Where and/or What is this?
  • Where is the healer, battle coliseum, battle quests, secluded shrine?
    You can find the Healer, Battle Quests, Secluded Shrine all in the Sacred Lands.

  • Where is the training center?
    The Training Center can be found in Riverside!

  • Where do I mod my weapons?
    You'll find a link in your Armory that says Click here to modify your weapons. If you want to know more about modifying your weapon, click here!

  • What's a stat cap?
    The stat cap is a “roof” on your pet’s growth. Currently, the stat cap is 35k total stats. Only Strength, Defense, Speed, and Health count. Level and Intelligence do not. Once your pet is capped, you’ll only be able to boost Level and Intel.

  • What is EXP?
    Experience Points are gained from defeating opponents in battle. The more difficult an opponent is, the more EXP you get. EXP is used to buy stats here. Lower tiers have cheaper costs per stat, so it pays to use up EXP as you go.

  • What is a universal boss battle?
    A boss battle is when we are all fighting the same opponent; all damage done by all pets will count. Even your weakest pet can participate, but usually the ones who do the most damage get the best prizes. This sometimes means hundreds of losses.

  • My 100% healer/freezer/stealer did not work!
    Some opponents have features like these disabled. For instance, you can’t heal against Daemon. This also, however, means that items that have a negative impact on Health will do no damage on your pet.

  • My pet is not showing up in the dropdown list when I go to the challenge page.
    It is either hungry, bored, has 0 Health or is already in a battle. If you recently received the pet from a friend you will be unable to battle with it for 30 days.

  • How do I pull my pet out of a battle?
    Click on the Challenge an Opponent page. If your pet is in a battle, it will say so at the top of the page, and give you the option to continue the battle or forfeit. Forfeiting will count as a loss.

Training Tiers and Stats
  • What does *insert stat here* do?
    • Level: Level plays two roles, it enables you to keep training in the gym and it counts towards your rank.
    • Strength: Strength determines how hard you hit.
    • Defense: Defense determines how much damage you block.
    • Health: Health is the amount of life your pet has. The more Health Points (HP) the easier it is to live through a long battle.
    • Speed: Speed plays a role in activating features like freezing and critical hits.
    • Intel: Intelligence is useful for scrolls, which require Alchemy Points (AP). AP comes from reading books to your pet.

  • How do I know what tier my pet is?
    Add up your pet's health, strength, defense, and speed. Or just check your pet's page!

  • How do I advance my pet's tier?
    Train. This is the simplest, most effective means of advancing your pet's tier.

    Autotraining, which costs both CSC and sP, will train your pet for 24 hours. Sleep, eat, work and worry not - Jim will whip your precious pet into shape.

  • How do I train outside of using the Training Center?
    • Stat boosters are one way of increasing your pet’s stats. Choose “Use on PET” to give them the extra boost. Do not click the “Feed” option; your pet will not get the boost with that option. A comprehensive list of all stat boosters on Subeta can be found Scratchcards and the Coin Machine also offer a chance for your active pet to get a stat boost.
    • Have you tripped over a mage amulet? Turn it over to the Elemental Mage who runs the mage quests, and he may reward you with a tome.
    • You may receive a random event where your active pet may get a stat boost.
    • Complete Shinwa’s daily quest and she may bless you with a booster (or junk).
    • The Oracle may visit you occasionally; she’ll ask for an item, and in return, she’ll reward your active pet with a stat boost!
    • Finally, battling and doing your Battle Quests (BQs) will give your pet Experience Points (EXP), which you can spend here.

  • How far is my pet from reaching the next tier?
    Subtract your pet's totaled stats from the minimum required amount for the next tier.

  • How can I find out what rank my pet is?
    Just check the Your Pets page or check here.

    Press "Create New Set" and check the boxes of the scrolls you want in your set. After creating a set, make sure that the box labelled "Default" is red, this means it is your default scroll set.

    When making a scroll set, make sure your pet has enough Alchemy Points to use the set. To check Your Alchemy Points -this should really be on the same page as the scroll library, but I will write this in as it currently is- Go to the pet page here, then in the upper right side, there is a drop down arrow. Click that, and select "Scrolls". This page will tell you how many Alchemy Points you have. Don't be alarmed it will say you aren't using any of them.

  • How do I remove scrolls taught to my pet?
    To remove a scroll from the scroll library, go to either "Create New Set" or edit any of your current sets. Underneath each scroll is the word "Remove". Click that, and the scroll will be returned to your inventory.

  • Why is battling expensive?
    It isn’t expensive to defeat the easy opponents with low tier weapons. Going from zero to hero in a short time, however, is very expensive. Some weapons sell for billions of sP, if people sell at all. Training costs add up over time, but quickly boosting a pet is what will kill your budget.

    The good news is that you can get very decent weapons from participating in events and by defeating stronger opponents. If you plan on sticking around you can take your time training - making it cheaper and giving you a chance to save up for some of the better weapons.

Stats: The Breakdown

Base Stats
  • Health - This stat is important no matter what build you are aiming for, but too much health means your style of battling is limited to tanking. What it does is simple; if you get attacked for 10 points you will lose 10 points of Health (HP). Once your HP reaches 0 the battle is lost, but the pet will not suffer from it. Just take it to the healer and it will be as good as new!
  • Strength - The stat that makes you hit harder. All weapons do a certain amount of elemental icons, and Strength gives those attack icons more power. Currently strength cannot stand alone, you need to train a secondary stat as well - most popularly Health.
  • Defense - The stat which blocks damage. Defense and Strength work the same way, they make the icons your weapon does do more of either shielding or attacking.
  • Speed - This stat influences the critical hit system. Higher speed can increase the likelihood of critically-hitting your opponent, and decrease the likelihood of your opponent critically-hitting your pet! Some weapons, such as Twisted Keeper Focus, give beneficial curses, blessings, stealing and/or freezing which activate at higher speed.
Other Stats
  • Level - Level has no importance in battling. The level stat simply enables you to keep training in the gym. Your pet's level must be raised before other stats can be trained.
  • Intelligence (Intel) - The one stat you cannot train in the gym. Intelligence is very important in battling because it determines how many scrolls you can equip.

The Tiers Table

From minimum to maximum total stats per tier. Tiers do not include Level or Intelligence.
(Note: the levels and 'average stats' are only approximations, depending if you train your pet evenly or unevenly)

TIER OVERALL STATS Levels Average Stats
Tier 1 40-299 1-30 10-74
Tier 2 300-599 30-60 75-149
Tier 3 600 - 1,199 60-120 150-299
Tier 4 1,200 - 1,799 120-180 300-449
Tier 5 1,800 - 2,599 180-260 450-649
Tier 6 2,600 - 3,399 260-340 650-849
Tier 7 3,400 - 4,399 340-440 850-1099
Tier 8 4,400 - 5,399 440-540 1100-1349
Tier 9 5,400 - 6,399 540-640 1350-1599
Tier 10 6,400 - 7,999 640-800 1600-1999
Tier 11 8,000 - 11,999 800-1200 2000-2999
Tier 12 12,000-22000 1200-8800 3000-5500
Tier 13 22001-35000 8801+ 5501+

Your pet’s tier determines which weapons it can use. For example, if your pet is Tier 8 (T8), it can use all weapons from T1 to T8. However, a T8 cannot use any weapons tiered higher (T9-12). Train your pet’s stats to reach higher tiers!
When you send a pet with 2000+ points in a single stat to a friend, the pet’s overall stats will be reduced by 10%
Pets sent to you by friends are unable to battle for 30 days.

Weapons of Mass Destruction

Weapon Basics
The main weapons you use should be in your armory. These are the ones you will be able to pick out for each battle in the Coliseum. You can use two each round.

There are nine different elements on Subeta:

Dark Earth Fire Ice Light Magma Physical Water Wind

Each weapon will either attack or block with these elements. If it's an attack, it'll appear like a plain icon (). If it's defense, it'll have a red X through it (). Weapons can have one or more elements, and/or primarily attack/block specific ones.

Weapons do more than just deal out icons, though. Some weapons freeze, heal, and/or have curses or blessings that have a chance of activating. They may boost your defense/strength/speed, and others will scale with your pet’s tier. You’ll never fully know what a weapon can do until you go try it out!

Weapon Guide
Make sure to check out this helpful

Other Items
There are certain items that you can equip to your pet, and these will be a fourth weapon for you to use each round.

Modifier Crystals
You can customize a weapon by adding crystals to its mod slots. You might want more Water damage, or more defense against Fire. Some will give your weapon a blessing or a curse, or boost a weapon’s ability to steal, heal or freeze. Try them all out!

Once placed, a crystal cannot be removed. You’ll have to replace it with another. If you remove a weapon from your armory, all modded crystals will be lost.
DPI Formula
API Formula Application
  • "Weapon does 10 icons, and my pet has 200 STR. How much damage will my pet do?"
    • SQ RT (200) / 4.2 = ≈3.4 API
    • 10 x ≈3.4 = approximately 34 damage
    • Crit-hit: approx. 67-68 damage

  • "Same weapon as above is used (10), but my pet has 2000 STR. How much damage will my pet do?"
    • SQ RT (2000) / 4.2 = ≈10.65 API
    • 10 x ≈10.65 = approx. 106 damage
    • Crit-hit: approx. 212 damage

BPI Formula Application
  • "Weapon blocks 10 icons, and my pet has 300 DEF. How much will my pet block against?"
    • SQ RT (300) / 4 = ≈4.33 BPI
    • 10 x ≈4.3 3 = approx. blocks 43 damage

  • "Same weapon as above is used (10), but my pet has 3000 DEF. How much will my pet block against?"
    • SQ RT (3000) / 4 = ≈13.69 BPI
    • 10 x ≈13.69 = approx. blocks 136 damage
Critical Hits
Critical Hits double your damage during one turn. Having higher speed than your opponent makes crits more likely. You can always crit your opponent; their crit rate is capped at 90% since June 18th 2014 which leaves you with a meager (but existing) chance of 10%. This means that even pets built unevenly with neglected speed can now get a chance to crit.

Visual Step-by-Step Guide of a Battle

Click on ‘Challenge an Opponent’ on top of the page, which will take you to a page that looks like this....

The dropdown list is where you choose the pet that you want to battle with. ‘Choose Weapons’ allows you to change your weapon lineup before entering battle, or you can ‘Battle with Default Weapons’.

So now your pet is in battle, and it’s going to look a little something like this…

Time to start the battle! You can choose up to two Weapons, one potion, and/or one scroll to attack with every turn. Select what you want to use, and ‘Make your Turn’.

Everything highlighted in green is your pet’s attack; the blue is your opponent’s, in this case, Buttwing. Starting from the left, your pet knocked 103 hit points off Buttwing’s health bar. He now has 0/15 HPs.

The attack description shows who goes first in battle based on the Speed stat, and as you can see, your pet is faster (going first does not matter in terms of battle; it’s just for aesthetic purposes).

Finally, on the right, we have Buttwing’s attack, and he knocked 18 hitpoints off your pet’s health bar. Your pet still has 88/106, so you’re the winner! Click the ‘Game Over’ button and steal all his money!

Battle wins 1 - 10 reward item(s) loot, sPs and experience (EXP). Any win gives you a chance to get a token that can be spent in the Battle Shop. The Loot is dependent on the opponent, and many of them have a special drop on their 5th win.

Useful Information

So you think you know what CoD really stands for? Well, here’s a list of some popular shorthand you may see around the battle forum, and what each abbreviation most likely stands for, depending on context.

  • Abox - Aboxalypse
  • AP - Alchemy Points
  • BA - Battle Admin
  • BC - Battle Coliseum
  • Blocker - Weapon that hinders opponents from damaging your pet with one or all icon types. A full blocker completely hinders any damage.
  • BHH - Blackheart Hollow
  • Boost - Stat Boost
  • BQ - Battle Quest
  • Breakable - Item will eventually 'break' and be gone permanently. Do not confuse with Semi-Breakable.
  • Cobalt - Cobalt Eternal Scroll
  • CoD - Cuirass of Deathward
  • Crit - Critical Hit, Critical Strike
  • DEF - Defense
  • DDS - Deluxe Death Shard
  • EXP - Experience points
  • GE - General Error
  • Gellies - Gelatin War baddies
  • GK - Gate Keeper
  • Godly - Godlies are top tier weapons that have similar qualities (i.e. 4 mod slots, heals 10%, full block, curse or blessing, around 34-42 attack icons). An example of a godly is Malerias Staff of Destruction.
  • HP - Health Points
  • IH - Item Hunt
  • INT - Intelligence
  • LVL - Level
  • MaFa, Familiar - Malerias Familiar
  • Mage - GY Chai of Mage Quests
  • MB - Mystery Box
  • MC - Millionaire Center
  • MSoB, Mirror - Mirroring Shield of Brilliance
  • MSS - Malerias Short Sword
  • MW or M-Weapon - Manifesting Weapon
  • OP - Overpowered or Overpriced, depends on context
  • OPB - Once Per Battle. Weapon will only have one use each battle so choose carefully when to use it.
  • PQ - Phoenix Quill
  • RB - Recycle Blaster
  • RV - Rainbow Vortex
  • Semi-Breakable - If item 'breaks' it will only be gone for the rest of the battle, not permanently.
  • Soma - Soma Tablets
  • SPD - Speed
  • STR - Strength
  • STS - Shinwas Temple Shard
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There are more opponents than you know
The opponents listed in the Coliseum aren’t all there are in Subeta. Some only show themselves during events, others appear randomly and yet a few more you can unlock with certain items. The Cash Shop has some of these, one example is the Molten Summoning Tome.