Catch All General

The site is down, how do I know what's going on?
We try to keep our Status Page updated as best as we can when dealing with issues on the site. If the site is down, you should be able to access the status page because it's hosted somewhere differently! We also try to give updates on our twitter page and facebook page.

Where are the rules for the site?
Right here! You can also find them at the bottom of every page.

What are the Community Guidelines?
The Community Guidelines are a set of guidelines that apply to the public areas of the site so that users have a positive experience. You'll be asked to agree to the guidelines before you can post on the forums, make news or profile comments, smail someone, or post in the shoutbox! If you see something that goes beyond the guidelines, file a ticket so a User Administrator can look into it.

There wasn't a news post about a recent change on site, how can I find this information in the future?
A great resource for staff posts outside of the news is the Admin Post Feed. You can find this link on the top of the forums. Basically any post that staff flag as 'official' will show up on the forums with a red bar. Those posts will also show on this feed. You'll see staff replying to bugs, mentioning small changes, etc on this feed!

You should also look into joining the Site Update forum group. Staff will ping that group for changes that are too small for a news post. There's a site update forum that will be the bulk of where those pings come from!

What are the common abbreviations for the site?

  • AA - Assistant Administrator
  • BHH - Blackheart Hollow
  • BR - Bloodred
  • CS - Cash Shop
  • CSC - Cash Shop Credits
  • CW - Custom Wearables
  • DC - Donation Center
  • GA - Gold Account
  • GY - Graveyard
  • HA - Human Avatar
  • K - Thousand
  • MC - Millionaire Center (or sometimes Monthly Collection)
  • MM - MiniMod (or sometimes Mysterious Melody)
  • NPC - Non Playable Character
  • RB - Reborn
  • RE - Random Event
  • RP - Roleplaying
  • RS - Restock
  • SB - Shoutbox
  • sP - Subeta Points
  • SBQ or SubQ - Subeautique
  • SW - Steamwork
  • TS - Token Shop
  • TC - Treasure Chest
  • UA - User Administrator
  • UB - Unbuyable
  • WSQ - Weekend Special Quests

I got a Random Event, what does it mean and are there others like it?
A random event is a fun little event that will pop up at the top of the site while you are playing. This could just a short and silly note from your pet or it could be an event saying you found a potion or piece of food on the ground. Some popular random events are the ones that give out Subeautique Invites and also the Tempest. The Tempest is a storm anyu that will ask to play with you in a random event. If you click the link to play with her (while she is active ~15 minutes), you are granted a special storm related item. And if you are super lucky, she will give you a Storm Potion. There is a higher chance that you will run into her on Mondays if you navigate the site while it is raining in the Subeta lands.

I have a name I have been hoping to have. Do usernames or pet names ever clear?
Pet names and usernames are not really cleared. They do however become available after a certain time. In the past, inactive and frozen users would be totally deleted every so often. Now instead, if a user is inactive for a year or frozen for 10 months, their username and pet names will be available for anyone to use. The one exception is if a user has passed away, the username will be kept on the account as a legacy username. Their pet names however will be up after that time. If someone takes a name from an inactive account and the user comes back, they will have a free name change to help start again. Any pet or user who has their name taken will remain the same name with _#### on the end. For example, Bob would become Bob_92934.

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Pew Pew Battle Battle

Where can I battle?
You can find the Battle Coliseum on both the games page and on the Sacred Lands map!

How do I battle?
We suggest you read this Beginner Guide to battling as well as this In-depth Guide!

Where can I buy weapons?
There are a lot of places weapons are sold. To start off, you can purchase weapons at the Weapon Warehouse, a restocking shop. You can sometimes buy weapons from special shops or receive weapons as prizes from events.

What's considered a good weapon set?
It really depends what you're going for. However, we strongly suggest you check out the battle forums. A lot of battlers are dedicated to helping users build the perfect set for different tiers!

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Cash Shop Dolla Dolla Bill, y'all

How do I get Cash Shop Credits (CSC)?
There are many ways that you can get Cash Shop Credits, or CSC. PayPal/Braintree payments are the most popular way to purchase credits. You can use a credit card, debit card, or your bank account through PayPal. The more you spend, the more credits you get. Stripe is another form of payment that is similar but you enter the information into their system and again, the more you spend, the more credits you get.

If you cannot spend real money at this time, do not fret! You still have the option to purchase CSC from other users with sP. These come in the form of Credit Gift Cards and come in denominations of 100, 250, 500, 1000, 3000 and 5000 credits. You can also offer or accept odd denominations of CSC on trades if you wish. Once in awhile, the site also has contests and events that hand out small amounts and there are achievements with CSC prizes. One newer way to earn credits is through our Bathhouse daily. On certain days throughout the month, you will receive CSC for going to the bathhouse every day. You have a chance at 150 CSC per month if you have a 30 day streak!

What is a Gold Account?
Gold Accounts, or GA, is our premium account that offers users quite a few perks. Some of these perks include the autopricer, decreased training times and wait times on certain games, access to a GA only forum and beta testing, and the ability to use a pet leash for free! You also get a snazzy GA trophy the first time you activate one. The Gold Account Medals can be purchased for a month up to a full year at a time, the longer accounts offer a discount on those medals. Below is a list of the perks granted from having a Gold Account:

  • GA trophy
  • Increased quests (5 additional for regular quests, 10 extra for Major Drills)
  • Reduced times:
  • Autopricer (once per day per shop)
  • Additional Shops/Galleries (4 -> 6)
  • Additional items per shop/gallery (2k -> 2.5k for shops, 7.5 -> 10k for galleries)
  • Additional wearables can be worn at the same time (30 -> 45)
  • More vends per day (250 -> 500)
  • Check in all pets at once in Veta Resort
  • Mass transfer TC slots from pet to pet
  • Mass add more items to a TC at once (10 -> 25)
  • Extra scroll and weapon sets (3 -> 5)
  • Pet leash underneath HA on forums
  • GA forum access
  • Beta testing
  • Additional space inside of gift boxes (5 -> 10)
  • Extra skip during Battle Quests (1 -> 2)
  • Quickstock into collections
  • Additional items in your inventory (100 -> 250)
  • Additional inventory Locks (5 -> 10)
  • No Ads

I want to buy a specific amount of CSC and/or a monthly GA each month. Is there an easy way to do this?
Well, aren't you in luck? We do offer monthly subscriptions for Gold Accounts, Cash Shop Credits or even both! Every month your saved credit or debit card will automatically be billed for the subscription plan that you choose.

What is a Loyalty Card?
The Cash Shop Loyalty Card is a feature that rewards users for their continued support of the site. For an explanation of how this feature works, please see below.

  • For every 1,000 cash shop credits you purchase through PayPal or Stripe, you receive a small stamp. For every 2,000 cash shop credits you purchase through PayPal or Stripe, you receive a large stamp. This is cumulative so if you purchase less, it adds up.
  • Each stamp is worth a certain amount of Loyalty Points (LP) depending on the total number of stamps – so stamp 1 is 1 point, stamp 2 is 2 points, and so on. Filling the card earns 55 points plus a 5 point bonus for completing a card, which brings the total to 60 LP.
  • At this time you can fill 2 cards per period for a total of 120 LP per period. These points can be spent in our loyalty shop which has exclusive items for you to buy.
  • A new card will be released every 3 months or so with new stamps and prizes to earn. This will be announced ahead of time.

What are these Hustler events that keep popping up?
The Cash Shop Hustler is an event that will pop up at the top of your screen when he has a nice retired cash shop item to sell. No one knows how he gets his hands on these items. He says they fell of the back of a trunk. But for 250 CSC you can own one of his finds and sometimes you catch a great deal!

What are Costume Trunks?
Costume Trunks were items that were created as a themed set. Usually they centered around something that was popular at the time. Although we are not planning on releasing any NEW trunks, you can still buy the old ones. There is both a male and a female set for each trunk. When you open the trunk, you will be prompted to choose a gender. Be sure to choose the one you want and you will receive all the items for that gender. You also now have the option of buying the individual pieces, but the whole trunk is a better deal at 500 CSC.

When I go to battle, there is a Cash Shop tab. How do I get these?
If you go to the Special tab under items, you will find a selection of items. Some of these unlock battle challengers. There are times that the items will show in other tabs if they have multiple uses such as food or books. Usually, a new one is released every month. Once you choose to unlock the challenger, the item will disappear, so make sure that you buy more than one if you want another for its other use.

I got a billboard from the Bathhouse Daily and it says it is a Cash Shop item. What is it?
Regular members will see ads for other companies and sites. The billboard item allows you to advertise to all members in the forum for your own pages and sites. Currently we allow the following: Subeta pages, fansites, deviantart pages, etsy shops and youtube channels. Many users choose to use billboards to earn site currency during their respective holidays. For example, you can post a billboard that links to your dance link for Masquerade and earn trinkets if they click on it. To see all the rules regarding this feature, visit the billboard page.

Do you release retired items through the Cash Shop?
We are constantly trying to release old cash shop items back into the system. Sometimes we will just re-release them normally. Other times we will use the Hustler or a newer way, the chance machines.

The Luminaire Gift Chance Machine will give you one random past monthly collection item for 150 CSC. The Gift of Fashions Past Chance Machine will give you one random retired Subeautique or Vanity item for 50 CSC. It is cheaper since the retired Subeautique started as a sP item. The Themed Items Chance Machine give you the chance to pick up retired theme items for 75 CSC each. These items are sometimes transformable in between the items of that particular group. There is one more chance machine, the Animal Chance Machine, but instead of offering retired items, you will receive a random wearable animal for 125 CSC. You can also get the animal of the day for 250 CSC.

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Gotta make the sP/Currencies

Where are my currencies listed?
Your currencies are listed on your vault page. At the top, you'll see how much sP you have stored away. Below that, you'll see Year-Round Currencies, Holiday & Seasonal Currencies, and lastly Plot & Event Prize Shop Currencies. Each currency has a blurb about where to get that currency, where to spend it, and how to turn them in. CSC, or Cash Shop Credits, is the only thing not listed on this page!

For example with Candy Hearts, you obtain different hearts during the holiday Survival and you can turn them into Louis to spend at his shop. Wizard Tokens and Forum Tickets are unique because you can cash them back out, while other currencies like Referral Points or Bathhouse Tokens do not have item equivalents. So be careful and make sure that when you turn in currencies, like candy hearts, that you are aware you can't pull them back out to sell or send to friends!

How can I make sP?
We have a guide on the help page called Ways to Earn sP!

Where can I see how much sP I have on hand?
On the left side of your screen, you should see your dashboard. The first box should have "Subeta: x", with x being your username. In this box should list your username, your sP on hand, how much CSC you have, your active pet, your status, and how many users are online.

If I store all of my sP in my vault, will I get any interest?
No. A long time ago, we had interest but we have since gotten rid of it.

Is there any sort of currency exchange? Like can I trade wizard tokens for forum points?
No, we do not have a currency exchange setup. Users often sell off their points on the forums for various currencies, however! You can generally find boards in the Advertising section on the forums for currencies being sold.

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Let's talk about forums

What do the different user icon colors stand for?

  • Blue: Regular User
  • Gold: Gold Account User
  • Purple: Mini-Mod
  • Red: Staff Member
  • Green: NPC Account
  • Gray: Keith

How do I get the titles that users can display under their username in the forums?
Our forums titles usually come from earning achievements. If you go to the achievement page, any achievement with a star next to the tier will either have an item prize or a forum title prize. You can change your forum title here.

What is sCode and how do I use it?
sCode is Subeta's own version of coding that allows you to use site shortcuts, embellish your posts in the forums and even create pet profiles! For example, you can link to a user profile by posting [user=USERNAMEHERE]. See a more full list of types of sCode on the sCode page.

I found a topic that I am really interested in, but it hasn't been posted on in a while. Are there any rules against bumping an old topic?
You may have heard the phrase "necroing a topic" which means that a user has posted on a forum thread where the last post was made a long time ago. The normal rule is not to post on a topic that has not been posted on in over 3 months. There are some exceptions: Problems & Bugs and Site Feedback have no rules against posting on old topics and in Suggestions & Ideas you should not post on anything that hasn't been posted on in 15 months or longer.

How can I make my posts stand out?
Other than forum titles you have the option of adding two things to your post to make it unique to you through the forum preferences page. The forum image page gives you the chance to add an image to your posts. You can also add a signature to your post. Many people use these for event links and art credit, but make it your own! Be aware that the maximum size of a Signature AND Forum Image COMBINED is 450 pixels wide, and 325 pixels in height. Each line of text counts as 10 pixels of height. If you go over this, a User Administrator may clear your image and signature and issue a verbal warning.

How can I let others know that I have made a post?
The first way that users can let others know about their posts is through our ping system. Simply add an @ symbol in front of their name and they will get an alert that you have posted on the forums. This also works if you comment on news posts. You can ping 10 individuals at a time. If you are looking for a larger scale way of pinging, we also have forum groups. You can join Forum Groups that share your interests or make one of your own. Please be aware that some forum groups have their owns sets of rules regarding pinging the group so make sure you respect them and read the rules beforehand. The forum groups can receive a ping by posting a # symbol in front of their unique group tag.

I am an artist and would like to offer my talent to other users. Is that allowed on Subeta?
Absolutely! We have a very large artist community on the site. A great place to start is on the Art Market forums. Since real money is sometimes involved, it is a very good idea to read over the Art Market rules. For example, unless you are providing a tangible product, you have to offer a CSC/sP slot in your art shop. This means that if you are only doing digital art with no printed and mailed versions, then you have to offer at least one slot that can be bought with some form of site currency. If you are more into coding and graphics, try the Profile and Graphics Market forums and if you are specifically offering Custom Clothing commission, take a look at our Custom Clothing forums. Be sure to read through their individual rules!

How do I deal with online harassment?
Subeta strives to be a friendly online community. We have Community Guidelines that are important to us and we try to impress on users that it is crucial to follow these to help keep this a safe area. Sometimes there are sour grapes in the bunch, as happens with most sites. We do take online harassment seriously. This is why we do have a blocking system in place. If you feel that you are being bullied or harassed, please block them. This will block them from any contact and you will no longer be able to see any of their posts. They still can see your posts unless they have also blocked you. If the user still attempts to contact you, please file a ticket, and a User Administrator will assist you. If you feel that you are in physical danger from another user and they have personal information about you, please file a ticket right away.

I am having a problem with the site. Where do I report this?
If you are having trouble with the site, you can report this in the Problems & Bugs forum. Be sure to read over this thread and this thread to get a sense of what to post and where to post. Please do not post on the main Problems and Bugs forums. Keeping the reports in the subforums helps the minimods keep things in order. If you have found a dangerous/exploitable glitch or issue, or you need some type of reimbursement, please instead file a ticket and a User Administrator can assist you.

What is a Minimod?
Minimods are Subeta's forum moderators. They are volunteers and their job is to keep their individual forums clean and on track. They have the ability to lock and move threads that are in their forum and subforums. They cannot lock or move anything outside their forum and they cannot warn or freeze users. However, they can contact staff if they feel that a user is breaking a rule. Once in a while, staff will announce that they are looking for new Minimods. If you are interested, are 16 or older, and live in the United States, you can apply at that time. The age and location restrictions are due to legal and tax issues. User Administrators, our regular staff moderators, are usually hired from the pool of Minimods.

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Quit playing GAMES with my heart

Where is the games room?
The Games Room can be accessed under the main Subeta tab on your top bar navigation. Here you will find all the games that we currently offer. They are separated in different categories: Arcade, Chance, Collection, Mind, and Miscellaneous. A few, like Safe Crack, the Bathhouse Pools, and Ruffie Raffle, are once a day games/activities. Others, like Random and Decanter of Indestructibility, make you wait a certain amount of time. But some have a certain number of plays per day, like most of our flash games. Some games are tied to certain lands on the Subeta world map and are not listed in the games room, so make sure that you explore everywhere!

What are collections and why are they considered games?
Collections are, for the most part, permanent fixtures on your account. Once an item goes in your collection, it never comes out. The exception is the Minion Zoo and the Treasure Maps. The Minion Zoo is a way to display your minions, but you can remove them at any time. The Treasure Maps allow you to collect a set of 9 map pieces to turn in for a reward. You can turn in the original map as many times as you wish, for a reward but the Omen Islands Map can only be turned in once to access the Omen Islands. These and the other collections--Beanbags, Bobbleheads, Pastries, Plushies, Pumpkins, Stickers, Tiles, and Trading Cards--are considered a game because it can be a long journey to reach a full collection!

What are quests?
Quests are quick scavenger hunts that you perform for the various quest NPCs. The following basic quest givers will ask for 1 to 3 items and in return you will receive items, sP and/or a Quest Point: Drunk Carl, Cinthia, Mori/Nori, Alexander, Maleria, Pete, Quentin, and the Wizard. You can do 10 quests daily per NPC, or 15 if you have a Gold Account. The Wizard is a little different because instead of giving random items and/or sP, he will give you his own Wizard Tokens. You can only complete Carl's quests if you have completed your Omen Islands map! You get one quest point for every 5 quests you complete. This can be any combination of quests (e.g. 2 Wizard, 2 Cinthia, and 1 Pete), and the count doesn't reset at midnight.

There are two other normal quest NPCs that work the same as above but have sP requirements. Sarah's quests are meant for beginners. Accounts less than 2 months old can access her with no sP limit. If your account is older, you must have less than 1,500,000 sP to do her quests. This includes in your shop till. Saggitarius on the other hand, requires that you at least have 1,500,000 sP on you to do his quests. If you go above Sarah's amount or fall below Saggitarius's amount, you will not be allowed to finish any quest you started.

There are 5 quest NPCs that work a bit different than this. Major Drills is a 20 quest per day for regular users and 30 for gold account users kind of guy. He will ask you to do random activities and play random games around the site. Pay special attention to what he asks for and how he asks for it because he is a stickler for that sort of thing. If he asks you to donate an item THEN play a game, make sure you do it in that order. If instead he has you to donate an item AND play a game, you can do it in any order. As a thank you, he will give you a random item--sometimes he is very nice and gives retired items!

Reischen is the master of the battle quests. For these, you will have the chance to battle 30 opponents. Every 5 levels of challengers is of similar difficulty, with the 5th level being a "boss" which provides more experience than the previous 4 opponents. If you get stuck on an opponent, you are able to attempt against a different challenger once (or twice with a Gold Account), but beware, sometimes you will get the same opponent you just skipped. You get battle experience and an item from these quests.

Shinwa is a once daily quest giver. She asks for you to find her bracelet pieces by asking you to complete 5 quests for the other NPCs. It is always smart to do her quest first so that you can always complete it. If you have already done the basic quests, then you should skip her for the day. However, when you do complete her bracelet, she will reward you with one of her special items!

The Oracle is a random quest giver. When she calls upon you, she will ask for an item. When you return it, she will reward you with sP, wizard tokens, and stats for your active pet.

The Blue Building has the last set of quests. You can do 5 per day and each quest you complete, you will go up a rank, gain blue building points and sometimes you even get a random item. You can use the blue building points that you earn in the Blue Building Shop.

What is a quest buff?
A quest buff is a random event that you can get while playing the site. This buff will give you one extra Wizard Quest. Be aware that this buff does expire, so you will want to complete his quests quickly if you want to take advantage of this extra quest. If you are a regular account user, this will give you a total of 11 quests and gold account users will have a total of 16. If you have your account information widget on the sidebar, this buff will show as a purple question mark. Please note that even if you receive a second buff in a day, you can still only take advantage of the buff once.

What are achievements?
Achievements are personal mini-goals on Subeta. They cover all sorts of activities: feeding pets, amassing clothing, reading books, playing games, finishing quests, and the list goes on. Some achievements have tiers, or levels, built in so you can continue with those goals. If you take a look at the achievement page, you will see that they are broken up into categories and if it is an achievement that requires specific items, you can click the show required items and it will list the things you need with a handy link to the shop search if you still need to buy them. If a tier has a star next to it, that means this specific level of the achievement has a prize, usually a title or an item.

What is the Carnival and where can I find it?

The Carnival is a place in Delphi that has some of our special games and dailies. Some of these games cost Wizard Tokens and will hand out Carnival Tickets (directly to that currency's storage) which can be used in the Carnival Prizes Tent.

  • Bluff: This is a dice game played with Batista, our local dice master. Be sure to read the rules for this one because he is quite a tricky player. Beat him and receive some sP and and random amount of Carnival Tickets.
  • Mallarchy Pond: This is a simple game where you pick a mallarchy from the pond and you will receive a certain number of Carnival Tickets based on the color that appears on the bottom of the mallarchy.
  • Ring Toss: This is another simple game to play. Simply click on a section of the image where you would like to toss your ring and if you get it on a bottle, then you will win Carnival Tickets.
  • Balloon Hunt: This game involves choosing a balloon from the lovely Bibi and Lilah. Pick the correct balloon and out drops sP and Carnival Tickets.
  • Ruffie Raffle: Once a day you can choose a brightly colored ticket from the adorable golden ruffie and win a lifelike doll. This game doesn't cost anything to play.
Other than these games, you can also find the Carnival Stand, full of fried food and sweet goodies and the Token Shop, a shop that stocks semi-weekly with special items that you can purchase with Wizard Tokens.

What is the Recycle Beast?
The Recycle Beast is large green hoarder that lives in the Riverside Recycling Center. Everyday he will ask for a random list of 20 items that he would like you to bring to him to recycle. For each item you bring, you will receive 1 recycle point. You can use these points to buy wonderful eco-friendly items from his lovely shop. Don't have any of the items he asks for but you still want a chance to buy from his shop? You can also smelt your sP for some points. You can gain up to 100 points a day that way!

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Time to party because HOLIDAYS

What holidays are celebrated throughout the year?
You can find a complete holiday list in our Subetapedia. On that list, each holiday gives you a time frame for roughly when a holiday will start, what you do during said holiday, and includes any helpful links for that holiday. Some holidays have set dates, like Alegarten. Some holidays, like the Great Pandemic, are a little more flexible with their dates which is reflected on their start dates over the years.

You'll notice on that list that we have a large chunk during the summer that doesn't have any holidays listed; that's because we generally have some sort of special event during the summer - past events include Peka-Boo and EPICon.

I don't see Christmas, 4th of July, etc etc on that list.
Over the years, we've tried to get away from doing "real world" holidays. We have some items on site that obviously relate to old holidays, such as Saint Patrick's Day items or Hannukah items. We generally bring those back via the Crystal Shop. In some cases, we rename those items. In some cases, like with our old Valentine's Day items, we keep the names and rerelease them during their Subeta equivalent holiday. For example, we tend to bring back old Valentine's Day items during our Survival holiday via quest prizes.

Where can I see my holiday currencies and where to spend them?
Holiday currency is a general term for special types of currencies that are earned seasonally, or during specific holidays. You can see your holiday currencies listed under "Holiday and Seasonal Currencies" on your Currency page! If you read the blurbs for each, you'll learn how to earn those currencies, where you can turn them in, and where to spend them.

I missed a plot or special events, is there a way to do it so I can get the prizes?
We have no plans of bringing back old plots for users to run through them again. We have, however, been bringing back old event and plot items back via the Antique Shop. We try to give users a heads up before we move items into the Antique Shop, so users can spend any points they have left over from a particular event before we get rid of them. The Antique shop uses sP for currency, so users who might've missed out on a plot still have a chance at those old items! The Antique Shop is unique in that it allows you to put items direct to collection at a cheaper price. So if you were trying to buy all of the beanbags from various events, you could use the 'beanbag' tab and have them put in your beanbag collection for cheaper than if you did it from the event tabs. There are also tabs for books and foods, which are read or fed to your active pet.

What about old holiday items, like old trick or treat items? Is there a way to get those?
We're always looking for ways to bring back old holiday items during their holiday, like trick or treat items. Sometimes we give out older, expensive holiday items via quest givers. Sometimes we try to work them back into the system they were first released in, like via trick or treating. It really just depends on the holiday and items! We always try to give a heads up, though.

Is there a quick way to get users to kiss/dance/trick or treat me?
Yes! You can use the special holiday sCode in your status, forum signature, and other areas. Below is a quick reference:

  • Kissing (Survival): [kiss=USERNAME]
  • Dancing (Masquerade): [dance=USERNAME]
  • Trick-or-Treating (Morostide): [tot=USERNAME]

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What are the different item rarities and what do they mean?
Rarities play a big part on site. Some quest-givers will ask for items within a specific rarity range, some shops will have items of specific rarities, etc! Below are all of our rarities and what they mean.

  • Rarity - Name: Where items can be found/What they are
  • 1-99 - Restocking Rarities: items that restock in the main shops
  • 105 - Special Shop Items: items found in blackheart hollow, token shop, millionaire center, quest shop, recycle shop, etc
  • 110 - Donation Item: items found in monthly collections or donation presents
  • 115 - Melody Item: items given out by Melody during Luminaire
  • 125 - Cash Shop: items found in cash shop boutique, costume trunks, loyalty shop, neela shop, cash shop chance machines, regular cash shop
  • 130 - Redeemable Wig: generally cash shop wigs that you can redeem and customize the colors to be different than the original wig
  • 150 - Special: things that don't fit in the other rarities such as newsletter items, seedling items, etc
  • 155 - Currency: wizard tokens, steamwork trinkets, lounge trinkets, candy hearts, etc
  • 160 - Game Prizes: trivia prize, reading drive prize, plot prize, shinwa prize, tiles prize, achievement prize, scrolls, epicon prize, quest prize, achievement prize, hustler prize, game prize, mage prize, alchemy items
  • 165 - Genetech Combos: the result of mixing items in the Genetech Labs
  • 170 - Battle Loot: Loot items specifically from challengers
  • 175 - Holiday: items given out during holidays or in holiday shops such as Libertine Lounge items, floating items during Fireside, etc
  • 195 - Free Gift: items that have been given out at the Free Gift Center
  • 200 - Custom Clothing: user made wearables
  • 300 - Staff Item: these items are only available to staff! Generally items that haven't been released yet, are challenger weapons, testing items, etc.

What is Asmodeus Genetech Lab?

Asmodeus Genetech Lab is run by an NPC named Dr. Ian Asmodeus. The lab is an area where you put two to three items together in the hopes of it being a successful combo. If it is, you'll receive a rarity 165 item that is a combination of the items you put in! You'll get an error if the combo is not valid.

When new genetech items (rarity 165) are released, users will work together on the forums to find out how to create it!

What is Alchove? How do I create items there? How do I level up my alchemy level?
The Alchove is a zombie only area underground where you can take items from the Philosopher's Store to create unique items.

To make an item, you'll need at the very least a token. These tokens tell you what kind of item you'll be making. Adding tinctures will help narrow down what item will come out. The layer cards are only needed when working with the wearable token, and they work in the same way tinctures do; they help narrow down the pool of items you might possibly make. For example, you could just throw in a Alchemy Token: Wearable and you would get an item from a very large pool of wearable items possible. By adding a Layer Card: Head, you narrow down possible pool items to around thirty items. Adding a Purple Tincture narrows that list down to under ten items.

Unlike Genetech, Alchemy has combinations that work for many items. That's why some combinations, like Alchemy Token: Wearable + Layer Card: Head + Purple Tincture, have a large pool of potential items you could make.

Each item you create at the Alchemist will count as one skill point. You'll see on the front page of the Alchemist how many more skill points, or items you must create, before going to the next level. You can only create some items at higher levels. For example, you need to be at least level 10 to create the Bruising Everslime Mushroom.

Users like to work together on this forum thread to figure out recipes of new items when they're released. There are also helpful resources listed on that thread!

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Pets Pets Pets

What do the links on the top of the Pets Page mean?

At the top of the Pets Page you'll see this bar:

  • Create Pet: This allows you to create a pet from scratch. Learn more about creating/adopting pets by clicking here!
  • Free Food: If you're a new user and/or low on money, you can get free food from Charity to feed your pets! Don't worry, your pet won't die from hunger, battle or anything else. Charity also gives out free gifts. These are available for all users, but you can only take one of each.
  • Spotlight: This page allows you to show which of your pets can be nominated for Pet Spotlight. Want to know more about the Pet Spotlight? Click Here to learn more!
  • Change Order: This page allows you to order how your pets are shown on your pet page, profile, and other areas around site. You have the choice between Pet Name (alphabetical order), Pet ID (lowest first), or Custom (you create the order). Make sure to hit the "Order Pets!" button after you finish.
  • Job Agency: Get your pet a job via the Job Agency! Each job has different requirements for promotions. Don't forget to collect your pet's income each day.
  • Custom Overlays: This page allows you to manage your custom overlays for your pets. Learn more about custom overlays by clicking here!
  • Name Exchange: For 750 CSC, you can exchange names between two of your pets.!
  • Pet Transfer: See your pending transfers, both incoming and outgoing, on this page! To actually send a pet to a friend, use the drop down on the specific pet and click "give to a friend".

How do I create and/or adopt a pet?
To create a pet from scratch, you visit the create a pet page where you'll be given the option to choose from one of our many pet species, which are listed in alphabetical order. Once you decide on a species, such as the anyu, you'll be asked to create a name for it as well as decide on a gender. If the name isn't taken, you'll have a new pet!

You can adopt a pet that has already been made by visiting Adopt R Us at Delphi Beach. You'll sometimes get lucky and find pets that have already been colored something other than common!

You can also find pets up for adoption from other users in the Adoption Center Forums. Please be aware that you CANNOT trade or sell pets. If you are caught trying to trade or sell your pet(s), you risk being warned and/or frozen.

What are the restrictions when it comes to naming pets?
Pet names can be from 1 to 30 characters long and should only contain alphanumeric characters (abc123), periods (.), spaces ( ), dashes (-), underscores (_) or a combination of any of those. The name may not begin with a period. The name must be available, and not already in use by another pet, (usernames don't count.) The only exception is for inactive accounts, which will have a note to let you know the their username and all of their pets names are available for you to claim.

  • Only the American/English alphabet can be used (Aa, Bb, Cc, etc.).
  • The use of unicode, diacritics (accents, tildes, etc.), script languages (Chinese/Japanese/Kanji/Arabic/etc.), or the likes, is not allowed.

Overly vulgar or inappropriate pet and minion names will NOT be tolerated on this site. Some examples of this are names containing or intending to represent swear words, sexually explicit words, or racial slurs. A good rule of thumb is that if it is filtered on the site it should not be used as a pet or minion name. Subeta is a PG-13 site and names need to also be kept below this rating. Any pet found with an inappropriate name will be renamed and the user is often given a warning. You can read more about this in the Rules Center under Inappropriate Pet and Minion Names.

I don't like my pet's name anymore. Can I change it?
You have three options to change a pet's name. The first one costs 500 CSC (more on CSC here) and you can change the name to any available name through the Pets Page. Click the edit icon next to your pet and choose the "Change Name" option.

Another option that is similar is the Pet Name Swap. If you have two pets that you like, but you'd like to switch the names around, you can do this for 750 CSC, which is a discounted rate from renaming a pet twice.

You can also change your pet's name by using the Petname Totem that you can choose when opening a Loyalty Box. Loyalty Boxes are special items that users earn when they have been a member of the site for more than 2 years.

If you just don't want the pet anymore, you also have the option to abandon it through your Pets Page. Be aware that this costs 10,000 sP and will delete all items and weapons attached to that pet. Any items not removed from a pet before you abandon it will NOT be returned.

How can I change my pet's gender?
To change it between male and female or vise versa, you can use the item Gender Berry, which can be bought from the Millionaire Center. Make sure to choose the USE ITEM option on your pet, do not feed it! If your pet is Genderless and you use a Gender Berry, it will become a random gender.

To make your pet genderless, use the Genderless Berry, which can be found in the Millionaire Center. Make sure to choose the USE ITEM option on your pet, do not feed it!

There is one special gender that we have on Subeta. It is called a gear or cog gender. Currently the only available way to get this gender is by creating a steamworks pet from scratch. Be aware that if you change the color of the pet, it will lose the gear gender and change to genderless. If you change a pet into steamworks, you will not have this special option.

What are the special pet colors and how can I get them?
Special pet colors are those that change the pose and appearance, of your pet. Color fills like dusk or cream have the same pose as common, just different colors and the potions to get these colors are named after the color fill (ex. Cherry Potion). The special colors we currently have are:

  • Angelic and blacklight: obtained by using their respective potions from the Cash Shop.
  • Bloodred, graveyard, nightmare, spectrum, and reborn: obtained by using their respective potions which can be restocked from the Apocalyptic Apothecary! Sometimes, they will also stock at the Token Shop.
  • Chibi, darkmatter, and scribble: obtained by using their respective potions from the Millionaire Center. The Scribble Potion is actually named Potion of Purity
  • Galactic: obtained by visiting the Coda Caves and completing a quest from Iltallo.
  • Glacier: obtained by using the Glacier Potion. You can make this potion at the Genetech Lab using a combination of the Bucket of Polar Ice Water, which can be found at the Ice Fields, and an Artificial Prism Chalice, which can be found at the Millionaire Center.
  • Glade: obtained by filling an Ornate Floral Pitcher with water from the Peka Glade. The pitcher restocks at Seedlings and sometimes at a special stock of the Token Shop.
  • Harvest: obtained by throwing a Glade Potion in the bonfire during our Fireside holiday.
  • Hydrus: obtained by completing a quest for Merana.
  • Nostalgic: obtained by bringing instructions to Vanya and completing a small quest for him that requires nostalgic pet instructions and random craft items. Then you bring the toy he creates from the quest and the Essence of Melody, which you can buy from the Millionaire Center back to him to change your active pet into your nostalgic pet. If you visit Melody's Cottage for the first 25 days of Luminiare, you will be awarded an achievement with a prize of one Essence of Melody.
  • Steamwork: obtained by bringing a schematic from Purveyors of Plans to the Full Steam Ahead along with a Yunium Key. It will take no more than three days for your steamwork pet to be created!
  • Storm: obtained by using the Storm potion, which you can get from a random event when Tempest visits you for a hug!
  • Sweetheart: obtained by using the Sweetheart potion, which can be bought with candy hearts in L'amour Parlor.
You can always enter the Potion Lottery for your chance at getting a potion!

What's the difference between an elixir and potion?
Potions only change the color of your pet while elixirs will change both the color and species. For example you could use a Dawn Chai Elixir on your common ruffie to change the color to dawn and species to chai. Elixirs, for the most part, come in colorfill colors, like dusk or marsh. The only exception to this is bloodred for older species. With newer species, like the noktoa or zasaba, there is no bloodred elixir.

What are some of the special species of pets and how do I get them?
Most of our pet species can be found at Create a Pet, which you can find on your pets page. The special species are:

  • Aeanoid, which can be obtained from growing an Aeanoid Seed in the Subeta Public Gardens. If you plant this seed and water it for 3 days in a row, the mature aeanoid plant will "eat" your active pet and take it over.
  • Bhakoru, which is a pet species that was released with the end of the Steele Excavations Plot in 2011. Those who managed to reach a certain level have the ability to create these pets using a magical crystal. If you do not have this access, you can also use a Miracle Potion II on an existing pet or transform an existing pet into a nostalgic bhakoru (see above section on special colors). You can also ask users with access to create one for you. But be aware that if they are placed in the pound, they will turn into a kumos, so make sure you use the transfer feature.
  • Bumbus, which can be obtained from the Blue Building once you have access to the building. You can also change an existing pet into a bumbus after you've received the random event from a group of bumbii to visit the Bumbus Queen.
  • Cadogre and endeavor can both be obtained from Blackmoon Corporation, which is only open during the Masquerade event.
  • Experiment pets, which can be obtained from the Ultimate Pet Zapper, you can also obtain them from using the Experimental Dew item.
  • Neela, which is a Cash Shop pet. You can buy elixirs to change one of your current pets to a neela or create a new pet as a neela from this page.
  • Qrykee or Yaherra, which can be obtained by paying 500K sP at the Ultimate Pet Zapper to zap an existing pet or adopt a new one.
  • Zentu, which can be obtained from the Bathhouse in Shengui Guo.

How many pet slots can I have total and where can I get more?
"Pet slots" is the term we use for the number of pets you're allowed on your account at any given time. You can see the breakdown of your pet slots on your User Dashboard. Everyone starts off with 10 pet slots. You can purchase more slots from the Millionaire Center with sP, which start at 20 million sP and go up by 20 million sP each time you buy another slot. Or you can also purchase more slots from the Cash Shop with cash shop credits at 2000 CSC each. We sometimes give out pet slots as prizes in special events, or in special items, such as the Loyalty Box.

What are pet treasures?
In essence, a pet treasure is a place to store or showcase items that are relevant to the specific pet of your choice. Pet treasures are a way to further develop your pet in Subeta. Some people use their pet treasures to tell a story, some use it to enhance the character they've created for their pet, and others just use it as storage to show off interesting items. If you click the dropdown menu for the pet you're working on via the pets page, you'll find a link to that pet's treasure. Each pet starts out with 3 slots for treasures. You can buy 1, 5, 10, or 25 slots at a time with sP. You can also use the Magical Keepsake Box, which can be purchased from the Millionaire Center, for a chance at 1-3 slots. There is also a chance to have your pet gain more slots via a random event.

What are custom pet overlays and how do I get one?
Custom pet overlays are images, drawn by our users, that can be used to change the appearance of your pet to other users on the site, without changing the actual species or color of your pet. This feature costs 500 CSC. Custom pet overlays can be managed here! If you have a custom overlay for one of your pets, that image will show up everywhere around site instead of the normal official site art.

What do minions do?
Minions are companions for your pet. Each pet can have one minion. You might notice sometimes your pet doesn't seem very interested in playing with a toy, that might be because you have a minion attached to your pet! Minions help keep your pet happy so you don't have to continuously buy toys for them. You can also put your minions in your Minion Zoo. The Minion Zoo is different from other collections, like Plushie Collection or Beanbag, because you can put multiples of the same item, for example ten dancing chickens, in the collection and take them out any time.

Where can I show off my pets and what is the Pet Spotlight?
The Subeta Pets Forum is a great place to show off your pets and get ideas for stories, art and treasures. If you have decked out your pet and wish to show it off sitewide, then maybe Pet Spotlight is for you! Be sure to check out the rules on the Pet Spotlight page and when you think your pet is ready to shine, make sure to mark your pet as ready on the Spotlight Nomination Page. Users are then able to nominate your pets. After being nominated, pets are put into a judging queue where Subeta staff members will look at each pet profile and either deny the pet if there are errors, or move the pet to the win queue. The win queue will randomly select one winner for each day that the spotlight runs. Currently we have a new spotlight winner each weekday.

What is the pet zapper and what does it do?
The Pet Zapper has two options:

  • Basic Zap: For 15 wizard tokens, you can zap one of your pets and have the chance of getting your pet's species, color, or gender changed. The zapper might add or take away stat points to your chosen pets, make your pet no longer hungry, or make your pet very happy!
  • Experiment Only: For 400,000 sP and 15 wizard tokens, you can zap one of your pets and have a chance of having your pet change to a random experiment pet.

The zapper is not perfect! There is a chance for it to miss and zap one of the items in your inventory rather than your pet and turning it to dust or a cube! There is also a chance for it to miss your pet and change that pet's minion, by completely changing it into another minion! Keep this in mind when using the zapper.

Angelic, hydrus, galactic, nostalgic, steamwork, and sweetheart are not available from the zapper.

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What's the difference between "Main Shops" and "Special Shops"?

Main Shops are what we call our restocking shops. These shops are broken down into the following sections: Battle, Clothing, Collections, Food, Hobbies, Pets, and a generic Subeta. The items found in these shop restock randomly and are rarities 1-99 and you use sP to purchase things.

Special Shops are broken into the following categories:

  • Holiday/Seasonal: These shops are specific to our holidays. Items get added to these during their given holidays. Only Migrating Masks and Freyalise Trading Co. are restocking shops, but they are included on the Special Shop page due to the fact they are only open during their holiday periods. Example: Esther's Shop gets new items during Vesnali.
  • Year-Round Currency: These shops get items throughout the year added to them. Each has a specific currency related to the shop. Example: Quest Shops use Quest Points which you get by completing quests.
  • Rotating: These shops update daily to show different items, so you should check each day to see the new stock. Example: Fresh and Flavorful will have three different produce items each day.
  • Other: These items get items added throughout the year but the currency for each shop is sP.
  • Plot & Event: This section will list prize shops from different plot/events. You get the points to spend in those shops by participating in that given plot/event. We are slowly moving old plot and event items to the Antique Shop. We like to give plenty of heads up if we are moving items from an old plot/event shop so you can spend any points you have left!

What are legacy user shops and how do I use these new shops?
Legacy shops are user shops from before our large revamp of the user shop system. Click here for an excellent guide on how to create a new shop, delete an old shop, transfer your shop till, stop receiving events about sales, how to transfer items from your old shop to new, how to move items from your new shop to your inventory/vault, and how to order the categories in your gallery.

User shops sell items for sP. The only exception to this is when a user is selling a Custom Wearable in their shop, which they can sell for Cash Shop Credits (CSC).

What do all the options in Quick Stock mean?
From your shop menu, you can add items to various areas on site.

  • Shop: This will move items to your current shop
  • Vault: This will move items to your vault
  • Wardrobe: This will move items into your wardrobe that are not already there
  • Armory: This will move weapons into your armory
  • Collection: This will move any collection items to their proper collection if they are not already in there. This is a GA feature.
  • Keep: This will keep items in your inventory.
  • Donate: This will donate items to the Donation Center.
  • Delete: This will delete items from the site. You can not undo this!

What's the free shop?

The Free Shop is a shop that is only opened for short periods of time, usually around Luminaire and New Years. The shop works differently than any of our other restocking shops. Instead of being able to choose what you want to purchase from the shop, all of the items in the Free Shop show as a purple box so it's a mystery as to what you'll grab. Everything is free, like the shop name implies. If you're lucky, you'll be able to grab a cash shop item, retired item, or something else! There is also a five minute time limit between purchases.

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All about your dashboard, profile, and you!

What is the user dashboard?
Your user dashboard gives you a lot of helpful information about your account, such as how long you've been a member, how many warnings you have, how many pet slots you have, etc. Your dashboard also features a friends feed, where you can see what your friends have been up to. You can filter what you want to see pop up there.

How can I customize how the site appears for me?
You can use the custom css page to customize the site. If you don't know where to start, take a look at this thread that has great documentation along with bits of code for you to use. You can also choose one of our premade themes to suit your mood. Sometimes you can even get a new theme as an achievement prize.

Where can I update my user profile?
You can update the coding of your profile here! If you need help learning how to code your own profile, you can start in the Profile and Graphics Discussion or you also have the option of purchasing a layout from other users in the Profile and Graphics Market forum.

What is a widget and how can they help me with the site?
Widgets are pieces of our sidebar that you can customize to suit the activities you like to do on Subeta. Your account comes pre-loaded with a few of these widgets including: basic account information, the shoutbox, friends online and friend feed. You can change what widgets appear as well as change the order on the sidebar preferences page. Just be sure to add them in the order that you want them and remember to click the "save settings" button. If you ever want to minimize a widget without removing it, you can click the small arrow in the top right corner of the individual widget.

What are the various preferences I can have enabled/disabled around site?
On your preferences page, you'll see a list of things you can enable or disable. Some of the items on the list are self explanatory, like accepting items from non-friends, while others might be a bit more confusing. Stealth Mode, for example, means not showing when you're online, both on your profile and on friend lists.

Where can I change my password and enable a PIN?
Here is the page where you can change your password. You will have to enter your old one to do this. If you are logged out and cannot remember your password to get back in, you can request a new one here. PINs can be enabled here and you can also choose where you would like this PIN to be applied. It is an extra measure of protection for your account.

Where can I change my email?
You can change your email on the Profile tab in your preferences. You can also change your display name (not to be confused with your username), gender, and your profile text here.

How can I change my username?

Since your account is stored through a user ID, you have the option of changing your username. To do so costs 1000 CSC and can be done here. Be aware that this is a permanent change (unless you pay again of course), so be sure that you want to change your username. Also note that you can only change your username once a month so choose wisely.

Your username must be 3 or more alphanumeric characters and can only contain one underscore (_) if you choose to include one. You can no longer use spaces or periods (.) in your username. There are still users that have shorter usernames, but they are older players. We will keep your old username(s) on record.

I just received a warning. What does this mean for my account?
There are two types of warnings on Subeta. A verbal warning is normally the first way a User Administrator will let you know that you are breaking a rule. A verbal warning does not count towards your actual warning count but it is best to take note of the rules you are breaking so that it doesn't escalate to our next type of warning. An official warning comes when you either break the same minor rule more than once OR you break a major rule. You can view your official warning count on your user dashboard. There is no special list of verbal and official offenses, but a good rule of thumb is that if you did not maliciously break a rule or do something that is considered cheating, you normally will receive a verbal warning before an official warning. You are allowed a total of 5 official warnings, or 3 official warnings for the same offense. After this time, you will be frozen. Be aware that there are offenses that will lead to an automatic freezing. These are serious offenses like selling a pet for cash or offsite currency and offenses that put our users in actual danger. Some official warnings expire after 2 years. If you are unsure which expire, file a ticket and a UA can review your warnings.

What is a Loyalty Box and how do I get one?
A Loyalty Box is a reward that we give to users every year once they have been with the site for two years. Once your join date passes, you can get your Loyalty Box from your user dashboard. If you joined Subeta at 3:00 pm on May 5th, you have to wait for 3:00 pm every May 5th to get your Loyalty Box! Once you open your box, you can choose ONE from the following:

  • Loyalty Gold Account Totem: This item is the equivalent of a 3 month GA Medal.
  • Loyalty Petname Totem: This item will allow you to change one pet name for free.
  • Loyalty Pet Slot Totem: This item will give you one extra pet slot.
  • Loyalty Potion Totem: This item allows you to change your pet into ANY color that you choose, no exceptions!
  • Loyalty Tome Totem: This item, when used, will give your active pet +10 level and +25 of every other stat. Do not confuse it with an actual Tome that can be read.
  • Loyalty Treasure Chest Totem: This item gives every one of your pets an additional 25 treasure chest spaces.
  • Loyalty Username Totem: This item grants you one free username change.
  • Loyalty Pet Overlay Totem: Allows you one custom pet overlay.
These boxes cannot be traded or sold, or even moved from your inventory. So be sure to lock it if you want to keep it safe from the Zapper until you use it! Staff will not reimburse zapped boxes or totems.

I really am enjoying the site. Can I bring my friends over?
The more the merrier! We love referrals and we want to reward you for bringing new users over! If you visit your referral page, you can see anyone you may have referred thus far. If you click the Your Referral URL button, it will provide you with a linkback address to give to your friends to sign up. Each new member that completes enough of the steps to sign up (they have to create a pet and make at least 25,000 sP) will earn you a referral point. You can use these points in the Referral Shop. You also have the chance to earn a few referral points from the Bathhouse daily. You can also see how many people you've referred under Your Stats on your Dashboard.

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Wardrobe, you got style!

What is a Human Avatar?
Your human avatar, usually abbreviated HA in the forums, is like a virtual paper doll that you can dress up. Not only can you use clothing to set your HA apart from others, but you also have the option of using background, foregrounds and companions to show style. This human avatar can look like you, but you can also dress it however you want. This avatar is displayed on various places on-site including on your forum posts and profile.

Where is the wardrobe and how do I use it?

The current wardrobe is called "Wardrobe v. 3.5." You can access it here. Each part of the wardrobe is contained on a different tab.

  • Items: Here you will find all the clothing and items that you can use to dress up your human avatar. If you want to wear the outfit that you create on site, be sure to press wear after you are done. Clicking save, will save the outfit for later. Currently you can wear 30 items on your avatar if you are a regular member and 45 if you are a gold account member. To move an item to a different layer, just click and hold on the clothing item you want and drag it to the position you want it in!
  • Base: This tab will allow you to change the base features of the human avatar such as gender, base eyes, nose, mouth, and your skin tone. You can even add cleavage--va va voom!
  • Skins: You can use your hard earned skins from our special holiday events here. These will take the place of any base color. If you are a layer wiz you can use them in interesting ways!
  • Hair: The hair tab allows you to use Subeta's base hairstyles and change the colors to suit your needs. There are also unlockable styles that you can get through the Cash Shop (ex. Delish Redeemable Wigs), site events (ex. Past Councilor's Cruise), and even one from a wardrobe achievement!
  • Outfits: If you previously clicked save on the items page, all your saved outfits will show on this tab.
  • Organize Items: This tab will take you to a page where you can remove items from your wardrobe.

My avatar is naked. How do I fix this? There are several places to acquire clothing for your human avatars.

One of the best places to start is the main shops section. Here you will find: the Clothing Rack, which sells the basics likes shirts, skirts and pants; the Accessory Bin, where you can spice up your outfits with some stylish hats, scarves, gloves and more; the Sole Train, where you will find the latest duds to cover those puppies; the Grooming Parlor, a shop for all your makeup and hair needs; and last but not least, All That Glitters, shop with the latest bling.

There are other shops that have the odd clothing items such as Spells Galore with wearable flora and fauna, and the Beach Shack, with all your summer needs! Take a look around the Main Shops page to see a full listing of our restocking shops.

Another good place to find clothing is through our site holidays and currency shops. Visit our Special Shops page to take a look around at the different wearables. And of course you can always check the Cash Shop for a wide range of wearables as well. Once you have your wearables, you can either put them in your wardrobe individually through your inventory or you can add them by quickstock though one of your shops.

Where do I get skins that I can use on my avatar?
There are two main places that you can get skins. The first is during our annual Survival holiday in February. You will have the chance to earn zombie-like skins through a Voluntary Infection Program, or VIP. You can read more about the holiday here.

The other main way to earn skins is during Morostide, in October. During this holiday, Euclid will offer your human avatar the chance to step in front of the One True Zapper and see what happens!

There are other random ways to get skins. Rarely, skins show up as an achievement prize. There is also one lace skin that is randomly given out at the Subeautique when you purchase an item from the shop. You need both sP and a Subeautique Invitation to purchase an item from Subeautique.

What are hexes and how do they affect my avatar?
Hexes are another Morostide special. When you are trick or treating in real life, you always expect a treat. On Subeta, you can also get tricked in the form of these hexes. They mostly cover your human avatar with a ghastly image. Sometimes it will just cover a part of it. Either way, this is just a temporary image and will go away on its own.

There are a few other avatar events that happen through the year. For example, during Fireside, if you donate red rreign items to the legendary Red Rreign, sometimes he will bless you with his fiery kiss which will show on your avatar's cheek. During the winter you can go to the Snowtapultin the Arctic Frost and throw snowballs at other users and they will show up on their avatars. You can buy these snowballs from the Avalanche Emporium during that season.

Another temporary HA event stems from our Survival holiday. You can buy the past cures from the Millionaire Center and when you use it, it creates a temporary effect on your avatar. This also brings up the other temporary effect during Survival and that comes from the kisses that you can exchange with other users. These kisses create a temporary and random set of kiss marks on the human avatar.

How do I use the hair salon in the wardrobe?
When you click on the "Hair" tab of the wardrobe, you will be taken to a dye station. You'll want to click above that first where it says "back to hair selection." Here you will be able to choose which style to wear on you human avatar. Once you choose, you will be taken back to the dye station where you can color the style. There are different choices that help you either match your outfit or create that perfect blonde: the main hair color, shading lowlight and highlight and then several highlights, the number depending on the style. Click each color box to change the color. If you think you are done, then click "show on avatar" to preview the style and don't forget to choose wear to add it to your avatar.

I cannot find a wearable that I want, can I make my own?
One of our newer features allows users to create their own wearables, called Custom Wearables or CWs, in exchange for CSC. It's not as easy as one would think and has a lot of rules, so if you are interested in this feature, check out the main Custom Wearables page and also the Custom Wearable forums for help and tips on creating your perfect piece of clothing.

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