Sweetpeas has a minion!

Nanners the Fairy Bear

Legacy Name: Sweetpeas

The Chibi Irion
Owner: Iridescent

Age: 11 years, 3 months, 4 weeks

Born: October 9th, 2011

Adopted: 11 years, 3 months, 4 weeks ago

Adopted: October 9th, 2011


  • Level: 1
  • Strength: 10
  • Defense: 10
  • Speed: 10
  • Health: 10
  • HP: 10/10
  • Intelligence: 0
  • Books Read: 0
  • Food Eaten: 0
  • Job: Unemployed

Sweetpeas is the baby of the family. She is spoiled rotten with all sorts of toys. All of which she loves and she is prone to only sharing with those she truly loves or have not annoyed her that day. She is about 2 years old, likes stuffed animals, bunnies, blankies, bugging her older siblings, and playing outdoors during the warm months.

Story, art, profile by: Iridescent

Art by: Vii

Art by: Iridescent

Pet Treasure

Beanbag Pile

Knitted Cotton Candy Plushie

Edible Finger Paints

Partying Hat

Wind-up Duck Toy

Sibling Sticker

Hyperactive Loveheart Sticker


Block Dragon

Cupcake Sticker

Angelic Chibi Rainbow

Strawberry Bubble Candy

Dawn Chai Flower

Oversized Soft Vinyl Experiment 3485 Toy

Spectrum Small Feline Bed

Second Anniversary Goodie Bag

I-Love-You Cupcake

Flower Notebook

Eddie Bell Sure Bet Cute Popsicle Prop

Royale Ligero Strawberry Milk

Plastic Fallen Ice Cream




Third Anniversary Goodie Bag

Reject Recycle Beast Plushie Gift

Love Bug Heart Sticker


Green Knit Red Rreign Plushie

Sweetiekit Beanbag

Nostalgic Kerubi Toy

Painter Ghost Plushie

Basic Telephone

Purple Kissed Bear Plushie

Orange Milk

Happy Little Squirrel Plushie

Bumbus Queen Beanbag



Swirly Lolly Balloon

Squishy Riisan Beanbag


Sibling Diary

Ai no Torrey Koibito

Caring for Kids

Generic Minion

Box of Strawberry Non-Dairy Drink

Sweetheart Legeica Plushie

Wildflower Cake

Patchwork Aardvark Plushie

Spectrum Sand Castle

Glittery Sparkles Unicorn Plushie

Royal Bhakoru Plushie

Bugs As Inspiration

Box of Crayons

Graveyard Art Snack Bag

Yellow Apple Plushie

Gold Fishy Plushie

Starry Two Year Balloon

Winter Raffles Beanbag

Tangerine Gooey Gummy Pocket Pop

Candy Corn Bat Plushie

Carnival Hikei Plushie

Lord Phug

Lollipop Bundle

Grape Taffy


Luminaire Sweater Lain Plushie

Journal of the Pink Fleece

Vesnali Lamb Plushie

Beach Pail

Squishy Oatmeal Plushie

Snuggly Bebe Sweater Goat Plushie

Summer Patchwork Elephant Plushie

Decorative Elephant Teapot

Love You! Sticker

Pop-Up Book of Amazing Journeys


Purple Fishie Doll

Dream Plushie

Pink Bunny Toy

Frosting Kitty

Arid Lifelike Kumos Doll

Mother Mallarchy Plushie

Pull-Along Purple Leviathan Toy

Odd Blue Kitty Plushie

Antifreeze Fruit Dead Lolly

Robot Candy

Over the Rainbow

Merry Rag Doll Plushie

Spectrum Pinwheel

Lovely Spring Teapot

Soothing Petal Water

Rainbow Confetti Heart Balloon

Minibehr Plushie

Ridiculously Adorable Antlephore Plushie

Simple Wooden Toy Box

Frog Costumed Kitty

Rainbow Cake


Spectrum Booster Pack

Rainbow Vortex Blob Doll


Sweet Pea Cookie Bits


Ice Cream Parlor Nonpareils

Cupcake Sticker


Festival Feli Plushie

Sweetie Sheep

Baby Blue Pumpkin Imp Beanbag

Peka-Boo VIP Lollipop

Spectrum Torrent Beanbag

Beautiful Elephant Ballerina Doll

Minion Love Sticker

Fourth Anniversary Goodie Bag

Pride Love Sticker

Lovely Experiment 3485 Sticker

Spectrum Demipop

Duckie Pitcher

Xylophone Plushie

Turquoise Bunny Lolly

Little Joker


Evil Lovely Whale Plushie

Fake Malticorn Plushie

Oatmeal in a Raincoat Plushie

Yellow Unicorn Plushie

Fluffpoops Beanbag

Yellow Hyacinth

Childs Turkey Footprint

Ontra Springy Toy

Purring Feli Doll

Squashy Chick Plushie

Garden Party Pillbug Plushie

Garden Party Kitty Plushie

Warm Feli Paw Hat


Lovely Strawberry Soft-Serve


Sleepy Lamb Plushie

Rainbow Ladybug Beanbag

Pink Ladybug Beanbag


Too Cute Candy Heart

Romantic Grumpy Bear Plushie

Strawberries and Cream Lolly

Cotton Candy Friends Sticker

Sweety Dead Kumos Plushie


Field Sand Castle

Holiday Bear Hugs Plushie


Pumpkin Bubbles

Assorted Gummy Dire Worms

Pretty Princess Pony Gift Plushie

Elegant Kanis Plushie

Ganguro Gaudy Bracelets

Golden Mallarchy Plushie

Pink Kissed Bear Plushie

Vintage Maliss Plushie

Purple Fantastic Tricycle


Baby Bloodhungry Plushie

Squashy Lamb Plushie

Sandybag Plushie

Survival Buttercups

Patched Up Pillows

Beloved Bunny Doll

Mint Rounded Petal Flower Beanbag

Thumbprint Snowman Cookie




Rocking Reindeer

Taru Plushie

Traditional Daisy Sweet

Big Buns Beanbag

Lapillon Plushie

Squishy Kissy Fishy Plushie

Fuzzy Bee Beanbag

Kitten Mittens


Happy Sunset Wreathed Red Rreign Sticker

Winter Sunset Bunny Puppet

Slow Movin Skinkabink Plushie


Dancing Dino

Ankylosaurus Celebration Plushie

Watermelon Cake

Pingit Plushie

Celebratory Green Bunny Plushie


Purple Yarn Octopus Plushie

Snugglephant Plushie

Yellow Yarn Octopus Plushie

Speckled Rocking Horse

Squashy Bunny Plushie

Green Alligator Plushie

Happy Familiar Beanbag

Spectrum Wyllop Plushie

Garden Party Duck Plushie

Plump Moon Beanbag

Mothers Day Popoko Plushies


Red Knitted Bunny Plushie

Happy Chubby Bumblebee Plushie

Hearts Bandage

Kerubi Paper Clip

Bouncer Beanbag

Curious Hand Woven Afghan

Spectrum Feli Beanbag

Cop Bunny

BFFs 4eva Plushie

Winter Raffles Plushie


Moof Plushie


Spectrum Glass Wind Chime

Flowering Sweet Pea Seeds

Chibi Kanis Plushie

Knitted Kanis Plushie


Pink Unicorn Plushie


Yellow Bunny Plushie

Flaopy Plushie

Rainbie Pillow

Lightning Bug Plushie


Chibi Antlephore Plushie

Pink Horse Patchy Plushie

Squishy Aquilos Beanbag

Yellow Soft Bunny Beanbag

Pink Spring Fairy Plushie

Dawn Candy Bracelet

Super Feathery Spectrum Boa

Yellow Sidewalk Chalk

Pink Sidewalk Chalk

Letters to an Imaginary Friend

The Sun and the Flower




Pink Old Kitten Doll

Red Old Kitten Doll

Green Old Kitten Doll

Navy Old Kitten Doll

Xotl Freeze Pop

Baking Starter Kit

Little Petalsaurus-Rex

Golden Pixibuns

Sweetheart Dragarth Plushie

Snowbear Plushie


Spectral Fruit Plushie


I-Love-You Rainbow

Rainbow Shaved Ice

Baby Penguin Beanbag

Bunny Fruit

Soft Kitty Beanbag

Spring Kitty

Round Striped Bandage

Spotted Puppy Beanbag

Naughty Nip Zombie Plushie

Blooming Nine Patch Quilt

Riisan Pillow

Spectrum Rubber Duck

Love Pitcher

Green Cheek Star Temporary Tattoo

Pretty Pink Legeica Dolly


Pink Soft Petaled Flower

Pink Nott Flower

Box of Childhood Memories

Rainbow Egg Plushie

Pumpkin Decorated Morostide Cake

Teeny Sleepy Taco Minion

Candy Filled Sleigh

Pet Friends

I wuv you! We's pway dahws!

Dis da best fort. I bwoght da cookies tooo.

Mommy! I wuv you. You da best mommy.

Daddy! Sing me a song pwease?!

Da one wif da big taiwe.

Danks for da cookies. I wuv dem.