Elfric has a minion!

Jasper the Arctic Chirrup

Legacy Name: Elfric

The Custom Glacier Kumos

Age: 14 years, 11 months, 2 days

Born: June 27th, 2007

Adopted: 14 years, 11 months, 2 days ago (Legacy)

Adopted: June 27th, 2007 (Legacy)

Pet Spotlight Winner
October 2nd, 2014


  • Level: 3,145
  • Strength: 7,036
  • Defense: 6,879
  • Speed: 6,714
  • Health: 7,147
  • HP: 7,051/7,147
  • Intelligence: 3,698
  • Books Read: 1781
  • Food Eaten: 97
  • Job: Director of SAI


o Birthday: June 27, 2007

o According to Mom, I was a frail newborn pup when she found me, in the western parts of Centropolis. Fearing I had been abandoned by my biological mother, Fenix became 'Mom', and she raised me from a pup to a full-fledged adult.

o Health issues: asthma; chronic cough; weak immune system

o The blue wave markings underneath my left eye is a tattoo. Unfortunately, I have a permanent scar over my right eye--a sore reminder of my fight against Tempest during 2014's Vesnali celebrations. The doctor thinks it will go blind in time.

o Occasionally, I'll feel an electrical pulse in the scar, typically when Tempest is nearby...

o Jasper is my Arctic Chirrup. He will bite if he senses I'm in danger.

o I lead a group of other battlers, including my brother Haluk, and we travel around the world, taking on various foes. We try to make the world a better and safer place. We also like to test our skills. Hanji suggested we come up with a name for our group, and so we are called "Hunting Fangs Guild".
Sven wasn't enthused at first ("It's a stupid name. Valtam and Haluk don't have fangs, they have horns."), and Vash wasn't much help either ("Well, how about the 'Hunting Sharp Pointy Body Parts Guild' then?"), but Val didn't mind the name ("It's a fine name, my horns are like your fangs. Swift and deadly.") and neither did Haluk (to Hanji and Valtam "It really makes us sound strong. We could put it to good use and maybe even gain some positive notoriety!")

Battle-related Achievements

o Tempest (Apr'14): 292,438 damage
o Hydragellos (Aug'14): 620,066 damage
o Twisted Jaxon (Oct'14): 629,324 damage
o reached T12 June 27, 2015
o Kiyo (Aug'15): 2,967,474 damage
o Hydragellos (May '16): 3,497,356 damage
o Temple Guardians (Sep '16): 1,172,526 damage (not my best)
o Hydragellos (Aug '17): 5,488,138 damage
o Hydragellos (July '19): 16,449,121 damage
o reached T13 Nov. 11, 2017

Personal Art
Character Ref Sheet
Elfric & Jasper

Overlay was done by Osiris
Rest of the artwork, profile, coding was done by me.


Talia is my younger adopted sister. She's goofy and sweet, but forgetful and a tad irresponsible with her chores around the house. Her narcolepsy, however, cripples her from time to time, so I try my best to help her out when she's having these "episodes".

Skits is my adopted little brother, and yet another stray. He wound up on our doorstep during a summer thunderstorm. I was the one who named him, due to his skittish behavior. Skits has selective mutism, meaning he never talks, although he does communicate perfectly well through nonverbal gestures and written messages.

Haluk is the youngest in the family, and is the first non-Kumos Mom added to our family. Instead, he's a Neela, which is some gazelle-horse-thing Mom bought in Saherimos, so she could travel faster around Subeta, rather than relying on the unreliable public transportation system. He doesn't speak canidae, but thankfully, he rarely makes any noise, if at all. So long as he doesn't spit at me, he's more than welcome to stay in the family.

the custom glacier kumos
owner: METROID

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It was a rhetorical question. Whether anyone answered me or not, I was up on my paws for the 375th time...or was it 393 now? I kept losing count.

In any case, it was thanks to Subeta's talented healer that I was revived to full health, so I could take on the great Tempest once more.

My human owner, adoptive mother, Fenix, began to say something, but I blocked out any further noise.

My eyes narrowed, glaring at the storm bear goddess. She was sitting on her haunches, her face full of despair and hurt. The battlefield turned muddier as cold rain continued to pour heavily from the dark clouds above, with pinkish lightning occasionally streaking across the sky.

"I'm not stopping til this damn beast is good and dead."

She was a foe unlike any other, one in which no other battler had ever crossed paths with before. Only two managed to deal final blows against her, but she was still alive.
Countless pets had fallen, only the best kept fighting on.

"PLEASE EVERYONE! Let Tempest be!"
Esther's voice reverberated loud enough to interrupt my thoughts briefly.

"We're not finished with her yet! How dare she continue to live!"

I was finished hearing excuses.

My legs shook, unsteady from exhaustion. Rain dripped down my face, soaking my fur, sending chills coursing through my numbed body.

"I don't care if I keep going down, I'll get back up. I'll take her to Hell if need be," I snarled.

Gripping my Forj Tempered Machete tautly, ignoring the tremor in my forepaws, pretending I didn't hear the hilt
'clink-clink-clink' against the wobbling blade, dangerously close to breaking. My shield had been thrown somewhere else, one-use bombs were gone, only a few weapons remained at my feet. Didn't care anymore, I'd use my fangs and claws as a last resort.

"ELFRIC!!" came a familiar shrill voice, right before a heavy mass, of blue & white dense fur, clobbered me. Was it--?

"Nanaba?! What--"

"YOU STUPID FURBALL! When are you going to quit this insane battle?!" bellowed my adoptive sister, as she squeezed me in a constricting embrace. My other siblings, Skits and Haluk, ran forward as well.

"GAH! Let go of me! C'mon--OW! Dammit Haluk, don't chew my ear off! Guys, STOP!"
My complaints went unheard. Skits licked my right cheek affectionately, while Haluk nibbled on one of my black-tipped ear. Nanaba merely carried on, blubbering drool and tears into my neck.

I looked to Mom, surprised that she hadn't joined in on the disgustingly embarrassing moment my siblings had initiated.

"They were worried, El," she explained while shrugging her shoulders. Tears were welling up in her amber-coloured eyes. Nanaba pulled back, her purple eyes wide with fear, face stained from sobbing and--was that...

"--blood? Nana', you have blood on your cheek." I could barely comprehend much, my head was actually hurting. So was my face, strangely.

"Idiot, it's your blood! Look!"

I gazed down into the puddle of rainwater, then gasped. My right cheek bore an ugly claw mark. Blood seeped from each individual wound, and even my eye was a gross, crimson mess.
The realization of my wounds; the pain that became noticeable suddenly; the appearance of my once-pristine, well-kept white fur torn out in patches and now darkened with mud, soot and caked on blood.

"I think I'm going to be sick." Mom caught me as I feel forward, gagging with full intent to puke.
She said nothing, instead she rubbed my back comfortingly as I wretched red-stained bile and stomach acid. Dizziness set in from lack of food; I couldn't recall the last thing I ate. How many days had it been now? All of this continuous fighting seemed to have blurred time.

"Elfric, you've fought harder than anyone I've ever known, ever since that cold spring morning when I found you, abandoned and frail, in a Centropolis alleyway. So close to death...but you fought for your life and thrived."

I could remember those days, being constantly sick and bed-ridden, forbidden from any strenuous activities until I was older, stronger.

"I've got to keep getting stronger though. I'm still a weakling compared to others. Even the Tempest outmatched me," I wheezed in pathetic protest. I was pulled into a warming hug by her, mindful of the aching joints.

"There are some fights you cannot, or may never, win. But you're not weak, El, not by a longshot. Love is stronger than you think. Don't forget that."

The rain lightened up before ending completely. The dark clouds looming overhead began to dissipate, revealing rays of light. The glow of the re-emerging sun bathed the land with much-needed warmth and life.

A sign that peace, love and forgiveness, previously taken for granted, had returned once more to the Subetan land.

Pet Treasure

Squishy Brain Eater Plushie

Battle Coliseum


Pride Love Sticker

Battle Spork


Derpy Fox Plushie

Classic Coffee

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Earth Shard

Rainbow Wedding Cake

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Pet Friends

Don't overdo it. You're like a sister to me.

I'm impressed how you've managed to handle Mom's psychotic-ness since you got here.

You're sure you want to tag along? Mom'll miss you.

I couldn't agree more. =)

Maybe one day you'll be able to forgive, but until then, no offense taken.

You have some useful skills, but not enough to tackle difficult opponents.

Has Sven always been like this?


So your owner's as dense as mine? Finally, someone who understands what it's like.