Sailor Pluto has a minion!

Endymion the Mister Moon

Sailor Pluto
Legacy Name: Sailor Pluto

The Nuclear Noktoa
Owner: Galaxia

Age: 7 years, 10 months, 2 weeks

Born: March 8th, 2014

Adopted: 7 years, 10 months, 2 weeks ago

Adopted: March 8th, 2014

Pet Spotlight Winner
January 27th, 2019


  • Level: 501
  • Strength: 1,254
  • Defense: 1,251
  • Speed: 1,250
  • Health: 1,300
  • HP: 1,300/1,300
  • Intelligence: 190
  • Books Read: 162
  • Food Eaten: 0
  • Job: Head of Adoptions

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Story by Galaxia
Primary profile coding and custom graphics edited from public-use NASA assets or official Sailormoon art by LatinBsnDude, profile coding by hiccup and Griffey

I know where I came from - but where do all you humans come from?

I never knew my mother, or met my father; Queen Serenity raised me from childhood, telling me that a man named Chronos had left his daughter with her. She never fully described him, except to say that fate would introduce me to him when I was ready. I always took this to mean that he would visit me at the Space-Time Door, but as the years passed I grew steadily more frustrated. On my sixteen birthday, I snuck away from my post and spent a night on the Moon. It was quite an evening, and the someone I met on a park bench was quite a handsome man. Dark hair, dusky skin, reserved mien with sad eyes...something about him seemed familiar, and of all the people I'd ever met he seemed like he understood me the best. I thought maybe I'd be able to see him again, even bring him back to the Time-Space Door, but he disappeared come morning.

A few months later, my desertion of post was evident in the stretched fit of my costume across my belly. Queen Serenity was sympathetic but firm; while I was able to withstand the strange energies past the Time-Space Door, it was no place for a baby. She would return my little girl when I was older. Meanwhile she wanted me to spend some time on the Moon; she felt it might be good for me to get away from my duties, since I'd been desperate enough to break the rules on pain of death. To further take my mind off of my previous life and duties, she gave me a male body through the powers of the Silver Imperium Crystal and said that she'd come back if or when I felt I was ready.

Unfortunately, the loneliness of my upbringing and the complicated understanding of mortality for Sailor Soldiers made it very difficult to blend well with the Lunar citizens. I even traveled to Venus's spectacular sunsets, Mercury's underground stations, the sculpted dunes of Mars, and Jupiter's cities floating in those tumultous clouds, but no one and no place ever felt like home. The only memory I had that kept me anchored was the man who'd seen through my shyness, even if he hadn't stayed. I wanted to see him again, and ask why he left.

So when Queen Serenity saw my despair and said that I could use the Time-Space Door to find him, I took her up on the offer and went to the past. I took some steps to disguise myself, such as changing my eye color and facial contours, and walked around the Lunar park where I knew he'd be. I didn't intend to interfere, just watch that first moment of my previous self meeting this man. But as the moment crept closer and my paramour did not appear, I grew more and more afraid. My personal timeline could snap without this event, and all the people I'd met in this year or so off would have their pasts changed as well. Why would Queen Serenity have agreed to this? As I watched my previous self, so unaware of this liaison that would change her life, I realized that the eye color of my disguise, the cut of my nose, and the shade of my skin were all based off of the man I met that night. For the sake of my next few years and that precious memory, as well as the force of Time built up behind this moment, I would have to be my own companion for the evening.

Normally the universe does not like the same person intersecting their past or future self, but my upbringing in the mists beyond the Time-Space Door protected me from the energy flux that bubbled up from the meeting. I realized I could also use the brief burst of power to manipulate my age, and I channeled that into a plan of action. I went to the chambers where I'd given birth as my female self, traveling back to only a few hours after delivery, and picked up the infant with green hair and garnet eyes so like my own. I dropped her off to that year and place in the gardens of the Moon Kingdom, almost twenty years ago, where Queen Serenity said I had been presented to her daughter by a man named Chronos with time-space energy still wrapped around the baby's tiny form like a blanket. Then I came back to Queen Serenity in the future-present and told her that I realized I needed to get back to my post, that the man I'd loved deserved his own life. She returned me to my Sailor Soldier self and my duties.

The Silver Imperium Crystal shapes so much of the universe, manipulating people (such as keeping little pink-haired Usagi a child for so long, or forcing the timelines to intersect during the Black Moon Clan's power play), and I wonder what it has in store for the future. As Sailor Soldiers we have died and been brought back, and it is a question of how real we are aside from the Crystal's tightly pulled knot of space-time. I don't know how Queen Serenity got that point of power, but I know from the events of the Sailor Wars and our rebirth at the lip of the Galactic Cauldron that there will be a Sailor Cosmos who referred to a 'me of this time' when talking to Usagi. Maybe she means it figuratively but, given my experience and my nature as a literal time loop, I have my suspicions...

Pet Treasure

Golden Skeleton Key

Cogwork Key

Waning Candle of the Final Night

Black Happy Planet Plushie

Magic Door

Strands of the Underworld Senshi

Etched Key of Pluto

Garnet Capricorn Staff

Atebus Map

Sacred Lands Map

Thief Tear Crystal

Thru Time Pocket Watch

Garnet Birthstone Collectible Mug

Plain Ruby Circlet

Black Sailors Collar

Gold Summit Key

Silver Summit Key

Iron Summit Key

Bronze Summit Key

Frozen Rose Key

Time Travel Device

Death Soul Stone

Empty Hourglass

Cross Tombstone

Life Shard

Timely Stout

Gate Keeper Gem of Power

Black Large Damage Counters

Darkness Soul Stone

Scarab of the Pharaohs

Nine Sticker

Zero Sticker

Cross Tombstone

Life Shard

Dark Goddess Amulet

Blue Survival Note Rose

Sacred Lands Baby New Year Wrap

Lilac Mahar Hourglass

Broken Ornamented Mirror

Galaxy Orb

Cross Tombstone

Life Shard

White Coda Caves Crystal

Atebus Baby New Year Wrap

Blue Happy Planet Plushie

Pet Friends

Queen Serenity
The first Queen

Sailor Moon
For love and justice

Tsukino Usagi
Earth makes a lovely home

Tuxedo Mask
My hero

Sailor Mini Moon
Princess, guardian, surrogate

Tomoe Hotaru
We love you, little one.

Sailor Saturn
Welcome to your Revolution

Sailor Saturn
A fellow guardian star

Tenoh Haruka

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A fellow Soldier

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