Mary Sue has a minion!

Paparazzi the Freaking Rock

Mary Sue
Legacy Name: Mary Sue

The Custom Sweetheart Kanis
Owner: Francine

Age: 12 years, 5 months, 1 week

Born: December 15th, 2009

Adopted: 10 years, 10 months, 2 days ago

Adopted: July 20th, 2011

Pet Spotlight Winner
August 15th, 2016


  • Level: 1
  • Strength: 10
  • Defense: 10
  • Speed: 10
  • Health: 10
  • HP: 10/10
  • Intelligence: 0
  • Books Read: 0
  • Food Eaten: 0
  • Job: Unemployed

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Spotlight Comments

"Please welcome our next guest, Princess Mary Sue!" The crowd goes wild as the host of the Super Late Late Show waves in a very beautiful woman. She beams at the crowd, waves, and poses for the cameras. "Thank you for having me Richard" she says in a voice as smooth as silk. It takes a full ten minutes for the crowd to calm down enough for Richard to continue speaking. "Princess Mary" he says, in awe of the beautiful creature in front of him "Our show has been sold out for months ahead of your arrival. I know how busy you are with all your careers, but we would like to thank you for this appearance."

"Please, Richard. Just call me Mary Sue, I may be a Princess, but I'm also the most humble woman in the universe."

The crowd goes wild again, and it is another several minutes before they are quiet enough to continue. "Mary Sue, how does it feel having your personal autobiography be number one on the Subeta Best Sellers list for three years in a row? Knowing you've broken all records in the book business with your book 'Perfection' and that the only reason your last best seller 'Special Snowflake' was knocked to number two, was because of your new book?"

"Well Richard, I never expected this much from it to be honest. Especially with 'Special Snowflake'! I had never written a book before, and even though I skipped all of my high school due to perfect grades, I didn't pursue a writer career. I guess I just had natural talent!" Richard nods, agreeing with her. "Now, we all know your tragic backstory, and the fact that you were able to overcome so much while still being a shining, and amazing person. I just want you to know how much this country appreciates your perseverance and the fact that you've gotten so far and done so much in your life. Now, out of all your accomplishments, what do you think is your favorite?"

Mary Sue thinks for a moment, and smiles. "I really can't pick one! I own a five star bakery, I still do brain surgery on patients, and my rocket science facility is a lot of fun... but it's too hard to choose! I mean, what would you choose if you had all those things in addition to being the first person to land on Atebus, the inventor of sliced bread, and earned 20 Olympic gold medals? Besides, choosing one would leave all my fans of my other accomplishments out, and that wouldn't be fair."

A loud "Awwww" rumbles through the crowd, as they sigh at her pure selflessness. How could anyone be so amazing?"Now, we know you've been romantically linked to Johnny Depp, Sagittarius, and Harry Potter. Who has your heart right now?" Richard asked, hopeful that she would say he was the one she wanted.

Mary Sue laughed "I can't help it that everyone loves me. Sometimes it's a burden to be honest. I have love letters from Jon Snow, Snoop Dogg, Thor, and about 3 members of royalty sitting on my fan mail pile, but I guess... my heart only has room for one right now." She looked at Richard, a sly smile creeping across her face.

"And who is that?" Richard asks, leaning up off his seat in anticipation.

"Me of course!" She laughed, sending the crowd into a frenzy once again. "I'm perfect, and great at everything I ever do, why would I settle for anything less?"

Pet Treasure

Trophy of Triumph

Best in Show Ribbon

Gold Ziaran Honors Medal

Purple Ziaran Honors Medal

Royal Blue Ziaran Honors Medal

Red Ziaran Honors Medal

Green Ziaran Honors Medal

Blue Ziaran Honors Medal

White Ziaran Honors Medal

Black Ziaran Honors Medal

Gold Atebus Revolution Medal

Purple Atebus Revolution Medal

Royal Blue Atebus Revolution Medal

Red Atebus Revolution Medal

Green Atebus Revolution Medal

Blue Atebus Revolution Medal

White Atebus Revolution Medal

Black Atebus Revolution Medal

Purple Decorative Medal

Orange Decorative Medal

Yellow Decorative Medal

Green Decorative Medal

Blue Decorative Medal

White Decorative Medal

Red Decorative Medal

Cop Bunny

Learning Bunny

Garden Bunny

Doctor Bunny

Craft Bunny

Peka-Boo Autograph Book

Directors Latte

Studio Set

Vintage Film Camera


Film Reel

Rusted Pumpkin Morostide King Film

Studio Light

Directors Chair


Star Trailer

Wild Aces Babe Poster

Ladies Babe Poster

Dramatic Film Noir Poster


Perfectly Pristine Page

Swanky Purse

Perfect Crystal Shard Necklace

Diamond Edition Perfect Pearls


Snooty Kitty

Swimming in Money

Hustler Money Clip

Money Piggy Bank

Rainyday Rainstorm Mirror

Angelic Mirror

Peka-Boo VIP Sunglasses

Bold Peka-Boo Sunglasses

Black Giant Navy Sunglasses

Giant Plum Sunglasses

Black Giant Plum Sunglasses

Giant Navy Sunglasses

Striped Cell Phone

Star Cell Phone

Moon Cell Phone

Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow Polka Dot Bikini Sticker

Pink Bikini

Professor New Magnetized Before-and-After Photos

Pumpkin Camera

Battered Instant Camera

Digital Camera

Keiths Camera

Battered Camera

Pink Camera

Waterproof Camera

35mm Camera

Movie Camera

Battered Antique Camera

Vintage Roll of Film

Black and White Film

Color Film

Angelic Film

Dark Matter Film

Antique Light Round Dining Table

Antique Blonde Round Dining Table

Antique Ashen Round Dining Table

Antique Mild Round Dining Table

Antique Dark Round Dining Table

Antique Light Dining Table

Antique Dark Dining Table

Antique Ashen Dining Table

Antique Mild Dining Table

Antique Blonde Dining Table

Antique Blonde Arm Chair

Antique Blonde Chaise Lounge

Antique Blonde Side Chair

Antique Blonde Fainting Couch

Antique Blonde Daybed

Antique Blonde Parlor Settee

Antique Blonde Cameo Settee

Antique Mild Arm Chair

Antique Mild Daybed

Antique Mild Side Chair

Antique Mild Parlor Settee

Antique Mild Cameo Settee

Antique Mild Fainting Couch

Antique Ashen Daybed

Antique Ashen Side Chair

Antique Ashen Chaise Lounge

Antique Ashen Cameo Settee

Antique Ashen Arm Chair

Antique Ashen Parlor Settee

Antique Ashen Fainting Couch

Antique Light Cameo Settee

Antique Light Daybed

Antique Light Fainting Couch

Antique Light Arm Chair

Antique Light Chaise Lounge

Antique Light Side Chair

Antique Light Parlor Settee

Antique Dark Arm Chair

Antique Dark Daybed

Antique Dark Cameo Settee

Antique Dark Chaise Lounge

Antique Dark Side Chair

Antique Dark Parlor Settee

Antique Dark Fainting Couch

Box of Sugary Sweetness

Lovely Box of Cupcakes

Sweetie Apron

Miss Nanny Apron

Stylish Retro Apron

Fantines Apron

Blue Flowery Kitchen Apron

Green Flowery Kitchen Apron

Yellow Flowery Kitchen Apron

Pink Flowery Kitchen Apron

Bunny White Apron

Raincloud Gray Apron

Tropical Bay Aqua Apron

Columbine Blue Apron

Buttercup Yellow Apron

Peachy Orange Apron

Hot Cocoa Brown Apron

Clover Purple Apron

Princess Pink Apron

Honeydew Green Apron

Feli Autograph Book

Autographed Kumos Book

Autumn Photo Book

Beloved Photo Album

Rose Perfume

Ocean Perfume

Questionably Animate Jackalope

Spearmint Pony

Zodiac Horse Spirit

Golden Horse Statue

Special Snowflake Wig

Special Snowflake

Special Snowflake

Special Snowflake

Special Snowflake

Pet Friends


Gary Stu





Raven 813 Black

The False Prophet

Freelancer Diablos

Freelancer Diode

Freelancer Firestorm

Freelancer Syndrome



Twilight Swan



Kon Grim



George Washington

Master Jinora
































Tsukuyomi Yoru














Tatoo Red

Periwinkle Pearlie


Blue Zircon



Snoop Dogg