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Legacy Name: Jake Slayer

The Angelic Noktoa
Owner: kudzu

Age: 15 years, 1 month, 1 week

Born: October 28th, 2008

Adopted: 15 years, 1 month, 1 week ago (Legacy)

Adopted: October 28th, 2008 (Legacy)

Pet Spotlight Winner
August 11th, 2021


  • Level: 81
  • Strength: 70
  • Defense: 51
  • Speed: 40
  • Health: 42
  • HP: 42/42
  • Intelligence: 161
  • Books Read: 161
  • Food Eaten: 0
  • Job: Cicerone


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Story by kudzu

you enter a small bar in the woods

Welcome, weary traveller! Have a seat. What can I get for you today?

You take a seat at the bar, admiring the grain in the old wood counter. It was well worn from age, darkened in some spots from spills, but still held it's own.

There were only two others in the bar that appeared to be travellers like yourself, nestled in the far corner. It smelled of yeasts and spice, making your mouth water and stomach rumble.

What dominated the little building was the impressive barback. Rows of shelving filled to the brim with more types of alcohol, beer, and liquor you could even imagine. You wished you could ask how a single bartender was able to accrue such a collection but felt it was inappropriate.

The bartender noticed your ogling and chuckled as he polished a glass, Allow me. His calm voice filled your mind and filled you with trust and warmth. Whatever he'll choose for you, you knew it would be just what you need.

It wasn't long before the bartender went to the kitchen and came out with a generous plate of steak and eggs for you. He set it down and you immediately dug in, thankful for the quick service and warm, comforting food. The bartender placed a beer in front of you after a moment. It was perfectly poured.

The beer was a rich blonde, reminiscent of the wheat used to make it. The foam head sat at the rim, creamy and inviting. Delicate bubbles danced against gravity and displayed the light carbonation. You couldn't wait any longer and took a sip. Paired with the juicy steak, the pale ale was soft yet acidic on on your tongue. Malt and apple notes were forward, a gentle and smooth fruity body, and a slight cardamom aftertaste. You have tasted liquid gold and never want to finish.

Alas, your food and beer came to an end and left you sated. The bartender took away your empty dishes as you fished out payment from your satchel.

Leaving the coins on the bar, you ask the bartender what type of ale that was and if he knew if you could get it at your destination. He gave a wan smile.

I have a source but they're not too popular, he waved at the two travellers who were on their way out, you won't find it elsewhere, I'm afraid.

You sigh disdainfully but then let him know you'll be back when you come back this way.

Don't worry, my bar will be here if you need it.

You lift up your pack and bid farewell to the kind bartender. As you leave the cabin and make your way back on the trail, you look back in hopes to remember this location. To your surprise, the cabin was no longer there and instead a clearing of mid-sized trees and flowers of all shapes and colours, the faint smell of wheat lingering before vanishing to the calm breeze.

Pet Treasure

Forever Frozen Shot

Sexy Peka-Boo Cocktail

Stemless Mulled Wine Glass

Special Order Shadowglen Wine Cask

Raspberry Jolly Roger

Special Order Veta Lake Wine Cask

Empty Celebratory Glass


Glittering Champagne

Oil Slick Cocktail

Honey Lemon Sour Cocktail

Luxurious Pearls and Wine

Decadent Pearls and Wine

Heavenly Pearls and Wine

The Sweethearts Cocktail

Sparkle Meow Meow Cocktail

Blue Pixie Cocktail

Coda Caves Stalactite Drop

Ziara Zeppelin Ride


Fine Aged Scotch Whisky

Fine Aged Coconut Brandy

Fine Aged Bourbon Whiskey

Fine Aged Rum

Fine Aged Armagnac

Peka Glade Champagne

Merana Mixture

Veta Lakes White Wine

Saherimos Sherry

Delphi Beach Sparkling Wine

Port Plunder Port Wine

Bottled Pinot Noir

Bottled Pinot Grigio

Bottled Merlot

Bottled Chardonnay

Bottled Cabernet Sauvignon

Bottled Riesling

Bottled Rose



Distilled Rum

2008 Celebration Champagne


Dry Gin



Port Port

Ginger Rum


Sacred Lands Chardonnay

Fruit-Infused Rum

White Toxic Xotl Bubbly

Plum-N-Thyme Sparkling Cocktail

Enchanted Frozen Bubbly

Arctic Frost Regional Champagne


Dirty Martini

Sparkling Water

Frostberry Vodka

Melonbeer Slush

New Years Spectacular Fizzy Drink

Strawberry Daiquiri

Tangy Cherry Cocktail


Raspberry Lemon Drop

Tangy Lime and Cherry Cocktail

Single Rose

Raspberry Spring

Starstruck Melon Cocktail

Sailors Delight

Grilled Cherry Sour Cocktail

Bloodthirsty Mary

Twirlin Mint Swirly

Pomegranate Gin Cocktail

Bubbly RasBlu Tonic

Cranbulle Cocktail

Cinnamon Mulled Wine

Blueberry Haze

Cherry Kick Cocktail

Cardamom Mulled Wine

Dark Elegance

Baked Toddy

Orangey Mulled Wine

Mug of Dunkel Beer

Glass of Bock Beer

Red Wine

Apple Cider Mimosa


Rhubarb and Tequila Cocktail

Grapefruit and Pomegranate Kicker

Fun On The Beach


Strawberry and Lemon Cocktail

Caberet Cocktail

Kir Royale

Arctic Frost Spiced Rum

Triple Bloody Caesar

Mai Tai

Sailors Warning

Stained Glass Whiskey Glass

Passionate Hurricane

Spicy Tomato Beer

Cinnamon Apple Cider

Coffee Alexander

No Scurvy Mead

Moscow Mule

Omen Long Islands Iced Tea

Inky Drink

Molten Metal Shot

Long Island Iced Tea

Sweet Tangerine Cocktail

Spiked Harvest Punch

Orange Splash Cocktail

Non-Alcoholic Orange Cream

Tomorrow We Sail Cocktail

Sweet Orange Cocktail

Honeydew Cocktail

Super Bellini


Sweet Mango Orange Cocktail

Orange Twist Fizz

Mango and Peach Cocktail

Subeta Sunrise

Orange Cream Cocktail

Bahama Mama

Original Toxic Xotl Bubbly

Harvey Wallbanger

Torra Rush

Spiced Orange Punch

Fuzzy Navel

Peach Schnapps

TRAPPIST Sweet Honey Spritzer

Peach Crush


Champagne Dream







2008 Celebration Champagne Glass

Sacred Lands Regional Champagne

Half Moon

Prosecco Toxic Xotl Bubbly

Whiskey Sour

Crackling Reborn Illumis Cocktail

Citrus Evergreen Twist

White Tigrean Milk

Peach Eggnog

Honey Bea

Honey Bubble Daiquiri

Twinkling Glade Illumis Cocktail

New Years Extravagant Fizzy Drink

Mint Leaf Cocktail

Lemon Gear Spritzer

Lightshow Champagne Coupe


Lemon and Mint Cocktail

Mint Julep

White Grape Sparkling Celebration Champagne Flute

Pina Colada

Lemon Drop

Gin Fizz

Rusty Nail

Citrus Tang Cocktail

Green Apple Jalapeno Cocktail

Tipsy Grape Cocktail


The Haze


Pineapple Mojito Cocktail



Shadowglen Regional Champagne

Pisco Sour

Creamy Mint Chip Fizz

Lime Sparkling Celebration Champagne Flute

Pear Cider

Lime Gear Spritzer

Lime and Mint Cocktail


Non-Alcoholic Lime Rickey

Island Frights Cocktail

Lime Slush Cocktail

TRAPPIST Cream-N-Who-Knows-What Liquor

Sparkling Nori Brine Cocktail

New Years Splendid Fizzy Drink


Melon Sour


Crushed Melon and Mint Cocktail

Fizzy Lemon Drink


Ziara Gutter Wyllop

Gin and Tonic

Lagan and Derelict

Berry Minty Po

TRAPPIST New World Daiquiri

Mint Cooler Cocktail


Berry Infusion Cocktail

Relaxing Mist Cocktail

Frosted Feduit

Truly Dazzling Cocktail

Spirit in the Machine

Frost Bitten Glacier Illumis Cocktail

Blue Cooler Cocktail

Flotsam and Jetsam

New Years Ecstatic Fizzy Drink

Galaxan Mist

Blue Tropical

MonoRi Special


Punch in the Riftail

Black Cherry Foam

Sparkling Sunset

Centropolis Essence

Aurora Bora Shot

TRAPPIST Deep Space Shot

TRAPPIST Other Worldly Martini

Swirling Galaxy Cocktail

Sacred Lands Mulled Wine

Shot of Darkside

Soothing Petal Cocktail

Blueberry Sparkling Celebration Champagne Flute

New Years Magnificent Fizzy Drink

Luffle Starlight

Tentacle Fruit Twist

Bashful Tonic Fizz

Spacy Sparkle on the Rocks

Non-Alcoholic Purple Moomoo

Dinkle Fizz

Sugar Plum Cocktail

Pink Passion

Strawberry Mint Cocktail

The Smoker

Soothing Pomegranate Spice Shake

Pink Kitty Cat

Rose Toxic Xotl Bubbly

Shengui Guo Cursed Sake

Strawberry Sparkling Celebration Champagne Flute

Rosewater Champagne

Grapefruit Melody Cocktail

Spiked Grapefruit Seltzer

Rose Wine

Cherry Sparkling Celebration Champagne Flute

Shengui Guo Regional Champagne

Peka Regional Champagne


Darkside Regional Champagne

Raspberry Gear Spritzer


Lipstick and Lace

Pineapple Splash Cocktail

Non-Alcoholic Pink Moomoo

2Hot Shot

Mint Berry Cocktail

Masqued Mystery

Old Fashioned


Brandy Alexander


Hot Buttered Rum

Coconut Banana Milk Beach Drink

Pirate Bombo

Sparkling Champagne and Berries

Liquor-Spiked Cocoa

Non-Alcoholic Brown Moomoo

Chocolate Shot Cake

Wake the Dead

Coffee Martini

Cuba Libre

Whiskey Coffee

Big Kid Shake

Chocolate Martini

Hard Coffee Soda

Homemade Dark Rum

Black Bear


Chocolate Toxic Xotl Bubbly

Dirty Banana


Galaxy Swirl

Haunting Nightmare Illumis Cocktail

Atebus Regional Champagne

Rainbow Daiquiri

Spinning Spectrum Illumis Cocktail

Filled Bronze Lovely Ale Mug

Filled Gold Lovely Ale Mug

Filled Silver Lovely Ale Mug

Tankard Of Grog

Oberstkatze Filled Stein

TRAPPIST Future Draught

Lederhosen Overflowing Beer Stein

Mug of Helles

Grand Gunter Blonde Ale

Pilsener Glass

Glass of Wheat Beer

House White Beer

House Pilsner

Beer of Champions

Filled Dimpled Beer Stein

Grand Gunter Pale Ale

Sweet Blonde

House IPA

House Honey Lager

House Amber Lager

Honey Comb Harvest Ale

Amber Fossil

Cheap Green Beer

Glass of Green Beer

Mug of Dark Green Beer

Zombie Beer

Ginger Beer

Beer Punch

Grand Gunter Amber Ale

Roach Extract Bleer

Grand Gunter Brown Ale

House Abbey Ale

House Oatmeal Stout

Glass of Smoked Beer

House Porter

Free Beer

Grand Gunter Stout Ale

Sample Size Ale

Sample Size Dark Lager

Sample Size Oatmeal Stout

Sample Size Stout

Sample Size Wheat Beer

Sample Size Pale Lager

Autumn Harvest Red Ale

Autumn Harvest Orange Ale

Autumn Harvest Yellow Ale

Autumn Harvest Green Ale

Autumn Harvest Brown Ale

Autumn Harvest Owl Ale

Goatmeal Stout Vegan Ale

Vetan Sunrise Vegan Amber Ale

Go Citra Vegan Beer

Wheat For It Vegan Beer

Autumn Dragon Vegan Saison

Blood Orange Sour Vegan Ale

Ale Flavored Beer

Beer Flavored Ale

Vegetarian Ale

Tsushiin Sake Lager

Atebus Ale

Darkside Malt

Veta Lake Lager

Jolly Jollin

Esther Homebrew Vesnali Ale

Beer Flavored Beer


Gut Champagne Beer

Honey Bumpkin


Spring Street Brown Ale

Spring Street Pale Ale

Spring Street Pale Lager

Spring Street Dark Lager

Spring Street Black Label Lager

Doppelganger Bock

Feuer-Chili Beer

Bottle of Rosbier

Centropolis Stout

Shot of Brandywine

Shot of Whiskey

Shot of Vodka

White Bear

Slippery Nipple


Flamenco Flower Shot

Flaming B-52

No Hander

Icy Hot Shot

Glowing Cherry Shot

Twist-N-Turn Shot

Gut Wrencher

Foxy Chocolate Shot

Sweet-N-Spicy Science Liquor

Sweet Toxic Science Liquor

Sweet Frost Science Liquor

Priberry Jelly Shots

Cinnamon Vodka Jelly Shot

Muskmelon Vodka Jelly Shot

Blue Curocao Jelly Shot

Pink Champagne Jelly Shot

Strawberry Jelly Shot

Orange Jelly Shot

Lemon Jelly Shot

Lime Jelly Shot

Blue Raspberry Jelly Shot

Grape Jelly Shot

Cherry Cherry Gelatin Shot

Orange Cherry Gelatin Shot

Lemon Cherry Gelatin Shot

Lime Cherry Gelatin Shot

Blueberry Cherry Gelatin Shot

Grape Cherry Gelatin Shot

Watermelon Cherry Gelatin Shot

Chocolate Cherry Gelatin Shot

Licorice Cherry Gelatin Shot

Cherry Belly Jelly Shot

Orange Belly Jelly Shot

Lemon Belly Jelly Shot

Melon Belly Jelly Shot

Lime Belly Jelly Shot

Cucumber Belly Jelly Shot

Mint Belly Jelly Shot

Raspberry Belly Jelly Shot

Grape Belly Jelly Shot

Watermelon Belly Jelly Shot

Cold Water

Lemon Wedge

Lime Wedge

Orange Slice


Empty Beer Bottle


Wine Glass

Cocktail Ice Sphere

Sea Salt

Cocktail Shaker

Simple Bottle Opener

Cork Screw

Black Cherry Stir Stick

Hand Towel

Baseball Bat

Beer Keg

Metal Beer Keg

Cask of Rum

Keg of Rosbier

Riverside Aged Whiskey

Small Wooden Keg

Alegarten Stout Sampler

Alegarten Ale Sampler

Alegarten Lager Sampler

Pet Friends

Visit the Rockhound

Visit the Nursery

Visit the Hotel

Visit the Pyrotechnic

Visit the Shaman

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