Friske has a minion!

the Banare

Legacy Name: Friske

The Custom Blacklight Montre
Owner: Paula

Age: 5 years, 1 month, 5 days

Born: May 18th, 2019

Adopted: 5 years, 1 month, 5 days ago

Adopted: May 18th, 2019

Pet Spotlight Winner
May 18th, 2022


  • Level: 110
  • Strength: 276
  • Defense: 275
  • Speed: 271
  • Health: 276
  • HP: 271/276
  • Intelligence: 160
  • Books Read: 160
  • Food Eaten: 157
  • Job: Cicerone

"Coming in unannounced, drag my nails on the tile,
I just follow your scent, you can just follow my smile
All of your flaws are aligned with this mood of mine
Cutting me to the bone, nothing left to leave behind
You ought to keep me concealed just like I was a weapon..."

Friske let out a long sigh. His tall, slender figure did not seem to move, except for the subtle circular gesture of moving the drink into the glass in his hand. Sometimes the thought came back to haunt him, that; like a black cloud that darkened the clear sky so quickly, the thought also fled as quickly as it came. Nonsense, they would not get him, they could not trace his way and, another reason and the biggest one, there was no "them".
His conduct was not contrary to the principles of his creation, nor did he undermine the structural network of that magnificent race, after all. His function was clear: He is supposed to dilute negativity, evil thoughts and everything that was rotten from within the minds in dreams, since he is one of the excellent dreamwalkers — ah, yes, the best of them probably! He could get into dreams, yes, but he didn't like doing that. He thought it was a violation to unceremoniously penetrate other people's minds, change them, forcefully twist them to make them positive and happy. It was all very false. Sure, Friske is a great hedonist, and that turned his mind to the new creative focus without needing much thought. Spontaneous and active, always, the young Montre seeks all of the unfortunates and brings them back to life through the adored lens of pleasure. The delights he can offer, whether inside a glass of a favorite drink, or talking about a loved memory, or the touch of his skin...

Contrary to all pre-established rules — by whom, again? — the young man went after unsettling his fate and make it more pleasing to both his audience and himself, since he was an irreverent lover of life and all its lust, and he attends in various bars here and there making use of his own "special recipes "in new and colorful drinks, lying with males and/or females, sniffing their skins or creating their magic in colorful, bright powders that are sure to make people feel good about themselves and the world around them. Ah! He has no restraint when it comes to exalting and shining that spark of energy within people, he loves to be inside crowds.
A smile welled in the corner of his mouth as he put the heavy glass aside and stood up from the bed, silently as not to wake up the other guy who was sleeping tenderly beside him. Yeah, he can say he is a good soul. He wouldn't be punished for, what, modifying the rules a little bit? He was harmless, right? Their brothers and sisters were the wrong ones in the whole scene, violating those poor tormented people without asking for any permission. Yeah. Yeah he was good.

Night's only a child, after all.

"Truly free, love it baby, I'm talking no inflation;
Too many war wounds and not enough wars
Too few rounds in the ring and not enough settled scores
Too many sharks, not enough blood in the waves
You know I give my love a f-f-four letter name."

— — —

Story and art by User not found: haiku;
Overlay by AnimalzRForever;
Profile coding: FallenSamurai;
Background image from Wallpaper Vortex;
Lyrics: Irresistible by Fall Out Boy.

Pet Treasure

MonoRi Special

Spirit in the Machine

Wheat For It Vegan Beer

Goatmeal Stout Vegan Ale

Blood Orange Sour Vegan Ale

Autumn Dragon Vegan Saison

Vetan Sunrise Vegan Amber Ale

Go Citra Vegan Beer

Cloudberry Cordial

Blueberry Cordial

Golden Berry Cordial

Blackberry Cordial

Elderberry Cordial

Currant Berry Cordial

White Grape Cordial

Strawberry Cordial

Bloodthirsty Mary

Mango Lassi

Summer Melon Spritzer


Deep Fried Margarita


Empty Celebratory Glass

Beer Punch

Non-Alcoholic Lime Rickey

Single Rose

Fig Sherbert

Wake the Dead

Molten Metal Shot

Ziara Gutter Wyllop

Dirty Banana

Coffee Alexander

Whiskey Coffee

Non-Alcoholic Purple Moomoo

Non-Alcoholic Pink Moomoo

Non-Alcoholic Brown Moomoo

Non-Alcoholic Orange Cream

Coffee Martini


Delphi Cherry Limeade Smoothie

Island Frights Cocktail


Triple Layer Smoothie

Apple Cider Mimosa


Fine Aged Scotch Whisky

Fine Aged Rum

Fine Aged Coconut Brandy

Fine Aged Bourbon Whiskey

Fine Aged Armagnac

Orange Belly Jelly Shot

Watermelon Belly Jelly Shot

Cucumber Belly Jelly Shot

Melon Belly Jelly Shot

Mint Belly Jelly Shot

Spacy Sparkle on the Rocks

Minty Breeze Mocktail

Spirulina Shake

Bashful Tonic Fizz

Minty Melon Cooler

Sparkling Sunset

Sea Asparagus Poke Shooter

Bashful Tonic Fizz

Cooling Sorbet

Milk Shooter

Sparkling Water

New Years Magnificent Fizzy Drink

New Years Spectacular Fizzy Drink

New Years Splendid Fizzy Drink

New Years Extravagant Fizzy Drink

New Years Ecstatic Fizzy Drink

Black Bear




Black Cherry Foam

Harvey Wallbanger

No Hander

Slippery Nipple

Bahama Mama

Long Island Iced Tea

The Haze

Gin Fizz

Pina Colada


Champagne Dream

Strawberry Daiquiri



Melon Sour

Subeta Sunrise


Flaming B-52


Sparkling Grape Juice

2008 Celebration Sparkling Strawberry Juice

New Years Spilled Celebratory Champagne

2008 Celebration Sparkling Grape Juice

Watered-Down Drink

New Years Spilled Celebratory Absinthe

2008 Celebration Champagne

Empty Champagne Bottle

Inky Drink


Honeydew Cocktail

Deadly Ambrosia


Shot of Whiskey



White Lady Cocktail Bubble

White Bear

Whiskey Sour

Volcanic Lavana Ember Tea

Twist-N-Turn Shot

Twirlin Mint Swirly

Twinkling Glade Illumis Cocktail

Truly Dazzling Cocktail

Triple Frozen Berry Punch

Triple Bloody Caesar

TRAPPIST Sweet Honey Spritzer


TRAPPIST Discovery Punch

TRAPPIST Deep Space Shot

TRAPPIST Cream-N-Who-Knows-What Liquor

Torra Rush

Tipsy Grape Cocktail

The Smoker

The Haze

Tentacle Fruit Twist

Tangy Lime and Cherry Cocktail

Tangy Cherry Cocktail

Tangerine Corkscrew Drink

Swirling Galaxy Cocktail

Sweet-N-Spicy Science Liquor

Sweet Toxic Science Liquor

Sweet Tangerine Cocktail

Sweet Orange Cocktail

Sweet Matter Wine

Sweet Mango Orange Cocktail

Sweet Frost Science Liquor

Super Bellini

Subeta Sunrise

Strawberry Pieshake

Strawberry Mint Cocktail

Strawberry Gin Cocktail

Strawberry Geartini

Strawberry Gear Spritzer

Strawberry Fruited Drink

Strawberry Daiquiri

Strawberry Corkscrew Drink

Strawberry and Lemon Cocktail

Starstruck Melon Cocktail

Spinning Spectrum Illumis Cocktail

Spiked Grapefruit Seltzer

Spiced Orange Punch

Spa Day Cocktail

Soothing Spiced Cider

Soothing Petal Cocktail

Slippery Nipple


Seven Layer Dip Shooter


Salted Fruit Granita

Rusty Nail

Rosewater Champagne

Rhubarb and Tequila Cocktail

Relaxing Mist Cocktail

Raspberry Spring

Raspberry Lemon Drop

Raspberry Gear Spritzer

Rainbow Daiquiri

Punch in the Riftail

Pumpkin Pieshake

Priberry Jelly Shots

Plum-N-Thyme Sparkling Cocktail

Pisco Sour

Pink Squirrel

Pink Passion

Pink Kitty Cat

Pineapple Splash Cocktail

Pineapple Fruited Drink

Pina Colada

Peekaboo Bunny Pop

Passionate Hurricane

Orange Twist Fizz

Orange Splash Cocktail

Orange Geartini

Orange Gear Spritzer

Orange Cream Cocktail

No Hander

Moscow Mule


Mint Leaf Cocktail

Mint Julep

Mint Cooler Cocktail

Mint Berry Cocktail

Mimosa Punch

Melon Sour

Masqued Mystery


Mango and Peach Cocktail

Mai Tai

Long Island Iced Tea

Lipstick and Lace

Lime Water

Lime Twisted Drink

Lime Slush Cocktail

Lime Gear Spritzer

Lime Fruited Drink

Lime Corkscrew Drink

Lime and Mint Cocktail

Lemon Geartini

Lemon Gear Spritzer

Lemon Corkscrew Drink

Kir Royale

Key Lime Pieshake

Icy Hot Shot

Honeydew Cocktail

Honey Bubble Daiquiri

Hibiscus Spritzer

Haunting Nightmare Illumis Cocktail

Harvey Wallbanger

Gut Wrencher

Grilled Cherry Sour Cocktail


Grapefruit Melody Cocktail

Grapefruit and Pomegranate Kicker

Ginger Beer

Gin Rickey Cocktail Bubble

Gin Fizz

Gin and Tonic


Galaxan Mist

Fuzzy Navel

Fun On The Beach

Fruit Punch Twisted Drink

Frost Bitten Glacier Illumis Cocktail

Fizzy Strawberry Drink

Fizzy Mint Drink

Fizzy Lemon Drink

Fizzy Cucumber Drink

Fizzy Blueberry Drink

Enchanted Frozen Bubbly

Early to Sunrise Fruit Punch

Dusted Fallen Leaf Cider

Dinkle Fizz


Crushed Melon and Mint Cocktail

Cranbulle Cocktail

Cranberry Twisted Drink

Cranberry Corkscrew Drink

Crackling Reborn Illumis Cocktail

Colada Twisted Drink

Classic Sweet Tea

Citrus Tang Cocktail

Citrus Evergreen Twist

Chocolate Shot Cake

Chocolate Pieshake


Cherry Pieshake

Cherry Kick Cocktail

Cherry Fruited Drink

Champagne Dream


Caberet Cocktail

Bubbly RasBlu Tonic

Bubbly Apple Spritzer

Brandy Alexander

Blueberry Twisted Drink

Blueberry Haze

Blue Tropical

Blue Cooler Cocktail

Bloody Mary

Bloody Marian

Blackberry Geartini

Big Kid Shake

Berry Infusion Cocktail

Berry Fruited Drink


Banana Cream Pieshake

Bahama Mama

Apple Geartini

2Hot Shot

Pet Friends

But I'm here for you, silly!

Huh? Now this is new.

Oh wow hey! Are you alone?

Do you even drink anything?

C'mon, outta your shell.

I'll toast to that. Luck!

So, big guy, what's the deal?

Good but a lil' extra touch...

Woah you drunk already?

You sure need a drink.

I love me some raining.

Why you all alone like this?

I uh... Excuse me, dear.

Uh-uhm... *SNEEZES*

Been wanting to call you.

Dayum that's some design!

You are incredibly cute!