Chandalar has a minion!

Cashmere the Bubo

Legacy Name: Chandalar

The Custom Golden Noktoa
Owner: Chrysariel

Age: 8 years, 8 months, 2 weeks

Born: September 24th, 2015

Adopted: 7 years, 9 months, 2 days ago

Adopted: September 10th, 2016

Pet Spotlight Winner
June 2nd, 2023


  • Level: 103
  • Strength: 178
  • Defense: 10
  • Speed: 10
  • Health: 10
  • HP: 10/10
  • Intelligence: 651
  • Books Read: 643
  • Food Eaten: 0
  • Job: Hotel Chain Owner

Chandalar is happiest when it's sweater weather.

He takes a running start down one of the access branches of the Happy Hollows Tree Apartment complex, swooping over the serene waters of Veta Lake and nearly bursting with pride as he puts his newest fashion crush on display for anyone with eyes on the sky to see and admire. The tree has put on its own lovely autumnal coat as if to compliment his latest find, a chic and cozy leaf pattern in shades of gold, blue and green that subtly compliments his wispy feathers and wide blue eyes.

He makes three circuits around the lake; his standard morning exercise routine after a nutritious breakfast of Granny Noktoa's Owling Good Granola Bites. He adores how the falling leaves settle on the water, creating natural bridges for the insect minions trying to scuttle from one end of the lake to the other in their quest to fortify nests and lay aside plenty of food before the long winter to come. Winter in Veta Lake doesn't have the bite of Arctic Frost but there are always at least a few weeks of frosted trees and a thin layer of frost on the lake's surface. Great if you like ice skating, not so much if you rely on the lake's bounty as your food source.

Two of his neighbors are perched on their entry stoops when he swoops back in. They're sipping snowberry tea (a local flavor favorite) and discussing the rather blustery winds of late. Smallfeather nods to Chandalar. Courtesy is the rule among noktoas, though they are not ones to waste words. His companion is Prettywing, a rather petite and totally elegant arid noktoa who makes up for her rather small stature by flashing her collection of diamond jewelry in the rising sun.

Along with being exceedingly polite, noktoas are notorious collectors.

It can be baubles or bobbleheads, plushies or paper clips. You'll find it's a rare noktoa that doesn't channel their ever-burning thirst for knowledge through a small private collection of some sort. In fact, you can often tell a noktoa's occupation by the items they keep in their personal stash. Rocks and pebbles are evidence of a geologist. Pencils from every known corner of Subeta are the pride and joy of an aspiring author. Then there are the... less innocent groupings. I'd suggest keeping your minion on a short leash if your new noktoa friend offers you a view of shelves full of tiny animal skulls and if you happen to see a necklace made of finger bones...

Run. Unless maybe you're a tutani.

The other residents of Happy Hollows may give Chandalar inquisitive glances out of the corners of their eyes or mutter a muted comment to their partners in nesting but they can hardly criticize his chosen collection. He's so sweet-natured that not even the sourest tree dweller has anything to say about him and while some of his sweaters may be hard on the eyes, he has nothing more sinister than a Merry Melody sweater with flashing Luminaire bulbs.

His sweater collection has an impressive assortment of chunky knit sweaters, hoodies, cardigans, and turtlenecks. Among his favorites are those ideal for playing in the leaves all day and cuddling with his minion at night. Autumn is ideal sweater weather, after all.

Cashmere is his best friend and fashion consultant. Though the Bubo's tastes run more to pom-pom hats and fun scarves, she has her own collection of tiny sweaters that were knitted by Chandalar. He's still working on his cross-stitch but he's quite proud of the colorful and cheerful minion-sized sweaters he's completed. He secretly has a dream of starting his own line of minion fashions. Hats and little raincoats and galoshes... and of course, sweaters of every variety.

Maybe he'll make it big in the fashion industry someday but for now he's content to snuggle up in his cozy sweater, dipping his beak into a mug of hot apple cider and watching the newest episode of Closet Catastrophe with his best friend.

Profile Code by: Johnny
Extra Code by: Ringo
Edited by: Chrysariel
Story by: Pureflower
Overlay by: frederick
Background Circle by: Caryl Bryer Fallert
Background Swirl by: ClipartPanda
Name Art by: Chrysariel

Pet Treasure

Sweater Weather Sticker

Crisp Fall Day Sticker

Trendy Cable Knits

Cozy Winter Hats

Cozy Winter Scarves

Cozy Winter Mittens

Cozy Winter Coats

Autumn Vines Guide

Leaf Burrower

Autumn Fancy Giftwrap

Autumn Leaf Bouquet

Luminaire Sweater Antlephore Plushie

Luminaire Sweater Mallarchy Plushie

Warm Experiment 7777 Beanbag

Luminaire Sweater Tutani Plushie

Luminaire Sweater Ontra Plushie

Snuggly Owl Doll


Luminaire Sweater Chai Plushie

Luminaire Sweater Wyllop Plushie

Luminaire Sweater Mortiking Plushie

Warm Experiment 625 Beanbag

Warm Experiment 3164 Beanbag

Luminaire Sweater Blob Plushie

Luminaire Sweater Manchu Plushie

Luminaire Sweater Harvester Plushie

Luminaire Sweater Bumbus Plushie

Luminaire Sweater Scootle Plushie

Luminaire Sweater Cybill Plushie

Luminaire Sweater Ghostly Plushie

Luminaire Sweater Lain Plushie

Luminaire Sweater Pherret Plushie

Luminaire Sweater Popoko Plushie

Luminaire Sweater Ruffie Plushie

Luminaire Sweater Serpenth Plushie

Luminaire Sweater Swampie Plushie

Luminaire Sweater Urubu Plushie

Cozy Crochet Coal Plushie

Warm Experiment 699 Beanbag

Luminaire Sweater Dilemma Plushie

Luminaire Sweater Yaherra Plushie

Red Wintery Cybill Beanbag

Warm Experiment 3877 Beanbag

Warm Experiment 2327 Beanbag

Warm Experiment 008 Beanbag

Warm Experiment 0101 Beanbag

Warm Experiment 164 Beanbag

Warm Experiment 404 Beanbag

Warm Experiment 0507 Beanbag

Warm Experiment 696 Beanbag

Warm Experiment 911 Beanbag

Warm Experiment 1983 Beanbag

Warm Experiment 4423 Beanbag

Warm Experiment 3485 Beanbag

Snuggly Bebe Sweater Goat Plushie

Bebe Sweater Goat

Comfy Vintage Popoko Plushie


Snuggen Plushie


Homemade Sock Kitty Plushie



Minibehr Plushie

Kitty Love

Puppy Love

Pink Koala Love Gift

Cozy Knit Cupcake

Fuzzy Smiley Plushie

Jack-o-Lantern Turtleneck

Revolutionary Mock Turtleneck

Gray Foxprints Sweater

Rose Loose Sweater

Chrysanthemum Turtleneck

Kore Early Thaw Cardigan

Snuggly Fraustus Turtleneck

Night Knitted Cardigan

Rust Knitted Cardigan

Sunset Knitted Cardigan

Arctic Fair Isle Shawl Cardigan

Navy Fair Isle Shawl Cardigan

Neutral Fair Isle Shawl Cardigan

Preppy Fair Isle Shawl Cardigan

Red Fair Isle Shawl Cardigan

Sea Fair Isle Shawl Cardigan

Slate Fair Isle Shawl Cardigan

Stone Fair Isle Shawl Cardigan

Winter Night Chunky Knit Sweater

Mulled Wine Chunky Knit Sweater

Frozen Lake Chunky Knit Sweater

Pine Chunky Knit Sweater

Thick White Cable Knit Sweater

Thick Teal Cable Knit Sweater

Thick Blue Cable Knit Sweater

Thick Black Cable Knit Sweater

Thick Red Cable Knit Sweater

Thick Purple Cable Knit Sweater

Thick Green Cable Knit Sweater

Striped Black Cardigan

Striped Blue Cardigan

Striped Green Cardigan

Striped Orange Cardigan

Striped Purple Cardigan

Striped Red Cardigan

Striped White Cardigan

Striped Yellow Cardigan

Red Sweater

Orange Sweater

Pink Sweater

Purple Sweater

Green Sweater

Red Hand Knit Sweater

Pink Hand Knit Sweater

Purple Hand Knit Sweater

Green Hand Knit Sweater

Blue Turtleneck Sweater

Brown Turtleneck Sweater

Green Turtleneck Sweater

Orange Turtleneck Sweater

Pink Turtleneck Sweater

Purple Turtleneck Sweater

Red Turtleneck Sweater

Yellow Turtleneck Sweater

White Turtleneck Sweater

Baggy Blue Turtleneck

Baggy Brown Turtleneck

Baggy Blue Turtleneck

Baggy Green Turtleneck

Baggy Orange Turtleneck

Baggy Pink Turtleneck

Baggy Purple Turtleneck

Baggy Red Turtleneck

Baggy White Turtleneck

Baggy Yellow Turtleneck

Lilac Knit Scarf

Sun Knit Scarf

Gold Knit Scarf

Dawn Knit Scarf

Dusk Knit Scarf

Aurora Loose Scarf

Snow Fluffmuffs

Dandelion Fluffmuffs

Itty Bitty Warm Hat

Teal Knit Pom Pom Hat

Red Knit Pom Pom Hat

Yellow Knit Pom Pom Hat

Purple Knit Pom Pom Hat

Pink Knit Pom Pom Hat

Orange Knit Pom Pom Hat

Minty Knit Pom Pom Hat

Lime Knit Pom Pom Hat

Black Knit Pom Pom Hat

Cream Knit Pom Pom Hat

Mittens Beanbag

Magic Mittens

Lilac Knit Mittens

Cream Furry Mittens

Blue Loose Sweater

Blue Hand Knit Sweater

Black Turtleneck Sweater

Painted Owl Rock









Enchanted Owl




What Big Eyes

Vole Owl Pellets

Mouse Owl Pellets

Frog Owl Pellets

Bat Owl Pellets

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Icelyn Ashilldr


Inkie Pie









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