Phinean has a minion!

Jim the Epic Muse

Legacy Name: Phinean

The Spectrum Montre
Owner: Luck

Age: 11 years, 6 months, 3 weeks

Born: May 13th, 2010

Adopted: 10 years, 6 months, 6 days ago

Adopted: May 31st, 2011


  • Level: 2,230
  • Strength: 5,477
  • Defense: 5,450
  • Speed: 5,424
  • Health: 7,105
  • HP: 7,073/7,105
  • Intelligence: 1,832
  • Books Read: 1674
  • Food Eaten: 3
  • Job: Sparring Partner

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Battle Info

Hullo, I don't have a single clue what I'm doing. Just chugging along doing my best. Button-mashing trying to brute-force my way through most things. If you're in awe and disbelief of how someone can get so far and still know nothing, the answer is a lot of time and dedication to being mediocre. I've been working on this for 10 years to finally be T13 and still don't understand anything. People start talking about icons and crystals and then math starts coming up and my brain shuts off the second it sees numbers. Just vibing and being a himbo.

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Have you ever been to the training center? Isn't Jim handsome? He may be a human now, but I knew him when he was a cream charlie. Ah boy, was he hot. Now that he's a human he's too good for me, because I'm still a montre. Well someday I'm going to sneak up on him with a charlie elixir and change him back.

Every day I train at the Training Center. It takes me many, many, many minutes to train; all the more time I can spend with him. I only believe in hard work through training and battling to get my stats. Getting stats from spending experience points in the Battle Coliseum is only the fruits of my labor from training all day. I will not take stat boosters; I am steroid-free. A lot of pets who cap may think it's silly that I won't use stat boosters, and that I will never be as strong as them without boosters. I'll never break my promise; one day I will be just as strong as them, but only from training. Using boosters would only take away from the time I get to spend with Jim. However, if I'm lucky enough to receive a stat blessing from The Oracle, I shall accept that blessing. Body improvement is my priority, and I've been in the gains game for a long time - athletic since youth and all...

When it came to my childhood, it was pretty picturesque, I suppose, or privileged would be a better word. I grew up pretty well off, loved by my parents, kinda popular in school I guess, y'know, joined the football team in high school and everything... Man, I looked like such a dumb jock back then, but I guess being a big, beefy, blonde dude with a letterman jacket while on the football team will do that to you.

Still, I guess I was kinda the odd one out, for various reasons... I mean, back then, I would have never dreamed of coming out, especially at that time, with everything going on, but there are people out there braver than me when it comes to that. You know the stereotype of football jocks being bullies? Well, I'd see my teammates being more than a little rude to those in "lesser" cliques and, as a voice of reason, I'd lowkey try to like, reverse-psychology them or something and offhand talk about how totally UNCOOL bullying is. Being considered cool, myself, I get to decide what's cool and what isn't.

Although, high school doesn't last forever, and all that crap ends when you leave. Being popular, playing football, earning trophies, going around with cheerleaders and going to prom with them all felt like "going through the motions" like jumping through hoops or something, just waiting for this stage in life to be over. It was all fake as hell, and after I finished school I finally started doing everything I actually wanted to do. Your social status is repeatedly reset every time you go somewhere new. I probably should have gone to college, but at the time I was really like, I don't want to do football for the rest of my life and I have no idea what else I'd go for, so... There's that. Anyway, about that next stage of my life...

So, I was born and raised in Centropolis, and still live there to this day. The hike to Riverside's training center is only part of my routine. A warm-up, if you will. I wake up every day at 4:30 AM, eat my pre-workout meal, and head to the training center to start my day. I arrive by 6 AM and begin my training session with Jim. We have our routines - using the exercise equipment, him helping others, him helping me... with my form ;) During my training, I'm able to head to Battle Quests with Reischen, though I can't say I like him too much, especially when he rags on Jim for no reason. There's no reason I can't be a "true warrior" and train with Jim at the same time, that's why I'm at Battle Quests in the first place. But alas, I spend my day as a sparring partner, making my way through the opponents Reischen lined up for me, and when I'm not strong enough to continue, I head back to Jim, and finish off my training.

When it's time to leave, I hike back to my home in Centropolis once more. Though I brought many snacks to my workout, such as nuts, oats, energy bars, and lots and lots of water, by this time, a full meal is in order. Quick Bites has a huge variety of food, from the junk food which I will stay far away from, to the healthy food which is right up my alley. While I do like a nice salad, that's not all us health-nuts eat, you know. Especially post-workout, you need carbs and protein, so things like sweet potatoes and chicken will be on my plate.

Back at home, I do a lot of chilling, which largely involves preening my wings. Overall, I just like body improvement; my own muscles, stamina and agility are my main focus, weapons and scrolls be damned, I guess. That crap's expensive when my job only pays 500 sP a day :P This economy is insane! Anyway, even the weapons that I have the strength to hold, I'm not sure I know how to use to my full ability. Jim can only help with so much *shrug* But I wouldn't mind if he could. I wouldn't mind a lot of stuff when it comes to him. Hehe, alright, I'll rein it in there... Suppose I should get some sleep for my next day of training. See ya!

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Basic Info

Name: Phinean McGuire
Alias: Phinean
Nicknames: Phin-Phin
Pronouns: he/him
Species: Spectrum Montre (fox)
Birthday: May 13th 1985
Star Sign: Taurus
Chinese Zodiac: Wood Ox
Height: 6'3"
Weight: 187 lbs

Origins & Achievements

Homeland: Centropolis, Subeta (NYC, Earth)
Residence: Centropolis, Subeta (NYC, Earth)
Education: High School graduate
Known Languages: English
Intelligence: Average
Occupation: Sparring Partner

Physical & Mental

Status: Alive
Conditions: None
Dominant Hand: Right
Fear Response: Fight
Alignment: Lawful Good
Religion: Agnostic
Outlook: Optimistic
Social: Extrovert

Home Life

Sexuality: Gay
Marital Status: Unmarried
Love Interest: Jim the trainer
Offspring: None
Siblings: None
Parents: Meghan (mother), Declan (father)
Pet: None


Traits: kindhearted, complaisant, adaptable, lax, non-committal, vain
Markings: rainbow stripes (ears, wrists, ankles, tail, eyelids), bicep tattoo (Jim's name in a heart)
Talents: playing Football
Likes: body improvement, working out, taking showers, preening his feathers, being free and a bachelor, dying his hair, eating healthy, Jim the trainer, being friendly and helpful to others, chilling, his phone
Dislikes: bullies, the superficial nature of highschool, drama, eating junk food, accidentally pulling his feathers out, being expected to obey the status-quo, the fear that the idea of settling down gives him
Voice: TBA

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:sparkles: Blow - Kesha
:trophy: Bad Romance - Lady Gaga

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People in my world


Mom and Dad

Here's my mom and dad; my mom's arid and my dad's gold. I got my mom's white fur and black wings, while I got my dad's eyes, hair color, and that special bit of rainbow flair that comes with being gold. I just decided to dye my hair to really ramp up that flair. I grew up pretty well-to-do, and always loved and accepted before and after I came out, so no complaints here! I didn't know how they'd react so I was naturally nervous, but I'm glad I did. My mom seemed to know before I did, anyway. Still in contact with and on good terms with them.



JC's the first guy I met on the street instead of through an app. :P I was caught off guard; I didn't know what he wanted or where he was going with it, but it turns out he's a psychic mind-reader. Just one of his many vampire powers... I've had fun with him every time we've been together, and he's become one of my best friends. I introduced him to the world of working out, and I'm happy to see that he's still doing it. I've tried to convince him to put more flair into his look to match his personality but I guess he prefers the dark vampire look.


Maji was introduced to me by JC, who was already friends with him. We quickly became friends too, so now the three of us are a squad. Maji is a very special individual, with more than his fair share of quirks. He's just chill and fun, and I like hanging out with him. He can be demanding at times, but I really don't mind. I call him the little dude since he's so short and small. His lifestyle is the complete opposite of mine and I don't think I could even force him to exercise. But again, I don't mind. He's cool.



Zach is JC's husband, whom I met when JC invited Maji and myself over to their house. Zach has always been very shy and quiet, which I think is adorable and charming. Zach and JC are very cute together. JC and I both know Zach has a little bit of a crush on me which is even more adorable, in my opinion. We really don't mind - I know I don't. I'm happy to preen Zach's wings for him, since feather maintenance is one of my top hobbies. He's been through a lot, so I act very carefully with him. He didn't have any friends besides JC so I'm glad to be his new friend.



Knives is JC's brother. JC sent me to his house to meet him. He is a baker, so lots and lots of sweets are around. Not to offend him, but those things aren't really in my diet. He's a nice guy, but pretty dang shy and submissive. We should check to see if he has a backbone, that's all.


Erik is Knives' husband, and coincidentally Zach's son. Never really noticed how weird that family tree is. Oh well. Erik's awesome. He's just as fabulous looking as I am, and he's got angel wings like me. He can be just as shy as anyone, but at least he knows what he wants.


Trig was friends with JC and Zach and I met him at Zach's birthday party. Then I saw him again at Maji's a while later so they must be friends as well! He doesn't talk much, but when he does, he's hard to understand. But I talk to everyone, so I found out he apparently has a shark boyfriend who lives on an island far away.


Trip is usually seen with Trig, so I also met him at Zach's birthday party, then saw him again at Maji's. He usually does most of the talking for him and Trig. Like Trig, he's got a shark boyfriend on an island far away, so that's a weird coincidence. He says both the sharks are friends or something. Guess they went shopping for boyfriends while on vacation or something.


Damien is someone who JC brought to my house, and reminded me of Maji all over again. I'm down to chill with any new dude, especially if it's someone already approved of by JC. Of course it turned out he's a demon since those are apparently real, but he didn't necessarily seem mean or evil or anything. But it did explain his obsession with my wings and referring to me as an angel. I don't think I'm much of an angel, in fact I've now achieved peak unholiness.

:heart: Crush :heart:


Jim is a trainer at the gym. He's absolutely wonderful, and the reason I train so vigorously. He's my muse for working out. My Epic Muse. He's vocal about anti-bullying, and helps everyone learn a thing or two about self-defense. He's been into lifting for as long as I have, and as an adult I met him to continue my workout. We've talked, exercised and even ate lunch together once. He's so cool and collected, he makes me nervous by comparison. He's the one guy I just can't get the courage to make a move on, yet he's the one I want the most.

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Overlay, coding, art, content by Luck
Coding help from Zay
Thanks to Laurey for letting me borrow battle stuff and being friendly support

Whoever originally made Phinean, turned him spectrum, and trained him to have like 100 of each stat and then put him in the adoption center like my newbie wisdom thought I found literal gold

Dude I swear I drew that art on the right like, 5, 6, maybe even 7 years ago and it still looks Alright. Like I somehow drew that before I understood what pen pressure was and enabled it. Like there are some parts of it I'm like eh that could look better, but overall like... this still slaps

This is my cringey OC that I ship with a canon subeta character leave me alone

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