike Legeica Doll

Golden Lifelike Legeica Doll

Marsh Lifelike Legeica Doll

Cream Lifelike Legeica Doll

Field Lifelike Legeica Doll

Nuclear Lifelike Legeica Doll

Dusk Lifelike Legeica Doll

Lilac Lifelike Legeica Doll

Dawn Lifelike Legeica Doll

Silver Lifelike Legeica Doll

Twilight Lifelike Legeica Doll

Graveyard Legeica Beanbag

Pretty Pink Legeica Dolly

Growable Legeica Beanbag

Harvest Unicorn Plushie

Unicorn Pinata Plushie

Carnival Unicorn Plushie

Black Unicorn Plushie

Pink Unicorn Plushie

Red Unicorn Plushie

Yellow Unicorn Plushie

Green Unicorn Plushie

Blue Unicorn Plushie

White Unicorn Plushie

Pinto Dapper Horse Beanbag

Ahkal Tek Dapper Horse Beanbag

Dun Dapper Horse Beanbag

Dapple Dapper Horse Beanbag

Zebra Dapper Horse Beanbag

Pink Ponybuttons Beanbag

Orange Ponybuttons Beanbag

Yellow Ponybuttons Beanbag

Green Ponybuttons Beanbag

Blue Ponybuttons Beanbag

Purple Ponybuttons Beanbag

Pretty Princess Pony Gift Plushie

Sunshine Pony Gift Plushie

Shamrock Pony Gift Plushie

Cloud Pony Gift Plushie

Majesty Pony Gift Plushie

Pink Horse Patchy Plushie

Red Horse Patchy Plushie

Brown Horse Patchy Plushie

Green Horse Patchy Plushie

Teal Horse Patchy Plushie

Blue Horse Patchy Plushie

Purple Horse Patchy Plushie

Authentic Hand Sewn Legeica Plushie

Nostalgic Malticorn Toy

Speckled Rocking Horse

Pink Rocking Horse

Brown Rocking Horse

Reindeer Rocking Horse

Spotted Rocking Horse

Luminaire Rocking Horse

White Rocking Horse

Black Rocking Horse

Zebra Rocking Horse

Rocking Reindeer

Rocking Horse

Chargin Wheezler Plushie

Team Steele Caravan

Team Gold Caravan

Mechanical Rift Giraffe

Dala Horse

Golden Horse Statue

Vintage Carousel Hikei

Musical Carousel

Hikei Second Anniversary Celebration Figurine

Fifth Anniversary Glade Legeica Trophy

Carved Jade Legeica Statue










Gilded Kelpie






Zodiac Horse Spirit


Harvest Unicorn



Bizarre Pooquine






Nostalgic Legeica Toy

Death Knight Legeica Figurine







Fairytale Knight Carved Horse Figurine



Cheerful Candicorn


Dappled Unicorn

Warm Horse Talisman







Radiant Crystallite


Guardian of Diamonds



Celestial Mare



Paranoid Horse Plushie










Spring Equinox

Summer Solstice

Autumn Equinox

Winter Solstice



Spearmint Pony


Aurora Pegasus


Death Trot







Gift Horse Plushie

My Little Dawn Hikei

My Little Cream Hikei

My Little Field Hikei

My Little Spring Hikei

My Little Angelic Hikei

My Little Dusk Hikei

My Little Lilac Hikei

My Little Emo Hikei

My Little Arid Hikei

Nostalgic Hikei Toy

Spectrum Flash Figurine

Super-Deformed Hikei Doll

Clump of Fetid Horse Hair

Love Guitar

Flamin Hot Guitar

Stylin Floral Guitar

Stylin Galactic Guitar

Stylin Spectrum Guitar

Stylin Sassy Guitar

Stylin Oldskool Guitar

Stylin Vicious Guitar

Vampire Guitar

Dearly Beloved Electric Guitar

Steamwork Guitar

Slots Guitar

Guitar Picks

Berry Guitar Pick

Gold Guitar Pick

Striped Guitar Pick

Turquoise Guitar Pick

Spotted Guitar Pick

Musical Matter

Guitar Strap

Red Electric Guitar

Pink Electric Guitar

Green Electric Guitar

Blue Electric Guitar

Starry Electric Guitar

Skulled Electric Guitar

Black Electric Guitar

White Electric Guitar

Mountain Outdoorsman Pills

Desert Outdoorsman Pills

Forest Outdoorsman Pills

Coast Outdoorsman Pills

Rugged Mountain Outdoorsman Pills

Acetaminophen Travel Pack

Ibuprofen Travel Pack

Daily Pills

Ziaran Pill Box

Tooth Decay Pellets

Void Lord Reality-Altering Pills

Prismatic Slime

Distorted Msg Mask

Pet Friends

My super hot boyfriend!! (And creator)

A pretty lady who meets up with me for my special services 8)

The pretty lady's husband who sometimes seeks my services as well, often at the same time as she does. 8)

The lovely couple who lives across the hall~ Maji has the hots for them.

I don't know much about him, but Maji likes messing around with him! 8) He makes Maji happy.