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Minion the Great Flamewing


The Storm Paralix
Owner: Tali

Age: 10 years, 9 months, 1 week

Born: August 24th, 2009

Adopted: 10 years, 5 months, 2 weeks ago

Adopted: December 17th, 2009


  • Level: 147
  • Strength: 389
  • Defense: 392
  • Speed: 390
  • Health: 389
  • HP: 0/389
  • Intelligence: 106
  • Books Read: 105
  • Food Eaten: 3
  • Job: Battle Master

The Son of the Volcano

Myths. Legends. These are terms that come to the minds of Earthlings when they think of Dragons. Earthlings have vastly different perspectives of them. Often times, they are portrayed as evil, fire-breathing creatures that should be vanquished. Others admire their beauty and elegance. If someone has an imagination, the personalities and appearances of dragons are endless.

But that is the thing. Dragons are not myths nor legends. They are real, ancient creatures that used to be inhabitants of Earth. Zak is known among the other dragons as "Elder" because that is exactly what he is: the eldest dragon of them all. Among the creation of Earth's very first volcano, Zak was born. It was not until many years later when other species of dragons appeared on Earth, but they are more animal-like than Zak. He does not need the basic necessities to survive due to his unique birth.

Thousands of years later, the first Earthlings made an appearance. Dragons coexisted with them at first, but then the Earthlings grew fearful of them. Some were immense while others had special powers. They are not the same as the other animals of Earth which made them a threat to Earthlings. Zak remembers his first negative encounter with the two-legged beasts. They tried to ward him off whenever he got too close to their territory. Despite what the legends say, dragons are actually docile. They have no reason to cause harm unless if it is in defense. This was when Zak made the hard decision to relocate the dragons. They fled Earth to create peace among the two species. All that is left of the dragons is the cave paintings that the earliest Earthlings drew of them on the cave walls.

Now it is thousands of years later. From what Zak has heard from the other creatures of the solar system, Earthlings have evolved greatly from his first encounter with them. The dragons now live on Mars. It was the only other planet in the solar system with any possibility of inhabiting life and Zak had to take it.

Although it's an alright alternative, Zak dearly missed Earth. He missed the grass under his feet, the clear water to drink, the gentle breezes. Now his home was just a big, red planet. The creatures of the solar system have helped the dragons survive by bringing animals of Earth to Mars as a food source. Over the several thousands of years, they have adapted to the planet and now there is a healthy food supply for the dragons. Water is much more scarce on Mars compared to Earth, but the dragons have managed.

While checking on his homeworld, a familiar creature lands on Mars' surface. It is the creature born from the Sun and is even older than him: Caydan. "I've got bad news, Zak."

Zak breathes out through his nose. "Wouldn't have it any other way," he says sarcastically.

Caydan cuts right to the chase. "The Earthlings are bringing a robot to Mars." Zak tilts his head to the side. "Lorenzo showed me the rover they're sending to Mars. They just can't keep to themselves. They keep sticking their nose where it doesn't belong and won't leave our solar system alone. As soon as they find out that there is life on Mars, they're going to flip." He pauses, but when Zak doesn't respond, he continues. "You have to leave Mars."

Zak narrows his eyes. "You're out of your mind. My species left Earth peacefully so that we would not disturb the Earthlings. This is our home now. Besides, there is no other planet that could house the dragons. They're animals and need the basic necessities to live. I know that's hard to believe for someone like you who has been alive for billions of years."

Caydan sighs. "You can return once the rover leaves."

"And what if the Earthlings overstay their welcome? How will the dragons survive? It's like what you said: they're going to flip when they discover that there's life on Mars. Even if all creatures of Mars leaves the planet, there will still be traces of water. That alone will make the Earthlings continue to research this planet." Caydan is silent, so Zak continues. "We are not running from the Earthlings anymore. We have already lost our true home to them. My species has had to adapt to a harsher planet and I will not put them through that again. If the Earthlings want to come to Mars, fine. Let them discover us. Let us prove to them that we're not the terrifying beasts that they believe we are."

Caydan blinks slowly as if he is thinking things through. "Chelsea is not going to like this," he finally says as he thinks of his mate.

"I never asked for Chelsea's input. My decision is final. We will take the attention of the Earthlings. Besides, they may finally leave the rest of the solar system alone, and you and the other creatures of the solar system can work at peace."

Caydan nods. "Be safe, and good luck, Zak," he says before taking off, probably in the direction of wherever Chelsea may be.

Zak looks off into the black void of the solar system. His tail swings from side to side and the ashy smoke that he carries from his birthing volcano scatters with each swipe around him. "We will prove you wrong, Earthlings."


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Story by Tali

Background by colourlovers (users Eonscintilla & eighteyed)

Also Zak finally got the Gourmand Achievement on 07/27/2018!

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I understand you mean well, but we have to prove ourselves.

You need to let up and not be so stubborn.

I'm jealous that you can see Earth whenever you want.

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