Jeannetta has a minion!

the Patch-Haunting Owl

Legacy Name: Jeannetta

The Custom Storm Serpenth
Owner: Paula

Age: 13 years, 11 months, 3 weeks

Born: May 28th, 2010

Adopted: 1 year, 9 months, 4 weeks ago

Adopted: July 23rd, 2022

Pet Spotlight Winner
March 12th, 2023


  • Level: 43
  • Strength: 107
  • Defense: 105
  • Speed: 105
  • Health: 105
  • HP: 105/105
  • Intelligence: 28
  • Books Read: 28
  • Food Eaten: 1
  • Job: Hay Hauler


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Jeannetta was a very powerful sorceress; she was born with a gift and her spellcasting was perfect from a very young age – she was a natural. She sure studied a lot and magic grew on her as the higher blessing anyone could have. As if it was magic she had running through her veins, not blood, and she was obsessed by it. She practiced every day, from smaller tasks such as moving an object closer using only her eyes, to embelleshing herself – ah, the long lustrous hair she always wanted, the fair colored eyes, the hypnotic voice.

She was proud of herself for her powers and the achievements she accomplished soon got to the attention of the Coven of Seven, the higher congregation of sorcerors to exist at the deserted lands of Endless Sands, where she lived. She was truly a great Serpenth, with magic shining in every scale of her body, glimmering with pride and power. And she wanted more; Jeannetta got herself a chair at the Coven and studied every single book there was in their library. It was as if she could memorize each and every spell, engrave casts on her brain and powerful words would come out of her mouth so easily – she wanted more.

She ascended to a higher coven, the one called The Council, where the most powerful sorcerors and sorceresses from every land gathered to share their experiences and knowledge to each other. Jeannetta was a prodigy, such a young Serpenth with all that experience already, the ease to learn and the hunger for more, forever more. She was insatiable. She went from a distinction student to the leader of The Council in such a short time, you’d believe it was magic – if we weren’t speaking about a whole horde of experienced sorcerors, they wouldn’t fall for magic too, right?

But Jeannetta wasn’t happy being at the top. She needed to learn more, she wanted to know all, and from reading all the books back and forth, memorizing all the spells and words, every countercast and dispelling, they soon became suspicious that their admired leader was going insane. Sadly, they would find out soon that their doubts were just right. Jeannetta was drunk of her own power, as if magic would have taken control over her own mind. She was the best, she was on the top position, no one could ever defeat her, nobody...

That’s when she decided she was the one in charge to make the world a better place. If she was the all mighty sorceress no one could ever be able to compare to, it was her job. After all, why would she be born with such great talent for magic if not to do something good about it?

That’s how she decided to roam the maps – she could fly, so why not travel the skies in Search of poor endangered and frail lives that needed her intervention? Jeannetta was a saint... Or so she thought!

Leaving Endless Sands and reaching her neighbours from the isle of Shengui Guo, she spot from the skies a Tigrean slicing some fishes with her claws, a very talented sushiwoman as it’d seem. That’s hilarious, she thought to herself, a cat that belongs in the sea. As Jeannetta giggled, the magic happened – the chef had a terrible night and woke up to something much horrid to her surprise.

She moved to Shadowglen. There was a Kumos with its head chopped off, and the remains of a first aid kit by her lap. Did they actually murdered a nurse? That’s not right, she should be putting her knowledge to use and healing others, Jeannetta twisted her snake nose and flew away. The next morning, the nurse was awaken.

She found herself over Darkside. There was a very handsome Tigrean practicing martial arts, and very skilled too. She decided to come closer. Excuse me, tough guy... yet he did not care much to look at her, he just kept stretching and contemplating the arts. I said, excuse me and the Tigrean growled. “What?! Can’t you see I’m busy here?”
Jeannetta felt infuriated. He couldn’t see the rare beauty in front of him? After all, Jean thought she was the most beautiful female in the entire globe. How could he reject her like that? He must be blind not to see me!, she thought as she flew away. And as she reached the skies, she listened the agonizing scream below.

She came across a humble Field Telenine on Riverside, standing in line for a vegan food truck. Vegan? Are you kidding me? You’re a Telenine, silly. Go eat meat, that’s all you should have!, and the skeptic Serpenth cast a spell on her victim. Now he’d eat meat. And only meat. Forever.

She was clearly disturbing the peace of Subeta. No wonder an angel was sent to stop her – she laughed as she pushed him down to the ground, violently. No one, and absolutely not a single one of any beings out there would be capable of stopping her, the most powerful sorceress. And many tried, and many failed.

That until a bounty hunter managed to strike her down. Don’t ask me, you should ask the very own gal if you want to know more about it. All I can tell you is that Jeannetta’s reign is over, she is locked inside an Arctic Frost cave, isolated somewhere at the Ice Fields. Being a Serpenth and struck inside deep layers of snow, she is hibernating – forcibly.

I’d say the world is back at peace, but Jeannetta’s spells are still tied to some creatures. At least there will be evil tricks no more. Unless, of course, you are some charlatan trying to find the sorceress and releasing her back because of your own reasons...

Pet Treasure

Claddagh Ring

Spirit Panther

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